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About Pro Espresso UK

If you’re a coffee addict who loves to taste the authentic flavour of barista-made coffee but have no time to enjoy the coffee time in a coffee shop daily, having a professional coffee maker may be a great option. Then , let’s meet Pro Espresso!

Pro Espresso Review: About Pro Espresso UK

Pro Espresso is the best place where you can find professional espresso machines in the UK. This brand is an official distributor that ensures you can obtain an authentic machine of top-notch quality and the best price.

The brand boasts a solid following of over 3.4K on Instagram and Facebook. Besides, they have hundreds of positive reviews on Trustpilot that show how many people have utter their satisfaction.

But before you check out the cart, it’s better to make an informed decision to make every penny worth it.

Thus, our Pro Espresso review will look at these brands, including the company profile, product reviews, customer testimonials, customer service, deals, and other informational details!

Overview of Pro Espresso

Founded in 2018 by Tim Hammond, Pro Espresso UK is a retail store that helps speciality coffee grow in the UK market. Being an authorised distributor, you can find the coffee machine you hardly find in the UK market.

With its retail store, this brand aims to make quality espresso machines more accessible to United Kingdom customers. The company is an authorised distributor of several renowned coffee machine brands, ensuring you get the best price and authenticity.

This brand also delivers exceptional customer service with fast and free shipping, allowing you to get your order as soon as possible to enjoy a professional coffee machine in your home. Besides, it provides a return and refund policy and a warranty to guarantee your purchase.

Pro Espresso UK Review

At first, Pro Espresso is the leading official UK online store for Rocket Espresso, but this brand currently has other remarkable brands.

Pro Espresso Reviews: Pro Espresso UK Review

Aside from that, this online retail store also has a wide selection of products from coffee machines, grinders, milk jugs, and other coffee-making-related products.

Below are some of the categorisations that you can find on this coffee maker retail store website:

  • Espresso Machines: La Marzocco, Rocket Espresso, Slayer, Stone Espresso, etc
  • Rocket Espresso: R Cinquantotto, Mozzafiato Cronometro, Giotto Cronometro, etc
  • Grinders: Mahlkönig, Rocket Espresso, La Marzocco, etc
  • Barista Kits: Portafilter Handle, Cleaning Tablets, Tamping Mat, Magnetic Dosing Funnel, etc
  • Commercial Rocket: Rocket Espresso R9, Sotto Banco, Boxer commercial coffee machine, etc

Thus, in the following section, we’ll choose the best-recommended products and review them to see their quality. So let’s dive right in!

Pro Espresso Sage Barista Pro Machine Reviews

Before going deeper, we want to clarify that the Sage Barista Pro Machine they offer is pre-owned, making it the best if you have a tight budget but want a highly featured one. This professional espresso machine pressure has a barista-quality performance with an intuitive interface.

Pro Espresso Review: Pro Espresso Sage Barista Pro Machine Reviews

The new intuitive interface can be the best Pro Espresso machine for the home that can provide cafe-quality coffee. Likewise, it comes with an integrated conical burr grinder can deliver ground coffee with the right flavour.

With the 3-sec heat up with an Innovative ThermoJet heating system and precise espresso extraction, you can make quick bean-to-cup.

It features an LCD displaying precise information to make coffee with grinding and extracting progress animations. Also, the Digital Temperature Control (PID) can deliver water at a precise temperature of +/- 2°c.

Sage Barista Pro Details

  • Dimensions: 35.4 x 41 x 40.6 cm
  • Capacity: 67 fl. oz water tank
  • Bean Hopper: 1/2 lb
  • Material: Black coated Stainless Steel

In addition, the powerful steam wand can produce hand texture microform milk that enhances the flavour and can be the ideal option to make latte art. Lastly, instead of £699, you can grab this pre-owned Sage Barista Pro SES878BSS machine at only £420!

Pro Espresso Rocket Espresso Appartamento Reviews

As an official Rocket distributor, it’s a must for Pro Espresso offer the best-selling Rocket Espresso Appartamento White. This espresso machine is a heat exchange unit with a commercial E61 Ground Head that can maintain the espresso brew temperature.

Pro Espresso Review: Pro Espresso Rocket Espresso Appartamento Reviews

This Rocket Espresso Milano Appartamento espresso machine also has a compelling and practical design. Thus, you can maximise bench space with a small footprint, straight side panels, and a circular design.

In addition, this Appartamento Serie Nera features a black stainless steel cup surround, making it more versatile on your countertop. If you demand a cafe quality coffee but find the professional espresso machine for a coffee shop is complicated to deal with, this Appartamento will be perfect for home use.

The nicest thing about this home espresso machine is it comes with an in-depth training guide and manual. With complete instruction, you can easily learn independently with an easy set-up to brew soon after unboxing it.

Rocket Espresso Milano Appartamento Espresso Machine Details

  • Dimensions: 27.4 x 42.5 x 36 mm
  • Capacity: 1.80 litres
  • Material: Heavy gauge mirror stainless steel

Further, it also features a cool-to-touch steam wand, a separate hot water tap, and a high-grade vibration pump. You can get this Appartamento espresso machine for only £1,290!

Pro Espresso Rocket Faustino Grinder Reviews

Rocket Faustino Grinder Chrome is the latest grinder from Rocket Espresso Milano with a beautiful finish that will compliment your Pro Espresso coffee machine on the countertop.

Pro Espresso Review: Pro Espresso Rocket Faustino Grinder Reviews

This professional espresso grinder can provide outstanding grinding quality with clump-free ad smooth dosing into the portafilter.

Additionally, the top of Faustino features touchscreen programming. As a result, you can set the single, double and continuous grinding options. Also, it can pause the dose midway to keep the distribution level.

The compact case and clean contrast can offer visual design cues and a space-saving design that fits almost anywhere. Better yet, it has a big hopper that can hold up to 680g of beans. The 50mm flat burs also can cut the espresso to make short work of espresso shots.

Rocket Faustino Professional Espresso Grinder Details

  • Dimensions: 16.2 x 22.9 x 38.5 cm
  • Bean Hopper: 680g
  • Material: Aluminum and stainless construction

So if you want to add this grinder to your countertop to turn it into an espresso pro shop-like, you can grab it at the price of £530!

Pro Espresso Pros and Cons

Alright, after knowing about the brand’s profile and its products, you may want to buy one of them. But before that, it’s better if you see the pros and cons below to make a wise buying decision.


  • Extensive collection of coffee machines and accessories from leading brands
  • Best place for coffee machines for home and commercial use
  • The official brand distributor that ensures product authenticity
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Responsive customer service
  • Free white glove delivery
  • Most products are covered by a dealer warranty
  • 14 days return policy
  • hundreds of reviews with 4.9/5 average ratings 


  • Some of the reviews complain about the long delivery process

Who Is Pro Espresso For?

This online retailer is dedicated to UK customers who want to find authentic coffee machines and other coffee-making-related products. This brand has a wide selection of products you can choose from, whether you are looking for a portable or a huge capacity one from remarkable brands.

Pro Espresso Review: Who Is Pro Espresso For?

This online retail store is also suitable for people looking for coffee machines for home use. Aside from that, it also has Commercial Rockets collections making it ideal for commercial use like professional baristas and cafes.

Pro Espresso Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To help you make the right decision, it’s time to see the Pro Espresso reviews from customers and their options. On Trustpilot, this brand has an almost perfect rating of 4.9/5 based on 230 reviews.

Pro Espresso Review: Pro Espresso Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Wow, what an impressive rating. Now please take a look a the glowing rocket espresso review below:

If you are looking for a Rocket coffee machine, look no further. Tim is accommodating and responsive when making enquiries. The delivery was exceptional! I can’t recommend 5 Stars all the way. I’m a pleased customer.

Another satisfied customer also shared his opinion:

I recently bought a coffee machine from ProEspresso, and I’m incredibly pleased with the quality and, specifically, the service. I was offered a refurbished Sage Barista Express at a very competitive price and couldn’t refuse. The shipping was timely, and the coffee machine was well-packaged and in immaculate condition…

Below is one of the 4-star that contains a simple complaint about the service:

Brilliant prices, particularly with the 12-month payment options, kept in contact throughout the order process; the only flaw was shipping took slightly longer than the 5-7 days but, again, was kept up to date throughout.

The reviews above show that most customers are satisfied with the product’s quality and outstanding customer service and delivery. Moreover, the brand offers competitive prices that make your purchase worth it.

However, there are mixed reviewers about this delivery service since a small number of customer state that the delivery is more extended than estimated. Still, the good thing is they let the customer be informed.

Is Pro Espresso Worth It?

Our Pro Espresso review concludes that this brand is worth it. In fact, this brand has 4.9/5, an almost perfect rating showing their quality and outstanding customer service. Indeed there’s a minimal number of complaints, but only about the delivery time.

Pro Espresso Review: Is Pro Espresso Worth It?

Aside from that, we don’t see any unworthiness about this brand. They have authentic products with competitive pricing, a money-back guarantee, and a warranty. They also have a responsive customer service team to assist your purchasing journey.

The brand also has over 100 rockest in-stock products and other machines from remarkable brands. This retail store also offers monthly plans over 12-36 months, which can be the best option for budget-conscious customers.

Pro Espresso Shipping Policy

All orders will be handled by two man delivery team to ensuring the safe shipping and handover of your espresso machine. Note that all orders you make from its official website will be eligible for free delivery and will take 2-3 business days.

The white glove delivery will consist of two men team that will carry, unpack and position the machine for you. Unfortunately, there won’t be any delivery window since a specialist hand delivery team will plan the delivery in the morning or the delivery.

Pro Espresso Return Policy

If you’re unsatisfied with the machine delivered to your door, you can file for a return. The product you purchase from its website will be guaranteed under the 14 days return and refund policy.

However, the returned item must be unused and in the same condition as the product arrived. After the product arrives, you’ll be notified of the approval or rejection of the return. If approved, the refund will be credited to the original payment minus the return shipping cost within 30 days.

How To Contact Pro Espresso

Need more information? So if you have unanswered questions about the brand, you can contact Pro Espresso customer service via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 11732277
  • Live Chat: Grey button at the website’s bottom right
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media: @ProespressoUK

Pro Espresso Ltd, 3 Chalford Court, Chipping Norton, OX7 5GQ, UK

Where to buy Pro Espresso?

Do you want to check the best price and browse exclusive brands this current offers? If so, you can head over to You can enjoy the best deals and absolute satisfaction guaranteed with a return policy and warranty on select items.

The rocket products collection is also available in several shops across the UK, such as Andover, London, Manchester, and others.

Pro Espresso Coupon Codes & Promos

Summoning all budget-conscious customers! Below, we’ve gathered what we can find on its website:

  • Find Rocket’s current deals on the Rocket Package page
  • Free white glove delivery
  • Join the email list to get exclusive coupon codes
  • Obtain unique discount codes in the button below

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Pro Espresso

Pro Espresso Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Pro Espresso reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Pro Espresso?

This coffee machine retailer is founded by Tim Hammond.

Does Pro Espresso ship internationally?

This online retail store is only available in the UK area.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Pro Espresso Reviews & Ratings

In a nutshell, after writing all the review sections above, we can conclude that this online retail store is highly recommended. This Pro Espresso is your go-to to discover authentic espresso machines and accessories for UK customers.

This brand has an extensive product line from remarkable brands that ensure you get the most from your penny. Every product ensures quality and authenticity with moa ney back guarantee and warranty. So if you want to enjoy brewing coffee, whether for home use or commercial, you can visit Pro Espresso!


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