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Perfectly Snug Review 2023 → Smart Topper for Restful Sleep

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About Perfectly Snug

Are you tired of counting sheep to fall asleep? Then, you need a cozier and sophisticated mattress. Look no further than Perfectly Snug. They are experts in conquering the bedtime blues!

Perfectly Snug Review: About Perfectly Snug

A good night’s rest is essential for mental, physical, and productivity. Perfectly Snug agrees with the statement by providing smart mattress toppers. It changes the way we sleep for the better.

In addition, the company won the prestigious Best Cooling Mattress Toppers of 2022 by the Sleep Foundation. Moreover, they have been featured on various media platforms such as Men’s Journal, Sugar Plum, and The Sleep Sherpa.

Besides, their genius in making smart toppers has made the brand’s social media buzz. It is now riding the wave with 1.3k+ followers on Instagram and nearly 1k on Facebook and YouTube.

Therefore, join this Perfectly Snug review if you want to sleep well and feel fresh in the morning. We’ll expose the advanced features to the latest promos. Let’s enter the world of smart sleep, shall we?

Overview of Perfectly Snug

Sometimes, a problem can become an idea. This is what happened to the founders of this company, Jason Elliott and Marty Furse. At first, Jason was facing a terrible sleep that disturbed him physically and mentally.

Then, he told Marty about his problem. A fresh idea to create a sophisticated topper emerged. Thus, the two created various prototypes to find the best one.

After some trial and error, the masterpiece was finished. In 2018, Jason and Marty officially founded Perfectly Snug. The brand’s goal is to help people sleep as well as they can.

Perfectly Snug Highlights

  • Advanced smart topper
  • Active airflow
  • Dual-zone controls
  • User-friendly app
  • Improves sleep quality
  • 30-day risk-free in-home trial
  • Free shipping

Perfectly Snug Review

People often experience disturbances while sleeping. Whether it’s hot temp, finding the perfect position, or fighting over the side with your partner. Perfectly Snug will relieve all of those suffering. 

Perfectly Snug Reviews: Perfectly Snug Review

What sets Perfectly Snug apart is its excellent technology integration. The mattress topper is connected to the app on the smartphone. Thus, people do not need to adjust the mattress manually.

Furthermore, the company knows that everyone’s preference is different. That’s why they provide the adjustability feature. Through the app, users can adjust the temperature level.

Moreover, people can install this smart topper easily. Besides, they provide a manual on their official site to help customers install the topper by themselves.

In addition, we also spot the educational blog. It contains everything related to information about quality sleep, mattresses, and many other things.

So, are you ready to see how this advanced tool improves your sleep quality? Alright! In the next section, we will discuss the product in detail. Therefore, keep on scrolling!

Perfectly Snug The Smart Topper Reviews

The Smart Topper is the best solution to improve sleep quality. You no longer need to roll around looking for a cool spot. This 2-inch layer topper has Ai-R SleepTech controls airflow. Thus, your body always gets the perfect temp during sleep.

Perfectly Snug Review: Perfectly Snug The Smart Topper Reviews

This mattress topper syncs seamlessly with the app. It allows you to set a temperature plan, schedule preheating & sleep/wake times, and select foot heating. Besides, it has smart sensors that monitor body temperature.

Do you want a cooling mattress topper? You got it! Or you’re a hot sleeper? No problem! This smart topper’s advanced temperature control has it all. You can choose your ideal temp. Also, It ensures you stay cool in summer and cozy in winter.

Sometimes, couples fight over the thermostat during winter. Well, it won’t happen anymore! Dual-zone control makes temp control even on both sides of the bed. Further, 3 levels of foot heating make your feet comfortable when stepping on the mattress.

In addition to its advanced technology, this topper provides comfort through its premium materials. Each topper is carefully crafted using the finest fabrics. So, it gives you the best sleeping experience you have ever felt.


  • Improves sleep quality
  • Couples can sleep well
  • Eliminates hot flashes
  • Resolves night sweats
  • A warm sensation when climbing into bed
  • Regulates bed temperature throughout the night


  • Active airflow
  • Dual-zone controls
  • Smart sensors
  • Flexible controls and burst mode
  • Foot warming
  • Scheduled settings
  • Easy set up

Therefore, throw away your old topper and replace it with this Smart Topper. It upgrades your existing mattresses into a deep sleep paradise. Buy this product for $1,049 and experience the best sleep ever.

How Does Perfectly Snug Work?

Perfectly Snug does have advanced technology in its topper. Nevertheless, the installation is effortless. It does not rob you of your sleep time.

You only need to follow 1-2-3 easy steps to install the smart topper. Follow the instructions below:

  1. First, install The Smart Topper on your mattress
  2. Plug the Smart Topper into a power outlet
  3. Then, connect it to your phone
  4. Last, personalize your preference. Your bed is now ready!

Moreover, you can access the manual for a more advanced and complete method. The company has provided it at the footer of the official site.

Perfectly Snug Size Chart

Good news! Perfectly Snug provides a smart topper for various sizes. Here are 8 dimensions they provide:

Type Size Type Size
Twin (Single Zone) 38″ x 75″ Queen (Dual Zone) 60″ x 80″
Twin XL (Half King) (Single Zone) 38″ x 80″ King (Dual Zone) 76″ x 80″
Twin XL-Left (Half King) (Single Zone) 38″ x 80″ California King (Dual Zone) 72″ x 84″
Full / Double (Single Zone) 53″ x 75″ Split King (for articulated beds) (Dual Zone) 76″ x 80″

The company has already prepared a detailed size guide that you can check. It may be the best guide for you in determining the size.

Perfectly Snug Pros & Cons

With the topper reviews discussed, let’s learn the good and bad sides of Perfectly Snug. Therefore, it can help you in making your decision!


  • Personalized comfort
  • Premium material
  • Smart technology integration
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Active airflow
  • Equal temperature control on both sides
  • Smart sensors
  • Flexible controls
  • Foot heating
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day return


  • Limited product range
  • No worldwide shipping

Perfectly Snug Vs Eight Sleep Vs BedJet

Several other brands also try to make a topper with advanced technology. Some of them are Eight Sleep and BedJet. Here is a comparison between these two brands and Perfectly Snug:

Aspect Perfectly Snug Eight Sleep BedJet
How it cools Air Water  Air
Performance Safe from leakage and condensation Possible leaks and condensation Safe from leakage and condensation
Cooling area Cools under and surroundings you Only cools under  Only cools under 
Temp regulation Senses your body temp and adjust it automatically Senses your body temp No sense of body temperature
Set up Easy Medium Easy
Foot warmer There is a foot warmer No foot warmer No foot warmer
Price Medium Expensive Cheap

Who Is Perfectly Snug For?

Perfectly Snug specializes in making smart mattresses, aiming to provide comfortable sleep for everyone. It is particularly crucial for those who want better sleep quality. Whether homeowners, busy professionals, or people with specific sleep concerns.

Furthermore, we also recommend this brand for couples. Sometimes, the thermostat does not spread evenly across the mattress. Therefore, the smart topper provides temperature control support for both sides of the bed.

Perfectly Snug Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

For a complete review, we had to show you customer reviews. This Perfectly Snug review strolled around the site and Reddit to grab some testimonials. But let’s not start with the rating!

Perfectly Snug Review: Perfectly Snug Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The Smart Topper gets an excellent rating of 4.9/5 stars based on 114 reviews. Also, many customers showered the official site with feedback after using the product. Here are some of them:

A happy customer stated:

Worth every penny! My husband and I have never slept so well in our lives. The zoning and duel schedule settings are brilliant…

This customer gave a big applause for the smart topper she purchased. She admired the schedule set-up and dual zone. Those features made her and her husband regain the quality sleep they craved.

The next satisfied customer stated:

… having dual heat/cool controls for both sides of the bed is genius! Couples, in general, will find this topper fantastic for their bed…

We notice more praise from customers for this brand. The hot and cold controls on both sides helped this elderly buyer. It made her sleep well again.

A customer on Reddit left an excellent review:

We found that The Smart Topper helped our sleeping patterns. “Reduced waking during sleep” Easy to install due to its advanced software.

According to that customer, the topper helped his family’s sleeping routine to be better. Besides, the installation is effortless.

Ultimately, people gave many words of praise to Perfectly Snug for its helpful topper. Most customers regained restful sleep after deciding to use this brand’s products. Moreover, the installation is easy and fast.

Is Perfectly Snug Worth It?

We conclude that Perfectly Snug is a worthwhile investment after carefully evaluating the product and the testimonials. The brand has a high dedication to providing good sleep for people.

Perfectly Snug Review: Is Perfectly Snug Worth It?

Through the smart topper, the brand successfully merges technology with comfort. Further, the features are beneficial to make sleep easier and better. They range from the airflow, foot warmers, smart sensors, etc.

In addition, it is connected with a user-friendly app. Thus, people do not need to adjust their toppers manually. Besides, the installation is easy and fast. People only need to plug the toper into a power outlet.

Perfectly Snug Shipping Policy

The brand offers shipping of their smart topper to the US, Canada, and Australia. Also, to sweeten the deal, Perfectly Snug provides free shipping for North America!

Perfectly Snug Return Policy

What we truly love about Perfectly Snug is that they let you try their smart topper for 30 days. If you have any problems or are unsatisfied, there is no need to regret your purchase. You can send the item back to the company within 30 days.

As a side note, the topper must be clean without stains, dirt marks, and pet hair. Besides, ensure it does not have perfume, cigarette, and food odors. If your topper is safe from all those damages, then it is eligible for return.

In addition, pack the topper back into its packaging. The brand will pay and arrange return shipping if you are in Canada or the USA (except Hawaii).

How To Contact Perfectly Snug

If you still have unanswered questions after reading this review, feel free to contact the customer service team. They can be reached via:

In addition, customer support is available Monday – Friday from 9 am to 4 pm PST.

Where to buy Perfectly Snug?

Improve your slumber with Perfectly Snug! Explore the advanced smart topper available for sale on their official website. In addition, you can also find this brand on several third parties, such as Amazon and eBay.

Perfectly Snug Coupon Codes & Promos

Ready to snag some incredible deals on Perfectly Snug? So do we! You can save your shopping on The Smart Topper $50 OFF without entering a discount code.

Furthermore, the company invites you to subscribe to their emails. You will be the first person to know exclusive offers, promos, coupons and sleep tips.

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Perfectly Snug Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Perfectly Snug reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Perfectly Snug?

The owner of the company is Jason Elliott and Marty Furse.

Does Perfectly Snug ship internationally?

No, it does not. Currently the brand only ships to USA, Canada, and Australia.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Perfectly Snug Reviews & Ratings

After a lengthy discussion, we know that Perfectly Snug is a sleep revolution. With the fusion of cutting-edge technology and adjustable comfort, they offer a new sleeping experience. The Smart Topper has useful features to give you the restful sleep you deserve.

Thus, don’t wait to improve your sleep quality. Join the Perfectly snug family today and experience a better sleep future. So, visit their official website and pick the smart topper. Sweet dream awaits!


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