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About Promeed Silk

Having the best sleep experience is undoubtedly everyone’s dream. Then, how do you create your cozy sleep atmosphere? Let’s reach Promeed Silk to know more about creating the best sleep experience.

Promeed Silk Review: About Promeed Silk

A quick introduction to Promeed Silk, they provide the best sleep equipment, starting from bed covers to pillowcases. All these products are high-quality items since mulberry silk is its primary component.

Since its establishment, the brand has received primarily positive reviews. It can be proven by the number of customers’ reviews on YOTPO, with nearly 6.000 reviews. Other than that, Promeed Silk also gained more than 600 accumulated followers on Instagram and Facebook.

So, how excited are you to know more about Promeed Silk? Keep your eye on this article because we will provide you with Promeed Silk reviews. This will include what makes this brand much considerable in its industry to how to buy its products.

Overview of Promeed Silk

Having silk material properties in your bedroom will create the best sleep experience ever. However, the higher price might be the primary reason people decide not to buy silk material properties.

In order to overcome the problem, the owner of Promeed Silk has associated with trading and cotton companies. This association happened in 2021, making Promeed the new brand providing comfortable and high-quality sleeping properties.

What makes it more interesting is they absolutely go with affordable prices, so more people should enjoy silk products easily. You may buy any sleep equipment, from accessories to luxury silk bed sheets, and for anyone, adults or babies.

Even though it is a new brand, Promeed Silk serves products with favorable prices and delightful services. 

Promeed Silk Review

Since Promeed Silk exists to overcome most people’s awareness of the higher price of silk products, you may be interested in what they offer. Besides its price, the company also tries its best in every aspect.

Promeed Silk Reviews: Promeed Silk Review

On the brand’s website, you may shop based on the following product categories:

Those categories consist of several products with highly-tested quality. At first, from the material. Since it is made from 100% silk material, you may expect less friction than other silk products from past generations.

Second, you should not worry about color will fade because the advanced technology supports every detail aspect of each product. Third, your health and comfort is also the company’s priority. Promeed Silk helps to maintain your skin to be healthy and fresh. 

With all those benefits, what products does the company sell? Overall, during these two years, the company sells Promeed silk pillowcases, silk bedding, silk accessories, etc. In detail, these are 3 best-selling items of the brand:

  • 23mm 6A+ Silk Pillowcase With Zipper With Laundry Bag
  • 22mm 6A Silk Fitted Sheet
  • Beauty Sleep Set With Gift Box 3pcs

Now, it is time to explore each product, and let’s find the one that suits your sleeping needs the most!

Promeed Silk 23mm 6A+ Silk Pillowcase With Zipper With Laundry Bag Reviews

Promeed 100% silk pillowcase is one of the best-selling products from the company. This product is available in 3 types of sizes. They are standard, queen, and king-size.

Promeed Silk Review: Promeed Silk 23mm 6A+ Silk Pillowcase With Zipper With Laundry Bag Reviews

Among all pillowcases, the 23mm 6A+ Silk Pillowcase With Zipper With Laundry Bag has the most reviews with various advantages offered. You may buy either one pack or two packs.

What makes it more interesting is you may get a 10% discount for two-packed buying. Both packages offer Fabric Sample x 1, Mesh Laundry Bag x 1, Laundry Detergent Sheet x 1(3 loads). However, the two-packed choice includes two sheets of pillowcases.

In addition, the color choices are also various; you may adjust them to your taste. All color tones are available from the soft ones, such as Baby Blue, Light Grey, and Pink. Meanwhile, they have Green, Dask, Navy Blue, and more if you are more interested in brighter colors.

Besides that, this pillowcase is also fit-sized because it has a zipper, so it will not be taken off your pillow. What about the price? If you want to buy the 23mm 6A+ Silk Pillowcase With Zipper With Laundry Bag, you must spend around $24.99

Promeed Silk 22mm 6A Silk Fitted Sheet Reviews

Have you ever dreamed of lying on a padded bed with an extra soft and comfortable sheet? Prommed offers its best-selling silk bed sheet, a 22mm 6A Silk Fitted Sheet, to make your dream come true.

Promeed Silk Review: Promeed Silk 22mm 6A Silk Fitted Sheet Reviews

The softness of this sheet comes from its 3rd Gen 6A Mulberry Silk. The size shown is quite varied, from twin size to a king size. 

What will you get in a one-package sheet? So, once you purchase it, you will get one fitted sheet and fabric sample. The color tone choices are softer, with all types of grey, white, and baby pink.

In addition, this sheet also has more advantages, such as maintaining your body temperature, reducing allergies and all bacteria, preventing wrinkles and anti-aging, and more. 

Additionally, silk sheets king and silk sheets queen are the two extra-large choices. Both of them are 80 inches in length but different in width.

The king size is 76 inches wide-long, meanwhile, the queen size is 16 inches shorter. This sheet size highly recommends for new-married spouses or parents with a child. 

So, who wants to change their old sheet? It’s time to do some refreshments by changing it to the newest one with a Promeed 22mm 6A Silk Fitted Sheet. You may get it at $279.99

Promeed Silk Beauty Sleep Set With Gift Box 3pcs Reviews

What do you usually prepare before sleeping? This might be unfamiliar to several people, but having a complete sleeping set is another way to improve someone’s sleeping quality.

Promeed Silk Review: Promeed Silk Beauty Sleep Set With Gift Box 3pcs Reviews

Promeed does not want you to experience a lack of a comfortable sleeping atmosphere. Therefore, they have Beauty Sleep Set With a Gift Box 3pcs, as the cheapest collection product.

The beauty sleep set from Promeed includes silk pillowcases x 1, an eye mask x 1, a scrunchie x 1, and a fabric sample x 1. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the quality product itself. It is because all items available in the set are purely made of 100% 22mm 6A Mulberry Silk. 

When you buy this sleeping beauty set, you will see beautiful packaging with a giant gift box. Besides as accessories, the other benefits are reducing breakage or curly hair.

Moreover, the scrunchie helps you to avoid tugging and pulling due to cotton pillowcases. Last, the silk from eye masks or pillowcases will protect your skin from losing moisture balance. 

So, let your friend knows how important it is to have a silk bed set by ordering the product for only $40.99.

Promeed Silk Pros and Cons

Knowing everything before buying is a must since you should not regret any money you spent in shopping. Now we are in the pros and cons section for Promeed Silk products, so make sure to see this as your further consideration.


  • Made with 100% mulberry silk
  • Very soft in touch
  • Affordable prices
  • Available in many types of sizes
  • Providing babies products
  • Able to maintain skin moisture balance
  • Able to prevent damaged hair
  • Providing sleeping beauty set


  • The customer complaints the color is easy to fade
  • The fabric is quite hot for a hot sleeper

Who Is Promeed Silk For?

Since having a comfortable sleeping experience is everyone’s need, Promeed Silk products may suit everyone. This includes a new spouse who has just married or parents with a child.

Promeed Silk Review: Who Is Promeed Silk For?

Besides that, Promeed Silk products also suit babies’ needs since they offer a baby cares collection, including bedding and pillowcase set.

In addition to its usage, Promeed Silk products are also beneficial for maintaining hair and skin treatment. Therefore, we recommend them to those with allergies or other skin and hair problems. Finally, women would love a sleeping beauty set since it contains an eyemask and scrunchie.

Promeed Silk Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

After talking about the product benefits, people are usually convinced by other customer reviews. As we go to Trustpilot, the brand gains mostly good comments with a 4.4/5 average rating of 20 reviews. Meanwhile, its official site has 5878 reviews with an average rating of 5/5.

Promeed Silk Review: Promeed Silk Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Here are the rating details of the three primary products from Promeed Silk:

Then, what most people said about the product?

A woman honestly shared how she loves the softness of silk material products, which makes her feel comfortable lying down on the bed all day:

These sheets have a smooth texture and feel great to the touch. Since using them, I’ve been sleeping better and actually look forward to going to bed. I love to wake up and stretch out for a moment there, experiencing the luxury and silky sheets.

Another woman also said that the zipper in the pillowcase increases comfort and safety during her sleeping:

These Promeed pillowcases are perfect! The zippers are on the ends, unlike some of the other covers, so they won’t scratch or hit my cheek. The silky material is on two sides. It makes my hair untangled and better yet, its pure silk absorbs some of the oil from the roots of my hair…

Related to the previous testimonial, another customer has said:

The fabric is good, I like its zipper function so the pillow doesn’t easily come off. On the whole, a very nice purchase.

The soft material and valuable function of Promeed Silk products have been witnessed. This raises the satisfaction level, so there will be many people who may be interested. They sincerely adore the quality of the product, making them sink into a luxurious atmosphere while sleeping. 

Is Promeed Silk Worth It?

Based on the customers’ reviews on Trustpilot and its official site, Promeed Silk successfully collects customers’ high satisfaction levels. In addition, the brand has also recently gained a Good Housekeeping TOP8 Silk Pillowcase Award in 2023.

This once again proves Promeed Silk’s commitment to providing customers with the best and cheap sleeping silk properties ever. All in all, Promeed Silk is truly worth buying for its delightful services, good-quality products, and affordable prices.

Promeed Silk Shipping Policy

The best part is knowing that Promeed Silk products are available worldwide. Promeed Silk offers two shipment types if you order products from the company. They are Expedited Shipping with 2 to 4 days shipment estimation, and Standard Shipping with 7 to 15 days shipment estimation.

Fortunately, Promeed Silk offers a free shipping fee for Standard Shipping. However, a free shipping fee of Expedited Shipping is only available for the United States or Canada residence with a minimum buying of $50. 

Promeed Silk Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is one of Promeed Silk’s priorities. Therefore, the return policy is available for any customers with complaints or feeling unsatisfied with the product once they receive it.

The customers are allowed to return the items within 60 days of the ship date, but they should be in the original packaging.

If the case happens to you, you may contact the company through [email protected], and do not forget to include your order number for further confirmation. Once your return is confirmed and processed, then you are eligible to receive a refund.

Another way is you may come to the offices directly at the following address:

  • North America
    Address: 974 Summit Ave, Apt 412, Jersey City, NJ 07307

  • Australia
    Winit AU Trade Pty Ltd. 1-5 Felstead Drive #61052070 Truganina 3029 AU

How To Contact Promeed Silk

Promeed Silk is very welcome for any complaints, from product quality to services. If you think you need to give some words to them, you may fill out the complaints form to let them know about what you concern about. After that, you may receive feedback in 3 to 5 working days.

In addition, during working days (Monday to Friday), Promeed Silk is open for any messages, questions, and complaints. They are fully available on the following platforms:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Call: (213) 640-6601
  • Live Chat: Left right bubble on the page
  • Social Media: @promeedsilk

Company Address

974 Summit Ave, Apt 412, Jersey City, NJ 07307

Where to buy Promeed Silk?

If you want to buy some Promeed Silk products, you may visit their official website immediately. In addition, the store is also available on Amazon and eBay, so you are free to choose which platform to purchase.

Promeed Silk Coupon Codes & Promos

Promeed Silk is also welcome for any discounts and promotions. It has so many, and if you are interested in it, let’s get to see the following list:

  • Subscribe to the website, and you will be eligible for a 5% discount on your first purchase
  • Get up to 70% Off Plus Free Gift for 22MM Silk Series Clear Sale
  • Get A Free Eye Mask or Pillowcase For Orders $100+ to $300+
  • Grab up to 60% Off for Mulberry Silk Bedding
  • Enjoy free shipping services for customers in US/CA/UK/AU
  • Join in Lucky Draw program to secure a chance to win a free product or a big discount
  • Register for the Free Trial program to earn a commission

Lastly, let’s click the following button and get more discounts!

Reveal all coupons
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Promeed Silk Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Promeed Silk reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Are Promeed Silk products made with real silk?

Yes, all Promeed Silk products are made of 100% mulberry silk.

Are Promeed Silk products expensive?

Most Promeed Silk products have more affordable prices compared to other similar brands.

Are Promeed Silk products available worldwide?

People worldwide can purchase Promeed Silk products through its official website or other marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Promeed Silk Reviews & Ratings

After learning about Promeed Silk products, now let’s decide how to build a cozy and warm bedroom atmosphere in your house. Even though the brands offer the products at lower prices than its competitors, the material quality and services are undoubtedly good. 

Therefore, we would love to recommend Promeed Silk as your top choice regarding sleeping properties. So, are you ready to throw those nightmares away? Then let’s create your sleeping paradise now!


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