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About Police Magnum OC-17 Self Defense

Criminal acts may take up anywhere and at any time. Therefore, Police Magnum exists to provide helpful self-defense devices for everyone.

Police Magnum Review: About Police Magnum OC-17 Self Defense
Image: facebook.com/PoliceMagnumSelfDefense

The brand works well in creating easy-application devices, such as pepper spray, flashlight shotguns, etc. For example, the famous pepper spray Scoville Units use is OC-17 pepper spray. 

Furthermore, some law enforcement agencies and security personnel use and trust its products. The company also has 1.2K followers on social media, including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. 

Then, stay tuned to learn the brand’s highlights and products review on Police Magnum reviews. So, without further ado, let’s begin with the overview!

Overview of Police Magnum OC-17 Self Defense

The brand has more than 20 years of experience in this industry. But, sadly, I can’t find this company’s founder and owner.

However, Police Magnum has an excellent reputation for creating death pepper spray. Even better, all products have police-grade officer charges to stop an attacker. 

Once you spray, the suspect will feel skin burning, watery eyes, coughing, runny nose, and difficulty breathing. Plus, don’t worry because it doesn’t affect permanent injuries. 

You can trust the company since the products can inactivate the attacker for up to 30 minutes. Thus, you can run away and save yourself from unwanted agents.

It serves every product and sells it through the official website and nearby marketplaces. So you can get anything you require immediately.

Below are the pros and cons of Police Magnum


  • Provides qualified self-defense tools from unwanted dangers
  • Effective in stopping attackers from a far distance
  • It is suitable for all ages
  • It has a professional grade similar to the police guard officer charge
  • It is trusted by law enforcement and security personnel
  • Promotes easy application but affects the attacker for up to 30 minutes
  • Offers affordable prices with discounts on bulk purchases
  • Ships internationally 
  • Free domestic shipping without minimal orders
  • International buyers can purchase on the marketplace
  • Provides returns and refunds


  • It doesn’t have clear information regarding the owner, established year, shipping, and return policy.
  • You may only contact them through a blank form and social media.

Police Magnum OC-17 Self Defense Review

Now, you must wonder what the brand sells as a self-defense company. Below, I’ll explain it to you.

Police Magnum Reviews: Police Magnum OC-17 Self Defense Review

Police Magnum offers many devices suitable for an individual, law enforcement, and security personnel. Here are the classifications:

  • Pepper Sprays
  • Decons
  • Stun Guns
  • Knives
  • Handcuffs
  • Batons
  • Self-defense Accessories

However, I’ll only review the three best-selling items. Thus, let’s go to the first product review now! 

Police Magnum Pepper Spray Keychain Molded Reviews

Are you looking for a tiny self-defense device? Here is the pepper spray review from Police Magnum. The Pepper Spray Keychain Molded is only 3.5 x 1.5 inches and 0.5 ounces in weight.

Police Magnum Review: Police Magnum Pepper Spray Keychain Molded Reviews

This product is available in ten colors: black, purple, blue, red, hot pink, soft pink, teal, orange, yellow, and clear. In addition, it contains a police-grade officer charge with 4-year shelf life.

Due to the mini size, customers may put it anywhere -for example, in a pocket, purse, or briefcase. The spray may fire up to 12 feet with multiple blasts, stopping the attacker for up to 30 minutes.

Furthermore, it is easy to use by twisting the lock and pressing down the actuator. Afterward, close your eyes for a while to avoid hurting yourself.


  • It is a compact and easy application.
  • It fulfills the standard of a police guard officer charge.
  • Available in ten colors
  • Promotes easy bringing and can attack for up to 12ft

Thus, let’s get it for you at $10.99. The brand gives a $2 off, resulting in only $8.99. Or, you can buy this product with the bulk of 2-2 for 33% off, 3-3 for 44% off, 4-4 for 47% off, and 5-above for 47.5% off. The more you buy, the more you’ll get a discount!

Police Magnum Black Pen Pepper Spray Reviews

The second self-defense you can get from this brand is a Black Pen Pepper Spray. Again, you can disguise it easily as a regular pen in your pocket.

Police Magnum Review: Police Magnum Black Pen Pepper Spray Reviews

In addition, it looks like a standard pen. But this one has pepper to protect yourself from attackers. It is 5 x 3.4 inches in size and is 0.5 ounces in weight. 

The pen can stream the pepper for 8 to 10 feet and incapacitate the attackers for up to 30 minutes. Furthermore, the product is easy to apply by twisting and pressing down the actuator.

Note that you must close your eyes while streaming it on the attackers. Thus, you wouldn’t hurt your eyes and could run away from the villains.


  • It is a compact and easy application.
  • It fulfills the standard of a police guard officer charge.
  • Promotes easy bringing and can attack for up to 10ft

So, let’s buy this item for $13.95 plus $1 off, resulting in $12.95. Then, bring it anywhere to protect yourself from unwanted agents. Or, buy it in bulk with 2-2 to get  3.78% off or 3-above for 10.04% off.

Police Magnum Stun Gun Flashlight Reviews

The final product I’ll review is a Stun Gun Flashlight, available in three shades: blue, pink, and black.

Police Magnum Review: Police Magnum Stun Gun Flashlight Reviews

Note that this is not a flashlight taser. However, you can use it to scare attackers with 68 million volts. In addition, it is a convenient item that you can put in a bag.

This flashlight features a robust stun gun that will make an intimidating sound. You don’t even need a battery to turn it on. It is a rechargeable flashlight that can stop criminal action. 

If a bright doesn’t stop the attacker, change it to the other blinking mode. Thus, you can adjust the level according to your need. 

Please remember that stun gun is prohibited in several regions in the US. The brand will immediately cancel your order if you’re in the prohibited area.


  • It is a compact and easy application.
  • It can stop any criminal action.
  • It has a bright flashlight with two-level adjustment. 

Thus, you can have this item for $13.99, with a $2 off, which results in $11.99. Also, you can buy two or more for a 20% discount. 

How to Use Police Magnum Pepper Spray?

As you know, the products from this brand fulfill the requirements of a police grade office charge. However, do you know how to use pepper spray?

Police Magnum Review: How to Use Police Magnum Pepper Spray?

Thus, take a look at the steps below:

  • First, put it in the nearest place you can reach, such as a keychain, purse, or on your wrist
  • If an attacker comes near you, take the pepper spray
  • Ensure you are around 8 to 12 ft from the attacker
  • Twist the item and press down the actuator to stream the attacker
  • If the wind blows, close your eyes for three seconds and run to avoid the attacker

The pepper will hurt the attacker for up to thirty minutes. During that, run to the crowd or a safe place. Hence, you can disguise yourself and stay away from the attacker. 

Police Magnum vs Sabre

Police Magnum performs well in producing pepper spray. However, you might wonder about the difference between pepper spray from this brand and Sabre. Below, I’ll write down the comparison. 

Image 1: Police Magnum Flip Top Pepper Spray Keychain Reviews
Image: policemagnum.com
Image 2: Sabre Pepper Spray with Finger Grip and Key Ring Reviews
Image: sabrered.com

Police Magnum Flip Top Pepper Spray Keychain 

  • It is available in seven shades
  • It can burst an attacker for up to 12 feet
  • It weighs a half ounce
  • Purchase this item for $12.99 at $1.74 off, which is $11.25. In addition, bulk purchase from 2-2 gets 29% off, and 3-above gets 37% off

Sabre Pepper Spray with Finger Grip and Key Ring 

  • It is available in five shades
  • It can burst an attacker for up to 10 feet
  • It weighs 3.36 ounces
  • You can have this product for $10.99

Who is Police Magnum For?

Commonly, you might think that a self-defense device is only for women. But no, it is for everyone, from youngsters, women, men, and even the elderly.

Police Magnum Review: Who is Police Magnum For?

The company offers excellent products to save yourself, your family, and your colleagues from dangerous events. In addition, danger doesn’t distinguish the target.

So, this brand intends to give everyone protection based on the police guard OC from attackers, no matter wherever and whenever you are. 

Police Magnum Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

You must wonder about the brand’s rating and testimonials from the customers. However, you shouldn’t worry because I’ll break it down in this section.

Police Magnum Review: Police Magnum Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Currently, Police Magnum gets a 5/5 site review rating from 22 testimonials. Plus, it obtains a 5/5 product review rating from 36 testimonials. On Amazon, most of the products from this brand receive more than a 4/5 rating. 

The numbers are pretty high, with many testimonials from loyal customers. For example, one of the reviews said:

The pepper spray is excellent. I’ll be purchasing a larger container for home defense because I live in a high crime area and I don’t want to use deadly force. Best be safe then sorry.

This customer agrees that a Flip Top Belt Clip Fog Pepper Spray is excellent for his defensive kit. In addition, he’ll purchase more due to his dangerous living area.

Another testimonial said:

When I saw the price I expected this to be a poorly made item, but it’s made it through three weeks of work in the field with no issues.

This buyer thinks that the pepper spray must come with so-so material. Instead, the product is well-working and sturdy enough to help him through three weeks without any issues. 

The last customer reviewed:

Law enforcement grade, sturdy, easy to use. Exactly what I was looking for. It is not your average gas station pepper spray.

This one comments that the pepper spray from Police Magnum is what he’s looking for. It has a perfect shape with a grade of law enforcement. Furthermore, it is easy to use and robust.

Thus, I must say that the product from this brand is beyond satisfying. Not only are the products well-working, but also many customers agree with the helpful functions. 

Is Police Magnum Legit?

As a customer, you may be worried about getting scammed. But it is no worries because Police Magnum is a legit company offering the most helpful self-defence items. In addition, the company provides SSL certification to avoid taking personal information. 

Police Magnum Review: Is Police Magnum Legit?

Furthermore, you can read information such as shipping, return, and customer testimonials. Hence, I can say that this has a trusted website to serve all customers with their service and products. 

Is Police Magnum Worth It?

It doesn’t need a long explanation. I must say that Police Magnum is worth it, indeed. It works excellently to provide an excellent self-defense tool for everyone. 

Police Magnum Review: Is Police Magnum Worth It?

In addition, many buyers agree and satisfy with their purchase. At last, the items from this brand are helpful to be compact, convenient, and careful with protection from criminals. 

Police Magnum Shipping Policy

This company offers free domestic shipping via FedEx, UPS, and USPS without minimal purchase. International buyers may purchase through the marketplace for easy buying.

The team will ship your order on weekdays only. Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a tracking number.

Note that you must input the correct address to ease the courier. If you find a problem, please contact the team through the website’s blank form

Police Magnum Return Policy

You must know that the company offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Thus, you can return the product if you don’t find it satisfying.

However, this policy is only eligible for new or original condition orders. Plus, the buyer is responsible for the return shipping fee. 

Please contact the brand through a blank form to initiate a return. Then, the team will make it right for you. 

How to Contact Police Magnum

Please fill out this blank form for further questions regarding this company.

Or, you may visit the brand’s social media at:

Thus, you can hit a direct message and freely ask whatever you’re curious about the brand. 

Where to buy Police Magnum?

Lucky you because this safety company is available on the official website and nearby marketplace.

You can buy the products through Amazon or eBay. Plus, don’t worry because it comes from the original brand with original items. 

Police Magnum Coupon Codes & Promos

Hip, hip, hooray! You must’ve been waiting for this section a lot. Here are the promotions you’ll get from this brand:

  • Subscribe to the official website to get 10% off on your first order
  • Join the affiliate program to get a 10% commission on every successful referral code
  • Follow the community and get rewards of $5 on every 500 defense tokens
  • Purchase on bulk with different discounts on each item
  • Free domestic shipping on orders via the website through UPS, FedEx, and USPS courier

Kindly check the official website for discounts, coupon codes, wholesale deals, and so forth!  

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Police Magnum

Police Magnum Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Police Magnum reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Police Magnum?

Sadly, I can’t find the information regarding the owner. However, you can trust the brand since it is active in the business. 

Does Police Magnum ship internationally?

Yes, it ships internationally through the store on Amazon and e-Bay. 

How strong is Police Magnum pepper spray?

It features a 1.33% MC which can spread 10ft to 12ft with multiple blasts.

How does Police Magnum pepper spray work?

It works by spraying multiple blasts that you can stream directly to the attacker’s eyes and nose. It will produce a hot effect which is practical and effective in stopping the movement. 

Does Police Magnum pepper spray work?

It works robustly within a distance and can stop the attacker for about 30 minutes. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Police Magnum Reviews & Ratings

Who says defending yourself is difficult? Police Magnum creates everything you need to protect yourself from crime. In addition, the products have excellent quality, similar to the police guard officer charge.

They are compact, convenient, and easy to use. Thus, which of the items above will you purchase? Then, let’s buy it now to protect yourself anytime and anywhere!

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