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Pinto Ranch Review 2023 → Stand Out by Wearing American-Style Clothing!

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About Pinto Ranch

Today, we live in an era where fashion growth is endless and unstoppable. Just look at how many brands have emerged while offering distinctive and up-to-date clothing designs. But that doesn’t go for Pinto Ranch, a brand that offers just the opposite.

Pinto Ranch Review: About Pinto Ranch

Indeed. This brand doesn’t offer unique and latest clothing models. Instead, they offer a wide variety of clothing with cowboy-like western designs, allowing you to show off the authentic American lifestyle.

Due to the brand’s capability to offer an American lifestyle in all its product lines, they have managed to gain a lot of followers. There are 17.6k Instagram followers, 17.9k Facebook followers, and 3k Twitter followers, which can reach more than 35k followers in total.

Curious about the western clothing that this brand has on sale? If so, you should keep reading this Pinto Ranch review. We will reveal important information about the brand, including its history, best-selling products, customer reviews, and much more. So stay tuned!

Overview of Pinto Ranch

Pinto Ranch is the brand name of a store that provides a wide range of handmade western wear from various luxury brands. All the products are handmade to ensure unsurpassed quality.

With a vision to introduce American style to the world, the brand offers western wear with beautifully designed, antique, and finely crafted goods.

There is no information on who the brand’s founder is, but one thing for sure is that the brand has been providing western wear since the 1930s.

Currently, the brand has three retail stores in Dallas and Houston. With this, you can easily get western wear provided by Pinto Ranch offline.

Here are the Pinto Ranch pros and cons to give you more insight into the brand. Check it out!

Pinto Ranch Pros

  • Provides various types of western wear for men and women
  • All products are handmade for the best quality and second to none
  • International shipping
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • 30 days return policy
  • Excellent customer service

Pinto Ranch Cons

  • This brand has no flaws, as many customers are satisfied with this brand

Pinto Ranch Review

With Pinto Ranch, you can find a wide variety of western clothing for both men and women handmade by luxury brands. Many clothing options are available, including shirts, jeans, jackets, boots, belts, skirts, dresses, hats, accessories, and many more.

Pinto Ranch Reviews: Pinto Ranch Review

Because of the many types of clothing available, this Pinto Ranch review only takes four best-selling products from the hats, shirts, belts, and boots categories to break down.

Pinto Ranch Review: The Four Finest Products

  • Charlie 1 Horse Highway Hat
  • Scully Skull & Roses Pearl Snap Shirt
  • Chacon 1.25″ American Bison Leather Belt
  • Old Gringo Women’s Goat Mayra Cowgirl Boots

For a more detailed explanation, please move to the next section.

Pinto Ranch Charlie 1 Horse Highway Hat Reviews

Coming in a charming silver belly color, this Charlie 1 Horse Highway Hat is the perfect complement to casual wear. Whatever color of clothing you’re wearing, this cowboy hat can easily match all colors.

Pinto Ranch Review: Pinto Ranch Charlie 1 Horse Highway Hat Reviews

Besides, this cowboy hat is carefully handmade from wool, offering outstanding quality and comfort when worn on the head.

There are four sizes available, ranging from S, M, L, and also XL. You can choose the best fit for your head size. As for the price, this Highway Hat is priced at $95, a fair price for a hat with a charming design.

Pinto Ranch Scully Skull & Roses Pearl Snap Shirt Reviews

Next up is a men’s shirt with a sleek vintage western design, the Scully Skull & Roses Pearl Snap Shirt. By wearing this shirt, people’s eyes will be drawn to the embroidered skull and roses on the chest of this shirt.

Pinto Ranch Review: Pinto Ranch Scully Skull & Roses Pearl Snap Shirt Reviews

This shirt from Scully is a long sleeve shirt made from 65% polyester and 35% rayon. The combination of these two materials ensures that this shirt is comfortable to wear and long-lasting for years to come.

For the size of this shirt, this brand provides a choice of sizes from S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL that you can choose according to the size that best fits your body.

If you want to have this Scully Skull & Roses Pearl Snap Shirt, you only need a budget of $105.

Scully Skull & Roses Pearl Snap Shirt Details

  • Material: 65% Polyester and 35% Rayon
  • Skull and Roses Embroidery
  • Long Sleeves
  • Two Front Pockets
  • Spread Collar

Pinto Ranch Chacon 1.25" American Bison Leather Belt Reviews

Wear this Pinto Ranch Chacon 1.25″ American Bison Leather Belt that goes well with all kinds of pants. Featuring a western belt design with a grainy matte finish, this belt is bound to boost your confidence.

Pinto Ranch Review: Pinto Ranch Chacon 1.25" American Bison Leather Belt Reviews

There is a reason why this belt is priced at $135. And that’s because this Chacon belt is made from Genuine American bison leather that is handmade in New Mexico. What’s more, the material used to envelop this belt is silver nickel, which gives it an elegant feel to pair with any model of pants.

Before you purchase this Chacon American Bison Leather Belt, it would be good to determine the size that suits you. There are eleven sizes to choose from, ranging from 32 to 48. Choose the suitable one!

Chacon 1.25″ American Bison Leather Belt Specifications

  • Material: Genuine American Bison leather and Silver Nickel
  • Color: Grainy Matte Finish
  • Removable 4-Piece Buckle Set

Pinto Ranch Old Gringo Women's Goat Mayra Cowgirl Boots Reviews

The last product is the women’s boots from Old Gringo, the Women’s Goat Mayra Cowgirl Boots. Manufactured in Mexico and handmade with natural materials, these boots offer a stunning quality to be worn by all women.

Pinto Ranch Review: Pinto Ranch Old Gringo Women's Goat Mayra Cowgirl Boots Reviews

The main material for manufacturing these women’s boots is goatskin, characterized by 18-inch antique red leather. Plus, there is also ivory stitching with a traditional western pattern that makes it even more suitable and authentic to be worn every day.

In addition, the brand uses leather material to make the insole and outsole of these Women’s Goat Mayra Cowgirl Boots, making them durable and comfortable to wear on various types of ground surfaces.

For your convenience in putting on and taking off these boots, the brand provides a 1/2 zipper inside the ankle and leather pull straps.

To bring home these women’s boots, you can start preparing money at $515.

Who is Pinto Ranch For?

For anyone of you, both men and women. For people who are interested in wearing fashion with a western style like a cowboy, then Pinto Ranch is the right brand for you. This brand is also the best choice for those who wish to show the world that you are country at heart.

Pinto Ranch Review: Who is Pinto Ranch For?

With this fashion brand, you can choose and sort various western clothing models, including hats, shirts, skirts, jeans, belts, boots, and many more.

Pinto Ranch Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Are you wondering what the reviews are from American-style people who have bought western wear from this brand? Well, this Pinto Ranch review has summarized some genuine testimonials along with the ratings of its four best-selling products.

Pinto Ranch Review: Pinto Ranch Reviews: What Do Customers Think?
  • Charlie 1 Horse Highway Hat is rated 5/5 out of 11 reviews
  • Scully Skull & Roses Pearl Snap Shirt is rated 5/5 out of 9 reviews
  • Chacon 1.25″ American Bison Leather Belt is rated 4.9/5 out of 66 reviews
  • Old Gringo Women’s Goat Mayra Cowgirl Boots is rated 4.8/5 out of 15 reviews

Now, let’s start with the first testimonial from a customer who bought the Charlie 1 Horse Highway Hat.

It fits well and looks nice. It can complement a wide range of matching colors. Great for both dress or casual wear.

In his testimonial, this customer expressed how this cowboy hat fits well on his head and makes him look great. He also explained that this hat could complement a wide array of matching colors, making it perfect for dress and casual wear.

An eye-catcher everywhere I go, with many compliments.

The above is a testimonial from a customer who expressed how the Scully Skull & Roses Pearl Snap Shirt has become everyone’s eye-catcher. He also revealed that this shirt matches the many compliments he has had.

On the other hand, a customer also expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the Chacon American Bison Leather Belt.

I truly love my belt. The buckle and loops have a fantastic visual look, and the bison leather just finishes off an exceptional product.

In his review, this customer said that he really likes this belt, especially the buckle and loops that give it a great visual look. He also loved the bison leather used to make this belt, which provides a luxurious and beautiful feel.

Below is a testimonial from a woman who has purchased and used the Old Gringo Women’s Goat Mayra Cowgirl Boots.

These boots are extremely beautiful!!! I love the height and the fit. They are also extremely comfortable.

According to her, these boots have a stunning design. The height and fit of these shoes are also perfect for her use. This customer also said that these shoes are very comfortable to use.

Hence, with four genuine testimonials, we can conclude that most customers find Pinto Ranch products satisfactory. Without exception, from hats to shoes, this brand manages to provide the best quality in every product they sell.

Is Pinto Ranch Worth It?

Based on the quality of the four products, which all received excellent ratings, coupled with the many satisfied customers, we agree to state that this brand is worth it.

Pinto Ranch Review: Is Pinto Ranch Worth It?

Through this brand, you not only get a wide selection of western wear, but you can also get the best quality in every product you purchase.

Pinto Ranch Shipping Policy

Good news for those who live in the United States, as the brand offers free US ground shipping for purchases over $100. Not only does the brand ship within the United States, but they also offer international shipping to allow you all to stand out with your American lifestyle.

According to the shipping policy of Pinto Ranch, your order will be shipped using UPS via three shipping methods, which are ground, 2-day air, and next-day air.

For the ground shipping method, your order will arrive in about 1-5 business days. As for the 2-day air and next-day air methods, your order will arrive at your doorstep within 2 business days and 1 business day.

Pinto Ranch Return Policy

Amazingly, the brand offers a 30-day return policy with super easy terms. First, you need to make sure that the item you want to return has never been worn.

After that, you can request a return by simply filling out the return form. Once your return request is accepted, you can immediately send your item to the address provided.

How To Contact Pinto Ranch

The brand is happy to hear your feedback and questions. Therefore, feel free to ask their customer service team whatever is on your mind.

Alternatively, you can also ask your questions by submitting the form provided. On this form, simply fill in your full name, phone number, email address, and the question you wish to ask.

Where to buy Pinto Ranch?

There are two outlet places where you can go to purchase western wear from Pinto Ranch, the official website and offline stores. If you’re interested in coming and trying on the clothes you want, then you can come to their three offline stores in Houston Post Oak, Houston IAH, and Dallas.

Here we provide the address of Pinto Ranch locations:

  • Houston Post Oak: 1717 Post Oak Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77056
  • Houston IAH: Bush Intercontinental Airport (Terminal C inside Security) 3500 North Terminal Road, Terminal C North, Space TCCR2, Houston, Texas 77032
  • Dallas: NorthPark Center (Level Two near Neiman Marcus) 8687 North Central Expressway Suite 2184, Dallas, Texas 75225

Pinto Ranch Coupon Codes & Promos

Hop, stay tuned. Before you make your western clothing purchase at this brand, bring along some of the discount codes we’ve summarized below.

  • Sign up and win a $500 online credit
  • Make a purchase of over $100 and enjoy FREE shipping

It doesn’t end there, you can also get Pinto Ranch coupons and promo codes by clicking the button below.

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Pinto Ranch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Pinto Ranch reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Pinto Ranch?

This brand is owned by Walter Pye.

Does Pinto Ranch ship internationally?

Fortunately, yes. This brand offers international shipping.

Where are the retail stores of Pinto Ranch located?

The brand has 3 retail stores located in Dallas and Houston, with 1 outlet in Dallas and 2 outlets in Houston. Previously, there was a store located in Las Vegas, but it is now closed.

Does Pinto Ranch have size charts?

Yes, they do. This brand provides size charts in every description of its products. The brand also features a dedicated page for you to find out about size charts.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Pinto Ranch Reviews & Ratings

Everyone has their own style, from modern streetwear to classic. But if you’re someone who loves cowboy-style clothing, then Pinto Ranch is the place to go.

Through this brand, you can get a wide range of handmade western wear from various luxury brands. Whatever American-style clothing you are looking for, Pinto Ranch has everything you need. Thus, head over to the official website and make your own purchases.


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