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About Omika

Omika is a fashion brand that runs on woman’s clothing with the notion to make women’s clothing print dresses as casual as the daily wardrobe. The two owners, Stephanie and Erin, want to make clothing print dresses as your new go-to pick for everyday wear.

Omika Review: About
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Bohemian arts are the heart of this seasonal women’s dress brand. They make all kinds of beautifully printed clothing, from dresses, blouses, pants, mini skirts, shorts, and even accessories like clutches for women.

The paintings in Omika are thoughtfully designed by heart and personally by the hand of the founders. Yes, they are all hand-painted patterns. Also, Omika collaborates with Indian artisans to equip the traditional printing technique to give every woman the best piece of their clothing. Every pattern and cuttings of Omika’s products are made to bring out the women’s best asset; their love for themselves.

On Instagram, the Omika account has almost 10k followers. They are indeed an uprising brand. With the small teams that are ready to expand their wings, the Omika teams put the customers as their top priority. They wholeheartedly connect with you for every manufacturing process like a friend. They open up to your support in raising the best women’s product, from women to women.

However, before jumping on the brand product, you might need to read this Omika review to get the best insight into this timeless and lively fashion brand, Omika.

Overview of Omika

After working for several years of the textile printing industry, Stephanie and Erin, the most talented figures behind every best-seller item of their previous company, saw the light to start venturing into the remarkable Indian paintings. Then in late 2019, the two talented ladies started to build their own woman apparel with the name of Omika.

Omika (Oh-mee-kah) is an Indian word that means kindness. Thus, living up to this philosophy, the brand strives to give the best value for every aspect of the earth with kindness to the people and the environment.

On its website, Omika has numeral designs and cuttings that stay true to sizes, but some launchings are intentionally created to be loosely fit. Whether it is a tightly wrapped or loose-fit design, the cuttings of every clothing in Omika are made to accentuate women’s unique natural beauty. It shows how explorative and dedicative this brand is in showing women how to love themselves in every clothing fit.

Omika Pros

  • Offer various fashion items from dresses, sets, bottoms, and accessories
  • Bohemian-inspired pieces, including the pattern, cuttings, and colors
  • Accentuates the concept of a woman’s natural beauty
  • Collaborated with local Indian artisans
  • Preserving ancient artforms
  • Hand-painted fabric signature
  • An ethical and cultural brand
  • Free shipments, returns, and exchange

Omika Cons

  • International shipping is currently unavailable, but will be by the end of 2022.

Omika Reviews

Say you are looking for a dress that will bring out your unique story and charm as a woman; Omika is your best match. They have all the pieces that help you to embrace the moment with the best hand-printed design fabrics in the form of blouses, pants, sets, skirts, dresses, and more in their catalog.

Omika Reviews
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Further on in this Omika review, we will reveal little snippets of the best dresses, tops, and bottoms from their best products to give you a glimpse of enchanting the Bohemian vibes from this women’s brand.

Omika The Dunmore Mini Dress Reviews

The Omika Dunmore Mini Dress has two boho patterns you can choose from; Nadia Mint and Anya Cobalt. Both have similar cuttings, but they deliver different vibes once the patterns are applied. As the Nadia Mint sets innocence and pure feelings, the Anya Cobalt looks bold and minimal in printing.

Omika Review: Omika The Dunmore Mini Dress Reviews
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The cuttings of this mini dress are a must-have for every woman, especially since it is available with the S-XL sizing. It’ll be perfect for summer days or nights. It has a square neckline with a smocked bodice that will accentuate your womanhood’s delicate body shape. In comparison, the 3/4 sleeve with a gathered end gives the dress a friendly and versatile vibe. Even better, the open-back design with lovely tie detail.

All in all, you can get this dress that emphasizes the feminine, flirty and romantic silhouette of your womanhood for just $368.

Omika Pari Mini Skirt Reviews

The Omika’s Pari Mini Skirt features a cotton and linen blend. As such, this skirt is a comfortable piece with flowy and smooth fabric characteristics. Even better, this bohemian skirt has a smocked waist that beautifully fits any women’s hip shape.

Omika Review: Omika Pari Mini Skirt Reviews
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Since the smocked waist embraces the hips tightly, the two ruffled tiers create the illusion of a more voluptuous finish with a loose fit. You don’t have to worry so much about your body proportions, as any body shape can easily adjust this skirt and end up beautifying them. So, this mini skirt is perfect wear for any lady.

With the available sizes from S to L, you can freely choose which size is the best one to flatter your appearance with this boho skirt. For only $228, your ruffle skirt is ready to sit in your wardrobe.


Omika Sierra Blouse Reviews

The Omika Sierra Blouse is quite different. It does not appear with a hand-printed design, but it uses solid color as its theme. Yet, the cutting is so boho-ish. This shows how expertly Omika captures the boho vibe even without a distinctive style.

Omika Review: Omika Sierra Blouse Reviews
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Also, it uses 100% cotton fabrics with detailed light embroidery on its fabric texture. It is comfortable to wear and the finishing blouse looks dashing.

As for the main look, the collar and open v-neck point up the women’s attractive collarbone. Being set at $248, this half-placket bodice styling that blends well with any casual session.

Omika Sizing Chart

Omika generally stays true to size. However, some of its clothing lines are designed to be oversized or loosely fit. You can easily find the sizing guide in every catalog on their web. Right below the product description, near Add to Cart, you can find the specific size according to the designs.

Omika Review: Omika Sizing Chart
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Is Omika Ethical?

Yes, they are. According to their site, the manufacturing process adopts a fair-trade business model. So, the profits are shared with the local artisans. Moreover, they also ensure to prioritize the workers’ health and safety.

Omika Review: Is Omika Ethical?
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Who Is Omika For?

As Omika brings the definition of life into its products, this brand’s signature dresses should be for those who:

Omika Review: Who Is Omika For?
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  • See highly cultural and social value within a brand
  • Want to level up their daily dress into a special kind piece
  • Have a soft spot for bohemian style
  • Fancy the concept of a unique, limited, and personalized dress

Thus, Omika is a women’s clothing brand that is suitable for young, mature, and middle-aged women. This is because Omika has pieces and styles that are timeless, versatile, and comfortable.

While the hand-painted patterns are uniquely made, it is able to attribute the beauty of women of all ages, from the 20s, 30s, and 40s. Also, with the size options from S-XL to loose-fitting dresses, Omika proves that they are an ideal and limitless choice for any woman, even for pregnant and breastfeeding mommas.

Simply put, Omika is the it-brand that is roundly perfect for all women in any body shape, skin tone, and race.

Is Omika a Sustainable Brand?

On their website, Omika openly states that they are thriving full force to stick to sustainable practices. Their products use as much as possible toxic-free, organic, and naturally derived materials. Also, their partners are certified for ISO 14001, showing the will to help fight climate change.

Omika Review: Is Omika a Sustainable Brand?
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Is Omika Worth It?

We think Omika is a brand that should win your attention. Starting from their collection of hand-printed masterpieces made from the heart to their clothing-making process, Omika makes groundbreaking fashion for women that are comfortable, authentic, and enchanting.

Omika Review: Is Omika Worth It?
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Aside from highlighting the beauty of materials, patterns, and cuttings, Omika also knows the keys point to creating dresses, skirts, blouses, and pants in highlighting women’s natural and unique beauty. Their hand-painted pattern with bohemian-themed wear is worth to check out.

Omika also runs by prioritizing social and environmental values, both in the US and in India. We think they are one of the brands that you should subscribe to.

Omika Shipping Policy

Omika provides free US ground shipping on every item without exception. Their shipping is fast and precise. When you place an order, the delivery will actually be made on the same day. Specifically, we summarize it in the following points:

  • Free shipping on all domestic orders
  • If you place an order before 2 pm EST, they will ship your order the same day. While after 2 pm EST, your transaction will be processed the next day.
  • Your order will be shipped from a warehouse in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Shipping days usually take 3-6 business days. However, it depends on the distance of your address to the Southern US.
  • Express 2-day shipping is also available for a flat fee of $10. You can grab this offer during checkout.

Suppose you are from outside the US, you can still request international shipping by submitting a request to their email at [email protected]. Eventually, they will customize to your area and process your shipping request.

Omika Return Policy

Omika also gladly lets you take your time to decide whether you love dresses or not. Suppose you find their products are not fit your expectation, you can tell them to refund or exchange the products within 14 days from the time of shipping. All in free cost, under the terms:

  • All in like new with the original tag attached
  • Showing no sign of wear like makeup stain, perfume, washed, etc.

Here’s the process to return your Omika:

  1. Submit your return request by filling out the order number and postal code here.
  2. You will get a prepaid return/refund label asap.
    Once you get the authorization email, your returns must be postmarked within 5 days.
  3. Lastly, when the package arrives, the Omika team will do a quality check on the products you send. Usually, this process takes a week.

Once the refund process is done, the Omika team will happily inform you via email.

How to Contact Omika?

Now, are you interested in Omika and all it has to offer? You can reach out to Omika through the emails and social media below according to your needs:

In case you want to connect with them through a phone call. The Omika team is open to that. You can contact them through email first. Then, they will adjust the schedule to interact with you.

Where to buy Omika?

Once you have set an eye for Omika’s lovely boho designs, you cannot help but see their full catalogs to get all the information. You can shop their products right at to get full exposure regarding their best dresses, blouses, pants, and accessories.

Omika Coupon Codes & Promos

Omika provides a 15% discount on the first purchase for every VIP member! You can easily put your email address on the bottom left of their web. And they will inform you of the code.

Even better, once you subscribe to the letters. You will be the first person to get notified about their pre-order schedule, where you can get 10% off on every product!

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Omika Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Omika reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Omika?

Omika is owned by two talented ladies, Stephanie and Erin, who has incredible career in the textile and clothing industries.

Where do Omika's shipping and crafting take place?

The warehouse is located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Southern US. Meanwhile, the pattern making is based in India, and they collaborate with Indian artisans.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Omika Reviews & Ratings

We know that a dress is not only about looks, but it is about how it sparks and highlights the distinctive beauty within every figure of a woman, especially you.

Just like so, Omika is a fashion brand that runs on one-of-a-kind design dresses with a bohemian pattern that will elevate women’s uniqueness in the sense of a dress, sets, blouses, caftans, and more.

Even though Omika is still a small business brand, but all of their clothing lineups are proof of how enormously talented and genuine the brand is in providing women with the best dresses in life. The fabrics are organic and naturally derived, free of toxins, and the patterns are personally made from the heart of the founder with their love of bohemian arts.

Don’t hesitate and reach out to their catalogs on Omika’s website. Choose the one that suits you the most. You’ll absolutely never regret purchasing them.


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