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About Oupes

Having no power energy can cause a real catastrophe when you can’t access your gadget and electronics. Fortunately for those who like being off the grid or outdoor activity, a solar power generator and station can be a real game changer.

Oupes Review: About Oupes
Image: facebook.com/oupespower

Oupes offers portable solar panels and power stations that allow you to become a modern camper. It has a robust collection of solar generators with various power ranges, making it the best to meet customer demands, whether for outdoor use or home emergencies.

Its existence in the industry is remarkable, successfully featured in Yahoo!, CNN, DigitalTrends, The Dallas Morning News, and Bloomberg. You can also see it by how they boast over 9.6K followers on Instagram and 5.4K on Facebook.

Regardless, is this brand really can become the best option out there? So, keep reading our Oupes Review to know further about this brand. Here we’ll compile the company profile, products review, customer testimonials, customer service, current offers, and others.

Overview Of Oupes

Oupes has a long history in the solar power industry since 2015 with a company based in China. It was founded by an expert engineering team that focused on solar power manufacturing. This brand has an extensive collection of power stations since their engineer keeps working on product innovation and improving quality.

This brand strives to solve the portable power process and create a reliable user experience in the solar power industry. They keep exploring multiple ways to offer customers the best products for their best outdoor adventure.

The products are designed with indoor and outdoor needs in mind; the brand aims to provide the best service and products to keep the world green. Plus, it also commits to strict and thorough impeccable quality control and customer service so it can be a trusted and reliable brand for the customers.

So that’s short information about this solar generator brand. Now before you jump to the next section, below are the Oupes pros and cons to help you make a decision:

Oupes Pros

  • Portable design and durable construction
  • Meet the safety and environmental standards
  • LiFePO4 battery with impeccable life cycles
  • Competitive price points
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 30 days return policy
  • 2-year warranty
  • Positive reviews from the customers

Oupes Cons

  • Need more collection on the accessories

Oupes Review

This brand manufactures solar power products with various power ranges and designs suitable to meet the demands from RV camping to home emergencies. Now let’s see the product categorization that you can find it its official website:

Oupes Reviews: Oupes Review
  • Solar Generator: 600W Solar Generator Kit, 1200+240 Solar Powered Generator, etc
  • Power Station: 600W Power Station, 2400W Power Station, Mega 5 Power Station, etc
  • Accessories: Roll Cart, Carrying Bag, 200W AC Adapter, Solar Panel 100W-480W, etc

All the products of them are carrying a great power and portable design. Moreover, all the power products have certifications that meet the regulatory, safety, and environmental standards. Now let’s break down some of their best seller products to see their qualities!

Oupes 1200 Solar Powered Generator Reviews

In our Oupes 1200w review section, we’ll review one of its best-selling products, the 1200 Solar Powered Generator. This generator can provide 992Wh power with 1200W continuous and 3600W peak output.

Oupes Review: Oupes 1200 Solar Powered Generator Reviews

This solar-powered generator is in the mid-range of their collection, with 600w as the lowest option. However, this can offer enough long last power for every outdoor activity and home use.

Featuring with LiFePO4 battery for safer and more stable performance, it can retain up to 80% of the original capacity at 2500+ complete charge cycles. In addition, this battery has a 5x longer lifespan than ordinary lithium batteries.

The Advanced MPPT technology ensures that this generator has a higher PV recharging rate with 200w max input and is fully recharged by the solar panel within 8 hours. Or you can simply charge it as an alternative from an AC wall or 12v carport.

The intelligent chip BMS system provides incredible features such as intelligent air cooling, innovative management IC, Ober discharge protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection, and short circuit protection. Lastly, you can get this 1200W solar-powered generator for your outdoor activity at $1,099.99!

1200W Solar Generator Details

  • Power: 1200W
  • Capacity: 992W
  • Max Solar: 240W
  • Cycle Life: 2,500+ cycles
  • Dimensions: 13*8.7*11.4 in
  • Weight: 31 lbs
  • Output Ports: (3) AC outputs, (1) DC & Car outputs, (2) USB-C outputs, (2) USB A outputs, and (1) DC Input

Oupes 1800W Portable Power Station Reviews

If you’re looking for a power station with more than enough power for outdoor and home backup and is wrapped with a portable design, then our recommendation is 1800W Portable Power Station. It has 1800W continuous power with 1488Wh capacity, enough for home appliances and off-grid activity.

Oupes Review: Oupes 1800W Portable Power Station Reviews

The power station’s long lifespan will remain healthy even after ten years of usage, thanks to the EV-class lifepo4 batteries with 3500+ life cycles. Plus, it can be charged using solar, generator, dual AC, and car chargings.

You can combine the 1800w solar generator with two 240W solar panels to use it off the grid. That only takes 4.5 hours to be fully recharged. Rather than using a traditional generator that needs energy, it can be a great alternative to take advantage of green energy and run quietly at only under 45 dB.

Thus, to enjoy a power station for home backup and outdoor activity, you can get this 1800W Power Station for $1,099.99 after being discounted from the regular price of $1,499!

Oupes 1800W Power Station Details

  • Power: 1800W
  • Capacity: 1488Wh
  • Cycle Life: 3,500+ cycles
  • Dimensions: 15.1*9.5*13.4 in
  • Weight: 33lbs
  • Output Ports: (3) AC, (1) DC & Car, (2) USB-A, (2) USB-C outputs, and (2) DC Inputs

Oupes 2400W Portable Power Station Reviews

Before the latest launch of Oupes Mega 5 4000W Home Backup Power Station, the 2400W Portable Power Station is the biggest capacity power station. It has a 2400W output with exceptional 2232Wh capacity, up to 3 days of emergency power.

Oupes Review: Oupes 2400W Portable Power Station Reviews

It’s suitable for off-grid life and home emergencies since it can power 99% of household appliances. Its robust power also allows it to power 14 devices simultaneously with 14 ports that meet various electrical appliance port requirements.

The 2400W power station is constructed using an automotive-grade aluminum alloy frame that can withstand high-strength impact for a robust build. Plus, the five built-in temperature sensors guarantee the battery is perfectly balanced between safety and power.

So to have this for home backup, off-grid life, or even the electric vehicle backup, you can have the 2400w series at $1,999.99 without a solar panel. There are also several additional options, such as the extra 240w, 480W, or 960W solar panels!

Oupes LifePo4 Power Station Details

  • Power: 2400W
  • Capacity: 2232Wh
  • Cycle Life: 3,500+ cycles
  • Dimensions: 16.5*10.6*12.3 in
  • Weight: 45.6 lbs
  • Output Ports: (1) DC & Car, (2) USB-C, (4) USB-A, and (5) AC outputs

Who Is Oupes For?

This brand offers Solar power demands for outdoor adventure, home emergencies, RV/Van camping traveling, and fishing areas. The product is designed with several of power from the lowest to the highest and a compact design, making it easy to move.

Oupes Review: Who Is Oupes For?

So basically, this product collection is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, RVers, and people who like being off grids. It’s also ideal for modern campers who want to enjoy nature but are still connected to gadgets and electronics. Plus, the product is suitable for home emergencies and those interested in using green power.

Oupes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Not only us that satisfied with their products. It seems that many expert and customer has left a good review for this brand. On its website, we discover plenty of customer feedback that is mostly 5/5, which shows the satisfaction level of the customers.

Oupes Review: Oupes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now let’s see one of Oupes power station reviews from the customers. Here is one of the reviews:

Excellent quality power station! This unit is working great. From my usage after four discharge cycles, I obtained 470wh using I used AC & DC to power my ice vl45 for nearly two days. The display screen has battery remaining time and battery percentage. I like it. So far, so good.

One of review on Oupes 1800w reviews also states his satisfaction:

Great Value! So far, so great. Is customer response prompt? It was about the use of a distinct solar panel. I’ve run this through almost everything in the house within reason, which is stellar. Always keep in mind these are for supporting life running with minimal hiccups.

To see if there are any nitpicked opinions about the products, below is one of Oupes 2400w reviews that are worth viewing:

No concerns with the 2400 or the 480-watt solar. I would like to see they offer a choice of extension cables. I desire to shelter the generator from external side components while linked to the solar panels. I need to seek other sellers for this option.

When we go to the Oupes review section, we find it hard to find the negative review. Most customers state the products work flawlessly and have great power. Besides the only complaint or more like a suggestion, needs more collection of the products accessories.

Is Oupes Worth It?

There’s no doubt that Oupes solar generator is worth it. This brand has redefined the use of green energy that can enrich outdoor enthusiasts’ demands and the service it uses as backup power for home emergencies.

Oupes Review: Is Oupes Worth It?

They have a great collection of various ranges of power stations that you can choose depending on how much power you need. Plus, the products have a robust construction for long-lasting life spans and safety and environmental standards certification. 

This brand also has positive feedback and high ratings. This good rating comes for a reason which is a high-quality product and remarkable customer service with free shipping, a return policy, and a warranty.

Oupes Vs Jackery

Before you are stranded on this review, consider other leading brands like Jackery, Alrska, Hqst Solar, and others. So to make it easier for you to compare the brand, we’ll present you with the comparison of Oupes Vs Jackery.

Image 1: OUPES Portable Power Station 600W
Image: oupes.com
Image 2: Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station
Image: jackery.com

Oupes Portable Power Station 600W


  • 600 Watt output
  • 595Wh capacity
  • 24-month warranty
  • LiFePO4 battery with 2,500+ cycles
  • Cost at $399.99


  • 14 lbs weight
  • Has the lower number of customer ratings

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station


  • 500 Watt output
  • 518Wh capacity
  • 24-month warranty
  • 13.32 lbs weight
  • Has higher customers reviews


  • Using a lithium battery with only 500 cycles
  • Cost at $499

Oupes Shipping Policy

Oupes offer free shipping on all orders you make on its official website. However, this brand only ships within the U.S. and Canada addresses, excluding Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, P.O. Boxes, and APO/FPO.

The orders will be shipped using FedEx or USPS, which take 1-2 days to process and 3-5 days to arrive. However, remember that for Canada and Alaska shipping, some of the products may not be eligible for this area.

Oupes Return Policy

If unsatisfied with the product, you can file for a return within 30 days of delivery. The returned item must remain unused, undamaged, unwashed, and in the original condition as it arrives with packaging, label, and tags.

You can get a refund or exchange, which can be started by contacting customer service at [email protected]. Aside from that, the order will be covered with a 24-month warranty, so you don’t have to worry if you find any fault during that time.

How To Contact Oupes

Couldn’t find a product that you want? Or have questions that linger in your mind? You can contact Oupes customer service via:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +86 177 2269 2313
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @oupes_official
  • Address: Room 205, Building A3, Zhengfeng Industrial Zone, Tangwei Avenue, Zhancheng Community, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

Where to buy Oupes?

If you want to purchase in a risk-free place, the only answer is on its official website at Oupes.com. There you can browse the latest products and get the best deals with a return policy and warranty guarantee.

But if you prefer your favorite online shopping platform, you can check on Amazon, Home Depot, and others.

Oupes Coupon Codes & Promos

For every budget-conscious customer, this section is a must-check. We have surfed its website to compile the current offers and the list of coupon codes:

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Join the email list to get unique discount codes and offer notifications
  • Visit the products collection to uncover the latest sale of up to 31% off
  • Click the button below to see the list of promo codes

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Oupes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Oupes reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Oupes?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the information regarding the company ownership.

Does Oupes ship internationally?

Currently, the brand only ship within US and Canada.

Where are Oupes solar generators made?

Their solar panels are made in China since the company is located in Shenzhen.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Oupes Reviews & Ratings

What makes Oupes stand out among other competitors is its competitive price points. Aside from that, this brand has created solar panels and power stations with robust features, such as the LiFePO4 battery that has multiple times better life cycles than others.

Moreover, it has a risk-free 30 days return policy and a 2-year warranty that become the backbone of the positive reviews they gain. So if you want a high features solar generator for every modern explorer and home emergency, you can visit Oupes!


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