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About Ottocast

With the rapid development of technology in this day and age, turning your car into a home is no longer a dream. You can watch Netflix while driving, listen to music via Spotify, and even access your smartphone without taking it out of your pocket. And these conveniences are made possible through OTTOCAST.

OTTOCAST Review: About Ottocast

But what is this brand? What does it offer that can make your driving experience more enjoyable? Well, it’s a global brand that specializes in making adapters that allow you to get access to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with ease.

And did you know that the brand is also well-known among drivers? Both on Facebook and Instagram, the brand boasts over 4.5k followers. They’re very active in sharing the latest news about their products. Even better, the brand also has a YouTube channel that provides various information about their products.

With all these positive statements, you might be wondering, are the products from this brand really that good? Well, to reveal the answer, this OTTOCAST review will help you. Through this article, I’ll take you to know more about the brand’s background, best-selling products, customer reviews, discount promos, and so on. Let’s go!

Overview of Ottocast Official

For starters, OTTOCAST is a brand based in China and currently has branches in the United States and Hong Kong. The brand was founded on the idea that, in the future, a car is not just a transportation vehicle anymore but an extension of a home. Because of that reason, the brand created a wireless adapter that allows you to access your favorite apps in your car.

The co-founder of the brand is Eric Zhang, who has more than 40 years of experience working in industrial resource integration and R&D of electronic vehicle products. More than that, the employees are professionals in their respective fields. So, every wireless adapter product they offer is of the highest quality.

Thanks to their hard work, every product they create can easily connect with all types of cars, whether you use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, their wireless adapters can connect to everything.

So what are their best-selling products? Well, to find out, you’ll have to move on to the next section. But before that, take a moment to check out the brand’s highlights that I’ve written below.

OTTOCAST Highlights

  • Provides wireless adapters compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Designed and created by professionals in the field
  • Offers a wide selection of wireless adapter variations
  • International shipping
  • Free shipping with no minimum purchase
  • 30 days return policy
  • Many happy customers who give thumbs up to each product
  • Professional customer service

Ottocast Review

For almost a decade now, the brand has been selling a wide variety of wireless adapters, whether you need a product compatible with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, the brand can fulfill both.

OTTOCAST Reviews: Ottocast Review

And in this OTTOCAST review, I’ll be reviewing three of the brand’s best-selling products that people on the internet often ask about.

  • OTTOCAST U2-X Pro Wireless Android Auto/CarPlay 2-in-1 Adapter
  • OTTOCAST U2-Plus AI Box
  • OTTOCAST Picasou 2 CarPlay AI Box

Without further ado, let’s see what kind of quality each best-selling product offers.

OTTOCAST U2-X Pro Wireless Android Auto/CarPlay 2 in 1 Adapter Reviews

The first one is the cheapest yet feature-rich, OTTOCAST U2-X Pro Wireless Android Auto/CarPlay 2-in-1 Adapter. By only spending around $149.99, you can already enjoy easy access to your smartphone apps without the hassle of a USB cable.

OTTOCAST Review: OTTOCAST U2-X Pro Wireless Android Auto/CarPlay 2 in 1 Adapter Reviews

Even better, this U2-X Pro adapter is not only compatible with Android Auto but also with Apple CarPlay, which you can easily connect using both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Wi-Fi technology is also the latest, with dual-band 5GHz + 2.4GHz coupled with a dual-core ARM Cortex A7 chip that ensures you get lag-free convenience when connecting and using this adapter.

Not only that you can get the convenience of this Ottocast Android Auto, but you can also easily access it by voice. Yep, that’s right. This adapter is also compatible with voice assistants, be it Hey Google or Siri.

Lastly, this Ottocast wireless CarPlay is compatible with all models of smartphones, be it Android or Apple. You also don’t need to doubt whether the product from this brand can work properly with your car or not since this adapter is compatible with 98% of cars with the original wired CarPlay.


  • Processor: Dual-core 1.0 GHz ARM Cortex A7
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM + 128 MB ROM
  • Wi-Fi: Dual-band 5GHz + 2.4GHz
  • Bluetooth: BT 4.2
  • Connectors: USB Type-C, USB-A

OTTOCAST U2-Plus AI Box Reviews

Are you looking for a more feature-rich adapter that can accompany you to watch movies while reading maps? If so, this OTTOCAST U2-Plus AI Box can be an ideal choice for you. It comes with built-in GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou that can track your position and destination more accurately than other products.

OTTOCAST Review: OTTOCAST U2-Plus AI Box Reviews

Not only that, but this U2 Plus adapter features Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM450, which can improve its performance and smoothness when running multiple apps in your car. It is also compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which is perfect for families who use different smartphones.

And to provide seamless performance without lag when you run your apps, this adapter is equipped with dual-band 2.4GHz +5GHz Wi-Fi as well as dual Bluetooth BT 4.2 & BT 5.0. The dual Bluetooth feature built into this adapter allows you to connect various devices such as remotes, keyboards, and even PS4 gamepads.

What’s even better about this Ottocas U2 Plus is the fact that it comes with 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM plus a MicroSD card that has up to 128GB of storage. This means you can download a wide variety of apps, games, and movies to enjoy while driving.


  • OS: Android 9.0 Pie
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM450
  • Memory: 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM plus MicroSD card up to 128GB
  • Wi-Fi: Dual-band 2.4GHz + 5GHz
  • Bluetooth: BT 4.2 & BT 5.0
  • Built-in GPS< GLONASS, and Beidou

Well, for the price, you might need to spend a little more as it’s priced at $249.99.

OTTOCAST Picasou 2 CarPlay AI Box Reviews

If you’re looking for an adapter that comes with the brand’s highest-end technology, then this OTTOCAST Picasou 2 CarPlay AI Box is the best. Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Octa-core chipset, you won’t have to doubt how this adapter provides smooth access to apps while you’re driving.

OTTOCAST Review: OTTOCAST Picasou 2 CarPlay AI Box Reviews

And that smoothness is maximized by how this Ottocast Picasou 2 is packed with 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM. Through this adapter, you can also add microSD to increase your storage up to 128GB. With this, no matter how many apps and games you install to accompany your journey, this adapter will not run out of space to satisfy you.

On top of that, this Picasou 2 utilizes dual-band 2.4GHz + 5GHz Wi-Fi technology coupled with Bluetooth BT 5.0, ensuring that you can easily connect this adapter to your smartphones. Do you know what’s even better? This adapter comes with a built-in GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou, which means you can access maps more accurately than other products.

In addition, this wireless adapter features three system switching that allows you to switch between Android system, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay for ease of use for you and your family who have Android or Apple devices.


  • OS: Android 10 Oreo
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Octa-core chipset
  • Memory: 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM expandable with microSD card up to 128GB
  • Wi-Fi: Dual-band 2.4GHz + 5GHz
  • Bluetooth: BT 5.0
  • Built-in GPS, GLONASS, Beidou

As a general thumb, the higher the technology and features of a device, the more expensive it is. The same goes for this Picasou 2, which is priced at $349.99.

Who is OTTOCAST For?

Indeed and undoubtedly, OTTOCAST is for all drivers who want to relieve their boredom while driving. By using products from this brand, you can watch movies, listen to music, play games, access your favorite apps, and much more. No more boredom, no more sleepiness, all the comforts of being at home.


What’s more, every wireless adapter from this brand is compatible with various models of smartphones and various models of cars. So, whatever model of smartphone you have and whatever car you drive, this brand can fulfill all your expectations to make your trip more enjoyable.

OTTOCAST Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Did you know that the convenience that this brand offers in each of its products has satisfied hundreds or even thousands of customers? That’s proven by how the three best-selling products I reviewed above earned outstanding ratings.

OTTOCAST Review: OTTOCAST Reviews: What Do Customers Think?
  • OTTOCAST U2-X Pro Wireless Android Auto/CarPlay 2-in-1 Adapter: Rated 4.8/5 out of 488 reviews
  • OTTOCAST U2-Plus AI Box: Rated 4.8/5 out of 36 reviews
  • OTTOCAST Picasou 2 CarPlay AI Box: Rated 4.8/5 out of 19 reviews

And what about the customer testimonials? Below, I’ve summarized some genuine testimonials that I found on its official website.

The first testimonial comes from a customer who uses the U2-X Pro. In his testimonial, he explained how the adapter works perfectly as it should. He also liked how easy it was to use the adapter since he just needed to get into the car, and everything would be ready on its own. Here’s his testimonial,

This adapter works great, no more plugging my phone in for Apple CarPlay. Just get in the car, take off, and everything goes back right where you left off.

There is also a testimonial from a customer who expressed her satisfaction with Picasou 2. Here is what she said,

I used this during a road trip; watching a movie while being a passenger was so nice! It’s so easy to set up; all you have to do is plug it in. I use it daily for wireless CarPlay, and I’m very happy with my purchase.

In this testimonial, she shared how this adapter allows her and her family to enjoy watching movies on their long journeys. She also expressed how easy the adapter is since she only needs to plug it into the car, and everything is ready. At the end of her testimonial, this buyer explained how she was very satisfied and happy with her purchase of this adapter.

From these two testimonials, it can be concluded that each product from this brand gets positive ratings and reviews for how easy it is to use and its performance in relieving the boredom of its customers while driving. Are you interested in becoming one of the brand’s happy customers? Without hesitation, just head on over to the official website.


Considering the level of quality of their products and the satisfaction of their customers, this OTTOCAST review would clearly state that this brand is worth considering. Through this brand, you’ll never again feel boredom and sleepiness while driving.


Coupled with their wide variety of products ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive, their cutting-edge features and technology, and how compatible they’re with various smartphones and car models, you get a lot of options to decide which one is the most worthy for you to take home.

OTTOCAST Return Policy

With OTTOCAST, you not only get the convenience of every travel, but you also get the convenience of increasing your satisfaction, Why? Because this brand provides a 30 days return policy for you. So, just in case your order comes in a faulty condition, you can request a return.

The return process is as simple as how you access your smartphone while driving. You can start by contacting them at [email protected]. And when your request is accepted, you’ll be contacted by their customer service and informed how and where you should send your return package.

As a reminder, when sending your return package, you must ensure that your item is in the same condition as when you first received it, unopened and unused. And do remember to send your return package with tags and original packaging along with your proof of purchase.

OTTOCAST Shipping Policy

To give all drivers around the world the opportunity to enjoy the convenience of its products, OTTOCAST unlocks international shipping. And not only that, but the brand also offers free shipping worldwide with no minimum purchase.

So what about the shipping time? Well, your order will arrive at your doorstep, depending on the shipping option you choose. And the brand offers three options: free, premium, and basic shipping.

  • Free shipping: If you choose this option, then you’ll have to be a little patient to plug the product into your car, as your package will take 10 – 15 business days to arrive.
  • Premium shipping: If you don’t mind spending more money to enjoy the brand’s products faster, then you can choose this option, where your package will arrive in 7 – 10 business days.
  • Basic shipping: This is the middle option you can take, the cost depends on where you live. When you choose this option, you can expect your package to arrive in 9 – 14 business days.

How To Contact OTTOCAST

Convenience and comfort are not only provided by this brand but also how this brand offers professionalism in serving every customer. They have several contacts that you can contact within 24 hours, depending on your needs. Just below are the following ways to contact the brand’s customer service team.

  • For pre-sales or after-sales service:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +86 18823716432

  • For orders purchased on Amazon:

Email: [email protected]

  • For partnerships and wholesales:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +86 15813713072

  • For press and marketing:

Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

Or maybe you want to know where the office of this brand is. I’ve also summarized it for you.

  • China Company Address: Shenzhen Luzhiyin Technology Co., Ltd. 2nd Floor, 13th Building, DaYun RuanJian XiaoZhen, Longgang District, Shenzhen, 518172, China
  • HK Branch Address: Rooms 131819, 13/F, Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  • US Company Address: 20 park street, 20E, Alhambra, CA91801, USA

Where to buy OTTOCAST?

Impatient to take home one of the brand’s products? Relax, you can browse the brand’s product catalog straight through its official website. Or you can also get it through the millionth retail store, Amazon.

OTTOCAST Coupon Codes & Promos

Convenience seems to be part of this brand, how could it not be? They also provide several discounts that you can get to save on your purchase. What are these discounts?

  • $50 off for every purchase with a minimum purchase of $80
  • Free shipping with no minimum purchase
  • Subscribe and get $30 off for your first purchase

To reveal more discounts, you can click the button below. When you click the button, several coupon codes will appear, and you can use them to save on your purchase. Happy shopping!

Reveal all coupons

OTTOCAST Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for OTTOCAST reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns OTTOCAST?

The co-founder of the brand is Eric Zhang, a professional who has worked in industrial resource integration and R&D of electronic vehicle products.

Does OTTOCAST ship internationally?

Absolutely, yes. This brand offers international shipping for its customers.

Does OTTOCAST work with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay?

Yess, every product of this brand support wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of OTTOCAST Reviews & Ratings

Going on a long ride can be pretty boring, especially if you’re driving alone. And one way to get rid of boredom is by listening to music, watching movies, or even playing games. And the question is, can that be done while driving? The answer is absolutely yes. You can make it happen with OTTOCAST.

This brand provides various types of wireless adapters that are compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Not only that, but each product is also compatible with various types of smartphones and car models. Through this brand, boredom will never disturb your journey again.


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