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Protalus Review 2024 → Insoles Made For Plantar Fasciitis

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About Protalus

Foot pain is a common occurrence. It often interferes with our daily activities. If not treated instantly, it will affect the health of other body parts, not just the feet. Prevent it as early as possible by replacing your insole with Protalus!

Protalus Review: About Protalus

Protalus is a company that manufactures insoles. Their existence in the industry has been for over a decade. They focus on creating shoe inserts that provide pain relief and comfort while wearing.

Awely, the brand has a lot of support on social media. They have 433k followers on Facebook and 31.8k on Instagram. Their TikTok account also shines. It has 2.7k+ followers, and their videos have over 15.9k likes.

This portion of our summary is a small part of the Protalus review. If you’re the type who always craves to find out about something entirely, our full review might help you. We have a lot more to cover. Stay tuned!

Overview of Protalus

Henrik Norrenmark is the founder. He is a former CFO of Vestas in Denmark with decades of operational and financial experience in the wind or energy industry. Now, he works with several companies to showcase Protalus in public.

The inventor worked with Kirk A. McCullough, MD, and Christopher Buck. Dr. McCullough joined in 2021 after his experience with orthotics led him to try out the brand’s insoles. He is the company’s medical director, an orthopedist, and a regular service member of several clubs.

Meanwhile, Chris is also the founder, inventor, and COO of the brand, who hails from Portland and a family of footwear designs for Nike and Adidas. He felt the unrest of insoles that were not affordable and uncomfortable, which led him to design the Protalus insoles.

This company came about due to the founders’ love for design and relentless attention to detail. Meanwhile, they started creating insoles to help people feel comfortable and stay healthy.

Further, the brand’s products are the result of decades of research. Since it was born from custom orthotics, its items have evolved into practical solutions that do not require unique measurements.

You should also know the founders decided to use internationally patented technology to set Protalus apart. Using a unique approach, they hope to align customers’ ankles from top to bottom.

Again, the brand’s efforts will continue beyond good enough words. Their designs will be continuously improved and rigorously tested by independent researchers so that customers can be assured that their decision to choose the brand is right.

Protalus Reviews

Indeed, Protalus designs products that have been lab-tested and proven to solve various foot problems. You can trust the brand to deliver the best insole technology.

Protalus Reviews: Protalus Reviews

Speaking of cutting-edge features, the brand openly introduces its customers to the science behind pain relief on this page. They explain the facts, benefits, and scientific studies thoroughly. You can even download the pdf.

Besides buying insoles to relieve foot pain, you can do light exercises like stretching and body alignment. If you don’t have any ideas about it, we recommend reading up on the types of moves and the order in which to start here.

In addition, this brand’s collection offers seven series of insoles (T100Elite, M100 Elite, T100, T75, etc.) and one unique cascade sandal. It seems that they did not forget to prepare an insole finder part to choose the correct inserts.

Protalus Products

Again, describing some of the products at a time is only possible. Therefore, we discovered that four products are being loved online. How about we discuss those items? Stay tuned for the next section!

Protalus T-100 Elite Reviews

For anyone who wants to know the best product of this brand, let’s hear the news. It’s T-100 Elite. The item is specially designed for athletic shoes and daily wear sneakers.

Protalus Review: Protalus T-100 Elite Reviews

In addition, the brand manufactures its products with high-density rebound foam and patented alignment technology. Those features help you get a comfy feel the first time you wear the sole.

Next, the T100 Elite is suitable for treating the leading cause of plantar fasciitis. It also works as a foot pain reliever and to improve body alignment. You slowly get maximum comfort.

This product also provides excellent relief by allowing your body to distribute pressure properly. Then, it keeps your ankles aligned and within a safe range of motion. Very promising to wear!

Don’t doubt this insole model. It’s a favorite of nurses, warehouse staff, service industry workers, etc. Would you like to have one right away? Order at $64.95!

Protalus M-100 Elite Reviews

The following no less attractive insole is the M-100 Elite. The product is perfect for work boots, military boots, and other volume shoes. In addition, the unit is universally for flat feet and high arch feet.

Protalus Review: Protalus M-100 Elite Reviews

Like the previous product, this brand designed the M100 Elite with its dense rebound foam and patented technology. Those features are suitable for achieving comfort during the first use time without a rest period.

Moreover, this item can also provide significant relief by allowing your body to distribute pressure properly and keeping your ankles aligned and within a safe range of motion. You can be relieved now!

Before checking out the product, identify the right insert size for your feet. You can choose sizes 5.5-15 for men, 5-12.5 for women, and 3-4 for children. If you need the complete list, please see the size guide section.

We should tell you that this model, not the M100 Max series, is popular among military personnel, construction workers, delivery drivers, etc. Get your shoes ready if you want to change the insole for $64.95.

Protalus M-75 Reviews

Are there any other insoles? Yes, of course. The company knows you’ll never be satisfied with only a few options. They created the M-75 specifically for those with high arch feet.

Protalus Review: Protalus M-75 Reviews

Furthermore, this company modeled these M75 insoles to provide comfort and upper-level arch support that fits over the factory insoles. It can also redistribute pressure on your feet for maximum relief.

What else? To take care of all insoles, you must understand these things. You can use a damp, soapy cloth or soak it in water with mild soap. Then, let it air dry. Avoid using automatic washing machines and dryers!

Next, did your insole choice come down to this model? That’s a good choice! Now, you must afford $17.95 from $59.95 to order the sole model.

Protalus T-75 Reviews

The last product that caught the general public’s attention was the T-75 thin design. The item suits low-profile sneakers, narrow boots, and running shoes. It also matches slim & existing insoles, in general, for flat feet and high arches.

Protalus Review: Protalus T-75 Reviews

Like the previous product, these T75 insoles are excellent for treating the leading cause of plantar fasciitis thanks to their alignment technology. Equally, it provides fantastic relief by allowing the body to distribute pressure properly.

By buying this product or any other, you can create a request subscription according to your needs. The brand provides different time ranges for you to be sent (every month, 2, 3, or 6).

In addition, are Protalus insoles worth the money? The price of this item is very worth your penny and affordable. You don’t have to sacrifice your spending money or savings. Pay for the product at $24.95 from $49.95.

Protalus Size Guide

Customers are usually hesitant to choose a shoe size when shopping online. Banish that thought as this company presents a shoe size chart that fits most clients.

Protalus Review: Protalus Size Guide

As you can see in the picture above, all sizes are available from the US to the EU for men, women, and children. Besides, you may need to prepare the size of your usual shoe insole.

T100 VS M100

This section will tell the truth about the difference between the T100 and M100. Take your note!


  • Type of shoes: athletic shoes and daily wear sneakers
  • Suitable for: nurses, warehouse staff, & service industry workers.
  • Features: high-density rebound foam & patented alignment technology


  • Type of shoes: for flat feet and high arch
  • Suitable for:¬†military personnel, construction workers, & delivery drivers.
  • Features: high-density rebound foam & patented alignment technology

Protalus VS Superfeet VS Powerstep

Some customers like to compare one brand with another. Thus, we have summarized the comparison between Protalus with Superfeet and Powerstep just for you. Check this out!

  Price from Shipping Return
Protalus $17.95 No free option 90 money-back guarantee
Superfeet $34.99 Free sitewide 60-day guarantee
Powerstep $39.50 Free for orders >$35 30 days

FYI, this brand also proposes a comparison part on the website or visit via the link instead. You may find another insole label to resemble.

Protalus Pros and Cons

We know you need to understand this company once again. Then, spare your time to read below the pros and cons!


  • Provide limited yet unique insoles
  • It can reduce pain in the foot and other common foot health issues
  • Affordable prices
  • Designed according to the shape of the foot in general
  • New model approach
  • Over 50 years of medical research
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Got A+ on BBB accredited
  • Trusted by medical experts
  • Thousands of happy customers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free return label
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Everything is good apart from unavailable free shipping.

Why Customers Should Choose Protalus?

As the company claims to be “uniquely different from the rest,” it would be a waste for buyers not to realize what makes them distinct. Learn the below four dot points that indicate the brand is genuinely unusual!

  • Proper biomechanics

The brand’s insoles allow your feet to distribute forces evenly and relieve specific foot, ankle, and sole structures.

  • Alignment & balanced gait

Aligned footing reduces the risk of falls, balances the knees, hips, & lower back, and promotes efficient, symmetrical movement when walking or running.

  • Injury prevention

Using the right shoe insert can prevent plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

  • Performance

The correct insoles can enhance athletic routines by improving strength, balance, and power transfer from the feet.

Who Is Protalus For?

For everyone with no foot ailments or with plantar fasciitis, diabetes, foot pain, etc., you should use the insole available at this online store. They offer shoe insoles that match the type of foot complaint you have.

Further, this brand is for people who want to switch to an anti-pain insole that can prevent misalignment of their feet. The company also provides pain relief featuring sandals and soles for heels for adult men and women.

Protalus Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Maybe your buying products from this brand is on the line, but you still want to convince yourself that they are the right choice. Yes, you’re not wrong. The brand is indeed good. How good? Find the answer soon!

Protalus Review: Protalus Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Once we dive more deeply, more than 90,000 customers have shared their comments. How amazing! The company gets 4.8 out of 5 stars on the website. Let’s hear the first customer’s thoughts:

I like the new inserts. I’ll be switching from the Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer that I’ve been using since 2006, as recommended by a podiatrist.

As you can read, this customer preferred the T100 Elite to the one they had worn for years.

Another customer mentioned:

The M100 Elite is perfect for sports shoes and work shoes. I experienced less pain in the foot but not complete relief. This item is an excellent upgrade to my old orthotics…

This guy said the product fitted well in his running and work shoes. It didn’t cause pain or anything like that.

The other buyer said:

Protalus insoles are an excellent, high-quality product. Foot pain relief and posture alignment are immediately apparent. I highly recommend Protalus insoles.

Meanwhile, the woman above was so pleased with the superior sole that she bluntly suggested the brand’s item.

From the three customers who have been kind enough to share their thoughts, we conclude that customer purchases are good value, and there are no complaints. All items show actual results, and most importantly, buyers like it.

Is Protalus Legit?

Absolutely, yes, the brand is legit. They have been BBB accredited since 2017 with an A+ rating. This proof shows that their business is legal. If that’s not enough, you can check the BBB website directly.

This company has also been in the health insole industry for over ten years. That means they have earned a good reputation in the public. You don’t need to question their legitimacy because it’s on display.

Is Protalus Worth It?

Of course, the brand is worth it. Our statement is not without reason. The company produces quality products made of more durable materials (polyurethane), which can hold its shape for up to one year. If you use it continuously, it will not wear out anytime soon.

Protalus Review: Is Protalus Worth It?

This brand has also molded every insole for every type of shoe, from every day to outdoor work shoes. All are aligned with the needs of people in general. One more thing, you don’t need to make a sole request because the goods are already created according to human size.

Protalus Shipping Policy

Luckily, this company ships its insoles worldwide (Canada, Australia, Japan, the UK, the European Economic Area, and New Zealand). They generally dispatch your order within 2 business days. The time may vary if you choose based on the following delivery types:

  • Flat rate: 5-7 business days
  • Expedited: 3-5 business days
  • Express: 1-3 business days

Besides, the brand ships your order by USPS from Portland, Oregon, with a tracking number. To know how much the shipping fee is available at checkout. Also, there may be local taxes and import fees for international orders.

Protalus Return Policy

In this section, you’ll learn the brand’s return policy. They offer a 90-day money-back guarantee for all products you order through their website (excluding original paid shipments and subscription orders). You are entitled to a free USPS label for US orders by contacting the team first.

Meanwhile, if you want to return the item without the free label, please send it to the address 20750 SW 115th Ave Suite 190, Tualatin, OR 97062 with complete data (order number, name, email, etc.). You may pay the shipping fee for this case. Here is the return page if you need more info!

How To Contact Protalus

Didn’t get the answer you wanted from our review? Check the FAQ page soon! You can likewise ask questions through the following contacts:

  • Email:
  • Call: 1.844.402.5446
  • Live chat is on the front page of the site
  • Social media
    • Facebook @Protalus
    • TikTok @protalus_insoles
    • Instagram @protalus

This brand’s customer service is ready to reply Monday through Friday, from 6 am to 5 pm PST.

Where to buy Protalus?

No need to search for another in stores; the company’s official website is the one you can trust. However, you may visit Amazon and eBay near me for alternatives. You can also look for the nearby retailers on the page.

Protalus Coupon Codes & Promos

Maximize your shopping efforts with the discount codes on the brand’s website!

  • Enjoy 10% OFF for your first order
  • Buy two pair of insoles and get 15% OFF
  • Catch 25% OFF for ordering three pairs of insoles
  • Refer to a friend and gain a $10 coupon for a successful purchase
  • Get unique benefits up to free insole by becoming a wholesaler
  • Shop now with coupon codes on the below button

Need more? Please subscribe to the website channel for other offers, deals, and promos!

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Protalus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Protalus reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Do Protalus insoles really work?

Yes, the company’s product works well. Tens of thousands of customers have tried it and experienced the best results for treating inflammation under the feet.

How long do Protalus inserts last?

The brand’s elite-type insoles can last up to a year. However, for other models, you may need to replace them every 4-6 months.

What are Protalus insoles?

The brand’s insoles are footwear explicitly made to keep your heels, ankles, and bottoms in their proper position.

Are Protalus insoles good for flat feet?

Yes, the company’s insoles are good. The products have been created through the best procedures and research.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Protalus Reviews & Ratings

It’s time to end this review. Protalus is your ultimate destination for leg pain that won’t go away. They designed it with expert references in the field of foot.

This brand also assures you that the material is securely lined with advanced features. Early prevention of poor alignment can start by replacing your shoe inserts from today with Protalus!


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