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PromoTix Review 2024 → Best App For Creating Events!

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About PromoTix

Creating a big event like a music festival requires a lot of preparation. You have to sell tickets and promote simultaneously. Primarily if you haven’t found a reliable platform yet. Therefore, PromoTix is the best choice for your solution!

PromoTix Review: About PromoTix

PromoTix is a leading platform that sells tickets for your music events. This company offers low ticketing fees than competitors. Moreover, the brand provides marketing services to increase your revenue significantly.

In addition, they integrate with famous companies. You may be familiar with Spotify, Google Maps, Stripes, etc., which will provide accurate data and security for you.

Currently, over 12,5k event creators are helped by this service. The brand guarantees a 27% profit with increased event guest attendance, which you won’t find on other platforms.

Due to this commitment, the brand has gained 2.4k followers on Facebook and 574 followers on Instagram. On social media, they actively spread well-known events such as ReKinection, music concerts, etc.

Suppose you want to know more about the brand’s history, product review, etc. Please read this PromoTix review thoroughly. So, let’s get started!

Overview of PromoTix

PromoTix was founded by Will Royal in 2019. He has a background in advertising, software, and marketing development. He even became an event creator and executive producer at Backwoods, a national music festival.

Will realized that other similar businesses were offering very high fees for ticketing. In addition, there was no promotional exclusivity from other companies.

Through those concerns, Will Royal created PromoTix as low fees ticketing software with integrated marketing. In addition, they also serve as ticketing resellers. It allows you to regain money from tickets you can’t attend.

In short, their mission is to help event creators successfully promote their events. They also think all event creators should benefit more from ticket sales.

Following the above discussion, we’ve created a pros and cons summary for you. The goal is to give you a concise view of the brand.


  • Low fees ticketing
  • No cancellation fees
  • Ambassador program
  • Provide videos tutorial
  • No long-term contracts
  • Powerful marketing tools
  • Increasing attendee events
  • Support Mobile App version
  • Secured live-stream features
  • Making your event profitable
  • Integrated with famous companies
  • Allows you to create your events easily


  • There is no rating information from the brand on its website

PromoTix Reviews

Alright! To create a successful event, you may need the help of software technology. As a leading ticketing platform, Promotix is one of the most comprehensive platforms out there.

PromoTix Reviews: PromoTix Reviews

As a complete platform, the brand also launched a free mobile app version for your convenience. So, there is no barrier to organizing your event anywhere.

Likewise, the company is known as a low-fee ticketing platform for events. Thus, they offer zero charges for professional plans, so you can improve your money using this brand.

Additionally, as their website claims, they can guarantee to save your income of up to $20,000 for 4 months as long as you follow their program.

Below are the software that you can choose from to support your needs. Here you go.

PromoTix: 3 Software Offered

  • Ticketing
  • Marketing
  • Streaming

If you want to know about the performance of the above software, please read the next section. Let’s check them out!

PromoTix Ticketing Reviews

Ticketing sales are essential for the events. Your income depends on these sales. Moreover, processing visitor data is time-consuming. But not anymore, because there is PromoTix ticketing!

PromoTix Review: PromoTix Ticketing Reviews

Event Ticketing

Event ticketing is an app that aims to sell tickets and collect registration for any event. The brand can guarantee you to increase revenue by an average of 27%. Plus, they provide upgrading to a subscription with a charge of 0% per ticket.

Create Events 

Firstly, you can create a show easily. You can distribute tickets via virtual, combo tickets, or in-person events. In addition, you can easily limit them with price sales or price increases. After that, your fans will be given a Ticket ID or QR for check-in.

Box Office

Sell the tickets by following the box office point sale system. In addition, you can pull tickets from inventory and sell them using cash or card transactions at the entrance door. Then, for quality tickets, the brand uses a Boca ticket printer. Not to mention, you will also get a sales report.

Reserved seating

The following way is that you can create a seating chart. Customize it with the price you want to sell. This makes it easier for attendees to reserve seats according to their class.

Manage Orders

The valuable tools for you to edit, transfer, or even refund an order. Moreover, it allows you to search customer data and orders quickly.

Check-in attendees

You should utilize the mobile app version. Through the app, try to use QR validation for scans at the front doors. Furthermore, your attendees can search for orders quickly and efficiently.

Discount codes

To improve ticket sales, you can set discount codes per ticket type for a limited period to attract more customers. So your fans can input and redeem at checkout.

Guest lists

You can divide the guest list by categories such as organizers, artists, or guests. It will help to organize it. You can even add on-the-go guests at the last minute.


One of the most important results is the sales data and customer reports. Uniquely, you can directly download CVS Pdf reports for financial journals.

PromoTix Marketing Reviews

PromoTix Marketing is another powerful feature that you can try. The goal is to engage more audiences and sell more tickets.

PromoTix Review: PromoTix Marketing Reviews

Event Marketing

Use this marketing software for your brand awareness. In addition, you can sell tickets in the early stages with convenience. Thus, increase your profit.

Event Mobile App

The app is ready to use. You can create marketing strategies freely without any developers. Further, you can send exclusive special offers announcements to your fans quickly.

Ambassador Programs

The brand provides you with thousands of brand ambassadors or influencers. You can hire them to distribute posters and sell tickets on their social media. On top of that, the brand claims it can sell up more tickets by up to 20%!

Registration Contests

Make your event viral through the registration contests feature. By creating waiting lists for buyers on this page, you can ask fans to join the line and promote your event. Thus, the limited promo ends soon and becomes the regular price.


You will provide the viewer’s purchase history. In addition, the brand offers customers’ habit listening data from Spotify. So, you will know what the customer’s favorite and it gives you marketing opportunity alerts.

Merchandise Add-ons

You can add eye-catching products or any merchandise in the checkout section. Moreover, you can sell it through brand ambassadors or during live streaming before the event starts. Hence, it can increase your profits significantly.

PromoTix Streaming Reviews

Nowadays, creating virtual events can be profitable. Through PromoTix Streaming allows you to monetize every registered attendee.

PromoTix Review: PromoTix Streaming Reviews

Live Streaming

You can create high-quality events online with PromoTix. The brand provides various quality videos up to 4K. Plus, they offer ultra-fast live broadcasts. So the viewers can enjoy your show in real time.

Create tickets

Creating an online ticket is getting easier here. Moreover, you can set a specific price and on-sale dates for each piece of content. In addition, you can combine it with offline tickets to watch live on the spot.

Virtual front gates

Indeed, the tickets will turn into a unique ID link to avoid illegal viewers. Then, all viewers can drag and drop from the email into virtual front gates and be ready to enjoy your content.

Go Live

One of the essential features for event creators. You can check the concert’s running at back-end software using camera or OBS integrations.

Live Chat

The chat feature allows you to get constructive feedback from the audience. Besides, the viewers can ask you questions lively without leaving the screen.

Reporting and Data

After all, the brand provides accurate data reports from all your audiences. It starts with the name, email, phone number, etc. This is useful for your future marketing data.

How Does PromoTix Works?

You might wonder how it works if you want to use this service. So, we made a list of how to get started for you. But please note that we will show you how to create an event/show. So, read carefully:

  • First, visit PromoTix’s website
  • Choose “signup” on the right section of the homepage
  • Fill in your data
  • After that, you will be told to choose the “event creator” or “event attendee”
  • Then, choose the event creator to be a host of an event
  • Creating a show by writing the event’s name
  • After that, you must answer the questions until the end
  • Finally, click “publish the events” and start to sell the tickets

After you create the events, there are other menu tools that you can choose from. Yup, there are marketing and live stream menus on your left side. To maximize this tool, you can follow all the instructions.

PromoTix Pricing

You may wonder about the prices of every software feature above. As its commitment, they want to increase the income of event creators. Thus, they offer plans at a lower price than their competitors.

  • Ticketing plan: This suits those wanting to increase the event’s income through ticket sales. Further, the sharing terms start from 1.75%, and you are charged only $0.99 per ticket.
  • Ticketing and Marketing plan: If you need both programs, the revenue share starts from 3.00%, costing you only $1.29 per ticket. Moreover, this plan is an excellent option for event creators who need marketing tools.
  • Professional plan: The brand provides no ticketing fees for this plan. At first, you are instructed to tell your events with a customized pricing annual subscription.

Note: The pricing above uses US currency, but you can visit the web page to adjust your country’s exchange rate.

PromoTix VS Eventbrite

We found a high customer demand for the difference between PromoTix and Eventbrite. Therefore, we hope these highlights help you get detailed and straightforward information.

Image 1: PromoTix
Image 2: Eventbrite


  • Establishment in 2019
  • Provide 3 plans options
  • 1,75% + $0.99 per ticket (slightly lowest fee)
  • Provide and clearly show the contact section
  • Ambassador program to improve marketing
  • This brand gives mobile app options in the app store and play store
  • More straightforward website


  • Establishment in 2006
  • Provide 2 plans options
  • Pricing: 2% + $0,79 per ticket (more high fee)
  • Provide mobile app android
  • It doesn’t provide an email and phone number for customer service on their website

Who is PromoTix For?

Indeed, PromoTix is designed for event creators who want to manage their ticketing or events easier. In addition, you can hire a professional ambassador or influencer to help you sells merchandise and promote your events.

PromoTix Review: Who is PromoTix For?

In addition, it is ideal for musicians who want to create festival music, whether it is virtually or lively on the spot. Moreover, all the software above is designed to increase revenue, audience, and security for you.

PromoTix Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

After you have seen the products above, we understand some of you still have doubts. But you don’t need to worry. We summarized some testimonials from experienced users. We found some feedback from large companies to individuals.

PromoTix Review: PromoTix Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

But before this, the brand gets excellent ratings, 4.7/5 from Capterra. Besides, they gained great reviews from Slashdot, Sourceforge, and Crosdesk sites. Further, we will take a look at what the customer review. Let’s start with the first testimonial!

One brand is happy using the marketing tool since they have all the access to the data. Moreover, this tool is essential for introducing their brand, as they stated:

We chose PromoTix’s ambassador promotion tool to… hire our team of 1,000+ members worldwide to promote tours. With this service, we are given control, data, and insights on how to promote well online and offline outside of PromoTix. We are utilizing this tool for several tours now

Next is from the news media. They are satisfied with the live stream software. According to them, this is a revolutionary tool for events in the future, as they said below:

PromoTix realeses live stream and the first all in one fee free ticketing service. This software combine… with private, secure live streaming… a pioneering way for event organizers,…. selling tickets to their live content….

Lastly, one person below can increase his income by joining as a brand ambassador. He can even enjoy and have a blast with it, as he said:

As an influencer, I sold $29,906 in tickets to my friends last year for festivals I am under PromoJuice. I got $1,498 in commisions and achieved 21 free tickets to shows. I had fun and made money.

In conclusion, the brand has a lot of influence. Most importantly, it can help their work easier and increase profit significantly. So, are you ready to be the one who feels the benefit?

Is PromoTix Worth It?

If you want to create big events like music festivals and so on, you will love and need the software from this brand. On top of that, the features also help you collect data, organize tickets, and even get marketing strategies assisted by experienced ambassadors.

PromoTix Review: Is PromoTix Worth It?

Equally important, the pricing of each plan is also very reasonable. So, you can make a massive profit from your event. Additionally, there is no cancellation fee or long-term contract, allowing you to create events freely. So, with that consideration, this brand is worth trying.

Is PromoTix Legit?

You might be worried before using this service platform. But, as a brand that integrated with big companies such as Spotify, Google Maps, etc. So you can get accurate data that supports your event.

In addition, the company has worked with several well-known music events. Plus, they have good reputation from Capterra, Slashdot, etc. Moreover, the brand works with Stripe company to ensure you feel secure with payments. Therefore, we can say that this brand is legit.

How To Contact PromoTix

Do you need someone to ask questions? Not to worry, the brand provides several ways to get in touch with customer service:

Address Mailing

9004 Vista Concordia, Christiansted, VI 00820

Address Physical

64 West Palm Drive, Kingshill, VI 00850

Where to buy PromoTix?

PromoTix creates a web app to give all event creator to feel the best experience constructing the event. In addition, you can try a mobile version. It allows you to manage events everywhere. Go free download only at App Store and Play Store.

PromoTix Coupon Codes & Promos

Currently, the brand offers a referral program for everyone. They will pay you 10% of the first year paid subscription if you are interested. Furthermore, if you want to try these software tools and get additional promotions, please subscribe to their newsletter.

Reveal all coupons

PromoTix Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for PromoTix reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is PromoTix free?

PromoTix offers low-cost or fee-free ticketing services. In addition, PromoTix doesn’t charge any fees for payment processing.

Who owns PromoTix?

Will Royal is the owner of PromoTix.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of PromoTix Reviews & Ratings

PromoTix lets you create your events with integrated marketing tools. In addition, this company offers the lowest fee ticketing, which competitors do not provide. Likewise, there are secured live streams that allow you to share good memories with fans through an event.

Equally important, PromoTix launched the mobile app version. It allows you to work and customize your event on the go. So you can maximize all your plans until the end. Would you like to try it out? If so, please visit the website to subscribe and enjoy all the features.


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