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What is the best thing in green? For us, there’s no greener and better thing in green than the planet we live in, Earth. But don’t you think that Earth is getting worrying since the number of trees decreased? It’s a fact, but and us won’t let it happen! Review: About

Does everyone should know and come to this store? Sure, it’s such a must. However, let us tell you what you will get here. Since our mission is to make the world greener again, you’ll only find fresh plants (trees, fruits, and flowers) to bring a fresher atmosphere.

However, we still need more people to realize that planting trees and flowers is crucial these days. Among 47.3k+ social media followers, we hope to find you to help us sound this positive act for everyone around the world. The more people help, the better it is, right?

So, are you ready to shop for those trees, flowers, and fruits? We’re sure the world can’t be greener without your help. Therefore, deciding to read our reviews is the most respectful act before seeing your favorite plants grow in your beautiful garden.

Overview Of

Do you agree that more trees mean a fresher world atmosphere? Everyone does, we believe. That’s what aims to achieve with its incredible plant collection.

All tropical products in this store are under the selection and maintenance of experts or professionals. Thus, it’s actually worry-free since they are highly passionate about the industry.

In addition,’s purpose is not only to provide customers with good-qualified products. However, with them, planting activities will be more accessible and easier

So, don’t let yourself grow alone. Take those plants and let them grow together with you. Simply, you grow bigger to plant trees, and trees grow bigger to nourish you and everyone out there. Review

Are you a true plant lover? Therefore, you shouldn’t miss the entire part of this review, especially this section. Here, we will witness more addictive greenish things. So, can you express your happiness as the customer below? Reviews: Review

Being aware of the environment is vital. After all, don’t you think the weather is getting hotter these days? We all feel the same. And it’s obviously the effect of the decreasing tree numbers on Earth. So, what does have? Product Catagories

Shop Trees & Plants Trees Ornamental Grasses
Shrubs Indoor & Patio
Fruits & Berries  
Shop Supplies Plant Care  

Besides green, you can also add other colors to make your garden and living environment more colorful and fresher. Will you choose a flower or shrub? Or do you need some recommendations from us? No worries, we got you. Recommendation (3 Best Selling)

  • Meyer Lemon Tree
  • Pink Muhly Grass
  • Thuja Green Giant

So, who’s ready to make their neighbor jealous? We know it’s you. However, instead of giving jealousy to people around, why don’t you shop to motivate them to do the same? We believe the more colorful your surrounding is, the better it is! Meyer Lemon Tree Reviews

Even Lemon treats you sour, but having your own Lemon at home will give a new and fresh look to your surroundings. Do you think so? Thus, there’s nothing better decision than buying Meyer Lemon Tree from this store! Review: Meyer Lemon Tree Reviews

Did we just say that lemons treat you sour? We’re sorry to say that. Otherwise, you will taste the sweetest and super juicy lemon ever from the one on However, where can you plant this lemon tree?

Further, it’s the best indoor & outdoor citrus performer, so that’s why this product is getting popular among all homeowners. And the fact that this tree can provide you with flowers and fruits up to 4 times a year is actually good.

In addition, with just a few exposures of sun, water, and food, you can easily care for your citrus tree. Also, if you’re asking whether this little lemon tree can grow well in containers, the answer is ‘yes.’ Then, what’s more to know?

Meyer Lemon Tree Details:

  • Product: Meyer Lemon Tree (1-2 feet)
  • Soil type: Acidic, well-drained
  • Sunlight: Full
  • Drought tolerance: Good
  • Growth rate: Slow
  • Bloom color: White

Don’t you think that slicing some sweet lemons and putting them into a glass with ice cubes is so refreshing your throat? Then, let’s be nice to your environment and bank account since Meyer Lemon Tree is only $59.95! Pink Muhly Grass Reviews

What’s something adorable in pink? It’s not a cotton candy, doll, or even Patrick. Do you ever imagine having a Pink Muhly Grass in your area? You may not think about it now, but let us see how this review changes you! Review: Pink Muhly Grass Reviews

Further, this Pink Muhly Grass perfectly forms a beautiful pink mist in late summer and throughout fall, which has become its iconic identity. Also, adding these pink plumes to your landscape will give it a magical fairytale-like feel.

Then, what’s more? Additionally, Pink Muhly Grass is also a softener plant with low and uncomplicated maintenance, but it grows fast. Then, since it’s a clump of grass, the plant will stay in place and won’t spread to other plant areas.

Pink Muhly Grass Details:

  • Product: Pink Muhly Grass – 1 Gallon
  • Soil type: Adaptable
  • Sunlight: Full, partial
  • Drought tolerance: Good
  • Bloom color: Pink
  • Characteristics: Deer-resistant, drought, salt, and heat tolerant

How many Pink Muhly Grass do you want to plant around your house? Make your house full of pink like a Barbie house and spend no more than $49.95! It’s pretty and gives a more heart-warming feeling to everyone who sees it! Thuja Green Giant Reviews

Do you want to create your own home forest? No, you shouldn’t put tigers, snakes, or monkeys in your yard, but let’s plant some trees instead! Have you ever thought of buying Thuja Green Giant and seeing it grow? Review: Thuja Green Giant Reviews

What’s special about it? Basically, these Green Giant Thujas are incredibly fast-growing trees that provide good privacy. They can grow up to 6 feet in a single growing season, and we guess no neighbor can see inside your fence.

Furthermore, this tree has feathery pointed branches with soft, deep green foliage, making it ideal for households with children and pets. We know you’re now imagining yourself having fun under these shady trees, right?

Meanwhile, it’s also important to take care of these trees well, especially in the first 2 weeks of planting. Overall, it’s about the watering. Ensure to take a hose reel closer to the trees and pour the water up to the count of 20 for each.

Thuja Green Giant Details

  • Product: Thuja Green Giant (1-2 feet)
  • Soil type: Adaptable
  • Sunlight: Full
  • Drought tolerance: Good
  • Growth rate: Fast
  • Fall color: Green

Let’s keep your privacy from your neighbors with this Thuja Green Giant! From the picture above, you know it’s a perfect plant to bring a fresh and cold wind in the summer. Better not regret it later since it’s on sale at $14.95 only! Pros and Cons

Does treat you well? Save your answer until you see this pros and cons section:


  • Various plant products (trees to flowers)
  • Selling plant care goods
  • Detailed growing zone in each State
  • Detailed product description (care, soil type, characteristics, and more)
  • Directly ship in a fresh condition 
  • Plant-safe shipping protection
  • Free shipping (orders over $119)
  • Up to 1-year warranty


  • It seems hard to ship a living plant worldwide
  • No email address
  • Little information about the company’s background

Who Is For?

How many trees do you want to plant around your house? Of course, planting one is not enough, so we know you need more. However, can everyone get their favorite plants from this store?

Sure. is everyone’s go-to shop when they want to buy many kinds of plants. The choices are also various, from trees, and fruits, to flowers. So, will you help us to make Earth greener? Good, let’s start from the closest place to you, which is your house environment. Review: What Do Customers Think?

Do you agree that there are no more honest reviews than ours? Then, we’re happy to bring you to this section and witness everything. The question that we’ll answer here is: what do customers think of Review: Review: What Do Customers Think?

Let’s start with a shocking fact. On its website, we found more than 9.6k product reviews collected. And do you want to know how are the detailed ratings for each reviewed product earlier? You must be curious now:

Who’s shocked with those ratings above? You and us, obviously. But are they enough to prove the brand’s credibility? Of course, no. Hence, we bring the real customer reviews based on their shopping experiences below.

Do you want to have the same good experience as this customer?

Arrived quickly and in good condition. I am so excited about the fruit it produces.

Another plus point of this store is its quick and well-delivered shipping. So, do you want to place an order and ship it now?

Next, we don’t think you can skip this:

Planting Tree always carefully packs their plants for shipping. My plant arrived in great condition and is now thriving. I’m very happy with the quality of their service and will definitely continue to order from them!

Who says that doesn’t care about customers? As this customer admitted, the store has a good service quality, and the products create a new addiction.

Then, do you agree with this customer review?

I cherish my trees. Both are stunning and thriving. They also have a pleasant fragrance. I purchased the first one a month ago, and it has been branching out beautifully ever since. I am very happy with my purchase!

How satisfied is this customer? Of course, he’s truly satisfied, especially for the plant’s fresh fragrance and significant growth. Are you now feeling hyped about this store?

Finally, you have witnessed that is truly good. But if you still need us to convince you more, there are no other choices than scrolling down through this page. Will you?

Is Worth It?

As you know, exists to be one of the best saviors when Earth is getting drier and hotter. With those fresh, green, and functional plants, there should be a better life balance between humans and nature due to this store’s positive act. Review: Is Worth It?

Thus, we confidently say that it is worth buying plant providers in the States. Also, the fact that they provide up to 1-year warranty for all plants is really cool. Therefore, your plant’s survival will be more guaranteed, and we don’t see others do better than this.

Is Legit?

No need to answer this because since the beginning, we’ve known that is more than legit and trusted.

They have been selling thousands of plants all over the States, and two thumbs up for the good shipping, return, and warranty policy. Also, with those numerous good ratings and reviews on the website and Amazon, you can convince yourself now. Shipping Policy

Is shipping those plants possible? Sure, and it’s 100% worry-free. But do you know how the brand’s shipping policy works?

Generally, there’s only domestic shipping (US) using FedEx. However, since the items shipped are plants, each plant has several shipping restriction areas. Then, what about the shipping restrictions for the plants we’ve reviewed above?

  • Meyer Lemon Tree: AL, AZ, CA, FL, GA, LA, OR, TX
  • Pink Muhly Grass and Thuja Green Giant: AZ

In addition, we also bring happy news. Who’s ready to hear that? Yes, each customer will be eligible for free shipping for orders over $119. Meanwhile, if you shop under, there will be shipping costs starting from $11.95 with estimated days of arrival up to 5 days. Return Policy

Can you return those plants? You should’ve known that all sales are final since the store ships a fresh living plant.

However, garden supplies and hard goods, such as fertilizers, planting mixes, and watering bags, are eligible for return within 10 working days.

Furthermore, if your plants arrive in a damaged condition, immediately contact on this page for further information. So, what’s more understandable than this?

How To Contact

Planning to plant a tree on the upcoming weekend? You may need further assistance from this store, so let’s get connected:

  • Phone: 980-444-2353
  • Social media: PlantingTree
  • Live chat: click this and find the logo at the right bottom!
  • Contact form: leave your words here!
  • Availability: 7 days a week

Company Location

241 Mazeppa Rd, Mooresville, NC 28115-7928

Where to buy

Are you about to place an order now? Wait until we tell you this. We know online shopping is always tricky, but with direct shopping on the brand’s website, you’ll have further assistance with your plants. Also, you may shop them on Amazon and find the store there. Enjoy transactions! Coupon Codes & Promos

Shopping for a plant with no promo code? You should regret it, then. So, do you have a discount code while shopping here? Let’s check the following facts:

  • Save up to $15 on your first order by joining the brand’s newsletter
  • Enjoy up to 50% OFF your order on the Plant Sale page
  • Earn 30% OFF sitewide with a coupon code: STEPHRYAN
  • Redeem a discount code: FELICIA10 for 10% OFF sitewide
  • Activate a promo code FALL25 to save up to $150

So, who’s interested in getting those offers on the checkout page? Also, if you still need more, we guess what’s inside the following button can be helpful.

Reveal all coupons Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is the warranty on

Each customer will have 2 warranty choices: 30 days and a year. If you want longer plant protection, kindly choose a 1-year warranty on the checkout page (the final fee is determined afterward). 

Where is located?

The company is at 241 Mazeppa Rd, Mooresville, NC 28115-7928.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Reviews & Ratings

When the world pushes you down, you know it’s time to raise it up again. Planting trees might be the best idea to create a fresher and healthier environment for you and the people around you.

Fortunately, today, we have to provide us with numerous fresh and colorful plants. You can shop for trees, fruits, or flowers to make the best view around your house. So, tell your neighbors about this, and let’s get growing together!


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