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Planting Hope Brands Review 2023 → Better Food for The Body and Planet!

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About Planting Hope Brands

Nutrition plays an important part in the human body to promote healthy life balance and support normal growth. With that in mind, Planting Hope Brands provides various products with the right amount of nutrients.

Planting Hope Brands Review: About Planting Hope Brands

Planting Hope Brands is a company that offers the most nutritious and planet-friendly plant-based food & beverage products. All the products provide meaningful nutrition from plants.

This company has 4 main brands: Hope and Sesame, Mozaics, Veggicopia, and RightRice. As seen on social media, each brand is well-known by most people. 

Starting from Hope and Sesame, which has 2k followers on Instagram and Facebook. Mozaics has 1k+ followers on Facebook and 2.3k+ followers on Instagram, while Veggicopia has more than 1k followers. The most popular is RightRice, with a verified badge on Instagram with 61k+ followers.

Regarding its popularity, you might ask: What about the brand’s quality? Is this brand worth buying? Alright, hold your questions, and let’s find the answer in the Planting Hope Brands Review.

Overview Of Planting Hope Brands

It’s better to know who Planting Hope Brands really is before jumping into the extensive review. In 2016, The Planting Hope Company Inc. was founded by experienced food industry entrepreneurs who want to provide uniquely innovative plant-based food & beverage. 

Based on the commitment to providing real nutrition for customers, this company focuses on three impact aspects: sustainabilitynutrition, and representation. 

From 2016-2020, the company’s team developed the core of the brands. It includes Hope and Sesame sesamemilk as the breakthrough of better plant-based milk and two snack brands: Mozaics as veggie chips and Veggicopia as veggie snacks. 

Later on, the RightRice brand was launched as plant-based food to embrace the plant-based space and fulfill the nutrition to everyday customer needs.

Planting Hope Brands Reviews

As we mentioned above, Planting Hope Brands successfully created 4 unique major brands using the nutrient-dense sourced directly from plants.

Of course, reviewing all the brand’s products on one page is impossible. That’s why we’ve picked each best-selling product to be thoroughly reviewed, from the ingredients to nutrition facts. 

Planting Hope Brands Best Selling Products

  • Hope and Sesame Milk Barista Blend Sesamemilk
  • RightRice Risotto
  • Mozaics Chips
  • Veggicopia Black Bean Dip

Planting Hope Brands Highlights

  • Free Shipping 
  • Return Product
  • Efficient Key Ingredients

Hope and Sesame Milk Reviews

Let’s start the first review with the best-selling Hope and Sesame Barista Blend Sesamemilk. This milk is specially created to deliver a great taste and froths beautifully in both ice and hot beverages. It’s no surprise that this milk has won several awards.

Planting Hope Brands Review: Hope and Sesame Milk Reviews

Yup, Barista Blend Sesamemilk won as the Best Plant-Based Beverage in FoodBev’s 2022 World Plant Based Awards, Best Product in Coffee Fest Chicago 2022, and a finalist for the Best Product of the Year at the Specialty Coffee Awards 2022.

That’s why this milk is ideal for coffee, with 4g of whole plant-based protein per serving, providing all 9 essential amino acids. You’ll also find an excellent source of calcium and a great source of Phosphorus and Vitamin D for your health.

What we like from this milk is no need for refrigeration to store it. It only needs to refrigerate for a few hours only when you’re ready to enjoy it. And can keep within 7-10 days in the refrigerator after you open the milk. That’s great!

Purchase this 32oz carton size of sesame milk for only $8.98 and enjoy its taste. 

Ingredients: Sesamemilk, cane sugar, calcium phosphate, natural flavors, potassium phosphate, sunflower lecithin, high oleic sunflower oil, potassium citrate, sea salt, toasted sesame oil, vitamin D2, etc.

RightRice Risotto Reviews

Do you love eating or making risotto? Change your white rice with the deliciously Rightrice to make a creamy risotto. This Creamy Cracked Pepper Risotto is specially made with freshly cracked black pepper flavor.

Planting Hope Brands Review: RightRice Risotto Reviews

Rightrice nutrition is much better than regular rice because it replaces the empty carbs and calories of traditional risotto with plant-based fiber and protein and up to 36% fewer net carbs, which is good for your health.

What’s more, it is super easy and ridiculously quick to make since Rightrice Risotto is already seasoned with some herbs and spices. Enjoy creating a classic risotto with Rightrice in 3-pack or 6-pack size options.

Ingredients: Lentil flour, rice flour, chickpea flour, pea fiber, dehydrated garlic and onions, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, spices, acacia gum, lactic acid, etc.

Mozaics Chips Reviews

Next, let’s enjoy a veggie chip with Mozaics Sea Salt Veggie Chips. Yup, these real veggie chips contain 3g of dietary fiber and 4g of plant protein in each 20-chip serving. 

Planting Hope Brands Review: Mozaics Chips Reviews

The Mozaics Chips nutrition facts include <200 calories, <35% of total calories from fat, <200mg sodium, 9g trans fat, <10% total calories from fat, and <35% sugar by weight. That’s why these veggie chips qualify as a smart snack

What makes us more interested in these chips is that they are free from the allergens like sesame, casein, sulfites, wheat/gluten, shellfish & crustaceans, and so on. 

What’s more, using NEO Plastics as packaging is great because you don’t need to separate the required recycling. Alright, no need to wait, let’s bring your folk together and enjoy these chips only for $19.15

Ingredients: Potato flour, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, Peas (green peas, yellow peas), rice flour, and black beans,

Veggicopia Black Bean Dip Reviews

This veggie snack of Veggicopia Black Bean Dip is packed with nutrition and plant-based ingredients. It contains 5g dietary fiber and 5g protein per serving.

Planting Hope Brands Review: Veggicopia Black Bean Dip Reviews

Even better, the single-serving cup has rich protein from black beans blended with vegetables and other natural ingredients. The texture is super creamy and smooth, and we love it to pair as a dipping companion with raw veggies, pita chips, or tortilla chips. 

In addition, all the ingredients are naturally gluten-free, OU Kosher, dairy-free, and vegan. Choose pack size: 12,24 or 96 cups, and get the special price starting from $18.25.

If you want other variants, try Veggicopia Olives or Hummus Dip.

Ingredients: Black beans, roasted garlic puree, tomato paste, onion powder, canola oil, citric acid, oregano, paprika, cumin, lime oil, water.

Planting Hope Brands Pros & Cons

This section will answer your question about this brand’s positive or negative effects so far. Thus, we’re already summarized the Planting Hope Brands’ pros & cons to make a helpful consideration. 


  • All products are allergen friendly
  • There are plenty of options to choose from
  • You’ll impress with the sustainable packaging
  • Excellent customer service will respond no matter what your questions are
  • All products are Kosher Certified
  • Some discounts and sales are available


  • Unfortunately, this brand does not ship Internationally 

Who Is Planting Hope Brands For?

Planting Hope Brands is helping secure a sustainable future while making healthy, delicious food for everyone with simple ingredients and a focus on minimal processing.

Planting Hope Brands Review: Who Is Planting Hope Brands For?

Each recipe is created and suggested by a food expert and professional chef to ensure the balance of maximum taste and nutrition. This brand is made for you, whether you’re young or older.

Planting Hope Brands Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In Planting Hope Brands review, we also provide honest reviews from trusted customers on to know what they actually think about this brand. 

Begin with Hope and Sesame Milk Barista Blend Sesamemilk, which has 4.7 out of 5 stars, and 97% would recommend this product. One happy customer left the comment:

It froths better than milk, and other plant based milks. I am loving this the barista version. I tried many different plant base and so far I like this one the best. I love that it is unsweetened.

With 4.6 out of 5 stars, RightRice Risotto is full of high nutrition with no more empty calories. And one of the customers is satisfied with this product. 

I love this risotto! It’s high in protein and fiber, and low in net carbs. Healthy grain! I’m an avid backpacker, and this risotto is great for the trail. Easy to make. Delicious!

Next, a delightful customer shares her happiness after purchasing Mozaics Chips Sea Salt Veggie Chips which has almost perfect ratings with 4.9 out of 5 stars. She said:

.These are actually the tastiest chips ive ever eaten. You would never guess how healthy. they are! And since they ARE so healthy (no oil, no preservatives, just vegetables!) you dont have to feel bad about eating a whole bag in one sitting 😀

Veggicopia Black Bean Dip is a delightful addition to some snacks or sandwiches with a creamy texture and delicious flavor. Just like a satisfied customer comments below:

I was so satisfied with this product after my first dip! The flavor palette for this dip was exciting kept me wanting more. Great, healthy mid day snack with no refrigeration requirement.

As seen from the positive reviews on each product, most people are happy with the purchase and seem satisfied to consume daily.

Is Planting Hope Brands Worth It?

As this company claims the products with better for the body, better for the planet, and better-tasting food, there’s no way to deny that this planet-friendly product is absolutely worth buying.

Planting Hope Brands Review: Is Planting Hope Brands Worth It?

In other words, we highly recommend this brand as a good nutritional intake for body health. Even better, every product comes with sustainable packaging innovations that streamline the product distribution process for consumers well.

How To Contact Planting Hope Brands

Have you considered getting your hands on one of Planting Hope Brands’ products? But there might be some questions you need to ask before purchasing. Well, you can stay in touch with the customer service team via:

Mailing Address of Planting Hope Brands

4710 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago IL
60640 USA

Planting Hope Brands Shipping Policy

Unfortunately, this company does not ship Internationally. They offer expedited and standard shipping only in the United States. 

Regarding shipping fees, you will obtain free shipping on orders over $50 with standard shipping while $8.99 on under $50 purchase for all products.

Before placing the order, ensures your address and the order are correct. If so, your order will be dispatched and processed to you within 3-5 business days, except during the holiday season or weekends might be delayed.  

Planting Hope Brands Return Policy

Is the product you ordered coming in damaged? Planting Hope Brands ensure that no one will be disappointed with every purchase. 

In case your product arrives damaged, you can freely ask to return it by emailing with the attached damaged item pictures. 

Once your request is approved, they need 3-7 business days to process your return. And the refund will be posted to the same credit card that was charged. So kindly allow for a refund in your account.

NOTE: The return policy will only be eligible if you purchase directly from

Where to buy Planting Hope Brands?

Interest in buying one of the delicious nutrition-packed products on Planting Hope Brands? To get more discounts and available products, you can purchase them online through the official online store.

In addition, you can also claim a return when your package arrives damaged only by purchasing on the website. 

Planting Hope Brands Coupon Codes & Promos

The holiday sale is back now! Due to all Planting Hope Brands products being on sale, you can enjoy the exclusive discount by redeeming the coupon codes during checkout. Hit the button below to view all coupons and stock up before they’re gone!

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Planting Hope Brands Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Planting Hope Brands reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What kind of nutrition that human need?

Normally, our body needs sufficient nutrients such as protein, fiber, minerals, carbohydrates, water, and vitamins. All Planting Hope Brands products strive to provide enough nutrients to keep your body healthy. 

How many calories are in Veggicopia Hummus Dip?

Veggicopia hummus calories can be seen in the ingredients, which contain 210 calories for the Orginal Hummus and 180 total calories for Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Planting Hope Brands Reviews & Ratings

Don’t you want to have a nutritional imbalance? Of course not. Without enough nutrition, we might get weak or even sick.

You can try various variants of products from Planting Hope Brands, whether it’s dairy products or veggie chips, which can supplement your body’s nutrition to be healthy and stay active. Be a happy person with healthy food!


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