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About Progurt

With many kinds of strange and unhealthy food out here, it’s very hard for us to maintain gut health. Fortunately, probiotics can be one of the solutions to deal with gut health, infections, etc. Then, we gladly found about one brand called Progurt.

Progurt Review: About Progurt

We discover this brand when looking for reliable probiotics in the market. Surprisingly, it has the form of a sachet that is very easy to consume. In addition, it offers Chloride, Immuno Protein, Prebiotics, or even a product to let you make your probiotic yoghurt.

Its appearance on FWDfuel, Alt Protein, and other publications shows how remarkable it’s as an international company. Plus, it has over 12.2K followers on Instagram and hundreds on other social media platforms.

But with expansive probiotics, is this brand the best option? Therefore, keep reading our Progurt review to learn more about the company information, testimonials, deals, and other information!

Overview Of Progurt

Progurt is a brand that manufactures pharmaceutical-grade probiotic supplements made by International Probiotics Institute. This company is an international size company with a target market in most countries around the globe.

This brand offers advanced probiotics and other lines of gut supplements that are carefully formulated. All products are distributed from its New South Wales, Australia company.

Additionally, it has the mission to deliver the highest quality probiotics and health supplements to improve individual health quality. Plus, the company also takes into account innovation, quality, ingredients, delivery speed, and functionality.

Before giving all detailed information about these brands, please take a look at the Progurt pros and cons below:


  • Over 1 trillion CFU capability
  • Intensive and super-strength formulation
  • Effective in improving digestive
  • Dairy-, gluten-, soy-free and vegan friendly
  • Travel-safe and refrigeration free
  • Free shipping with minimum order
  • Nearly perfect ratings from customers


  • It can be slightly expensive for some

Progurt Review

Progurt product collections are mainly targeted gut health with a fabulous range of innovative supplements. It uses holistic approval to restore harmony to the gut and associated organs.

Progurt Reviews: Progurt Review

Furthermore, this brand indeed has remarkable probiotics as the main offering. But it also has other products for individual health that are worth considering.

Its product collection has various benefits depending on your need. For instance, optimizing gut PH, restoring and stimulating the microbiome, rehydrating, remineralizing, or even making probiotic yogurt.

Aside from those products, this brand offers various kits or bundles. Next, in our Progurt review, let’s closely examine its best-selling supplements!

Progurt Probiotic Sachets Reviews

Here are the best-selling Probiotic Sachets 5 Pack! This product is a super-strength formulation that has outstanding restoration with wholesome colonization. So, it’ll be an excellent option for those prone to stomach problems and digestive disorders.

Progurt Review: Progurt Probiotic Sachets Reviews

It utilizes a Human Probiotic isolates blend that’s remarkably effective in rebalancing without affecting the gut’s natural bacterial balance. It is thanks to the combination of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB), Bifidobacteria, Cellulose, and inactive yeast extract.

Just imagine a sachet of it full of 1 trillion beneficial bacteria. The how to consume it also are pretty straightforward. So, mix a sachet with 200ml water or juice and store it at room temperature.

Thus to help you reset the gut, purchase it at $110 for five packs. Then enjoy a delicious probiotic drink to relieve your tummy issues!

Progurt Prebiotic Reviews

Need more than probiotics? Fortunately, you can enhance its performance with Prebiotics. Imagine a sugar that can help with your gut health. Yup, it’s a Probiotic Stimulating Syrup.

Progurt Review: Progurt Prebiotic Reviews

This Prebiotic Syrup can promote magnesium and calcium mineral absorption, optimize enzyme production, and improve digestion. It contains three oligosaccharides: Galacto-, Fructo-, and Gluco-oligosaccharides. Furthermore, the oligosaccharides can aid in beneficial activity and growth in the gut.

In fact, oligosaccharides can only be digested by good bacteria. So your stomach won’t digest it and won’t raise the blood sugar level. Add 2-5 teaspoons more to any food, beverages, or fresh Probiotic Yogurt to consume it. Then, it can act as a naturally sweeten until finished.

We like the syrup version because it has an easy-to-consume and palatable taste. This version also can be the best probiotic that helps with sugar cravings. Therefore, get this Prebiotic New Formulation with 15% more concentration, and prepare money for $59!

Progurt Chloride Reviews

Honestly, multiple products grasp our interest. For instance, the Progurt PH Caps for optimizing the gut PH and Incubator for making probiotic yogurt. But in the last product review, our decision fell into the Progurt Chloride 100ml.

Progurt Review: Progurt Chloride Reviews

This Chloride is an essential mineral concentrate to support your body’s minerals. Further, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium chloride are important to help your body to function properly.

Those kinds of minerals play critical roles in protein synthesis, immune functions, cardiovascular health, and blood sugar management. So, consuming the Chloride will support the minerals to have a steadier state of health.

Mix 1 tsp with 200ml non-fluoridated water or juice and consume it once to thrice a day. You can take it in the afternoon, 1 hour before bed, or between meals.

It also can be used as a trusted source of electrolytes to stay hydrated all day. Hence, check its availability right now and grab it at $59!

Who Is Progurt For?

Struggling with gut problems? Then Progurt is the best option for those who want to improve their gut health. It also is recommended for those who demand convenient and effective probiotics for gut flora rebalancing and digestive health improvement.

Progurt Review: Who Is Progurt For?

Additionally, this brand has various supplements, from enzymes to Immuno Protein, making it great for multiple health problems. Meanwhile, the incubator suits people who want to make their own yogurt at your home and consume it regularly.

Progurt Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Many customers from various countries have purchased its products and left testimonials after trying them. So, it’ll allow us to see the customer opinion and complaints after trying the products. Now, please take a look at the rating data below:

Progurt Review: Progurt Reviews: What Do Customers Think?
  • Probiotic 5 pack has a 4.9/5 average rating based on 265 reviews
  • Prebiotic “New Formulation” has 4.9/5 based on 87 reviews
  • Chloride 100ml average receives 4.9/5 based 68 reviews

We were impressed that this brand has an almost perfect rating with completely dominating positive reviews. However, what exactly is the customer’s opinion? Below are some of the Progurt reviews from the customers:

I’ve started consuming Probiotic sachets, PH Caps and Immuno Protein and have noticed an improvement in my 48-year-old hormonal skin. My sleep quality also has improved. I’ll try other ranges to see what miracles these fantastic products will have on me.

To let you know all about the pros and cons of the brand, below is one of the complaint reviews:

The Prebiotic seems to be effective. However, I also hope they were offered in capsules since I do not like the taste and the inconvenience of mixing.

After scouring the customer’s reviews, we saw its products’ effectiveness. Many customers state how they felt the improvement after regular consumption. In contrast, the negative reviews are very few that only complain about the taste.

Is Progurt Worth It?

Considering all information we gathered, we can confidently say that Progurt is worth it. It’s due to the formulation from the most advanced probiotic, Chloride, Prebiotics, Incubatorm, and others.

Progurt Review: Is Progurt Worth It?

Its products improve your overall health effectively, supported by the customers’ statement. Also, its product is very convenient to mix with other recipes or use the incubator to make your DIY yogurt. So overall, it’s very worth trying if you want to improve your health.

Progurt Shipping Policy

Progurt ships worldwide from Sydney, Australia, via FedEx International Priority. Shipping within the USA, Canada, and the rest of the world will cost $20 flat rate shipping. Plus, you can enjoy free shipping on orders over $300.

The delivery usually takes 2-4 business days or longer, depending on location. Meanwhile, the PO boxes will be shipped via Express International Post (3-5 days) with a $20 shipping cost. After the carrier handles the products, you’ll get the tracking number via email to track the shipping process.

Progurt Return Policy

The return is only applicable for products purchased from Progurt’s official website. Only product in original condition is available for exchange or refund. The brand doesn’t state how long the limited period for return is, but it’s better to file it as soon as possible.

This return can also be used for any reason, including the online ordering error. However, please ensure the item is unopened and in its original saleable condition. Furthermore, you’ll be responsible for the return shipping fee and additional postage charges.

How To Contact Progurt

If you need any help, contact Progurt customer service between Sun – Thu 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm PST, via:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 1-800-501-3593
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media: @progurt
  • Address: 303/88 Alfred St, Milsons Point, NSW 2061, Australia

Where to buy Progurt?

The Progurt official website is the best place to purchase its collections. It’s a guarantee for purchasing authentic products with a return guarantee. Furthermore, its products are also available on Amazon, Wholesome Market, and other online shopping platforms.

Progurt Coupon Codes & Promos

Looking for a sale? Unfortunately, this brand currently has no special event offers. But you can join the email list to get all information about savings in the future. To save more, buy a subscription to get 10% off, cheaper than a one-time purchase.

In addition, when you order over $300, the order will be free from the shipping cost. Lastly, check the button below to discover our compilation of unique discount codes!

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Progurt Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Progurt reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is Progurt made from?

Progurt is a dairy product made of milk fermented with good live bacteria.

What is Progurt used for?

Each product has targeted different benefits, but the Probiotic sachet is formulated to support digestive health and rebalance gut flora.

How do you take Progurt?

It’s recommended to consume 200ml or more of it daily in the morning. Take it while the stomach is empty or half an hour before eating.

How long does Progurt last?

It can last for up to 14 days in the fridge. But consuming the Progurt within 7 days of the incubation is recommended for maximum benefit.

Why is Progurt so expensive?

Some people state that Progurt is pretty expensive. But considering it as the best probiotic yoghurt Australia, it’s definitely worth it. It also uses strength formulation and effective performance.

How often should I take Progurt?

Actually, every product is different depending on the instruction. For instance, Probiotic Sachets are consumed once a day before a meal, and Chloride once-thrice a day. So, you need to carefully read and follow the suggestion from its page for maximum results.

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Conclusion of Progurt Reviews & Ratings

Maintaining your health is not easy with many supplement options in the market. Our recommendation is Progurt, which offers products that help you maintain your health.

Moreover, its Probiotics, Prebiotics, Chlorine, and other products are safe with no side effects. We personally like the Probiotic sugar craving since it can be an alternative for those with sweet teeth.

Thus, visit Progurt to harness the goodness of good bacteria and have a healthy digestive and body!


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