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About The Original Crumbs Bakeshop

When you’ve got a child who has a birthday coming up, then serving attractive cupcakes will make your child’s friends happy. Original Crumbs is one company that provides a wide selection of delicious cupcake flavors with cute designs that are very attractive.

Original Crumbs Review: About The Original Crumbs Bakeshop
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This brand provides a variety of cupcakes with a colorful appearance. Besides the appearance, the taste of each cupcake is very delicious. There are even some unique flavors that can be ready to spoil dessert lovers. 

Moreover, since each cake is made with love, you’ll get the best sensation in every bite. 

The brand is very popular on Twitter, with 19.6k followers, thanks to its offline stores with many customers and easy and reliable online purchases that made the brand go viral on Twitter.

So is this once-viral brand worth it? This Original Crumbs review will discuss the brand history, mission, best-selling, customer feedback, and so forth. Make sure you read well to get the best information related to this brand.

Overview of The Original CRUMBS Bake Shop

Before Original Crumbs cupcakes suddenly became a sensation and went viral, back in 2003, Mia and Jason Bauer opened their first shop on the Upper West Side of New York City. They produced handmade cupcakes with a lot of love put into them. 

Even after they opened their first shop, many CRUMBS shops followed in their footsteps.

Like many successful businesses worldwide, the brand has had its ups and downs in sales. They even went on hiatus for 10 years. However, after that, they bounced back by offering new cake recipes that are better than ever.

The company places a high value on making products with the motto: “Baked With Love,” which they hope every customer will enjoy in every bite.

Until now, they still produce a variety of cupcakes made by hand with a wide selection of flavors with extraordinary deliciousness. The design is also attractive and colorful to attract many customers.

They’re currently planning to open several stores in the US and work with supermarkets to make it easier for customers to find and enjoy their cakes.

After knowing the brand’s history, you can read the pros and cons of this brand that we’ve prepared below.

Original Crumbs Pros

  • Offers a wide selection of delicious flavors and attractive colorful designs
  • Freshly made by hand
  • Easily available
  • Perfect for gifts and any occasions
  • Free delivery for US area with orders $100+

Original Crumbs Cons

  • International shipping is currently unavailable
  • Doesn’t provide a return policy

Original Crumbs Reviews

A little bit of information has been gathered from the 2 sections we have covered above. Next, this section will discuss the Original Crumbs review and the products offered by this brand.

Original Crumbs Reviews: Original Crumbs Reviews

Currently, the company lists a wide range of cupcakes with several flavor options on its official website, such as vanilla, chocolate, berry, and red velvet flavors.

You can buy packs of individual flavors, or you can also buy packs with a mix of predetermined flavors. However, there’s no need to worry as the brand offers to build your own packs. So you can customize it to suit your tastes or the flavors you want to try. 

The brand also provides special package options for special days such as Thanksgiving, birthdays, holidays, or corporate giving.

The wide selection of unique flavors and attractive designs make the recipient will definitely happy with the cupcake package received. The delicious taste also makes many customers addicted.

Well, the brand will soon launch a new product. Cookies that have a crunchy texture when bitten but are soft and melted in the mouth. Who’s excited?

Calm down because you must be patient until the product is launched. Better, let’s continue to discuss in more detail some of the best-selling products that are very worthy of trying. Let’s continue to the next section!

Original Crumbs Best Seller 6 Pack Reviews

The first best-seller package that we’ll discuss is the Original Crumbs Best Seller 6 Pack. This package has many enthusiasts because, with each purchase, you’ll get 3 different flavor choices. 

Original Crumbs Review: Original Crumbs Best Seller 6 Pack Reviews

The Best Seller 6 Pack includes the following flavors in their signature size; two Red Velvet, two Raspberry Swirl, and two Squiggle. So, you can taste 3 different flavors in one purchase. 

The Red Velvet flavor offered by Original Crumbs comes with a soft and moist red velvet cake. Topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting that has a savory taste to give a balanced flavor to every bite. While the topping has red velvet crumbs and white sprinkles that provide additional interesting flavors and textures. 

Next, the raspberry swirl menu for lovers of berry flavors will be perfect for pampering your tongue. The vanilla cake that provides raspberry jam filling in the center will give a fresh surprise when you bite it.

The fresh sour taste of raspberry jam will provide a balance of flavors in each bite. Then the frosting part is vanilla cream cheese with raspberry swirl, which gives a beautiful look and taste that is even more appetizing. 

The third menu comes for chocolate cupcake lovers. The squiggle menu is made of chocolate base bread with a soft, fragrant vanilla buttercream filling. Then the top is chocolate ganache frosting with a frosted squiggle, which gives an additional delicious chocolate flavor.

The best offer of this package comes with a price of $45 for a one-time purchase. Meanwhile, for those of you who subscribe, where products are automatically delivered according to the selected schedule, you’ll get an offer of 15% off by paying only $38.25.

Original Crumbs Best Seller 12 Pack Reviews

In addition to the 6-pack that we’ve discussed above, another best-seller package comes in a 12 Pack. In this Best Seller 12 Pack, you’ll get 12 cupcakes with 6 interesting flavors.

Original Crumbs Review: Original Crumbs Best Seller 12 Pack Reviews

Per box, you’ll get 3 flavors as in the previous box: two Red Velvet, two Squiggle, and two Raspberry Swirls. While the other 3 new flavors that you will get are two Cookies and Cream, two Vanilla sprinkles, and two Cotton Candies.

For the new flavor different from the previous box, cookies and cream come with a basic cake with a chocolate flavor. Then the top is added with vanilla cream cheese frosting, which is sweet and savory. For the topping, there are crushed Oreos that will give an interesting crunchy texture. 

The next menu comes with very bright and colorful colors. Usually, this menu is the main choice for children. The vanilla sprinkle has topping rainbow sprinkles around the side, making the design very attractive.

The base of the cake is a fragrant and soft vanilla cake. Then give a soft vanilla cream cheese frosting to attach the rainbow sprinkle topping on the top. 

The last menu is no less interesting. This cotton candy cupcake appears with a mixture of blue and purple colors that are very eye catchy.

A vanilla cake that has fragrant and savory vanilla cream cheese frosting is very appetizing. Then the top is given a touch of cotton candy crunch topping, which has an attractive color and provides a unique texture for each bite. 

This package is very popular because you’ll not only get a selection of different interesting flavors per box, but it’ll also save you money. You’ll pay $85 per box. Then, if you really like this menu and plan to subscribe to this menu, you’ll get a 15% off offer for only $72.25.

Original Crumbs Chocolate Lovers 6 Pack Reviews

Shout out to all chocolate lovers! Original Crumbs presents a menu for chocolate lovers. This chocolate lovers cupcake comes in a 6 pack.

Original Crumbs Review: Original Crumbs Chocolate Lovers 6 Pack Reviews

This Chocolate Lovers 6 Pack includes two Cookies and Cream, two Squiggle, and two Blackout. In addition to the chocolate-flavored cakes, the toppings also come with various chocolate sauces and tantalizing chocolate-flavored crumbs.

As for the Cookies and Cream menu, you’ll get crushed oreo topping, vanilla cream frosting, and cheese frosting that is very soft, fragrant, and savory. The basic cake is made of legit chocolate cake.

While for the Squiggle flavor menu offers bread with a chocolate flavor, and there is a vanilla buttercream filling that is very soft and melts when bitten. This will give you a surprise in the middle of the cake when you bite it. This menu also has chocolate ganache frosting with a frosted squiggle for the topping.

Next, the Blackout menu provides a topping of chocolate cake crumbs with chocolate drizzle, providing 2 different textures. The soft chocolate fudge custard frosting and chocolate fudge custard filling will pleasure you when you bite it. The cake made from chocolate flavor will give your mouth the perfect chocolate taste.

Per one-time purchase, the Chocolate Lovers 6 Pack is priced at $45. However, you can pay as little as $38.25 if you subscribe to this menu.

Who Is Original Crumbs For?

Original Crumbs will be the perfect choice for cupcake lovers. Besides the delicious taste, the cupcakes sold by this brand have a very eye-catching design.

Original Crumbs Review: Who Is Original Crumbs For?

So, if you’re a parent with a child having a birthday, this brand may be the right choice to celebrate your child’s birthday party.

In addition, if you often hold parties once a month at your home, then this brand will be a good choice, thanks to its subscription package options. You can choose a subscription package on a menu offered by this brand, and you’ll get an attractive and very profitable discount.

Original Crumbs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As a buyer considering a product to buy, it’s important to consider reviews from other buyers. Therefore, in this section, Original Crumbs review will discuss reviews from several customers about this brand. 

Original Crumbs Review: Original Crumbs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Let’s discuss some customers’ reviews on Tripadvisor with a rating of 4/5 out of 4 reviews. 

I love cupcakes crumbs! I prefer their cupcakes on my birthday over cake (I’m not a cake person). Moist, flavorful and delicious! Wherever they are in NYC, LI or even DC try one and you will be forever hooked. My favorite apple and lemon pie crust.

After reading the review, you may conclude that how satisfied the buyer is. Even the author of this review recommends you try it and ensures that you’ll be addicted.

Furthermore, we’ll include reviews from other buyers for your consideration. 

I visited this bakery and enjoyed a vanilla cupcake on top of vanilla. It was very delicious. My friends had some other flavors and enjoyed them too. A great bakery when in the Roosevelt Field Shopping Center.

The buyer said that she and her other friends really enjoyed the cupcakes provided by this brand well.

Although it’s known that this brand still has very few reviews, most of the buyers who provide reviews are customers who are satisfied with the services and products offered. Thus, you can try it yourself to prove the reviews above. 

Is Original Crumbs Worth It?

Although the brand had a hiatus for a few years, it’s back with new and improved specialties and recipes. Of course, the brand’s comeback comes with all sorts of improvements over its previous shortcomings. Thus, it makes this brand very worthy.

Original Crumbs Review: Is Original Crumbs Worth It?

Even thanks to the design of each cupcake are very attractive and colorful as well as a new taste that is unique and delicious, making many buyers satisfied and even addicted.

Moreover, the brand provides convenience for purchase. Customers can find the brand’s products in several supermarkets. The brand even cooperates with several online services for same-day delivery.

The brand also has new plans to open stores in several cities in the US and produce new products, such as cookies, that will be coming soon.

Original Crumbs Shipping Policy

As per the shipping policy provided by the brand, unfortunately, the brand doesn’t ship internationally. This is understandable since the company sells baking products which are very perishable.

However, good news for US customers. The brand offers nationwide delivery to all states except Alaska and Hawaii. Moreover, the brand also offers Free delivery with orders of $100+.

Freshly baked cupcake orders shipped on Tuesdays and Thursdays will arrive in 1 – 2 business days via FedEx. Same-day deliveries can be made through consumer apps in NYC which usually deliver within an hour.

Original Crumbs Return Policy

Before discussing the return policy offered by this brand, it’s important to note that it’s a company that sells ready-to-eat foods such as cakes, which are vulnerable and perishable foods. Therefore, this brand doesn’t accept returns or refunds for orders shipped nationwide.

However, to provide the best customer service, the company provides an order cancellation offer. Any changes or cancellations to national delivery orders must be made 3 days before the requested delivery date.

But you don’t need to worry if you experience any order problems. You can contact [email protected] to get further handling from the team. It’s important to file within 5 days of the original purchase date; original proof of purchase will be required for any resolution.

How To Contact Original Crumbs

You can contact their team if you encounter any problems with your order. Their customer service team is happy to help you with your order and answer any questions by:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Filling out a contact form on its official website
  • Live chat (at the bottom right of its official website)
  • Direct message on social media: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter

Where to buy Original Crumbs?

Fortunately, Original Crumbs is very easy to get hold of. So, if you want to try the brand’s cupcakes, you can purchase them online through the official website at originalcrumbs.com.

As for same-day online purchases, you can place your order through Doordash, Grub Hub, Uber Eats, Postmates, and Seamless, which are currently only available in NYC.

Good news for offline purchases as the brand will soon be available at a few supermarkets nearby. More information can be found here.

Original Crumbs Coupon Codes & Promos

As we’ve explained before, this brand provides a lot of offers for purchasing its products. You can minimize your expenses by:

  • Subscribe to the menu package provided and save 15% off the original price
  • Get a free delivery offer with orders $100+
  • Sign up for email, and you’ll receive 10% off on your first order

Also, check the official website to get updates on other attractive offers. Lastly, reveal the exclusive Original Crumbs discount code by hitting the button below!

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Original Crumbs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Original Crumbs reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Original Crumbs?

Mia and Jason Bauer are the founders of The Original Crumbs Bakeshop.

Where is Original Crumbs located?

The Original Crumbs bakeshop locations in New York City on Broadway between 37th and 38th St.

This company is also reopening 26 of its nationwide locations in cities ranging from Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles.

You can check the complete information about the store’s location on social media or the official website.

Does Original Crumbs ship internationally?

Unfortunately, since the brand’s products are perishable, it doesn’t offer international shipping at this time.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Original Crumbs Reviews & Ratings

Original Crumbs has become the originator of dessert cupcakes even around the world. Although after opening more than 50 branches of the brand’s stores had failed and vacuumed for 10 years, the brand has risen again by bringing the latest recipes with better enjoyment and product upgrades than before. 

Many dessert lovers are satisfied after tasting the cupcakes produced by this brand. The delicious taste and cute design make dessert lovers and children very interested in trying it.

Moreover, the ease of finding products makes it superior in the market. So, what are you waiting for? You can enjoy the best cupcake from the originator of all cupcakes in the world again!


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