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About Portland Salt Co.

Do you love to cook in your kitchen? Then, you’ll need the best artisan salt blend seasoning by Portland Salt Co

Portland Salt Co Review: About Portland Salt Co.
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The brand uses a qualified Pacific Northwest sea salt that can bring more deliciousness to your cuisine. In addition, the owners only use all-natural ingredients.

Not only is the company committed to quality, but also you can get its products in the nearby markets across Portland, Oregon. For example, Market of Choice and Zupan’s Markets. Or you may also buy the item online through the official website. 

Pssst, have I told you that the company has many followers? It has more than 1.3K on Instagram and 814 on LinkedIn. 

So, stay tuned to the end of this research regarding the brand’s owners, products, and pricing in the Portland Salt Co review. Now, let’s move immediately to the overview!

Overview of Portland Salt Co.

Becca and Justin Christiansen live while traveling worldwide. They love to cook and make many seasonings for their beloved people.

During the pandemic era, they create the brand to fulfill their colleague who asks for seasonings. In addition, they ensure that the recipe comes from the world’s top restaurants and talented chefs.

These two use Pacific Northwest sea salt with all-natural ingredients. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the balanced nutrients you give your cuisine.

Even better, it works with the Portland, Oregon market to sell offline products. But you can also get the salt online through the brand’s official website.

Below I’ll provide the pros and cons of this brand.

Portland Salt Co Pros

  • It provides delicious salt seasoning for your cooking
  • Made of Pacific Northwest sea salt and all-natural ingredients
  • Suitable for all cooking
  • Available online and offline store 
  • Offers one-pack, three-pack, four-pack, and bundles
  • Offers huge packs with affordable price
  • Give more discounts on bulk orders and gifting bundles
  • Offers $5 economy shipping for every order

Portland Salt Co Cons

  • It doesn’t provide enough information regarding the shipping and return policy.

Portland Salt Co Review

Alright. You’ve learned enough about the brand’s history and overview. Now let’s move to the product review.

Portland Salt Co Reviews: Portland Salt Co Review

This salt company offers many products, they are:

  • Pita Salt
  • Pork Rub
  • Steak Salt
  • Toast Sugar
  • 3-pack Salts
  • 4-pack Salts
  • Merchandise

However, I’ll focus only on the three items. Then, continue the reading to get to know about Portland Pita Salt!

Portland Salt Co Pita Salt Reviews

Say hello to Pita Salt, an inspiration from Middle East and Mediterranean cuisine! It is a perfect seasoning with a toasted, herbaceous, and tangy Za’atar blend! 

Portland Salt Co Review: Portland Salt Co Pita Salt Reviews

Mix and match it on bread and olive oil or bring your roasted chicken to the next level. In addition, the salt will make a great acquaintance to hummus and labneh.

This product features herbaceous notes from the sumac plant, nutty from sesame seed, and a combination of coriander and cumin. Therefore, these all-natural ingredients will make your cooking the most delicious!

Pita Salt Highlights

  • Made of Pacific Northwest sea salt
  • Features all-natural ingredients
  • It weighs 4 oz
  • Great companion for Middle East cuisine

So, get the blend of 4 oz of Pacific Northwest sea salt on this item for $9.50!

Portland Salt Co Steak Salt Reviews

Meat is famous for its taste. So Becca and Justin decided to create Steak Salt after inspiration from the most delicious steaks from Japan, France, and South America.

Portland Salt Co Review: Portland Salt Co Steak Salt Reviews

They blend Pacific Northwest sea salt with all-natural ingredients, including garlic, pepper, onion, and a hint of cayenne. You can make a steak and add some salt to this product.

Afterward, you will taste a new taste of steak with special effects. Even better, you can mix this salt on another meat cuisine. For example, try to level up the meat on hamburgers and chicken with this seasoning!

Steak Salt Highlights

  • Made of Pacific Northwest sea salt
  • Features all-natural ingredients
  • It weighs 4 oz
  • Great companion for meaty cooking

Thus, get your wallet and purchase this 4 oz salt for only $9.50!

Portland Salt Co Toast Sugar Reviews

Who says that Portland Salt Co only has salts? This final product will be a great companion for sweet cuisines! Sugar Toast will bring a sweet Vanilla note to your bread and coffee.

Portland Salt Co Review: Portland Salt Co Toast Sugar Reviews

This sugar will elevate toast, Crepes, or even French toast for breakfast. Moreover, you can mix it with coffee or a latte. Plus, the owners give a touch of salt, nutmeg, cinnamon, and molasses to give a unique taste.

Therefore, you can be more creative in preparing a new cook for breakfast or dessert!

Sugar Toast Highlights

  • Made of Pacific Northwest sea salt
  • Features all-natural ingredients
  • It weighs 4 oz
  • Great companion for breakfast, dessert, and any coffee

Let’s purchase this 4 oz sugar to bring your cooking to the next level for only $9.50!

Portland Salt Co Gifting Bundle Reviews

Do you want to give a present to your beloved people? If so, this salt seasoning is a great idea! 

Portland Salt Co Review: Portland Salt Co Gifting Bundle Reviews

The brand offers bulk orders, customized gift messages, and holiday gifting. You may also choose the 3-pack or 4-pack items in one bundle. 

Take a look at the price categorization below:

  • A 3-pack Savory Box costs $25
  • A 4-pack Savory Box costs $32
  • Get an additional 15% off on gifts orders of 10-49 items
  • Obtain a 20% discount when you buy 50-199 items
  • Grab 25% off on orders of 200+ gift bundles

If you are interested in purchasing the bundle, visit the link below and fill out the form. Afterwards, the team will make it right for you!

Comparison: Portland Salt Co Vs Jacobsen Salt Co

Well, there are many salt companies in Portland, Oregon. For example, Jacobsen Salt Co. Here, I’ll compare the Steak seasoning from these two brands. 

Image 1: Portland Salt Co Steak Salt Reviews
Image: portlandsaltco.com
Image 2: Jacobsen Salt Co Steak Seasoning
Image: jacobsensalt.com

Portland Salt Co Steak Salt

  • The main ingredients are Pacific North West sea salt, garlic, onion, black pepper, and cayenne
  • Available in one pack or bundle for gifting
  • It weighs 113 grams or 4 oz
  • The price is $9.50

Jacobsen Salt Co Steak Seasoning

  • The main ingredients are sea salt, minced garlic, paprika, black pepper, and parsley
  • Available in one or two shakers
  • It weighs 68 grams or 2.4 oz
  • The price is $8

Who is Portland Salt Co For?

The company creates artisan salt blends for home cooks who love to make many cuisines. You can use many salts from Portland Salt Co to give more flavour.

Portland Salt Co Review: Who is Portland Salt Co For?

In addition, you don’t have to worry about nutrients since it comes with all-natural ingredients. As a result, you are free to make your preferred meal according to your preference! 

Portland Salt Co Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now, you come to the essential part of this article: testimonials. Customer testimonials and ratings can influence your will to buy the salt.

Portland Salt Co Review: Portland Salt Co Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Firstly, the brand gets a 5/5 rating from 10 reviews. This number is what I can get because it is a new company that only begins its reputation during a pandemic. 

However, the number is high and perfect! Even better, one of the customers said:

Love how these salts, and sugar, make mealtimes interesting and leads you to try new things with these seasonings. Thanks Portland Salt Co for the inspiration.

This customer is beyond happy because products from Portland Salt Co bring her to the new experiments. Moreover, they result in enjoyable cooking for her!

Another testimonial stated:

I can jazz up my simply meals with these wonderful blends. I used the toast sugar in an apple crumble, and the spics were great with apples.

Another buyer is happy because of having grateful blending. He can mix and match it with any cooking, even an apple crumble. And, yes, the match makes a great recipe!

Therefore, I can conclude that the salts and sugars from this company are marvellously working. They are great and give fantastic to everyone cuisine! 

Is Portland Salt Co Worth It?

Generally, you need to determine how much salt to put in your cooking. However, Portland Salt Co is a worth-it brand that allows you to put salt to your preferred flavour. 

Portland Salt Co Review: Is Portland Salt Co Worth It?

Not only is the product huge in size and affordable price, but you can also have it on the nearby market. They also come from qualified ingredients that many home cooks crave a lot.

Therefore, everyone can cook thanks effectively to the artisan blend salt from this company! 

Portland Salt Co Shipping Policy

Firstly, you must know that the brand is available online and in Portland’s nearby markets. Sadly, it doesn’t mention whether it ships internationally or only on domestic orders.

But it gives a $5 economy shipping for every order. As a result, you can save money getting salt seasoning. Further information regarding the shipping policy may ask directly on the official website or social media. 

Portland Salt Co Return Policy

Unfortunately, I can’t find the information regarding the return policy. However, you can contact the team directly on the official website or social media to ask about the terms and conditions. 

How to Contact Portland Salt Co

Further queries regarding this salt company can follow the steps below:

Where to buy Portland Salt Co?

Yahoo! The brand sells salt and blend seasoning on the nearest market around Portland, Oregon! For example, you can get them offline on Zupan’s Market, Market of Choice, Durant, World Foods, Whisk, and Restyle.

However, if you prefer online shopping, kindly visit the official website to get the salt now! 

Portland Salt Co Coupon Codes & Promos

Now, it doesn’t offer many promotions. However, you can get a bulk purchase or gift bundling discount. Here are the exclusive deals:

  • Get 15% off on 10 to 49 gifts 
  • Obtain 20% off on 50 to 199 gifts
  • Acquire 25% off on 200+ gifts 

Please visit the social media and official website to get more discount codes. 

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Portland Salt Co

Portland Salt Co Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Portland Salt Co reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Portland Salt Co?

Becca and Justin Christiansen are the owners of this salt company. 

Does Portland Salt Co ship internationally?

Currently, I can’t find the specific information regarding the international shipping. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Portland Salt Co Reviews & Ratings

Doing great cooking begins with seasoning. Portland Salt Co has the best artisan blend of salt and sugar you can utilize to make delicious cuisine.

In addition, it is affordable with a huge pack. You can get it online or at the nearest offline store. Then, let’s choose what you need to level up your food! 


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