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Palm Angels Review 2024 → Hottest Fashion Brand for Americans

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About Palm Angels

Is dressing cool and trendy daily possible? Come on, you live in 2023, and that’s 100% possible even when you want to change hundreds of outfits in a day. ‘But I have no reference about fashion.‘ We got it. If that’s the case, let us bring you to see Palm Angels!

Palm Angels Review: About Palm Angels

What angels are they?‘ They are angels to save you from dressing badly. We understand your current concern, so we bring Palm Angels. The brand defines what American cultures and subcultures mean through various incredible fashion products. 

Then, tell us, what’s a more popular fashion brand than this? Palm Angels are literally ‘mother.’ Since people are playing social media today, you can see that over 1 million people have followed them on Instagram. Yes, they’re not even playing in the industry.

To be honest, it’s always good to see how well-known the brand is before shopping. Isn’t it? Also, the fact that Palm Angels has collaborated with other huge brands like Moncler, BBC Ice Cream, and Playboi Carti just sent goosebumps to everyone.

So, do you want to dress like those fashionable Hollywood celebrities 24/7? Then, staying in our Palm Angels reviews will save your fashion life. More addictive content? No more things to do, but scroll down and pick pieces of clothing you adore!

Overview Of Palm Angels

Do you agree that a good brand always comes from a good, experienced owner? Yes, and that’s what you’ll find in the Palm Angels background story.

But have you ever heard of Francesco Ragazzi? Correct, he’s the former artistic director of Moncler and now is handling the main position in Palm Angels.

The brand is Francesco’s dream. Furthermore, as the founder, we can’t deny how good Francesco is in fashion and styling. Now, what are the other fun facts?

Let us tell you that Francesco is an Italian who has great taste in the industry. He started the company in 2011, not as a fashion brand but as a photographic documentation.

Meanwhile, in the next 4 years (2015), Palm Angels changed its direction in the fashion world, making it one of the biggest fashion brands, especially for Americans.

Finally, are you excited to see fabulous collections from Fracesco’s magical hands? Listen to all want-to-be-stylish people out there; this content may be supper addictive!

Palm Angels Review

What clothes have been created by Francesco’s magical hands and brain? Everyone must be excited now. But we don’t think you can handle them once we drop it right before your face.

Palm Angels Reviews: Palm Angels Review

In addition, through this section, we’ll also recommend some of the brand’s best products. Thus, enjoy your time and ensure your fashion taste is good so you won’t shop for the wrong items.

Do you still remember what our site always says? Yes, ‘Read Review Before You Shop.’

Palm Angels Product Categories

Men It’s a fashion paradise for all women since you can check out everything from a jacket, coats, skirts, slides, shorts, pants, and more.
Women Men also need fashion references, right? Thus, exploring this will show you a good shirt, sweatpants, hoodie, tracksuit, and more choices.
Eyewear The coolest eyewear and sunglasses on the planet? Check the Palm Angels collection we’re sure you cannot only buy one.
Kids Dear parent, who says that the brand doesn’t care about kids? Dress your kids fashionably with cute a shoe, t-shirts, sneakers, and more.

Now, what do you expect to be our product recommendation? No worries, we’ll help all men and women to have matched clothes, so check them out below!

Palm Angels (5 Best Selling Items)

  • Enzo From The Tropics T-Shirt
  • Monogram Parachute Pants
  • Velvet Classic Track Shirt
  • Denim Bootcut
  • Hinkley Sunglasses

Finally, this section is about to end, and we know you’re more than excited to learn more about them, right? So, let’s have a great time and shop wisely!

Palm Angels Enzo From The Tropics T-Shirt Reviews

Men, do you need a casual T-shirt to wear for leisure time? We’re sure this Enzo From The Tropics T-Shirt will suit any type of activity, especially when lying on the sand beach.

Palm Angels Review: Palm Angels Enzo From The Tropics T-Shirt Reviews

What’s your thought about the design? It’s quite simple, but that’s actually what most people love. The white color and tropical design perfectly exude the casual style but remain cool.

Then, with a wide range of sizes (XXS to XXL), you can 100% enjoy wearing this since it’s made of pure cotton. ‘Is wearing a cotton shirt comfortable?‘ Definitely, yes! A piece of it to try, maybe?

So, who wants to start collecting casual T-shirts like Enzo From The Tropics T-Shirt? We promise the $695 you spend for this will be worth it and even give you a new addiction to shop more and more. 

Palm Angels Monogram Parachute Pants Reviews

All men should agree that combining a T-shirt with pants is a ‘chef kiss.’ So, why don’t you try to buy Monogram Parachute Pants? It’s a loose-size pant in casual style to make you look incredibly cool.

Palm Angels Review: Palm Angels Monogram Parachute Pants Reviews

It’s good to tell you that this parachute pant exists in 2 color choices, black and beige. Meanwhile, if you’re curious about the size, they are available in the 44 – 52 size range (Italy/France).

I am concerned about its quality.‘ No, you shouldn’t because it’s definitely good. Furthermore, the pant features polyamide & polyester fabric, but it’s lightweight with 4 functional pockets.

So, who agrees that this Monogram Parachute Pant will perfectly match your t shirt? That’s a fact. Instead of wearing a common pair of shorts, you better spend $925 on this!

Palm Angels Velvet Classic Track Shirt Reviews

It’s girls time! We know that girls are sometimes better than men if it’s about fashion. But have you checked the Velvet Classic Track Shirt? Your style may suit this black-and-white color combination.

Palm Angels Review: Palm Angels Velvet Classic Track Shirt Reviews

What’s good about this tracksuit shirt? Of course, it gives you a sporty & sophisticated look. Also, what makes it cooler is its collar and front button, so it matches a crop top, we guess.

Next, can you tell us what’s more comfortable than wearing this? In detail, the best comfort feel comes from its 80% cotton material. And, about your size, you may find this available in the XS to XL range.

Do you know that finding comfort in a good outfit is sometimes hard? Fortunately, the Velvet Classic Track Shirt can give you both, so spending $990 for a piece of this won’t be regretted in the future.

Palm Angels Denim Bootcut Reviews

What is the best combination for my tracksuit shirt?‘ That’s a good question. Nothing better than this Denim Bootcut. In our opinion, its light blue-brown color is always made on every type of top.

Palm Angels Review: Palm Angels Denim Bootcut Reviews

Who loves to wear a low-waisted pants? Good, that’s the hottest current style, indeed. Additionally, with its tight-fitting and double pockets, your long leg will be a new identity of yourself.

And do you know this pant’s material is 100% cotton? That’s a good way to create convenience while wearing such pants. Then, if it highlights your style & personality well, choose your size from 25-29.

Girls, purchasing this trendy Denim Bootcut won’t send you into sadness. Otherwise, after spending $790 for this ever-lasting & confident look, you’ll be a new spotlight among people.

Palm Angels Hinkley Sunglasses Reviews

A final touch to make your whole look perfect? We know what to recommend. Are you a person who loves wearing sunglasses? Then Hinkley Sunglasses should be in your shopping bag!

Palm Angels Review: Palm Angels Hinkley Sunglasses Reviews

What’s special about this eyewear? We can say that this product suits men and women to give a perfect final look. You may choose the Pink Dark Grey if your style is all about bright colors.

In addition, this eyewear is also pretty because of its butterfly frame with a slightly square shape. Don’t you think it finishes your look perfectly since its black color matches any outfit? 100% yes!

So, have you brought Hinkley Sunglasses to your cart? Protect your eyes with this finest acetate-material eyewear by spending no more than $275! We’ll wait for your photos with it. Can you promise?

Palm Angels Pros and Cons

What about making this review a bit hot? We have our own way, and this is the pros and cons section! So, is Palm Angels always good?


  • A well-known fashion brand
  • Most completed product line
  • The products suit men, women, and kids
  • Various sizes and colors
  • Contemporary and luxurious style
  • Providing products other than clothing (perfume, speaker, stationery, candle, and home accessories)
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free shipping
  • Free return service


  • No phone number
  • Few discounts and special offers
  • The rate is a bit higher than other high-end fashion brands

Who Is Palm Angels For?

Our question is, who loves wearing good and comfortable outfits? It’s everyone, isn’t it? Thus, we can confidently say that all Palm Angels products suit everyone.

Also, as mentioned at the beginning, the brand sells products for all categories (men, women, and kids). Hence, we don’t think some people don’t deserve these gorgeous wears. So, who’s ready to be a 24/7-stylish?

Palm Angels Review: What Do Customers Think?

Welcome, all shoppers! The answers for all of your wonders are here. Who’s ready to see how well-performed Palm Angels is based on the customer ratings and reviews?

Palm Angels Review: Palm Angels Review: What Do Customers Think?

We’re excited to see the brand receive 4/5 stars on the Knoji platform and an 8.5/10 score from US Reviews. Meanwhile, ScamAdvisor gives it a 96/100 trust score. So, nothing else to worry about, right?

Furthermore, to prove those numbers, let’s explore the customer reviews based on their shopping experiences below:

Let’s start with this first review:

What I liked most was the excellent quality and gentle colors. Of course, my ten-year-old son likes shark T-shirts because blue and white are his favorite colors.

Once again, the brand cares for any age level of customers. We’re happier to see this customer’s kid happy with his T-shirt.

Next, this may convince you more:

I personally visit this store for my wife because it offers quality materials that are unmatched elsewhere. I purchase items from this store six to seven times a year, and the key factor that matters to me is its good product quality. My main objective is to ensure that my wife is satisfied with the items I purchase for her.

So, who is better in product quality other than Palm Angels? In the end, Francesco always wins with his stably good product quality.

After that, see this review from Reddit to get a final conclusion:

Palm Angels has a few pieces that I like and have spent much for their collections. Style is subjective, so what I wear may not suit your taste. But overall, I always have good experiences to shop from this store.

Everyone has different tastes. But do you agree that Palm Angels suits everyone’s taste? Are those reviews enough to prove how good the brand is? Then, we will always wait for your shopping.

Is Palm Angels Worth It?

Everyone always has their own favorite when it comes to buying clothes. However, once you check what’s inside Palm Angels, we promise it will be your new favorite. 

Once again, with Francesco’s magical hands, you’ll only find cool and trendy collections with good quality. Also, we guess the detailed ratings and reviews above are enough to prove that Palm Angels is more than worth it.

Palm Angels Shipping Policy

Do you want to ship a truck of clothes to your house? Make everything possible by learning this shipping section. You must be happy to know that Palm Angels ships worldwide.

In addition, there’s also free shipping for Standard Delivery in the United States and most European countries. Lastly, all orders will be shipped within 1 – 5 working days. So, ship yours now!

Palm Angels Return Policy

Does Palm Angels handle all customer’s concerns well? Surely, yes. So, don’t panic if you receive the wrong items because the brand’s return policy is here.

Specifically, the brand offers a 14-day return policy for all customers. Also, you can use their free return service or free return pick up with several steps on this page. Lastly, once you receive the wrong items, directly contact Palm Angels at [email protected]

How To Contact Palm Angels?

Be a Palm Angels’ bestie to get more benefits! Do you want to know how to reach them?

Company Address

Milan, Italy.

Where to buy Palm Angels?

Do you know where to buy those unmatched products from Palm Angels? If you love online shopping, then the only place to buy them is through the brand’s official website. And, if you want to go to its offline stores (Italy), you may check the location here. Be a lucky customer, and we’ll wait for your good review!

Palm Angels Coupon Codes & Promos

Shoppers, if you’re expecting to have some discount codes or interesting sales, unfortunately, the brand doesn’t have one. However, you may subscribe to the Palm Angels email for further updates like offers, deals, and others. 

How to do it?

You just need to go to the brand’s official website and scroll down. At the bottom, you’ll find a column to enter your email address. Isn’t it too easy? Of course.

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Palm Angels

Palm Angels Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Palm Angels reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Palm Angels a good brand?

Yes, Palm Angels is a good brand to provide streetwear and luxury fashion styles for any level of age.

How do I know if my Palm Angels are legit?

You may check on the ScamAdviser website, and the brand scores 96/100 there. Thus, we can say that Palm Angels is legit.

Is Palm Angels a high-end brand?

We can say that Palm Angels is a luxury fashion brand.

Why is Palm Angel so famous?

The brand started to be more popular when they had a collaboration project with Moncler, Missoni, BBC Ice Cream, and others.

What is the meaning behind Palm Angels?

Francesco (founder) named his brand Palm Angels after the first picture he took for his book.

Does Palm Angels do kids?

Currently, the brand sells fashion products for kids, too. You can check it here!

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Palm Angels Reviews & Ratings

Don’t you agree that fashion is what everyone needs on this Earth? Thus, being well-dressed every day is a must to impress people around. Fortunately, Palm Angels exists to let everyone get their moment.

Moreover, another undeniable fact is that this brand brings you beyond your fashion sense. Finally, there is no more respectful decision than putting Palm Angels all over your body, period. Last words from us: be timelessly fashionable!


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