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Ownkoti Review 2023 → Eco-Friendly Home Essentials!

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About Ownkoti

If you’re eco-conscious, you should consider every product you use, including household products. Environmentally products are not only good for the earth but also how it has no harm to our bodies. So, while looking for one, you may discover about Ownkoti!

Ownkoti Review: About Ownkoti
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This brand is focused on household products that use eco-friendly materials. So, in this brand, you can find various products like bedding, sofa covers, bath products, home decor, and many more.

This brand has over 30.2K followers on Instagram and 15.6K on Facebook. These numbers of followers show how this brand is famous among eco-conscious customers.

But is this brand worth its popularity? Thus, our Ownkoti review will dig deeper into this brand, including the company profile, reviews, customer service, and current deals. So, keep scrolling!

Overview Of Ownkoti

With a company based in China, OwnKoti is a one-stop online store for organic household products. The company was founded with the mission to introduce a new, greener lifestyle.

Its quality reflects the compelling design, high value, and outstanding customer service. So all its products are reusable, sustainable, reducible, natural, non-toxic, and made from recycled material.

Additionally, this brand is available for international customers almost all around the globe. The professional customer service team will be ready to help you in the purchasing journey.

But what’s good and bad about this brand? Below is the compilation of Ownkoti’s pros and cons:


  • Mostly using eco-friendly materials
  • Unique and captivating designs
  • Vibrant colors and detailed patterns
  • Wide selection of products from bedding to bathing
  • Good for the people and earth
  • Affordable prices and various discounts are available
  • Free delivery and international shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Almost perfect rating on its products testimonials


  • The material is slightly thin

Ownkoti Review

From the previous section, you may already know that this brand focuses on eco-friendly household essentials. Thus, every product will be made of green material that is safer for humans and the earth.

Ownkoti Reviews: Ownkoti Review

At first glance, you’ll know that mainly its products have a bohemian nostalgia design. But, aside from that, it can be the best place to find unique products with Morocco style, conscious cottage-core, soul space, and many more.

Ownkoti Product Collections

  • Bedding: Quilts, coverlets, blankets, throws, bedding sets, pillows, covers, etc
  • Bath: Towels, hair drying towels, body wrap towels, bathrobes, etc
  • Curtains & Drapes: Tassel curtains, semi-blackouts, translucent drapes, etc
  • Sofa Covers & Protectors: Stretchable couch covers, sofa protectors, etc
  • Decor: Wallpaper, home decor, crochet handicrafts, rugs, etc
  • Apparel: Loungewear, slippers, bathrobes, etc
  • Kitchen: Tablewares, tablecloths, aprons, etc

This brand has a wide range of products but is well-known as one of the best sofas covers online stores. Thus, we recommend checking its high-end sofa covers and blankets that are safe for the baby’s skin.

In the following section, we’ll give you the reviews of our three favorite products. So please scroll to the next section of our Ownkoti reviews to uncover its product quality!

Ownkoti Boho Breathable Flower Bird Reversible Blanket Reviews

Talking about blankets, we’re kind of confused about choosing between Boho Flower Bird or Pattern Reversible Quilt Flower Leisure Quilt. Since both are our favorites. But our decision fell on this Boho Breathable Flower Bird Reversible Blanket.

Ownkoti Review: Ownkoti Boho Breathable Flower Bird Reversible Blanket Reviews

The blankets are designed beautifully with woven birds and floral patterns. It’s also double-sided with a tassel at the edges that can be used as a sofa blanket, quilt, tablecloth, etc. These cute couch covers will magically elevate your living room or bedroom look.

In addition, using the premium extra soft 100% cotton, it’s very renewable, durable, and sustainable. You’ll love how the sofa covers are soft and comfy to wrap your body with. Moreover, the reversible blanket is easy to clean since it’s machine washable with cold water.

Moreover, vibrant colors and beautiful patterns will be the best addition for those has boho-style interiors. It’s available in Blue, Green, and Dark Green colors with 59″x79″, 79″x90″, and 90″x98″ size options. Thus, check this sofa blanket cover availability while on sale for $75 ($107 regular price).

Ownkoti Ginkgo Leaf Pattern Cotton Reversible Quilt Reviews

Indeed Ginkgo fruit has a very malodorous smell. But we can’t deny that its picturesque shape of leaves is very appealing, mainly when it starts to turn yellow. So Ginkgo Leaf Pattern Cotton Reversible Quilt is the ideal blanket to decorate your bed.

Ownkoti Review: Ownkoti Ginkgo Leaf Pattern Cotton Reversible Quilt Reviews

In addition, the reversible design ensures that you can use any side depending on your sheets. Made of combed cotton and soy protein fiber, that’s highly durable and soft to the skin. Besides, the printing uses environmentally friendly reactive printing and jacquard technology.

So, this ginkgo quilt is free from harmful chemicals and IWS  certified. With beautiful craftsmanship and vivid colors that are fade resistant, this quilt will last long.

Both sides are very pretty, with two choices of enchanting Bluish Gray/Orange and Pink/Bluish Gray that look very soft. Cover your bed with this, and your space will look effortlessly exquisite. Aside from this quilt, our other recommendation is the persimmon quilt.

Overall it has a look with weight warmth suitable for three seasons. Thus, if you want to bring the beauty of ginkgo into your room, get this straight to your home for $89!

Ownkoti Green Pine Bird Pattern Tassel Curtain Reviews

The last product is Green Pine Bird Pattern Tassel Curtain. This product offers simplicity’s beauty with attentive pine and bird pattern. As you can see, it has a semi-blackout design with comfortable cotton blend fabrics.

Ownkoti Review: Ownkoti Green Pine Bird Pattern Tassel Curtain Reviews

So this design will be a great addition to let your room still have access to light during the day. Thus, you can feel comfortable from the sun with anti-static solid ability. Furthermore, the cotton linen material is still thick enough to keep the room cool.

Additionally, you can choose the mounting style, whether rod pocket, grommet, or hook. Meanwhile, for the size, it is available in 59″ width with a length option of 63″-110.”

Thus, purchase these Ownkoti curtains at $41-$58 to elevate your room window with delicate bohemian or farmhouse designs!

Who Is Ownkoti For?

First and foremost, we think that this brand is the best destination for people looking for household products. However, since its products are mainly eco-friendly, it’s an ideal option for eco-conscious people to look for non-toxic and environmentally responsible products.

Ownkoti Review: Who Is Ownkoti For?

Its collection is also suitable for babies since made of natural material that’s non-toxic and friendly to the skin. Besides, it’s also well-known for its bohemian and farmhouse-style home products, which are great for those has the same taste.

Ownkoti Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To ensure you are fully confident to purchase products, it’s essential to investigate the customer’s reviews. Thus, let’s consider the customer’s opinion regarding their purchasing experience. Before that, consider the rating data below:

Ownkoti Review: Ownkoti Reviews: What Do Customers Think?
  • Boho Breathable Flower Bird Reversible Blanket obtain 5/5 from 102 reviews
  • Ginkgo Leaf Pattern Cotton Reversible Quilt receive 5/5 from 46 reviews
  • Green Pine Bird Pattern Tassel Curtain acquire 5/5 from 10 reviews

From the rating data above, we impress by how the customers never leave a rating below 4/5. So now let’s see what customers said:

These reversible blankets are just lovely—soft and beautiful patterns and colors. I have two and am always eyeing my next purchase!

Even though positive reviews dominate its review section, there are also a few complaints. For example, here’s one of the flaws from one of Ownkoti couch cover reviews:

It was not the perfect fit, but the sofa is lined up and more protected. Thus, I am still ok with it.

According to reviews from its website, we figure out that most of the customers leave positive opinions about its products. Such as how it has excellent material texture and even looks captivating.

The only negative reviews about its products are only some kind of fit. But, overall, there are no dissatisfied customers when purchasing from this brand.

Is Ownkoti Worth It?

Finding a responsible brand is not easy, so we think Ownkoti is worth it regarding product value. This brand has genuine products made with responsible materials and ethical manufacturing.

Ownkoti Review: Is Ownkoti Worth It?

In addition, the material is biodegradable and ensures it’s as good as possible for the home, people, and planet. Thus, it uses fewer new raw materials to lower the environmental impact. Aside from those, it has outstanding customer service with free shipping and a return policy.

Ownkoti Shipping Policy

Ownkoti is available for shipping to almost every country in the world. In addition, get free shipping on orders over $89 or $9 shipping cost for standard shipping. However, the shipping cost will vary depending on the location and the weight.

The processing time is rather long, within 3-8 business days and approximately 10-22 business days. Once the product is shipped, you’ll receive an email notification about the tracking numbers.

Ownkoti Return Policy

All Ownkoti products will be under the 30-day return policy. This return is eligible for unused products in the same condition and original packaging. Then, contact the customer service team to see how to start the return shipping.

For a refund after the product is inspected, you can expect the refund within a week. Remember that the return shipping cost is entirely your responsibility. Meanwhile, the exchange is only available for defective or damaged items.

How To Contact Ownkoti

Have any questions or comments? Contact Ownkoti customer service, which will get back to you within 24 hours via:

  • Email Address: contact@mail.ownkoti.com
  • Phone Number: +852-59859834
  • Social Media: @ownkoti_official
  • Address: Guangzhou Little Pea Technology Co., Ltd.: Unit 8304, Building 8, No.16 Chebei Dagang Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Where to buy Ownkoti?

Ready to make a purchase? Get all the authentic products officially from its website at ownkoti.com. There, buy all products at the best deals with a return policy and money-back guarantee to ensure a risk-free purchase.

Unfortunately, we found its products on Amazon also. But, the brand doesn’t have its exclusive store on any online shopping platforms. So, we think it’s better to buy from the official website.

Ownkoti Coupon Codes & Promos

Even though its price is already low, it doesn’t mean it can’t get lower! Claim current special offers below to get the best deals:

  • Free delivery on orders $89 or more
  • Get 50% off on quilts for orders over $199 or more
  • 15% off on Cooling Fresh Summer Quilt with the MAY15 discount code
  • Get more discounts by subscribing to the email list
  • Check the button below to get special coupon codes

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Ownkoti Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Ownkoti reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Ownkoti made?

Its Ownkoti product collection is made in China.

Who owns Ownkoti?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to find this brand ownership.

Is Ownkoti legit?

After seeing the customer’s reviews and its activity in the industry, Ownkoti is legit. It also has hundreds of genuine reviews from the customer that show legitimacy. Moreover, although it’s not listed on BBB, its rating on SiteJabber & trustpilot has shown that this company is credible.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Ownkoti Reviews & Ratings

After reading our Ownkoti review, what do you think? Is it worth purchasing? Our conclusion is it’s a reliable brand to find eco-friendly products with boho styles. Moreover, it uses high-quality material that positively impacts the people and the earth.

You can access thousands of products with unique designs and responsible materials there. Moreover, enjoy the current deals and excellent customer service. Thus, scour to Ownkoti to discover the new green in your house!


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