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About Pax Philomena

The beauty of patterned Indian dress is unquestionable. Simply wearing the dress without other accessories is enough to boost your stunning look. So, let’s bring this versatile clothing to your closet with the Pax Philomena collection.

Pax Philomena Review: About Pax Philomena

It is the first brand that comes to mind when looking for an Indian-style kaftan and dress. Indeed, its deep-rooted style in clothing brings the authenticity and quality of Indian clothing.

Unsurprisingly, its luxurious clothing has been featured in The Oprah Magazine, US Weekly, BAZAAR, VOGUE, and Phoenix Magazine. The brand has gained over 15.4K followers on Instagram and 5.1K on Facebook.

Now you can see how this brand has a big name in its expertise in Indian-style clothing. But what’s good about this brand? Are its products as outstanding as the fame? Our Pax Philomena review will help you find out. Keep scrolling for testimonials and deals!

Overview Of Pax Philomena

Pax Philomena was born in 2013 and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The name is taken from “Pax”, which means peace, and Philomena, which means daughter of light. It also serves as its inspiration for a multicultural clothing line.

Jean Marie Clarke established this brand to bring the Indian print and timeless Italian style to clothing. She started her passion for Indian clothing as an Indian immigrant in America.

During her time in America, she couldn’t afford to buy clothing to stay stylish. So, she made her own clothes with a unique Indian touch instead. From this simple start, she aims to bring her lifelong love for beautiful textiles via this brand.

Pax Philomena Review

Pax Philomena is the best store to find Indian clothing. The heart of this company is the combination of Indian pattern and Italian style. Furthermore, it blends the ancient rich details with exquisite textiles and vibrant novelty fabrics.

Pax Philomena Reviews: Pax Philomena Review

The company also has a wide range of product collections, from plus-size sleepwear to boxers. You can even discover many dress styles, from mermaids to dusters. Also, the various fabrics allow you to choose based on your likes, from sleek to caftan.

Pax Philomena Product Collections

Kaftans Dresses Loungewear Silk
Tops Plus Size Sleepwear Outerwear
Men Jewelry Accessories  

Scour each collection for a wide range of patterned, super comfy clothing. Not enough with this information? We’ll bring you further to some of the best-selling product details in the Pax Philomena review below!

Pax Philomena Oprah Reviews: Frida Maxi Kaftan Dress

Specifically looking for a dress as seen on Oprah Magazine? This Pax Philomena Frida Floral Maxi Kaftan Dress caused a crowd after being featured in Oprah Magazine 2022.

Pax Philomena Review: Pax Philomena Oprah Reviews: Frida Maxi Kaftan Dress

This dress is named after Frida Kahlo as the source of inspiration. Likewise, the beautiful floral pattern and colorful art are incredibly vibrant. It’ll brighten up your day and steal everyone’s eyes on you.

Even better, it’s block printed by hand, creating subtle variation in each pattern. Each masterpiece will show a unique art-worthy work. Thus, it makes it the perfect floral maxi dress for home or even an outing.

Kaftan Dresses Details

  • Size: 54″ length
  • Material: 100% cotton voile

What we love about this dress is the adjustable fit. So even though it only comes in one size, it’s big enough to make you comfortable. Adjust the drawstring waist for the best fit. Thus, show the world how stunning you are at $195.00!

Pax Philomena Plus Size Tops Reviews: Sarah Tunic

The Pax Philomena Sarah Natural Indigo Dyed Block Printed Tunic is the perfect choice for a plus-size top. The various size options are available in XS to 4XL with a run-to-small fit. Choose a bigger size option for a loose fit.

Pax Philomena Review: Pax Philomena Plus Size Tops Reviews: Sarah Tunic

This tunic features a traditional design with a bold, contemporary floral twist. It is also block-printed by hand with indigo and white colors. Begin from a fine white fabric and stamped with a patterned block dipped in mud. Then, the beautiful floral pattern was born.

Around the neck and sleeves, there’s red piping for a perfect contrast point. Pair it with shorts or pants, making it ideal for a holiday or working outfit. You can also wear it alone or pair it with a gold necklace or bracelet.

Tunic Details

  • Size: XS, SM, MED, LG, XLG, XXL, 3XL, 4XL
  • Material: 100% cotton

Priced at $185.00, you can get this tunic with premium dye and floral patterns. So, bring it to your closet and be effortlessly stunning with a beautiful tunic for any event!

Pax Philomena Pants Reviews: Isadora Lounge Pants

Lounge pants are a must-item if you like to relax at home or use the most comfortable outfit during vacation. The Pax Philomena Isadora Floral Cotton Lounge Pants are block-printed pants by hand utilizing the debut mud.

Pax Philomena Review: Pax Philomena Pants Reviews: Isadora Lounge Pants

Similar to Sarah’s tunic, it also uses the white and blue coloration. Also, the shade of medium blue enhances the depths of the design. This color and floral pattern are the perfect combination for an elegant look.

What’s more, the size varies from XS to 3XL. The waist drawstring also makes it highly adjustable for the best comfortable fit. More importantly, it comes with a beaded tassel for a whimsical touch.

Pants Details

  • Size: XS, SM, MED, LG, XLG, XXL, 3XL
  • Material: 100% cotton

The Isadora Lounge costs for $95.00. But, at the current sale, you only need to pay $80.00. So, wear these super comfy lounge pants to the beach or around the house to make a statement everywhere you go!

Pax Philomena Pajamas Reviews: Prickly Pax Pajamas Long Sleeve

If you love cute things, there’s no way you can resist these cute cactus pajamas. Therefore, this Pax Philomena Prickly Pax Pink Cactus Pajamas Long Sleeve is designed for your sleeping companion.

Pax Philomena Review: Pax Philomena Pajamas Reviews: Prickly Pax Pajamas Long Sleeve

This pajama combines the pink fabric with the green of the epic saguaro cactus. It is a perfect combination to show your love for the state of Arizona. Furthermore, these pajamas are printed using the blocks with the carving of tiny cactus with such exquisite details.

Made of cotton vile, it is highly breathable and cool. Feel comfy to upgrade your sleeping experience. What’s more, the bottom features an elasticized drawstring waist for ultimate comfort.

Pajamas Details

  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Material: 100% Cotton voile

The adorable design is coupled with thin and soft for the best comfort. What an ideal sleepwear to bring you to dreamland. Thus, put on these cactus pajamas for unbearably cute and comfy sleepwear at $165.00!

Who Is Pax Philomena For?

Specifically looking for Indian-style clothing? Well, this Pax Philomena store is the right option for you. This brand offers a selection of clothing for Indian-style clothing enthusiasts.

It blends the Indian block prints with timeless Italian style as its expertise. Besides, the brand also has a wide collection of wardrobe and jewelry, mostly for women. But it also has a collection of shirts and boxers for men.

Pax Philomena Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Pax Philomena has a few numbers of customer testimonials. However, all the reviews on the site are genuine and positive. Meanwhile, on Facebook, it obtains a 4/5 average rating with 7 testimonials total.

Pax Philomena Review: Pax Philomena Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Even though it has little feedback, this brand has proven its value from its favorable opinion and fame. But what exactly is the customers’ opinion after trying the product:

The rich look is what first seized my attention…With striking colors and daring patterns, it is joyful to wear. The cotton material is super soft, comfortable. And the print is stylish and fun. It also has a fluid grace with the border, adding spirit and charm. Buy this kaftan. You will be glad you did.

Another customer also stated:

…I feel I’m wearing a work of art. At the same time, the fabric is comfortable, soft, and delicate. These lounge pants are beautifully designed with quality workmanship. Also, these lounge pants’ cut is very admirable. But I ended up ordering a medium to enjoy a slightly loose fit across my rear…

All of the testimonials talk about the good design, colors, and comfort. We also hardly find any negative reviews. Besides, the only nitpicks are the size that runs small.

Is Pax Philomena Worth It?

As a smart buyer, you must wonder about this brand’s worthiness. All in all, our review strongly believes that this Pax Philomena is worth it. The brand has an impressive collection of clothing and jewelry.

Pax Philomena Review: Is Pax Philomena Worth It?

It is made of quality material with superb craftsmanship. Furthermore, the stunning design will make the wearer effortlessly captivating. The comfort is also worth mentioning with the premium fabrics that ensure the ultimate comfort.

Pax Philomena Pros And Cons

Do you think this brand is worth it, too? Before finalizing your decision, our Pax Philomena review will provide the strengths and flaws below:


  • Block printed by hand
  • Unique patterns and vibrant colors
  • Vast collection of clothing and accessories
  • Premium and comfortable¬†materials
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day return policy
  • Secure payment
  • Glowing testimonials from customers


  • Some products are not machine washable
  • The size runs too small.

Pax Philomena Shipping Policy

Pax Philomena provides a fast shipping process that usually takes around 48 hours. Moreover, it’s available for shipping within the United States and other countries in the EU, South America, the Middle East, Asia, and North America.

The ETA of UPS shipping varies between 3 to 10 business days. It depends on your shipping address. Further, it has free shipping for US orders over $300. For international shipping, the shipping fee ranges from $9.50 to $35.

Pax Philomena Return Policy

You must have many dilemmas in your mind regarding online shopping. That’s maybe because you can’t check the product directly. But, thanks to the Pax Philomena 30-day return policy, you can wash away your worry.

The returns allow you to file for exchange, refund, or store credits. However, the $12.50 shipping and handling fee will be charged for refund and store credit. Remember, the products should be in original condition with tags still intact.

How To Contact Pax Philomena

Need more information about the products or service? First, check the FAQ page. Yet, if you still can’t find the answer, feel free to reach its customer service. Here are the contact details!

Headquarters Address

230 E Hayward Ave
Phoenix, Arizona
85020, United States

Where to buy Pax Philomena?

Where is the best place to buy a kaftan dress? The best place is by buying from its official site at Its beautiful clothing is also available in several online retailers. Find even the latest arrivals with timeless pattern designs!

Pax Philomena Coupon Codes & Promos

Calling for all discount hunters! This section must be the most awaited section where you can find all of the sales information. So, as professional sale hunters, we gladly share it with you.

Sale and Discount Code

  • Free shipping on purchases over $300
  • Visit the Sale page for all products currently on promos
  • Get 15% OFF coupon codes and deal updates by joining the email list
  • Check the button below for an exclusive list of discount codes!

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Pax Philomena Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Pax Philomena reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Pax Philomena located?

Now, its atelier is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Who is the owner of Pax Philomena?

This fashion brand is owned by Jean Marie Clarke.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Pax Philomena Reviews & Ratings

Are you interested in certain products after reading our Pax Philomena review? There’s no reason not to. This clothing brand will absolutely help you to be the real you with timeless patterned clothes.

Its collection of midi dresses to kimono coats makes us want to bring it home. The beautiful block printed by hand also makes it stand out and make a great statement. Hence, show the unique you with the fusion of Indian and Italian fashion at Pax Philomena!


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