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Pretty Cute Things Review 2024 → Fashion Brand for All Pretty Girls!

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About Pretty Cute Things

If Eminem can memorize every rap lyric he spits, then women are experts in memorizing what is inside their wardrobes. Are we correct? From hot pants and dresses to blouses, they won’t stop collecting it. So, let’s continue to stock more with Pretty Cute Things!

Pretty Cute Things Review: About Pretty Cute Things

We promise this store is like a world paradise for all women. Of course, once you open the door, it’s hard to leave without carrying boxes and bags, which are full of pretty tops and bottoms collection. So, is this a good fashion brand for all ladies out there?

Maybe it’s too early to conclude, so let’s just stay here to witness more. Basically, Pretty Cute Things successfully proves to be all women’s best friend, with over 12.2k followers on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to see their cute collection, why not follow?

Basically, you may say that it is just a fashion brand like others. But once you see our Pretty Cute Things reviews completely, let’s share what idea you have afterward. So, will you add some of this store’s collection to your wardrobe? It may suit your fashion taste!

Overview Of Pretty Cute Things

How many outfit changes do you typically have in a day? We’re pretty sure it’s not once, especially when it’s a woman. Fortunately, Lisa (brand owner) fully understands why this happens.

We can say that women may have a higher fashion sense than men. Is that a fact? That’s why they tend to have more insight into looks and do mix-and-match stuff better than anyone else.

In addition, at this point, we can say that women and fashion are two disparate things. On this page, we won’t stop you from buying those cute clothes, but we will give you more references instead.

Therefore, you won’t wear the same clothes again and again. So, has your clothing collection gotten so boring lately? Then let’s do some upgrades and show what ‘fashion’ means to your friends!

Pretty Cute Things Review

Weekend is around the corner, and the only best way to spend a weekend is shopping, right? So, let’s guess how many items you will buy from Pretty Cute Things! One or two? Come on, that’s so nonsense.

Pretty Cute Things Reviews: Pretty Cute Things Review

You may stay normal now, but once you see the brand’s collection on its site, we believe you can’t even control yourself. You want to dress beautifully, as in the picture above, right? So, let’s start the exploration!

Pretty Cute Things Product Collection

Tops Bottoms
Curvy Hair Hats & Bags
Bralettes Outwear
Children Lounge Wear

See? We don’t lie when we say this store is truly a world paradise. Then, among those various collections, can we bring some to talk about more specifically? Sure! Since you’re not good at waiting, let’s just drop now:

  • Off The Shoulder Multi Color Floral Romper
  • Adorable Light Weight Wide Leg Pants
  • Boho Eye Lace Padded Bralette

We brought 3 different styles of clothes for you today! But if you already fell in love with them in the middle of the review, just hold yourself. Ensure to finish our review by the end for more surprising things!

Pretty Cute Things Shoulder Floral Romper Reviews

Girls, what type of casual dress do you love to wear? You may need Off The Shoulder Multi Color Floral Romper for a bestie’s hangout or just walking around the shopping center.

Pretty Cute Things Review: Pretty Cute Things Shoulder Floral Romper Reviews

Further, this dress is a perfect choice if you have a pretty or sexy shoulder and want to show it to everyone. This is because the dress is designed with an adorable off-shoulder look.

In addition, if you love flowery things, too, it’s great news to see that this dress features a pretty floral bloom design. Surely, this look will double your good appearance. Can you imagine it?

Next, if you expect to have this dress in various sizes, you can’t find them here. Otherwise, it’s a True-Fit size dress, and we’re sorry for other customers who search for a bigger size.

Finally, does this Off The Shoulder Multi Color Floral Romper suit your calm and pretty type of look or personality? Therefore, let’s exchange your $48.00 with this No.1 favorite dress!

Pretty Cute Things Wide Leg Pants Reviews

If you already have a casual mini-dress, then let’s have a more casual look for daily activity. Once you see an Adorable Light Weight Wide-leg Pants, you have no other choices!

Pretty Cute Things Review: Pretty Cute Things Wide Leg Pants Reviews

Pants lovers should be happy because this product has an elastic waist to fit on more women’s bodies. Then, related to size, you’ll have 3 sizes here (S, M, and L) with the same color.

Furthermore, these pants are made from 100% Tencel fabric and have a loose design. In addition to its comfort, it also shows how trendy and stylish these pants are. Do you agree?

Next, we also recommend you pair this with a casual T-shirt or crop top for a perfect final look. Or if you’re smarter in doing mix-and-match things, then let’s create the best look for yourself!

Finally, who has been falling in love with Adorable Light Weight Wide Leg Pants? So, instead of spending your money on junk food too often, why don’t you spend $68.00 for your super-chic look?

Pretty Cute Things Boho Eye Lace Padded Bralette Reviews

A bit sexier and hotter look? No, we are not talking about swimsuits or bikinis, but a Boho Eye Lace Padded Bralette! Do you agree that the following piece of fit perfectly suits your style?

Pretty Cute Things Review: Pretty Cute Things Boho Eye Lace Padded Bralette Reviews

First of all, what makes this bralette good is its adjustable straps. Therefore, this item works flexibly on your body, and you should feel more comfortable while wearing it for an entire day.

Besides that, there’s one rule that you should know before putting this on yours. In detail, it has no padded support, so it’s better to wear a strapless bra underneath for additional support.

Next, you’ll also find this product exists in 6 color choices (black, celery, brick, blue, cream, and rose). Meanwhile, each color has a different choice of size, so let’s hope to find yours there!

So, who’s ready to be the hottest for the next summer? Yes, the sun is not even hotter when you wear a Boho Eye Lace Padded Bralette. Therefore, can we see you drop your $26.00 right now?

Pretty Cute Things Pros and Cons

Will Pretty Cute Things always leave something good to you? Hold your words until reading this pros and cons section:


  • Various choices of women’s clothing products from tops to bottoms
  • Numerous different styles and colors
  • Offline and online shopping
  • Real product photos
  • Canada shipping
  • Suit many women’s personalities
  • Good quality of material
  • Selling children products
  • Providing accessories to complete overall looks
  • 14-day return policy 


  • No worldwide shipping
  • No free shipping
  • No company profile
  • Not detailed product description
  • No social media links on the website

Who Is Pretty Cute Things For?

We believe all women want to look as pretty as possible daily. In addition to makeup, these good looks typically come from what they wear. Therefore, collecting various and different outfits is way too important.

Fortunately, Pretty Cute Things exists to bring comfort to them. So, who can shop shop in this store? Surely, this store belongs to all pretty women who want to have a top-tier appearance daily. Finally, do you already have some favorite stuff here?

Pretty Cute Things Review: What Do Customers Think?

As the brand’s name, you’ll only find pretty cute things here. And you know that something cute always has a special space in every woman’s heart, right? But does this also have a little space there?

Pretty Cute Things Review: Pretty Cute Things Review: What Do Customers Think?

Welcome to the testimonial section, and let’s be the smartest buyer after leaving this page. On the Trustindex platform, we found this store rate 4.5 out of 5 stars. Isn’t that good? Of course.

Now, to prove whether those numbers are real or not, let’s explore the review section! The upcoming part will tell you how are the customer’s shopping experiences, so let’s not miss anything below:

As a starter, go check this:

The store owner was friendly and the shop offered a beautiful selection of stylish clothing. I think I’ll be back there.

We’re so happy to know this customer’s satisfying shopping experience due to its helpful owner and cool product collection. Will you visit it, too?

Then, another satisfied customer is also here:

I have come across many adorable items and experienced the most exceptional customer service in this store. Overall, I was feeling so grateful to have stumbled upon this amazing assortment of clothing.

From this customer, we know that Pretty Cute Things is not only a boutique with good items, but also good service. That’s also another plus point, right?

Next, you shouldn’t skip this:

The clothing items were lovely and offered at reasonable prices. On the other hand, the salesperson was helpful without coming across as pushy.

When the items are good, you know they are even getting better when they have cheaper prices. And that’s what you will find here. So, are you ready to purchase?

Finally, don’t let this left:

I announce that this is one of my favorite clothing stores. It is so unique and trendy but reasonably priced clothes, as well as the extremely helpful and friendly staff. Definitely a must-visit shop!

Next, this last review is like a final conclusion from all the reviews you have read. It says about the super-cool product collection, affordable prices, and friendly service.

Ultimately, who is going to skip Pretty Cute Things? There’s no single woman, obviously. Hence, since this store is everyone’s favorite, let’s be faster before they run out!

Is Pretty Cute Things Worth It?

What makes you still doubt Pretty Cute Things? They are pretty convincing, right? Then, let us go straight to the answer to this section: YES, this boutique is 100% worth it, and no one can deny it.

Pretty Cute Things Review: Is Pretty Cute Things Worth It?

Specifically, the store has been focusing on delivering satisfaction for all women, especially in fashion choices. Also, the fact that you’ve read numerous good reviews of this brand makes you shouldn’t think otherwise. So, isn’t it pretty good to buy?

Pretty Cute Things Shipping Policy

After reading our review, how much do you want to ship those adorable clothes home? We know you’ve chosen some of your favorites, right?

Then, about the shipping policy, let us inform you that this boutique offers domestic (US ) and Canadian shipping. So, we do apologize to all worldwide customers.

If you live in the US, there will be a shipping cost ($5.00) you must pay. Meanwhile, shipping to Canada starts from $20, and it’s a weekly shipping system. Finally, who starts shipping now?

Pretty Cute Things Return Policy

Did you receive the wrong item? That’s so sad. However, it’s not the time to sink deeper into your sadness. Otherwise, let’s learn this return policy section to find a solution!

Basically, every customer will have 14 days after the receipt date to return their unwanted items. If you have exceeded the days, your return has expired, and you won’t be eligible for a full refund (reduced with a shipping fee). 

Also, be sure the items you want to return are still in the same condition (unworn, unwashed, and with no odor). So, isn’t that pretty understandable to follow? Of course, you are way smarter to understand our words.

How To Contact Pretty Cute Things?

Do you have some questions to share with Pretty Cute Things? Then, find the boutique through the following platforms:

Company & Boutique Address

2938 Brooks Bend Drive
Carmel IN 46032
United States

Where to buy Pretty Cute Things?

Are you now gearing up to shop for your brand’s favorite items? Then, let’s get them only on the official website. Or if you live around and want to have offline shopping, let’s visit the boutique at the previously mentioned address!

Pretty Cute Things Coupon Codes & Promos

Looking for some discount and interesting offers? Let’s explore the following list with us:

  • Get pretty and cute clothes at lower prices on the Sale page
  • Create an account to see more updates

Unfortunately, those are the current offers from the store. But if you want to witness more, let’s check the blue surprising button below:

Reveal all coupons
Pretty Cute Things

Pretty Cute Things Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Pretty Cute Things reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Pretty Cute Things?

The brand doesn’t specifically mention this, but it’s Lisa.

Where is Pretty Cute Things located?

The boutique is at 2938, Brooks Bend Drive, Carmel IN, 46032, United States.

Does Pretty Cute Things ship internationally?

Unfortunately, the store only ships to the US and Canada.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Pretty Cute Things Reviews & Ratings

If water and oil can’t mix each other, then women and fashion can’t be separated. Everyone must agree with this, right? Thankfully, Pretty Cute Things appears to be one of the reliable choices of women’s clothing brands.

Furthermore, the store has been selling the products offline and online. So, there should be more women recognizing its good quality and unmatched service. However, if reading this review doesn’t give you enough proof, why don’t you start shopping to prove it?


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