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About Press Hook

Public relations plays a key role in maintaining a positive impression of consumers towards a brand. If a company already has a good brand image, consumer interest will be even higher.

Press Hook Review: About Press Hook

In this case, Press Hook is a great platform to connect your brand and engage with the media. This is the first public relations platform with good services to elevate your business. 

As we write this article, this public relations platform handled 500+ brand profiles, 1k+ top publications, 10k+ press articles, and 100B+ online impressions. 

Even better, with 3k+ followers on Instagram and almost 1k+ followers on Tiktok, Twitter, and Facebook, Press Hook has gained huge attention from the audience. All the design and layout on social media make us feel at home to continue scrolling for a long time.

Is this platform something you’re really looking for? Great! Stick around with us in Press Hook Review. We’ll dive deeper into the platform’s performance and decide if it’s worth it to be used. Without any further do, start your reading!

Overview Of Press Hook

Founded in early 2020, Press Hook came up with its mission to connect brands directly to journalists. This platform helps small businesses to start interacting and getting more exposure from the media effectively. 

Michelle Songy, as a founder, did have experience in her previous company about how difficult it was to access media clearly and the difficulty of getting a full-service agency. The main reason is the high price. Additionally, the time wasted did not match the expected results. 

Two years later, she came back with a new idea to establish this platform. With newsrooms publishing content online, Press Hook unlocks a new marketing strategy to gain brand awareness with innovative technology. 

Based on Crunchbase, a reputable provider of private-company, this platform has a total funding amount of $1.5M over two rounds. The newest funding was raised from a Seed round. And it has two lead investors: Tnt Ventures and Emergent Ventures. 

Press Hook Reviews

As we mentioned, this platform is a great place to explore trusted brand information. It also brings brand awareness and quality engagement with the media. 

Press Hook Reviews: Press Hook Reviews

Numerous brands from various categories have been featured on this platform, such as beauty, beverages, cannabis, dating & romance, entertainment, fashion, fitness, gaming, health & wellness, and many more.

With the first class service, you will be guided step by step until the final result. For now, the most significant achievement is getting up to 275 press placements in a year. 

If you’re curious about how it works and how much it costs, check out the next section.

Press Hook Highlights

  • Immediately get media exposure 
  • Accepts all brands from every category 
  • Plenty of media profiles 
  • Featured articles secured
  • A curated selection of products and brands
  • Credible press releases in well-written

How Does Press Hook Works?

Press Hook helps you to optimize your PR strategy in making a good branding identity and maximizing media exposure effectively.

Press Hook Review: How Does Press Hook Works?

The way it works is as simple as following the steps listed below:

  • Go to this How It Works Page
  • Choose your account type: Brand, Media, or Agency 
  • Create a brand profile with your details 
  • Click the agreement box, and
  • Start getting media exposure immediately

In the next step, select the available plan at an affordable price and complete the payment process. If your payment is successful, you can follow the other steps, and you’ll get your products in front of the media with newsworthy stories in real time. 

Jump up to the next section to find out the plans & pricing!

Press Hook Plans and Pricing

As of now, Press Hook provides semi-annual and annual membership plans divided into Pro and Premium levels. The following are the facilities you’ll get, including:


  • Semiannual Plan
    • Pro:  $499/month
    • Premium: $2499/month
  • Annual Plan
    • Pro: $399/month 
    • Premium: $1999/month 


  • Features: Shareable Media Kit, Sample Requests, Editorial Calendar, Direct Messaging, Brand Collaborations, Media Messaging, PR 101 Course, Bi-Weekly Trend Report, Featured Products (Pro: 25; Premium: Unlimited)
  • Community: Community Forum, PR Office Hours, Breakout Brainstorms, Founder Panels (only for premium)
  • Services: Guided Onboarding, Live Chat Support, Dedicated Account Manager (only for premium)

Press Hook Pros & Cons

In this section you’ll find a comparison between the advantages and drawbacks of the platforms. We hope it will give you additional insight before deciding to use them.


  • Another option to enhance public relations strategy
  • The website is easy to access
  • You have two option plans membership at an affordable price
  • Make it easier to explore press-worthy brand
  • All the articles are well-written by expert


  • There’s still high level of competition between the brands

Who Is Press Hook For?

This platform is perfect to use for everyone running a small business. Or who wants to spread the brand more to be recognized by customers, with the expectation to be accessible in the search engine with relevant information. 

Press Hook Review: Who Is Press Hook For?

This platform is also extremely useful for journalists seeking trustworthy research and founder information about a brand. As for agencies, this is the right platform to get clients in the spotlight and stream sample requests quickly. 

Press Hook Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To build your trust in the platform, we’ve selected three trusted testimonials from people that already used Press Hook’s services. Find out more below! 

Starting with the first customer: Karen Tietjen, Forbes vetted. She was particularly impressed with the platform, which made it easy for her to get the source of brands.

I love how Press Hook makes requesting samples easy and encourages media people to try your awesome brands because you believe in them. All your reps have been kind and knowledgeable, I really trust the Press Hook recommendations in guides and digests …

With its ease of use, it provides optimum search for a brand. There’s also delivered some further information about the founder’s bio. That’s what Krista Jones from PopSugar had to say. 

Press Hook does a great job at being a digital destination and go-to for brands, and acts a liaison for editors and alike. As an editor, it’s a great resource for brand and founder information, new product launches, high res photos, and most importantly samples …

Next, the last testimonial comes from the founder of The Phoenix Brand. She said:

Press Hook provided a very easy and clear roadmap to start getting our name in front of media outlets and gaining awareness. They helped us to develop a digital media kit, which has proved invaluable in several occasions where we were introducing new parties to our brand … 

The enthusiasm from various professionals such as editors, journalists, and agencies makes it even more convincing that this platform is deserved to be considered. Even better, we couldn’t find any underrated comments. 

Is Press Hook Worth It?

In our honest opinion, this platform provides many benefits for anyone who uses it. First things first, the website is easy to access. You’ll get full service from the expert to achieve your expected best result. 

Press Hook Review: Is Press Hook Worth It?

Another reason is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time that makes you overwork. You can still use the rest of your time to continue the other tasks.

In terms of price, you have two options with affordable price ranges. So, yes! Press Hook is indeed worth considering.

How To Contact Press Hook

Ask anything or share your feedback with customer care and get a response quickly. Simply click the “Contact Us” button on the bottom right of the website or send an email to [email protected].

Another support, you can also use the “Chat Box” in the left corner of your screen to get in touch with the team. 

Where to buy Press Hook?

Are you happy with the platform so far? Alright, choose your plan membership only on the official online website. You can dive deeper into this platform and access tons of benefits for the ultimate in personalized products. 

Press Hook Coupon Codes & Promos

We’re pretty sure that you’re looking forward to this section. Well, the special offer from Press Hook is here to save your plans. You can unlock the following coupon code and enjoy the discount. 

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Press Hook Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Press Hook reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How to become a member of Press Hook?

Just sign up and select your plan to begin your membership. If you need more information, please visit this page

How to arrange the schedule with Press Hook?

Go to this page and click “Book a Strategy Call” to book your appointment. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Press Hook Reviews & Ratings

With Press Hook‘s media services, no need to worry about connecting your business with the media. Or you, as a journalist, will no longer waste time getting relevant sources for a product. 

All features can be accessed easily, as well as a pleasant service at a budget-friendly. So what are you waiting for? Select your appointment or schedule your appointment now!


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