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About Predator Armor

Calling for all outdoor enthusiasts, first responders, and soldiers! Finding body armor and tactical gear is necessary to maintain your safety during the missions. And Predator Armor is a new brand that breaks into the live-saving product industry.

Predator Armor Review: About Predator Armor

This company focuses on manufacturing body armor and tactical gear you can depend on. Not only it prioritize safety and comfort, but it also has low price points with high reliability and trustworthiness.

Even though just active in 2021, this brand has more than 9.7K followers on Instagram and over 17K followers on Facebook. Not only that, it has thousands of positive reviews on its website that show how many people have tried its life-saving products.

Wait, what thing exactly makes them grow at a neck-breaking pace? Hence, our Predator Armor review will uncover all information regarding the company profile, product reviews, customer testimonials, deals, and other information.

Overview Of Predator Armor

Since 2021, Predator Armor has been active in the industry by providing 100% made body armor and tactical gear under the leadership of Colin Christensen. As a result, the brand can provide quality and affordable body armor and tactical gear that meet the set quality standards.

This body armor company was founded by a group of active-duty military, veterans and patriotic citizens. Proudly, they present products made by Americans for Americans who need them. This brand keeps active to make gear made to last that can be used by active duty military to outdoor enthusiasts.

By providing life-saving gear with advanced personal protection, the brand guarantees that the gear will be constructed with professional details so you can trustfully depend on it for your life.

Predator Armor Review

In short, this brand provides body armor and tactical gear that will allow you to do outdoor gear and protect your body. All the product is made with premium material that has proven and certified to meet the standard of safety.

Predator Armor Reviews: Predator Armor Review

Predator Armor Products

Below we’ve compiled the product categorization based on its website:

  • Bundle: Level III Loaded Bundle, Level III+ Loaded Bundle, Survival Kit, etc
  • Body Armor: Lightweight Polyethylene Level III Plate, Backpack Armor Level IIIA, Level III Plate, etc
  • Plate Carriers: Concealable Plate Carrier, Minuteman Plate Carrier, etc
  • Armor Package: Level IIIA Concealable Plate Carrier Package, Level IIIA Soft Armor, etc
  • Pouches: Tourniquet Holder, Utility Pouch, Dump Pouch, etc
  • Accessories: Custom PMag, Tough Hook Hanger, Malice Clip, Predator Armor Patch, etc

Seeing the number of gear they offer and reviewing all the products will definitely wear out your energy. So to make it simple, we’ll focus on breakdown down the best-selling products. Let’s jump to the next section!

Predator Armor Level 3 Shooters Cut Set of Two Reviews

Level III Shooters Cut Set of Two is a level 3 body armor manufactured in the US and made of ballistic-grade steel. The body armor is manufactured using unique heat-treating, tempering, and quenching process to obtain a superb hardened steel plate.

Predator Armor Review: Predator Armor Level 3 Shooters Cut Set of Two Reviews

Not only are they robust, but the pates are lightweight, impact-resistant, and can hold the most excellent ballistic properties. The process successfully provides thinner and lightweight plates without ignoring the protection level.

The level 3 plates are constructed from outlast ceramic, Dyneema, and UHMWPE that also comes with NIJ 0101.06 standards certified. It also is coated to make it resistant to water, stab, and slash.

The plates are equipped with base coats that can aesthetically enhance the durable characteristic. However, the coating doesn’t have fragmentation mitigation. But you can add Kevlar Lined Frag Mitigation at an additional cost of $90.


  • Dimensions: 10” x 12” Shooters Cut
  • Thickness: 0.25″
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Construction Material: Ballistic Steel

Adding the Kevlar lining can provide fragmentation and spalling that enhance performance. Lastly, the Level III Shooters Cut plates are currently on sale for $99 (regular price: $160), and you can customize it by adding curves, coating, testing targets, and trauma pads.

Predator Armor Level III+ Reviews

If you need stronger body armor than Level III, then you can try this Predator Armor Level III+ Shooters Cut Set of Two. It’s made of a more durable ballistic grade AR650 steel material with 0.25″ thickness.

Predator Armor Review: Predator Armor Level III+ Reviews

The plates can provide Level III+ protection exceeding the NIJ0101.06 Level III standards. Its build can provide the inclusion-stopping ability of M193 from a 20-inch barrel. It has the same manufacturing process and coating as Level 3, making it durable and lightweight with impact and water-resistant.

But its main material can offer better resistance and performance. It’s also available in flat and multi-curve with additional fees, providing slight vertical bend on both sides for better body contour.


  • Dimensions: 10″ x 12″
  • Thickness: 0.25″
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Construction Material: AR650 Ballistic Steel

With the base coat, you can have great performance and durability, but if you want to add fragmentation mitigation, you can select adding the Kevlar lining with better performance. So to have this Predator Armor Plates Level 3+ body armor, you can get it for $230 or only $149 in the sale period!

Predator Armor Minuteman Plate Carrier Reviews

Well, you already know about our plate recommendation. Now it’s time to get to know the carrier that will put dishes on your body. The Predator Armor Minuteman Plate Carrier is a minimalist plate carrier that can maintain a slim profile and lightweight.

Predator Armor Review: Predator Armor Minuteman Plate Carrier Reviews

It’s designed to carry the standard 10″X12″ plates with one size option that fits most adjustable shoulder and waist straps to provide a snug fit. In addition, it’s equipped with six rows of MOLLE/PALS style webbing to attach other patches and items.

The removable shoulder pads and mesh lined in the carrier inside can provide comfort and breathability for extended usage. Even though it has a minimalistic design, it is well constructed with top-tier mil-spec material that can withstand any condition.

Carrier Details

  • Plates Compatibility: 10″X12″ plates
  • Material: 500D Cordura material
  • Color: Black, Coyote, and Multi-cam

The shoulder and waist also come with a quick-release buckle you can quickly put off yourself. You can grab it at $160 or save more on armor packages available in black, coyote, and multi-cam color options.

Predator Armor Pros and Cons

Next up, before we go deeper into the review, below we’ve compiled the Predator Armor pros and cons to let you easily grasp the flaws and advantages of the brand:


  • Comfortable construction
  • Made to last with high-quality material
  • NIJ certified by an NIJ-approved testing facility
  • Reasonable priced life-saving products
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Lifetime warranty for sewn products
  • Over 500 5-star ratings


  • Some customers complain about the heaviness
  • Only ship within the US

Who Is Predator Armor For?

Predator Armor suits those looking for trusted body armor and tactical gear that can be purchased at affordable prices. So mainly, it can be the best one-stop store for active duty military, first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, and others.

Predator Armor Review: Who Is Predator Armor For?

In addition, the brand also has a great selection of gear that meet standard certification, so it is the place to find body armor that meets the NIJ standard. So basically, it can be the best option for everyone looking for life-saving products that can be purchased at an affordable price with high quality and durability.

Predator Armor Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

While we investigate the brand to see what the customers say, this brand has an exceptional rating with more than 500 5-star ratings from the customer. Now let’s see the customer rating on the top three products that we’ve reviewed above:

Predator Armor Review: Predator Armor Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Below is one of the reviews about the plate carriers’ quality:

This carrier is excellent. It fits my Medium plates like a glove! The quality is fantastic and affordable, unlike other brands. Thank you, Predator Armor

Here is another satisfied customer in the Predator Armor level 3 review section that was also impressed with the quality of the plate:

So far, it is excellent. The plates fit exceptionally well and aren’t overly heavy. Thank you for the prompt delivery. In addition, I have faith that the armor will protect my life and, ultimately, my family’s.

Last is the one Armor plates review that includes the product flaw that can be one consideration factor:

I placed my plate order, and within a few days, the package arrived. They’re a bit heavier than ceramic, but they’ll work perfectly for my needs, and I was expecting that. I hope I never have to put them to the test, but I better have and not need them. For the price, you can’t beat it.

Considering the review above, we can conclude that customers are primarily satisfied with the price points, quality, material, and shipping. However, we noticed mixed reviews about the plates being heavy.

Some customers said the weight is good and vice versa. Regardless, when it comes to life-saving plates, heavy means an excellent protection level.

Is Predator Armor Worth It?

Still questioning, “is predator armor good?” Right out of the gate, we’ll definitely say Predator Armor is worth it. We believe that with all the materials and standardized quality levels. We think that once you use their product, you’ll recognize the safety level it can provide.

Predator Armor Review: Is Predator Armor Worth It?

The body armor was also tested and NIJ certified by an NIJ-approved testing facility, NTS Chesapeake. The other great thing about this brand is providing 30 days return policy and lifetime warranty for all sewn products. 

In proofing its reliability and quality, it has a significant number of customer reviews, and nearly all customers give 5-star ratings. Moreover, the price is very reasonable considering all the durability and comfort level that it has.

Predator Armor Shipping Policy

If you tried your best to get the best deals, we recommend your order of more than $200 so that you’ll be eligible for free shipping. But if you’re below the minimum, you’ll be responsible for the shipping cost estimated in the checkout, depending on the shipping option and the receiver address.

Upon the order receipt, the item will be processed in around 1-2 business days. In the checkout, you can choose the shipping option that is available in:

  • Flat Rate Standard Shipping takes about 3-5 business days
  • 3-Day Express arrives in 3 business days
  • 2-Day Express takes 2 business days to arrive

Predator Armor Return Policy

Predator Armor strives to provide 100% satisfaction by making all life-saving products eligible for easy return and exchange within 30 days of receipt. The product must be in new condition and unused as the requirement for the return.

In claiming the return, you should provide an invoice for the information about their return. The refund will take 5-10 business days to process, and there will be no restocking fee, but you must be responsible for the shipping and handling cost.

So if you are ready to make a return, you can contact its customer service email along with your name, order number, and the return for the return.

How To Contact Predator Armor

For any questions or help that you need about the brand that we can’t cover in the review, you can contact the Predator Armor customer service via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook: @Predator Armor
  • Youtube: @predatorarmor
  • Instagram: @predator_armor
  • Address: 696 N Hwy 6, Delta, UT 84624

Where to buy Predator Armor?

Now it’s time to browse the gear collection and get your life-saving products. So it would be best if you headed over to its official website at Also, you can find the best deals and guarantee your purchase with a return policy and warranty!

Predator Armor Coupon Codes & Promos

What’s more delightful than successfully getting the best price when you shop? So to help you get the ultimate satisfaction while shopping in this brand, below we’ve listed the deals and coupon codes that you can obtain:

  • Join the email list to get a 10% discount code
  • Visit the Bundle Sale page to find product body armor and tactical gear set for sale
  • Free shipping on orders over $200
  • Get an exclusive promo code on the button below!

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Predator Armor

Predator Armor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Predator Armor reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is the Predators armor made of?

Predator uses kevlar wrapping on steel plates as the main material of the armor.

Is Predator armor NIJ certified?

Most of the product is made of high-quality steel, such as AR500 ballistic treated steel with NIJ certified of NIJ level III specifications by an independent NIJ credentialed laboratory.

What is predator armor testing target?

The Predator Armor testing target is a smaller part of the same Level III plate material that allows you to order the test plates and test them yourself.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Predator Armor Reviews & Ratings

After exploring all information in our Predator Armor review, we conclude that this brand has great quality, proven by how many people trust it regarding life-saving products.

Also, its body armor is NIJ certified and has a great quality material and resistance level. The life-saving product brand also offers a wide selection of tactical gear you can trust and depend on to complete your full-body armor costume.

So, if you’re looking for armor and tactical gear that you can depend on at a very reasonable price, you can visit Predator Armor!


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