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About PaternityLab DNA Testing

As a mother, you might have a curiosity about who the biological father of your child is. PaternityLab will aid you with the home DNA test with a practical kit.

PaternityLab Review: About PaternityLab DNA Testing

This online service company promotes accessibility but is quick and accurate, allowing you to get the results in only one or two days. In addition, it has an identity testing service that enables you to do DNA testing father and child only.

The paternity test from this brand doesn’t need many tools. Instead, it is simple but worth trying and affordable. As a result, many clients give this company a 4 to 5 rating.  

Although it has not been featured in any publication media, the company has an excellent reputation for people to trust. If you’re interested in digging into the supervisor, product, and method, stay tuned to this PaternityLab review.

Now, let’s begin with the brand overview! 

Overview of PaternityLab DNA Testing

This online service company was established in 2017 under the supervision of Dr. Mark A. Weiss and Dr. Diane Scaduto. These two have medical and forensic DNA degrees, which are beneficial to establish a paternity test service.

The center of PaternityLab is a laboratory in Houston, Texas, and works with expert scientists, technologists, and doctors to operate PaternityLab. They want clients to have advanced DNA testing that is accurate and affordable.

Currently, it offers a paternity test with an accuracy of 99.999%. In addition, clients may use Cheek Swabs, Toothbrushes, or Nail Clippings to get DNA results. Even better, the team works excellently and gives results in only one or two days via email.

Below, I’ll write the highlights of this brand.

PaternityLab Highlights

  • Provides affordable home kit paternity test
  • Allows clients to choose three tools for DNA testing
  • Easy, quick, accurate, and straightforward
  • Provides adjustable sample for alleged parties
  • Clients will get the result in only two days via email
  • Offers four different paternity tests
  • Legal paternity is a court-approved DNA test
  • Provides discrete shipping 
  • Offers free shipping and free return fee via FedEx
  • Offers 30-day return home kit for an unused testing kit
  • Has many good feedbacks from clients

PaternityLab DNA Testing Review

Now, you’ve learned the strength that this online service offers for clients. But do you know what kind of tests it has?

PaternityLab Reviews: PaternityLab DNA Testing Review

For now, PaternityLab provides four tests, are:

  • Home Paternity Test
  • Immigration Paternity Test
  • Legal Paternity Test
  • Prenatal Paternity Test

I’ll try to explain it thoroughly in the following section. So, let’s start with the reviews on the first test! 

PaternityLab Home Paternity Test Kit Reviews

First of all, the Home Paternity Test Kit is the most straightforward tool you can utilize to get a DNA result. It promotes simplicity, doesn’t require blood, and clients can do it automatically at home. 

PaternityLab Review: PaternityLab Home Paternity Test Kit Reviews

You do not need to go to a laboratory. Instead, you can choose a specimen you prefer the most. There are three specimens: Cheek Swabs, Toothbrushes, and Nail Clipping. The swab is incredibly easy to practice and doesn’t hurt.

In addition, you may choose a toothbrush or resend four to five nail clippings for a better result. Ensure you get the specimens from both the child and the father. Clients may also add the mother’s information for a more accurate result.

However, if the mother is an exact answer, you don’t have to use the mother’s specimen. You may also have an additional sample if the alleged father is not only one person.

For example, if the man is your child’s biological father, the paternity result is 99.999%. In comparison, if he’s not the one, the result is 0%.

After that, send the specimens to the team with a complimentary shipping fee. Once the team gets the DNA testing result, you’ll get the PDF compatibility through email after one or two business days. 


  • Accurate and easy application
  • Available for three specimens
  • Adjustable samples for alleged fathers
  • Get the results within two business days

Therefore, fulfill your curiosity regarding the child’s biological father for only $108! Psst, the price includes shipping and return package fee! 

PaternityLab Immigration DNA Testing Reviews

The second test is the perfect solution for bringing a relative to America. Immigration DNA Testing is a must because it proves your relativeness with your beloved person.

PaternityLab Review: PaternityLab Immigration DNA Testing Reviews

Plus, this company gives you a simple process without a mother sample. Clients only require the relative specimens and theirs. But you must come to the accredited laboratory to fulfill this paternity test.

Once the test finishes, you’ll receive a result via email within three to five business days. This service is genuinely helpful because you can use the results in court and get access to bring your relative. 


  • Requires a lab visit
  • Adjustable samples from alleged fathers
  • Results will be emailed within 3-5 business days
  • Court-approved DNA test
  • Ideal for the US immigrants

Remember that you need two specimens, but the test is adjustable, allowing you to have additional samples from alleged fathers.

One person needs a $150 budget, and if you want to add the mother specimen, it will require $50. So, prepare for at least $350 to complete this paternity test! 

Do you need to solve everyday legal disputes? Then, you should use the Legal Paternity Testing from this company. It is a legal and court-approved DNA test which can lead to custody establishment, child payment support, visitation rights, and inheritance rights. 

PaternityLab Review: PaternityLab Legal Paternity Testing Reviews

You may also use the result for tax credits for people who have not paid for several periods. To use the service, you must visit a local accredited laboratory to take specimens. Ensure you ask the party to join you during the process.

This service doesn’t need a mother specimen. But you may get an additional sample for the alleged fathers. Rather than doing the test twice, isn’t it better to ask all parties to join? Therefore, you can get every sample process to have proof. 

Afterwards, the DNA result will be sent immediately to your email within 3 to 5 business days. Plus, don’t worry because you don’t need to give a drop of your blood to complete the test.


  • Requires a lab visit
  • Adjustable alleged father specimen 
  • Results will be emailed within 3-5 business days
  • Court-approved DNA test
  • It can solve common legal disputes

So, solve the issues by doing the legal test with $150 per specimen. You may use two samples, but a mother specimen is also allowed.

For the mother, you need an additional $50. Then, prepare a budget for at least $350 to place an order for this paternity test! 

PaternityLab Prenatal Paternity Testing Reviews

Are you pregnant and want to know your child’s biological father? This last paternity test is perfect because you can do it after seven weeks of conception. 

PaternityLab Review: PaternityLab Prenatal Paternity Testing Reviews

Truthfully, Prenatal Paternity Testing is not a common thing. But pregnant mothers may do it by only giving sample blood from their bodies. The sample can define your baby’s father without having a real specimen.

It requires a lab visit with a physical kit which is prepared by the company’s team. After getting your sample, the team will compatible it with the alleged fathers’ samples.

If they match, the results are 99.99% accurate, and vice versa. Clients will get the results for around five to seven business days via email. 

So what if the alleged father is not the only one? Do not worry because you can add more samples to this test. Note that this test is only to prove the biological father. It is ineligible for the court but is helpful for confused pregnant mothers and alleged fathers.


  • Requires a lab visit
  • Adjustable samples 
  • Requires the mother and alleged father’s blood samples
  • Results will be emailed within 5-7 business days

This paternity test needs two samples which is $750/per person. Thus, you can do your best by paying for at least $1500!

How Does PaternityLab Work?

Sometimes paternity test is complicated. But fortunately, this company promotes simplicity and straightforward method. 

PaternityLab Review: How Does PaternityLab Work?

You only need to do four steps, and everything’s set. Here are the steps and explanations for Home Paternity Test Kit:

  • First, place your order and get the kit via FedEx overnight shipping
  • Next, follow the instruction by collecting specimens from the children and alleged fathers
  • After that, resend the home kit to the nearest FedEx courier at a free cost
  • The team will immediately inspect the specimens. Once the result is out, you’ll receive a PDF regarding the DNA testing result in your email within 1-2 business days.

On the other side, Immigration Test, Legal Paternity Test, and Prenatal Paternity Test require three steps. Look at the explanations below:

  • Place an order among the three tests above. Afterwards, the team will guide you through booking a local laboratory.
  • Visit the laboratory based on the booked date and time. The team will ask for a DNA sample and process the paternity test there.
  • Once the results are out, you’ll get the PDF results in your email for around three to seven business days.

Remember that the second method is a legal action related to the government. So, clients must take the specimens to an accredited laboratory. But don’t worry because the experts will always guide you from the first to the following steps. 

Why Should Customers Use PaternityLab?

You must wonder about the reason why you should use the test from this company. Don’t worry because it has significant differences from other brands. 

PaternityLab Review: Why Should Customers Use PaternityLab?

So here I am explaining to you the four factors you’ll get from PaternityLab.

  • Accuracy

First, the team consists of scientists, technologists, and doctors who are experts in DNA testing. The results are accurately conducted, which has 99.999% of accuracy. 

  • Quick Results

Other laboratories may need extended time to proceed with the DNA test. Whereas this company only requires a day to two days to analyze. After that, you’ll receive the results directly in your email.

  • Private

This brand is committed to the client’s issues. It ensures that the team follows American Association Blood Banks guidelines and even ships your package discretely.  

  • Affordable

Lastly, PaternityLab assures you that you can do a paternity test with an affordable budget. The price range is around $150 for up to $750. 

Therefore, you can trust this company and have the most accurate result to get the biological father of your child. 

Who is PaternityLab For?

This online service brand intends to help anyone prove a child’s biological father. It doesn’t have limitations on age or gender. As long as you have the specimens, you can use the service and get a result. 

PaternityLab Review: Who is PaternityLab For?

Furthermore, the DNA result is advantageous for upcoming US immigrants. Also, the Legal Paternity Test can solve legal dispute issues such as custody and inheritance rights. 

PaternityLab Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The information on every product is well-read. Now, you must find another essential part of a company: testimonials.

PaternityLab Review: PaternityLab Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First, PaternityLab gets a 4.8/5 rating from more than 24.4K client reviews. Even better, 96% of them give 4 to 5 stars, meaning that the service is beyond satisfying. For example, one customer said:

This is my second time and it has always been pleasant, fast and affordable most of all. Great Service

This client has been using the service twice, and he is not disappointed at all. Instead, he finds the service quick and affordable, which is excellent.

Another client said:

Easy and simple to select what test I wanted. Price was very fair compared to other lab tests with other companies. Overall great experience. Will use again when I need testing.

This one is happy because the service is straightforward. Even better, the price is more affordable than other laboratories. And yes, it is marvellous, and he will use it again if he needs any tests. 

From the testimonials above, I can summarize that PaternityLab works excellently in providing service and after-service. Many people are satisfied and happy with the process. So, you can trust this company to get the most accurate paternity testing result! 

Is PaternityLab Worth It?

I will not talk much to answer the question in the subheading. You’ve read enough, and yeah, PaternityLab is worth it. Period.

PaternityLab Review: Is PaternityLab Worth It?

This company has everything that a client needs for DNA testing. Moreover, it is simple and affordable but produces accurate and quick results. 

Even better, some testing helps solve dispute issues in court. Therefore, you do not need another laboratory but only this company. Ensure you test on the right hand! 

Is PaternityLab Legit?

I know paternity tests are sensitive, and you cannot easily trust a laboratory. However, PaternityLab is a legit company that prioritizes clients’ requests and conditions.

PaternityLab Review: Is PaternityLab Legit?

In addition, the website has secure SSL and the information you need regarding the service. The explanation is complete, which is helpful to understand.

Furthermore, you can contact the team or customer service efficiently because it tells the supervisor’s name and contact person. Thus, you won’t get any scams, and your information is privately saved.

PaternityLab Shipping Policy

Lucky you because this company offers Free FedEx overnight shipping on all orders. In addition, you can do an anonymous paternity test since the team will send it discreetly.

If you place an order before 2 pm on weekdays, the team will ship your package on the same day. They also provide return packaging and labels for submitting the paternity test tool. 

You only need to drop it at the near-me FedEx location to send it back to reveal the DNA test. Suppose a problem arises, don’t hesitate to call the team at 1-866-522-1142 during business hours. 

PaternityLab Return Policy

Customers may return the unused test kit within 30 days of purchasing the item. Note that you won’t receive a 25% non-refundable restocking fee. 

Send the test kit with the return label inside the package to initiate a return. Afterwards, the refund will proceed around 7 to 10 business days. 

Remember that refund is unacceptable for used kits due to the sanitary nature of the materials. 

How to Contact PaternityLab

Further queries regarding this online service company can follow the steps below:

  • Shoot an email to [email protected]
  • Fill out a blank form on the website
  • Ask directly on the live chat at the bottom right of the official website
  • Call the team at 1-866-522-1142

Note that the team will reply during business hours, Mon to Fri, 6 am to 10 pm CST. 

Where to buy PaternityLab?

This online service company ensures you get the correct paternity test results. So, you can only order the service from the official website to avoid scams. 

PaternityLab Coupon Codes & Promos

Well, the company offers the most affordable paternity test than other brands. So, it doesn’t offer any promotions or discounts. Please kindly visit the official website to get other exclusive deals! 

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PaternityLab Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for PaternityLab reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns PaternityLab?

Unfortunately, I can’t find the information regarding this online service’s owner or founder. But it is led by Dr Mark A. Weiss and Dr Diane Scaduto.

How much does PaternityLab cost?

The price range starts from $108 to $750 for four different services. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of PaternityLab Reviews & Ratings

A trusted paternity test is a must because it relates to someone’s destiny. PaternityLab will be a great support if you need any paternity testing.

Furthermore, many clients have proven the company’s efficacy with quick, simple, and accurate results. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s visit the website and place an order! 


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