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On Cue Apparel Review 2023 → Rave Outfits for Bold Statements!

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About On Cue Apparel

Calling for all festival freaks! If you spent your time in the festival season raving, having stunning clothing to match the vibe is crucial. On Cue Apparel is here to help you stand out among the crowd of festivals.

On Cue Apparel Review: About On Cue Apparel
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This brand is an EDM and Rave apparel with vibrant and enchanting clothing for every man and woman. Its product will help you have a better raving experience and be ready to shuffle in comfortable garments.

This clothing brand is well-known among the ravers. It’s not only because of their products but also because they often give updates about following festivals in the US. So, it’s normal for this brand to have 96k Facebook followers and 29.2k Instagram followers.

But before you check out the cart, our On Cue Apparel review is here to help you make the right decision. We’ll provide you with the brand profile, product reviews, testimonials, customer service, deals, and others. So keep exploring further!

Overview Of On Cue Apparel

On Cue Apparel is a world-leading company in Rave and EDM clothing lines. It was founded in 2013 by Jose Renteria as a company focusing on providing products for a more enjoyable raving experience.

The company is filled with EDM enthusiasts that design clothing for themself. After wearing it in a rave, surprisingly, they receive many compliments. So one night after, they decided to change what ravers love into a clothing business.

In those times, the brand had already been featured in several media publications and had hundreds of thousands of friends. As a result, it expands rave clothing, mainly among the ravers. Even more, it has grown significantly and becomes an international range business.

So do you still curious about this brand? Of ready to make a decision? Thus, you need to check the On Cue Apparel pros and cons that we’ve jotted down below:

On Cue Apparel Pros

  • A stunning design made by artists
  • Fantastic arrays of clothing collection
  • Soft and comfortable fabrics
  • Quality printing for long-lasting and vibrant print
  • Free domestic and international shipping
  • 60 days return policy
  • Hundreds of cue clothing reviews on social media

On Cue Apparel Cons

  • The made-to-order products make it long to arrive

On Cue Apparel Review

As we said, this brand is expertise in the rave and EDM clothing with over 1k products. Every product is made from ethically sourced materials and premium quality inks for unmatched vibrancy products.

On Cue Apparel Reviews: On Cue Apparel Review

But by then, this brand had transformed into a place where artists could showcase their artworks. Ultimately, this brand will keep gathering the world’s best artists to bring their works into wearable quality apparel. Now let’s see the website products categorization:

  • Men: Face Mask, Onesies, Joggers, Graphic Tank Tops, Sweatshirts, etc
  • Women: Women’s Tees, Racerbacks, Leggings, Crop Tops, Hoodies, etc
  • Home Decor: Blankets and Tapestries
  • Artists: Bad Bugs, Ashely Foreman, Olaart, Prado, Princess, Xinko, Soulrev, etc

Next, we’ll choose there of our favorite On Cue clothing to be reviewed in order to see the quality. Here we go!

On Cue Apparel Blue Galaxy Hoodie Reviews

Do you love the color and the pattern of the galaxy? We do. So, the first product on our list is its best-selling Blue Galaxy Hoodie. It’s designed with beautiful galaxy coloring and patterns that catch the onlooker’s eyes.

On Cue Apparel Review: On Cue Apparel Blue Galaxy Hoodie Reviews

It also uses fabric that is soft and smooth. So even though you are using it in the middle of the crowd, it’ll still be cozy and comfortable. The vibrant printing is also impressive in that it never peels, flakes, or cracks. Moreover, the print will never shrink.

The hooded design is on point. You have to hood it up if your hair is limp because of the sweat and crowd heat. If you don’t like a hoodie, it also comes in shorts, sweatshirts, blankets, joggers, face masks, and others.

For the size, it’s available in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL. If you like the oversize style, choose the bigger size. But, women should choose the Blue Galaxy Women Hoodie for a better fit.

Thus, bring your love of the galaxy to the next level with this hoodie for only $89.99. But since it’s currently on sale, you only need to pay $69.84!

On Cue Apparel Unicat Tank and Shorts Rave Outfit Reviews

We just simply can’t take our eyes off from galaxy. And here again, a combination of galaxy, cat, and unicorn absolutely takes our breath away. The Unicat Tank and Shorts Rave Outfit is an excellent option for a summer rave on the beach. It’s fabulous and cute.

On Cue Apparel Review: On Cue Apparel Unicat Tank and Shorts Rave Outfit Reviews

It’s designed with the blue galaxy and a cat with a horn unicorn. Well, the unicorn is not real, but we would love to believe that this unicat is real. The horn features a blinding light of power and light.

The EDM tops have no sleeves with comfortable shorts. This combination will let you freely dance and feel the breeze. Imagine raving in a Florida beach festival with these highly comfortable rave clothes. It’s undoubtedly amusing.

Like other clothing from this brand, it is also printed with a quality print that never wears off. Thus, grab it at $69.99 and choose the size from XS-2XL!

On Cue Apparel A Psychedelic T-Shirt Reviews

Who loves psychedelic apparel? On Cue Apparel is also well-known for being a remarkable psychedelic clothing company. Here is one of our favorite psy clothing, A Psychedelic T-Shirt. It’s an ideal choice for rave clothing.

On Cue Apparel Review: On Cue Apparel A Psychedelic T-Shirt Reviews

With beautiful and vibrant coloring, you can simply pair it with any plain bottom to effortlessly look good. This T-shirt is handmade in the USA with flawless quality and soft fabric as a baby’s bottom.

The soft material ensures you can do your festival activity comfortably. Moreover, the design is made by renowned worth artists to give your one-of-a-kind fashion items. It also sublimated for the most fabulous color pop.

It’s available in XS-3XL with a naturally relaxed fit. So if you like the fitted look, you can order the size down and vice versa. Thus, shuffle your way to the next rave for only $34.99 from the original price of $54.99!

Who Is On Cue Apparel For?

On Cue Apparel is a brand that EDM enthusiasts offer for their kind and ravers. This brand is the best go-to if you are looking for festival clothing that you’ll love. It has a unique design made by skillful artists.

On Cue Apparel Review: Who Is On Cue Apparel For?

We especially like its psychedelic rave clothes. So it’ll be best if you want psychedelic and other graphics T-shirts. However, its collection can be used for everyone, whether men or women, who like unique and fabulous printed clothing.

On Cue Apparel Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This brand is pretty famous among the ravers with its stunning products. Many customers share their opinion and moment using the products while on the festival on social media. Considering this fact, it makes seeing the quality and service pretty easy.

On Cue Apparel Review: On Cue Apparel Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

On Loox, this brand has hundreds of customers sharing their experiences and opinion about the products. It’s pretty clear that all customers are genuine since it attached some pics. Now let’s see some of On Cue Apparel reviews from the customers:

The fire & Ice On Cue shirts has excellent quality. Ordering was easy, and contact from On Cue confirming the order through actual shipping was superb.

Another customer also states how good the color and quality are. Here’s the testimonial:

As soon as I glimpsed this hoodie, I instantly ordered it. The colors looked fabulous and only looked better in person. Moreover, the fabric is exceptionally soft and smooth, and it’s just fun to wear! I personally truly enjoyed this product.

We hardly find a negative review about this brand. But we manage to find some similar complaints in Blue Galaxy Hoodie that obtain 56 customer reviews in total. So, take a look at the complaint review below:

The time took a little longer. I hope you would’ve emailed me, but I understand you were packed. Plus, I immensely like the hoodie.

All the reviews state excellent points about the color, design, and fabric. But there’s some review about how it takes a long time to arrive. Regardless, we think the problem is reasonable since the products are made to order.

Is On Cue Apparel Worth It?

After thoroughly investigating this brand, we can conclude that On Cue clothing is worth it. So what’s the reason behind it? It has good quality, a superb design, and outstanding customer service. In fact, many customers have shared their opinion about its clothing on social media.

On Cue Apparel Review: Is On Cue Apparel Worth It?

This brand uses a premium quality all-over print that’ll never peel, crack or flake. Plus, the material is best based on their experience to make you feel soft and smooth on the skin. As a result, you can enjoy comfortable wear for all-day raving.

Keep in mind that it may take longer since it’s made to order a product. But it’s definitely worth waiting. Once it arrives, you’ll realize how vibrant the color and stylish the design is. You’ll be excited to wear it at the next festival.

On Cue Apparel Shipping Policy

Due to the nature of its clothing is made to order, so it will take 7 days to process after the purchase confirmation. Then the products will be handled by the carrier. On Cue Apparel offer shipping to the US and internationally via USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

Furthermore, it has free shipping for over $75 for domestic orders and over $200 for international shipping. If you are below the minimum order, the shipping will be calculated at the checkout, depending on your location. Additionally, any duties and taxes are entirely the customer’s responsibility.

On Cue Apparel Return Policy

Are you in a dilemma because you’re afraid the products don’t match your expectations? Fortunately, all orders will be backed with 60 days return policy.

Within the period, you can initiate returns for unused, unwashed, undamaged, and in original condition products. So, you can contact its customer service to discuss the returned item.

How To Contact On Cue Apparel

Feel free to reach them if you have any issues regarding delivery or need more information about the products you purchase. The On Cue Apparel customers service will be glad to respond to you via:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 786-233-0546
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media: @OnCueApparel
  • Address: 7620 NW 25th St, Suite 9, Doral, FL 33122

Where to buy On Cue Apparel?

Ready to shuffle on the rave party with your stunning outfit? Then you should head over to oncueapparel.com to find its exclusive collections. There you can find all of their collections from top to bottom with vibrant and fabulous designs.

Besides, its products are also available on Amazon, iEDM, and other online retailers!

On Cue Apparel Coupon Codes & Promos

Lucky for you, we’ve discovered various savings and discount codes that you can enjoy. Below is the list:

  • Free shipping for international and domestic orders
  • Check the products collection to get up to 40% off
  • Join the email list to get 10% off coupon codes and sales notification
  • Uncover unique discount codes at the button below!

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On Cue Apparel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for On Cue Apparel reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns On Cue Apparel?

This rave and EDM clothing company is owned by Jose Renteria.

Does On Cue Apparel ship internationally?

Yes, it does. It ships domestically and internationally in several countries around the globe.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of On Cue Apparel Reviews & Ratings

It’s pretty hard to stand out among the crowd at a festival. But, when everyone enjoys dancing with others and meeting new people, it’s essential to wear an outfit that is comfortable and stylish. So, our On Cue Apparel review highly recommends this brand to help you find the best raving business.

It has clothing lines for men and women with superb designs from artists around the globe. Moreover, this brand keeps extending its clothing lines available for everyone to enjoy a better rave experience. Thus, you should visit On Cue Apparel, choose the most stunning piece, and be ready to steal the onlookers’ eyes!


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