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About Platterful Charcuterie

If you’re a Charcuterie lover, you must know how good it tastes to enjoy it with your loved ones or party members. However, going to the supermarket to gather all the ingredients will be daunting when you have no time.

Platterful Review: About Platterful Charcuterie

Platterful is a solution to make it easier for you to have a charcuterie box in your house. This brand offers a subscription charcuterie board of well-selected products from renowned artisan brands.

The charcuterie kit is expertly curated to create a perfect combination to enjoy by a lot of people, whether for your ideal dinner date, monthly family gathering, party, or even corporate event.

At first, this business when Caroline locally went viral with her small charcuterie business in Indianapolis, and this business became more popular when she met other co-founders.

This brand has gained 1.2K followers on Facebook and 3.8K on Instagram in a short time.

However, is this brand live up to its popularity? Well, to uncover this matter in this Platterful review.

We’ll break down its company profile, product quality, testimonial, customer services, and many more. Let’s get started!

Overview Of Platterful

Platterful is a food box subscription specializing in charcuterie kit subscriptions founded in 2021 by co-founders Lowell Bieber, Caroline Elston, and Ryan Culver.

This brand offers high-quality charcuterie for gourmet party boards that can be the best option for everyone.

With all of their founders, they work together to create, scale, and sell a wellness and healthy subscription box.

Not only focus on delivering a packed box of the finest material cheeses and other accompanies, but this brand also offers Grazing Tables offers, which can be the best option if you want to have a party.

It offers a complete charcuterie kit and provides educational materials and instruction to make a charcuterie board that makes all of your family members drool.

In addition, for the greater good, this brand has partnered with No Kid Hungry to donate ten meals for children in need in every Platterful box they sell.

Below are some highlights to give you a glance at its quality!


  • Well-curated product selections
  • Vegan and gluten-free kit
  • The subscription adds more savings
  • Various subscription offers
  • Helpful video instructions
  • Fast shipping
  • No bad review


  • No return policy, but your purchase is guaranteed

Platterful Review

Now, let’s learn more about this brand and what they sell. As we’ve mentioned before that this brand is focusing on the charcuterie box subscription, so mainly they have four main offers, including:

Platterful Reviews: Platterful Review

You can also find certain charcuterie boxes, such as vegan and gluten-free. All the products are selected from artisan brands such as Alice’s Stick Cookies, FitJoy, TBJ Gourmet, Regina’s Farm Kitchen, and many more.

Thus, to see the product’s quality, let’s look at some of their well-selected options. Then, let’s jump to the next section of this Platterful review.

Platterful Charcuterie Kit Month-to-Month Subscription or One-Time Order Reviews

The first charcuterie kit that comes to our Platterful review is this Charcuterie Kit Month-to-Month Subscription or One-Time Order that becomes its main and best-selling kit. This skirt is the best go-to if you demand a perfect date night.

Platterful Review: Platterful Charcuterie Kit Month-to-Month Subscription or One-Time Order Reviews

This kit gives you the best charcuterie board that makes your family or loved one drool. It comes in two options: large and standard kits, depending on your dinner table members.

In both charcuterie kits, you’ll get cheeses, meats, cracker packs, an instructional sheet, and a video tutorial. Below are the details of both options:

Large Charcuterie Kit

  • 3 kinds of cheese
  • 2  types of meat
  • 1-2 cracker packs
  • 2-3 spreadable
  • 3+ other accompaniments
  • Instructional sheet and video tutorial
  • Feeds 2-4 as a meal or 6-8 as a small appetizer

 Standard Charcuterie Kit

  • 2 kinds of cheese
  • 1 meat
  • 1 cracker pack
  • 1-2 spreadable
  • 2+ other accompaniments
  • Video tutorial and instructional sheet
  • Feeds 1-2 as a meal or 2-4 as a small appetizer

This brand carefully curates a charcuterie kit, where you’ll get cheese from well-selected brands such as Bellavitano or Vermont Creamery. Plus, you’ll get other accompaniments such as olives, dried fruits, candies, nuts, pickled, chocolate, and many more.

If you’re planning to have a regular charcuterie kit every month, this brand also offers 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months prepaid subscriptions, saving more than a one-time purchase.

If you want this kit to taste the perfect charcuterie board, you can invest $114 for large and $75 for standard. What’s more, you can save 13% by subscribing!

Platterful Charcuterie Kit Gluten Free Reviews

Are you avoiding gluten? You don’t have to worry because this brand offers Platterful Charcuterie Kit Gluten Free. In this kit, you’ll get a gluten-free product, making it easier for you instead to roam the supermarket to search for gluten-free products.

Platterful Review: Platterful Charcuterie Kit Gluten Free Reviews

Like the previous charcuterie kit, in this gluten-free edition, you’ll get two options standard and sizeable gluten-free charcuterie kit. In addition, you’ll get the same portion as the previous kit, such as meat, cheese, a cracker pack, other accompaniments, instructional sheets, and a video tutorial.

In addition, if you don’t like nuts or other stuff, you can request to ensure you can consume all products on the kits. Lastly, you can try this gluten-free charcuteries kit to discover new foods for only $114 large and $75 standard!

Platterful Charcuterie Kit Vegan Reviews

Who says a vegan could not enjoy a delightful charcuterie board? Fortunately, it offers Platterfull Charcuterie Kit Vegan that allows you to enjoy mouthwatering charcuterie with well-selected vegan products.

Platterful Review: Platterful Charcuterie Kit Vegan Reviews

As a vegan, you may know how devastating it is to go to every supermarket to look carefully at the product label to see whether it is vegan. Moreover, you need a wide selection of vegan products in your charcuterie box.

This charcuterie kit can be a hassle-free vegan charcuterie kit! It contains vegan products that you can worry-free consume, such as vegan cheese, vegan jerky, fig salami, and plant-based products.

This vegan kit is only available in a large kit that includes 13 vegan products and an instructional video tutorial which is suitable for 6-8 serving for a small appetizer or 2-4 serving for meals. Lastly, with only $114, you can taste a delightfully vegan charcuterie kit with your family!

Who Is Platterful For?

Platterful is for anyone who loves charcuterie and wants to make it easy and delicious. Whether a beginner or a seasoned pro, this brand has something for you.

Platterful Review: Who Is Platterful For?

Their kits are perfect for parties, gatherings, or a night out with friends. Here are some people who might enjoy Platterful:

  • People who love charcuterie

If you’re a fan of cured meats, cheeses, and other charcuterie staples, this brand is a great way to fix that. Their kits come with various delicious ingredients, so you can always find something new to try!

  • People who are short on time

Need more time to prepare food? This brand makes it easy for you! Their kits have everything you need to create beautiful, delicious charcuterie boards in minutes.

  • People who want to impress their guests

This brand’s collection of dishes is a great way to impress your guests at a party or gathering. Their kits come with high-quality ingredients, making your charcuterie boards look and taste amazing!

  • People who want to support small businesses

Platterful partners with small artisan makers across the United States. By ordering from Platterful, you help support local businesses and the American economy.

Platterful Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We’ve reviewed the brand’s product thus far. But some of you may still question this company’s quality. So to make us more certain about this brand’s quality, this section is dedicated to seeing their customer opinion.

Platterful Review: Platterful Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First of all, on a renowned review site of Judge.Me, this brand has impressive reviews, with 95% of the customer giving 5/5 stars and 5% giving 4/5 stars from 74 reviews. Below let’s see what the customer said:

By far, one of the best Charcuterie Boxes out there on the internet. Not only are the selections above and beyond, but the videos and instructions sheet also gives recipients the know-how to create an incredible platter for the table. Glad I found them.

The customer claims how good the brand is, and the instruction is quite helpful in creating an incredible platter. Another review said:

Everything goes together so perfectly. So sweet and spicy, it’s the perfect blend and down to the crackers!

The customer stated that combining all products could provide a perfect combination and taste. So, let’s see another review:

I loved it so much—it was terrific! Not only did I have much fun putting the platter together, but the selections were also outstanding. I can not wait to order again!

The review above shows how this brand can provide a perfect combination and selection of products that give you well-balanced flavors.

We also found that many customers claim that they want to purchase for the second time, which proves the product quality and satisfaction level. We can’t find any bad reviews or event complaints about this company.

Is Platterful Worth It?

Before deciding to purchase from specific companies, you must question whether this brand is worth investing in. After gathering all the information about this brand, we can see that Platterful co is worth it.

Platterful Review: Is Platterful Worth It?

This brand provides a well-selected charcuterie subscription that all product is expertly selected and combined for you to have the perfect charcuterie board taste. Their subscription offer can also save a lot of dollars for you who want a monthly consumption.

The outstanding products and customer service also impress us on how they can have all positive customer reviews which prove its quality.

Platterful Shipping Policy

According to the Platterful charcuterie kit delivery policy, this brand ships all orders on Mondays and Wednesdays every week. It ships domestically in all 50 states in the US. But unfortunately, they don’t ship internationally and PO box addresses.

Moreover, it utilizes FedEx and UPS for two days of express shipping, which is quite fast. For all standard-size charcuteries, the boxes will cost $10 and $15. Plus, all noncheese store items are only $5, and $15 for cheese store items.

Platterful Return Policy

Unfortunately, because the nature of the product they offer is food, this brand doesn’t accept returns. However, if you face any problem after the arrival of your order, you can contact them at [email protected].

You can contact them and discuss your problem or dissatisfaction to make it right and 100% guaranteed.

How To Contact Platterful

Do you need help or have questions about your purchasing journey? Fortunately, this brand has great customer service ready to help you. Here are various ways to reach them:

If you prefer to talk on the phone, you can leave your phone number, and their customer service will call you to help you. 

Where to buy Platterful?

Interest in tasting hassle-free and delicious charcuterie kit at your dinner table with your fams? To ensure you can taste this delightful kit, purchase it from Platterful’s official website. There you can find various charcuterie subscriptions and artisan products that you can buy at affordable prices.

Platterful Coupon Codes & Promos

This brand provides not only good service and product quality but also offers various saving options that make your purchase much cheaper.

  • Joining the email list to get 10% off on your first purchase and notify the current offers
  • Subscribing to save 13% off on a charcuterie kit
  • Prepaid monthly subscription to save up to $100
  • Get a unique code at the top of the website, such as free shipping

Need more? You can tap the button below to obtain excluding Platterful discount codes!

Reveal all coupons

Platterful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Platterful reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Platterful?

This Charcuterie Subscriptions company is owned by Lowell Bieber, Caroline Elston, and Ryan Culver.

Does Platterful ship internationally?

Currently, this brand only ships within 50 states of the US.

Is the Platterful Charcuterie subscription box gluten-free?

This brand offers three kinds of Platterful charcuterie boxes: original, gluten-free, and vegan.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Platterful Reviews & Ratings

Have you ever imagined making a charcuterie board instantly without troublesome shopping? Platterful is here to provide you with an extraordinary charcuterie kit you can make in no time.

Not only you but all of your members at the dinner table can have time to gather and eat while having small talk. In the box, they offer well-selected and high-quality products that you can set easily since it already comes with detailed instructions on how to make a mouth-watering charcuterie box.

Moreover, with this company, you can devour premium charcuterie regularly at an affordable price and with delicious taste. So are you ready to spend a delightful charcuterie? Enjoy a well-selected and mouth-watering charcuterie by simply ordering it from Platterful!


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