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About Protocol Skincare

Is there any skincare that’s easy and fast? Protocol Lab is here in the beauty industry to prove that appearing with healthy skin doesn’t need to be a complicated and long process. But are the products guaranteed to be safe? Let’s discuss this further. 

Protocol Lab Review: About Protocol Skincare

So, this brand is one of the beauty brands that provide effective skincare with the highest clinical standards without compromise.

The brand has a top priority to deliver skincare products with powerful and effective formulas. 

They put a lot of thought into how their products are created. Thus, it’s hoped that customers who use their products will be satisfied with the performance of each product they create. 

The brand provides several pending needs for the skin, such as vitamin C serum, retinol serum, moisturizing cream, and cleanser. They even provide their products in travel sizes to make it easier for customers who just want to start or try their products.

Protocol Lab is a popular brand with 12.1k followers on social media and has even won awards for some of its products, such as its Enzyme-Active Retinol Serum, which was awarded Best Retinol at the Grooming Awards, and its Vitamin C Superserum, which was awarded Best Vitamin C Serum at Best of Vogue 2022.

However, can it be proven that the quality of this brand is as high as its popularity? Then to prove it, you can follow several discussions such as the company profile, its top products, customer reviews, and many more. Let’s begin with the company profile first!

Overview Of Protocol Lab

Although the formulation of this effective skincare was discovered in 2001, as we said before, this product that takes the quality of its products very seriously was only bottled in 2018.

Protocol Lab’s founders spent months working with chemists and aerospace engineers to develop a patented packaging technology to capture Earth’s purest and most effective ingredients. Then, after getting the formulation just right, a strange, unique, highly effective, and futuristic skincare range was born.

The formulas of each product and the bottles used are FDA-quality, airless and UV-resistant. In addition, the inner SpaceFoil bag is also compressed with each pump to ensure a sealed, one-way product flow.

Even thanks to the excellent quality of each product, 84% of customers who have used the products saw brighter and more even skin within 14 days.

They also provide many offers to provide satisfaction for their customers, such as free shipping, discounts, and many other attractive offers. So, before going any further, let’s take a look at the brand’s highlights. 

Protocol Lab Highlights

  • Based on the most powerful earth molecules for effective performance
  • Packed with airless and UV-resistant FDA-quality packaging
  • Reaching up to 84% of users who get maximum results within 14 days of use
  • Won several awards for some of its products
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Provides International Shipping
  • 10 days of return
  • Offers various discounts
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers

Protocol Lab Review

Strong natural ingredients that make the performance very effective can be found in Protocol Lab products. This brand will make its customers satisfied with the products they use.

Protocol Lab Reviews: Protocol Lab Review

The ease and effectiveness in the process of changing and improving the skin make this brand very worthy and gets a lot of awards for its products.

Therefore, we’ll discuss the best products that are popular and have become products with several awards. So, without further ado, let’s jump to the first product reviews!

Protocol Lab Enzyme-Active Retinol Serum Reviews

It’s undeniable that wrinkles on the face make the appearance decrease. This also makes some women out there not confident. Therefore, if you experience this, then Enzyme-Active Retinol Serum is the right choice to restore your confidence. 

Protocol Lab Review: Protocol Lab Enzyme-Active Retinol Serum Reviews

As the name implies, this serum is made from the main ingredient, retinol. Although retinol is a slightly harsher active ingredient compared to other ingredients, there’s no need to worry. The retinol ingredient used in this serum is the most gentle and effective form of retinol on Earth (retinal). Dermatologists estimate this ingredient to be 20x more effective than regular retinol.

Protocol Lab even worked with aerospace engineers and used oxygen-free bottling technology to capture this elusive material. The serum comes in a 30ml/1oz size for 60-day treatment use. It’s also cruelty-free, vegan, and 100% recyclable through the Emptiez Recycling Program.

It’s easy to use. Just apply one pump at night after cleansing or rinsing with water while your skin is still damp. Then see the improvement in your skin within 10 days of use.


  • Smoothes skin texture & reduces wrinkles
  • Clarifies complexion & controls oil
  • Results guaranteed within 60 days

Treat your skin with ease, and you’ll only need to spend $66 from the original price of $88. Re-firm your skin with this award-winning serum product.

Protocol Lab Vitamin C Superserum Reviews

Dull skin is one of the most common problems on the face. This certainly reduces the radiance of the face and makes the appearance less fresh. Fortunately, Protocol Lab created a Vitamin C Superserum that’s superior for quickly improving and brightening skin tone.

Protocol Lab Review: Protocol Lab Vitamin C Superserum Reviews

The 30ml/1oz serum is water-based and packaged in a 100% oxygen-free and light-free environment to capture Vitamin C in its purest natural form.

This serum is superior even among beauty editors in the industry. This is because it innovates to define the effectiveness of clinical-grade serums that do not require foul-smelling ferulic acid or Vitamin C concentrations higher than 10%. Thus, users will remain safe and comfortable when using it.

To use, you can apply one pump in the morning after cleansing or rinsing with water while the skin is still damp. The brand recommends leaving it on for 1-2 minutes before following up with a moisturizer or daily SPF.


  • Quickly improves skin brightness & evenness
  • Disguises dark spots/discoloration
  • Visible improvement guaranteed within 60 days

This highly effective product that most clients see visible improvements in 14 days can be had for $72. However, you can currently get this product for just $54.

Protocol Lab Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide Hydration Cream Reviews

The last product we’re going to cover is also one of the most sought-after products. Protocol Lab’s Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide Hydration Cream is a cream that’s perfect for dry skin. This cream will provide moisture and nourishment to the skin on the molecular level for springy, supple skin. 

Protocol Lab Review: Protocol Lab Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide Hydration Cream Reviews

Containing 5% high-quality plant-based niacinamide (B₃), similar to retinoids, this ingredient can help cells act as they should. In addition, it’s built on a glycerin base which is Nature’s perfect emollient moisturizing element, this cream is packed with high molecular weight Hyaluronic acid, which holds 1,000x its weight in water and keeps for hours.

This luxurious moisturizing cream is also able to optimize the use of retinoid therapy on the skin for maximum impact.

Thanks to the simple combination of nature’s most nourishing and moisturizing elements, this cream can deeply nourish the skin for a soft and supple look. This cream also delivers deep, long-lasting moisture to create supple, youthful skin.

You can apply a thin layer to your face after cleansing and applying serums or other active ingredients. Blend with circular motions for a while until it absorbs into the skin. 


  • Moisture and nourishment at the molecular level
  • Skin looks supple and plump
  • Keeps skin soft all season long

The cream, which has an attractive price offer, can be obtained at $40.50 from the original price of $54. Keep your skin moisturized with this lightweight and absorbent cream now!

Who Is Protocol Lab For?

As these products are made with the earth’s most powerful plant-based and gentle molecular ingredients, the brand’s products will work very effectively for skin renewal.

Protocol Lab Review: Who Is Protocol Lab For?

Protocol Lab will also be the right choice for some people experiencing skin problems, such as dullness, roughness, dryness, and wrinkles. 

The brand’s products are also safe to use for both women and men who want to treat their skin for a big change.

However, since most of these brands use active ingredients that are only suitable for certain skin conditions, we don’t recommend them for teenagers. Also, for early users who are just starting out with skincare products, we recommend using small doses to avoid the effects of harsh active ingredients.

The brand even advises sensitive skin, rosacea, pregnant or nursing women to talk to their physician before purchasing.

Protocol Lab Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We found some interesting reviews from customers who have tried the brand’s product range. The 2 reviews below are from their official website, with a 5/5 stars rating from 332 reviewers. 

Protocol Lab Review: Protocol Lab Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The first review came from Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Jen Haley, who commented on the Enzyme-Active Retinol Serum. She said:

It’s simply the most advanced and effective non-prescription retinol serum on the market.

True to the brand’s purpose, this review proves that the brand really does create its products with natural ingredients that are highly effective. 

Next, this second review comes from Sara Spruch, who is one of the beauty editors at Glam Magazine. She comments on one of the products we covered in the previous section, Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide Hydration Cream.

Looking for a daily, simple moisturizer with dermatologist-approved ingredients? Look no further. This whipped cream has a cozy, souffle-like texture and is rich in hydrating hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to keep skin soft and supple all season long.

It can be concluded that the review explains how safe and comfortable this brand’s cream provides moisture to the skin every day. The formula will also work well to give maximum results to the skin. Of course, this is very much in line with the brand’s goal of paying close attention to the products they create.

Is Protocol Lab Worth It?

Without much consideration, this Protocol Lab review can say that this brand is worth investing in. Starting from the company, which prioritizes the quality of the materials used and even the packaging of its products, this brand has excellent quality.

Protocol Lab Review: Is Protocol Lab Worth It?

Moreover, this brand also prioritizes its customers’ convenience, providing several attractive offers such as discounts, free shipping, and many other interesting things that can be obtained from this brand.

Protocol Lab Shipping Policy

It’s good news that Protocol Lab provides free shipping on orders over $100. Free shipping on all orders has a delivery time that varies based on the volume of the order. But typically, orders will be delivered around 2 – 5 business days from dispatch.

In addition, another good news is that, especially for international customers, they also provide international shipping to some countries outside the US. International shipping methods are untraceable, and during a global pandemic, it usually takes 21 – 30 business days for delivery.

Please contact the email we’ve listed in the next section if you’ve questions about shipping policies.

Protocol Lab Return Policy

Although companies do their best to create products equipped with safe packaging, they provide return and replacement policies to provide the best service. 

Please note that there are some conditions that must be met for a return policy.

  • Replacement offers can be confirmed if the product proves to be damaged on arrival or defective
  • Damaged products must be reported to our Client Services team within 10 days of delivery
  • If other malfunctions appear within the first 60 days, please notify the Client Services team, and a replacement will be provided on a case-by-case basis

The company doesn’t offer a full refund for any reason beyond the 60-day trial guarantee. They apply a cash discount to damaged or incomplete shipments if a replacement isn’t required.

Credits will be applied automatically to the credit card or original payment method. This can take approximately 10 days, depending on the payment service used.

How To Contact Protocol Lab

Would you like to consult on the products that suit your skin, or are you having some issues with the products you are getting?

They have a team of skincare super-nerds who are always happy to listen to your skincare story. You can speak to their Client Relations team or Skincare Consultants by sending a message via:

You can also contact customer service via direct message on their social media, such as Facebook or Instagram.

You can send your message anytime, and their team will get back to you within 1 – 2 days of your message or inquiry.

Where to buy Protocol Lab?

If you’re getting interested and want to try Protocol Lab to change the look of your skin for the better, you can get the products on their official website.

Currently, they’re still not cooperating with any marketplace in selling their products. So make sure you make purchases only on their official website to guarantee the authenticity of the product.

Protocol Lab Coupon Codes & Promos

As we said before, besides providing the best quality in each product, this brand also wants to provide the best service for its customers. Therefore, they provide many attractive offers that can be obtained by customers. What are they?

  • Winter Sale: 25% off Sitewide
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Join the club and become a member to get points and exclusive rewards

They even provide some discounts on some of the products they sell, which can be accessed directly on their official website. 

Wait! not only that. They also have a “Refer a friend” program where you can give your friends your referral code and give them $30 off their first order of $100 or more and get $30 for each successful referral. For the complete information can be checked here.

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Protocol Lab

Protocol Lab Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Protocol Lab reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Protocol Lab?

Unfortunately, after much digging into the Protocol Lab review, we couldn’t find any information about the owner’s brand.

Does Protocol Lab ship internationally?

Of course, yes! In order to provide convenience for all its customers, the brand provides an international shipping policy for its customers outside the US.

Where are Protocol Lab products made?

The brand’s products are made in Los Angeles, with some components made in Denver, Portland, Phoenix, and Miami.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Protocol Lab Reviews & Ratings

Want to get a safe skincare process with fast and maximum results? Protocol Lab is definitely the right answer for you. The brand’s products are worth considering with natural ingredients and powerful and effective formulas.

Since skin is one of the most important things to look good, you can’t be careless when choosing your skincare products. With Protocol Lab, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the products you use. The brand has even received many good reviews and awards for its products. So, get your best skin with safe and effective skincare from this brand!


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