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Overland Sheepskin Review 2024 → Let's Wear Warmer Clothes from Head to Toe with Sheepskin Clothes!

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About Overland Sheepskin Warm Clothes and Accessories

Do you live in an area where the wind blows, and snow falls? Then, I’d recommend purchasing clothes and accessories from Overland Sheepskin, a company with more than 45 years of experience

Overland Sheepskin Review: About Overland Sheepskin Warm Clothes and Accessories
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This clothing company offers many collections from 100% sheepskin and shearling. Additionally, its items are warm and have soft textures. You won’t regret buying from this place since the products are luxurious. 

The brand has retail stores across North and West America, allowing you to purchase your preferred item immediately. Due to its popularity, the company has been featured in The Strategist, Kolor Magazine, Forbes, Byrdie, etc.

Also, this New Mexican-based company boosts more than 43.3K followers on Instagram and 44.2K on Facebook. So if you need new winter clothing, keep reading this Overland Sheepskin review. Without further ado, let’s start with a history! 

Overview of Overland Sheepskin Warm Clothes and Accessories

The business began with sheepskin, a sewing machine, and a busy hand creating warm clothes in 1973. Roger Leahy is the co-founder of this family business. Overland Sheepskin gives the inspiration to make high-quality coats and jackets. 

Once a product is sold, rumors arise, and people come to the first shop in Taos, New Mexico. This company has 16 retail stores across the US and a website to serve international customers. 

The company ensures to handcraft all items and give the best quality for all customers. So you will have cloth for all the cold weather from autumn, winter to spring. 

Whatever your wishlist, the team will provide everything, from hats to belts, coats to boots, bags to wallets, and even rugs and blankets. Below, I’ll write you the brand’s pros and cons. Here they are! 

Overland Sheepskin Pros

  • Wide variety of clothing and accessories
  • Made of genuine sheepskin and shearling
  • High-quality material 
  • Promotes comfortability and warm vibes
  • Offers satisfaction guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Ships internationally
  • Free US shipping ground for all orders
  • Offers return policy for all orders
  • Free US ground return fee 
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers 

Overland Sheepskin Cons  

  • It doesn’t sell items through the marketplace
  • No free delivery and the return shipping fees for international orders
  • It doesn’t mention the return limit period 

Overland Sheepskin Warm Clothes and Accessories Review

Well, you now understand about the company reviews. Overland Sheepskin crawls significantly from a family business to a luxury brand. 

Overland Sheepskin Reviews: Overland Sheepskin Warm Clothes and Accessories Review

As discussed, the company has a variety of collections customers can buy. What are they? Find them below! 

Coats & Jackets Boots  Slippers
Hats Bags Belts
Wallets Gloves Scarves
Blankets Pillows Rugs

But this Overland Sheepskin review will only concentrate on three all-rounders, such as:

Then if you don’t mind, let’s dive in immediately! 

Overland Sheepskin Hayes Quilted Car Coat Reviews

Look at this handsome Hayes Quilted Car Coat with plush diamond stitching from genuine sheepskin. This product will be an excellent choice for men who need warmth and comfortable body coverage. 

Overland Sheepskin Review: Overland Sheepskin Hayes Quilted Car Coat Reviews

Furthermore, you can choose shades between navy and brown, black briesa, and coffee Montana. Adult men may wear well-fitted items due to the variety of sizes, from 34 to 50. 

Additionally, it is long enough to protect yourself from the windy wind, around 32.25 inches long. The coat is four pounds with thick shearling.

It features a zip and button closure placket where you can hand your stuff safely. Meanwhile, the interior design contains three zip pockets, allowing you to warm your hands. 


  • Wide variety of sizes and colors
  • Perfect length and weight
  • Made of genuine sheepskin 
  • Features pocket for stuff and warm hands
  • Promotes warmer body during the cold season

You can purchase this premium coat for $1,195 by clicking the link below. So, let’s get it immediately! 

Overland Sheepskin Classic Australian Merino Sheepskin Slippers Reviews

Classic Australian Merino Sheepskin Slippers will protect your feet from the cold snow and wind. They are available in 5-12 sizes and five shades, from Grey, Chestnut, Bluejay, Black Cherry, and Pink. 

Overland Sheepskin Review: Overland Sheepskin Classic Australian Merino Sheepskin Slippers Reviews

This product is made of double-faced sheepskin with napped and plush interiors. You can slip and walk comfortably due to the rubber sole. Furthermore, you can wear the slippers in two different styles! 

Roll down the sides to perform plush sides, or style them as high tops for chilly nights. Therefore, this product is perfect for home use, and you’ll feel warmer on your feet outside the house. 


  • Wide variety of sizes and colors
  • Plush exterior and interior designs
  • Made of double-faced sheepskin 
  • Promotes two styles for warmer feet
  • Suitable for home use or outside a building 

So if you need to protect your feet, look no further than buying this product at $119 now! 

Overland Sheepskin Maine Wool-Lined Boots Reviews

Living in a cold area with high-frequency snow will slow your steps. But say no more because Overland Sheepskin creates the best choice for you! Maine Woll-Lined Boots are available in two shades: Espresso and Black. 

Overland Sheepskin Review: Overland Sheepskin Maine Wool-Lined Boots Reviews

The boots feature 2.50 inches of heels and weigh around 1.25 pounds. Additionally, you can choose the well-fitted one from 36 to 42 sizes. This waterproof item is made of sheepskin and leather materials. 

Both features will keep your feet stiff during the line and help you stay warm inside the plush. Therefore, you can keep your appearance fashionable and protect your feet from the chilly weather. 


  • Wide variety of sizes and colors
  • Plush interior and stiff exterior designs
  • Waterproof
  • Made of leather and sheepskin 
  • Promotes warmer and steady steps 

Then, get your wallet and buy these boots for only $279 now! 

Overland Sheepskin Size Guide

Before purchasing clothing and accessories, you must know the well-fitted size for your body. In addition, it is a must to avoid mistakes in choosing the size. 

Overland Sheepskin Review: Overland Sheepskin Size Guide

The measurements for men and women are different. So then, please take a look at the table below carefully. 

Women’s Clothing Size (in Inches)

  0-2 4-6 8-10 12-14 16-18 20-22
Bust 33-34 35-36 37-38 39-40 41-42 43-44
Waist 26.5-27.5 28.5-29.5 30.5-31.5 33-34.75 36.5-38.75 41-43.25
Hip 35-36 37-38 39-40 41.5-43 45-47 49-51

Women’s Footwear Size (in Inches)

US Guide 5-5.5 6-6.5 7-7.5 8-8.5 9-9.5 10-10.5 11-11.5
EU Guide 36 37 38 39 40 41 41

Men’s Clothing Size (in Inches)

  34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52
Neck 14-14.5 15-15.5 16-16.5 17-17.5 18-18.5
Chest 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52
Waist 28-30 32-34 36-38 40-42 44-46
Sleeve 32.5-33 33.5-34 34.5-35 35.5-36 36.5-37

Men’s Footwear Size (in Inches)

US Guide 8-8.5 9-9.5 10-10.5 11-11.5 12 13
EU Guide 41 42 43 44 45 46

Therefore, ensure you choose the correct size for an on-point look now! 

Overland Sheepskin Care Guide

Since sheepskin and shearling materials are premium, products from Overland Sheepskin are also high quality. Owners must take care of the items to last long and stay in good shape. 

Overland Sheepskin Review: Overland Sheepskin Care Guide

So read the care guide below for new insights. 


  • Store the items in breathable cloth bags.
  • Clean regularly to experts in sheepskin, leather, or fur


  • Store nearly from direct sunlight 
  • Store the products in the plastics, PEVA, or vynils 
  • Keep in touch with high-heat resources (blow dryers, radiators, etc.)
  • Rub or brush sheepskin when the items are wet. 

You may also visit this Cleaning Care page to understand the guidance. 

Who is Overland Sheepskin For?

Overland Sheepskin creates clothing and accessories for anyone who lives in a cold area, especially for those who can withstand cool weather. It is a perfect choice for men, women, and home essentials. 

Overland Sheepskin Review: Who is Overland Sheepskin For?

Furthermore, the items are handmade by experts, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. Not only are they excellent, but also you have great protection for the whole year. 

Overland Sheepskin Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This Overland Sheepskin review will provide a thorough explanation. Hence, this section will discuss customer satisfaction ratings after purchasing items from the brand.

Overland Sheepskin Review: Overland Sheepskin Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Here are the ratings of the abovementioned clothing and footwear:

Below is what a delighted customer says:

The weight and the fit are perfect. My husband received so many compliments on this coat during the holidays. He’ll keep this coat forever!

This customer buys her hubby the car coat and gets compliments from other people. He is so satisfied and plans to keep the item forever. 

Another one said:

The slippers arrived just before the coldest period of year, and they become my new favorites. Its shearling is velvety, soft, and so warm.

This customer is happy because the slippers fulfill her expectation. It has become her favorite since the material is velvety, smooth, and warm for her feet. 

The last one said:

Good quality and great shoes for diabetic people. I wish everyone can get these! My feet do not hurt when I walk in them. Classy looking and fits perfect!

This customer is satisfied because the boots perfectly fit her feet with luxury looks. Furthermore, her feet do not feel hurt while wearing them. 

Well, I can say that Overland Sheepskin works significantly in creating the best and warmest items for all customers. As a result, all of them are satisfied and give high stars! 

Is Overland Sheepskin Worth It?

Well, I must say that Overland Sheepskin is a worth-it company that you must purchase its products. Why? Because this brand has everything you need from premium materials with comfortable purposes. 

Overland Sheepskin Review: Is Overland Sheepskin Worth It?

You will not regret purchasing from this company since the designs are excellent. Moreover, they are perfect for men and women and protect you from the cold seasons. Thus, look no more but stay with this brand only! 

Overland Sheepskin Guarantee

This company offers a rest-assured guarantee for unsatisfied customers. You may ask for an exchange or issue a prompt for a full refund. 

However, this policy is only eligible for purchase from the original retail stores or the official website. To claim the guarantee, don’t hesitate to contact the team at [email protected].

Suppose you need a fast response; call the center at 1-800-683–7526 immediately for complete assistance. Then, the team will assist you until your business completes. 

Overland Sheepskin Shipping Policy

This company will serve all worldwide customers by shipping domestically and internationally. If you order in-stock items before 2 PM Central Time, the team will ship them out immediately on the same day. 

Below, I’ll write you the shipping rates. 

US Shipping

  Ground Shipping 3-day  2-day Next-day
US Free $10 $25 $50
US Territories $20 $40 $60 $100

International Shipping 

Destination Standard Shipping Fee
Canada $45
Western Europe $65
Rest of the World $85

Once your item ships, the team will send you a confirmation email. But if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the team at [email protected]

Overland Sheepskin Return Policy

You may change your mind and intend to exchange or return. The return policy does not have a limited period, but the free ground return is only eligible for 50 states using FedEx or UPS services. 

Here, I’ll tell you the process for returning an item. 

  1. First, fill in the return or exchange form
  2. Then print a Free Return Shipping Label and attach it to the package visibly. 
  3. Last, send your package to the return address. 

So where should you send the box? Below I’ll tell you the address. 

Overland Sheepskin Return Address
1800 W Burlington Avenue
Fairfield, IA 52556

Once the team receives your package, they will inspect the item thoroughly. If the return is applicable, you’ll receive a refund to your original payment method or a gift card. 

How to Contact Overland Sheepskin

Customers who need assistance concerning the products can get in touch with the team at the following steps.

  • Call customer service directly at 1-800-683–7526
  • Email the group anytime at [email protected]
  • Chat with the team immediately on the official website’s Live Chat 

Customer service is available daily from 8 AM to 6 PM Central Time. Please avoid contacting the team twice or more because it can postpone the response. Suppose you want to meet the team; visit the following address. 

Overland First Store
1405 Pasao Del Pueblo Norte 
Taos, New Mexico
Tel: (888) 754-8352

Where to buy Overland Sheepskin?

Customers who want to purchase items from this place are lucky because Overland Sheepskin has many stores across North America. You may also buy the products online through the official website

Below, I’ll tell you several locations for shopping for bomber jackets and other items. 

Taos Store
1405 Pasao Del Pueblo Norte 
Taos, New Mexico
Tel: (888) 754-8352
Santa Fe Store
74 East San Fransisco Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Tel: (888) 349-4234
Denver Store
1512 Larimer Street, Suite 2R
Denver, Colorado
Tel: (888) 840-7611
Fairfield Store
2096 Nutmeg Avenue
Fairfield, Iowa
Tel: (866) 238-6462

There are more another 12 locations you can go to. So please visit this Stores page to find the near me. 

Overland Sheepskin Coupon Codes & Promos

I know that you’ve been waiting for this section a lot. Well, everyone loves sales, right? So please look at the promotions below for buying your wishlist at a lower price. 

  • Subscribe to the official website for special offers.
  • Free standard shipping to 50 states in the US for all orders
  • Visit the Special Sale for discounts and promotions

Furthermore, the team may appreciate loyal customers and provide limited deals and coupon codes during big events. Then, are you ready to check the sales to buy your preferred item? 

Reveal all coupons
Overland Sheepskin

Overland Sheepskin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Overland Sheepskin reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Overland Sheepskin company?

This fashion and accessory company owns by a family business led by a co-founder, Roger Leahy. Furthermore, Rogen’s children are active in developing the company. 

Is Overland a luxury brand?

Yes, this company uses premium materials, allowing you to have luxurious products to cover your body with stylish designs. 

Does Overland use real sheepskin?

Definitely! This company only uses genuine sheepskin for all products, which would not disappoint customers to buy its clothes and accessories. 

Which is better sheepskin or shearling?

Sheepskin is warm and has coarse textures. Meanwhile, shearling has warmer temperatures and is soft, allowing you to use the item comfortably during autumn, winter, to spring. 

Does Overland Sheepskin ship internationally?

Luckily, yes! This company ships internationally and has stockists across North America. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Overland Sheepskin Reviews & Ratings

You may feel happiness while seeing snowfalls. But you cannot forget about your healthy by wearing thick clothes and protecting your body from the cold. 

Thanks to Overland Sheepskin, you don’t need to look for other winter coats and accessories. Therefore, let’s choose your preferred design to keep your body warm now! 


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