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OhmConnect Review 2024 → Earn Money by Saving Energy Bills

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About OhmConnect

Watching Netflix all day, turning on the AC 24/7 during the summer, and keeping your fridge plugged in every time. Now, you understand why your energy bills keep increasing every month, right? But let’s not be overthinking since OhmConnect can help you save big on bills!

OhmConnect Review: About OhmConnect
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Dear homeowners, if you expect this company to help you reduce daily energy use to save on bills, you’re right. But they will also give you more. Further, OhmConnect is a company that provides home energy-saving solutions using smart devices.

Additionally, another better thing here is you will also get money for saving energy with OhmConnect. Specifically, you’ll get the benefits (they call it Watts), and you can withdraw them with cash using PayPal. Such an interesting offer, and you won’t miss this, right?

Furthermore, we’re beyond happy to know that there have been so many people who recognize this company. On their social media platforms, we discovered over 80.7k followers and are still counting. However, you haven’t seen the best part yet. So, what?

You know, it’s always good to see how numerous prestigious sites praise or mention the company. And that’s what you’ll also find here. Specifically, OhmConnect has made it into The New York Times, CNBC, Forbes, Fast Company, and The Washington Post.

So, do you still have so many questions about the company and the things inside? No worries. We’re always here to answer them and help you with your curiosity. Therefore, the only good thing to do now is to stay in our OhmConnect reviews to witness from A to Z!

Overview Of OhmConnect

So, do you already have a little insight about OhmConnect? Good, then. However, we still have more things to discuss, and now, it’s about the company’s background. So, who started this?

Since the beginning, this company is all about a team. In 2014, these three passionate men (Cadir Lee, Matt Duesterberg, and Curtis Tongue) started OhmConnect, and here we are now.

A little fun fact to know: these guys actually came from different backgrounds and life experiences. Their previous worlds were about energy markets, consumer marketing, and technology.

In addition, when you already have a fixed decision using this service, let’s learn the terms ‘OhmHour’ and ‘AutoOhm.’ These are the terms of energy-saving events in this company.

But what should you do during the energy-saving event? Simply, you just need to turn down your home smart electricity. Further, this usually happens once a week with an earlier notification.

However, we won’t spill the tea too much, so let’s be by our side always. So, if you have been sick of your keep-increasing energy bills, use your 10 minutes to learn about OhmConnect here!

OhmConnect Review

Was your last month’s electricity bill higher than the average amount? At this point, we understand that there’s something wrong with your energy use. So, do you feel the same way?

OhmConnect Reviews: OhmConnect Review

Thankfully, you can start setting up your plan for energy saving in OhmConnect today. Besides that, you should know that OhmConnect’s service is primarily in particular areas:

OhmConnect Service

  • California
  • New York
  • Texas

You don’t live in those areas? No worries. You can still enjoy the company’s free service by referring someone else who lives in those areas. Then, you & your referred friend will get in.

Also, another fact to know is the company’s system can only connect to certain electric providers or utilities. Specifically, the detailed supporting utilities are down below:

  • Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
  • Southern California Edison (SCE)
  • San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)
  • Con Edison

Even if you don’t have electricity from the mentioned utilities, the company offers other options as long as you’re still a US resident. But what will we have in today’s review?

OhmConnect Connecting PG&E To Your App Energy Reviews

If you’re a PG&E user, let’s get some rewards by saving your energy regularly. But do you know how to connect the device to your OhmConnect app? Let’s check this brief guidance on Connecting PG&E To Your App Energy!

OhmConnect Review: OhmConnect Connecting PG&E To Your App Energy Reviews

It’s all just as easy and simple as breathing. First, you just need to connect and login to your PG&E account. Or kindly sign up if you haven’t an account yet. Once you are in, ensure you have nothing wrong with your address information.

Then, after checking the detailed information, just scroll down till the page ends and click ‘submit.’ After that, in seconds, you can already connect to your OhmConnect app. Is it done? Of course not. Then, what’s the next step to accomplish?

Additionally, PG&E may take up to two weeks to confirm your enrollment and start sharing your utility meter data with OhmConnect. Once everything is running, the bigger chance of saving and earning money is right in front of you!

OhmConnect Connecting SCE To Your App Energy Reviews

Now, if you are a user or homeowner with SCE, how will it be? For your information, we’ll provide you brief information on Connecting SCE To Your App Energy (re-authorization steps) since something wrong may happen!

OhmConnect Review: OhmConnect Connecting SCE To Your App Energy Reviews

Simply, of course, you need to login to your SCE account. After that, look for the ‘data sharing‘ in the toolbar (top of the page) and click it. Afterward, you’ll see the ‘Third Party Authorizations‘ button and press it to go to the next page.

Next, since you’re here to reauthorize your account, don’t forget to click ‘Revoke Authorization.’ In case you have multiple accounts, then you should revoke them all. Then, if you’ve done, you can sign in to your OhmConnect account.

If the login process is successful, you can easily connect your account to the utility there. Also, please note that it is important not to do multiple reauthorizations since it can delay the previous process. So, wasn’t that too simple?

OhmConnect Connecting SDG&E To Your App Energy Reviews

The last, what about the SDG&E utility? If you own this utility type, let’s not get worried since the understandable steps of Connecting SDG&E To Your App Energy are here. You want to get those rewards easily, don’t you?

OhmConnect Review: OhmConnect Connecting SDG&E To Your App Energy Reviews

Firstly, you need to log in to your OhmConnect dashboard. Then, on the settings page, search ‘Utility Account & Event Eligibility‘ and click the ‘Connect my Utility‘ button to go to your SDG&E login page. Then, what you should do next?

After that, once you’ve finished with the login, don’t forget to check your address information. Meanwhile, at the bottom side, you can click the ‘ongoing‘ button under data sharing options, and the last one is ‘submit.’ Do you get that?

How do I know that the whole process is accomplished?‘ It’s easy. Once the system brings you back to the OhmConnect dashboard, indicating that your connecting process is 100% successful and you have that reward-winning chance!

OhmConnect Pricing

Moving to the pricing section, how much does OhmConnect cost, do you think? You may not expect this before, but OhmConnect provides a free program for all customers.

Once again, this company will give you some money for saving electricity using their services. Further, you may click the following button to be the team member!

How Does OhmConnect Work?

After learning how to connect your app to the utilities, are you curious about how OhmConnect generally works? Let’s not miss the details below, then:

  1. Sign up to OhmConnect
  2. Second, connect your account to your matched utility (based on the place you live)
  3. Get a notification of ‘energy-saving events’ time from OhmConnect
  4. Power down your home’s energy (smart devices) as it’s scheduled by the system (up to 1 hour of energy-saving)
  5. In case you’re clueless about the details, the system has delivered the instructions together with the earlier notification (usually one day before)
  6. Get rewarded for joining the program (Watts)
  7. Redeem your Watts to cash through PayPal
  8. If you live in Texas, kindly click here!

So, since it’s 100% free, would you like to join the program?

OhmConnect Pros and Cons

What’s good and bad about this service provider? You have no better choice than exploring this pros and cons section:


  • Personalized energy-saving plans
  • Free service
  • Eco-friendly act
  • Reducing energy bills
  • Easy sign-up and treatment process
  • Get paid regularly


  • It seems a bit hard for customers outside Texas, New York, and California.

Who Is OhmConnect For?

After reading the entire review, can you infer who are the right customers to use this service? Since we don’t think kids must pay the bill, who else? Yes, homeowners are the right customers to use OhmConnect’s services.

Or, for those who suffer from having a high electricity bill, let’s start your energy-saving habit here and get paid instead!

OhmConnect Review: What Do Customers Think?

Is OhmConnect always good based on the customer’s honest opinion? We know you have been curious about this, so let’s get started.

OhmConnect Review: OhmConnect Review: What Do Customers Think?

Since it’s a free service, there should be more happy customers, right? On the Trustpilot, we found over 2.3k reviews with an average rating of 3.7/5.

Then, what do the customers say? Let’s be curious about that! And hey, we also bring some Reddit words, so don’t miss anything in front of you!

First, let’s read this customer’s honest review:

It’s a great way to save money and make it fun for the whole family to get involved in saving energy. Plus, they give us our results within 24 hours after the energy-saving hour ends.

So, who wants to start a good habit of electricity-saving with OhmConnect as this customer?

Now, you can’t say that OhmConnect is not worth it:

I am happy to have helpful customer service and rewards for reducing electricity use.

There’s no better thing than good customer service and a worth-it reward from OhmConnect. Who agrees?

Then, are you excited to see this Reddit user’s review?

It’s not a scam. I receive money for conserving energy during designated periods.

See? This company is far from a scam label. They’re reliable and benefit you a lot.

Last, this one is also from Reddit:

I was initially skeptical but was proved wrong. The company is legitimate, and I received my money back, also a free Nest thermostat, too.

Can you add another benefit after using an OhmConnect service? You must add more as this customer, we guess. Finally, what makes you still doubt about this super reliable company? You shouldn’t miss the following section, then!

Is OhmConnect Worth It?

Why do you still ask that question? Of course, OhmConnect is totally worth it for undebatable reasons. Since the beginning, the company has claimed that its service is fully free and accessible. In addition, what this company does is purely good to save your environment from the overusing of electricity.

Is OhmConnect Legit?

Yes, OhmConnect is legit and trusted. Even when you see it on Reddit, most customers say that OhmConnect is not a scam. Furthermore, the company’s customer service team is always there whenever you need them.

So, you can ask and share anything when something wrong happens before, during, and after OhmHour or AutoOhm (energy-saving events).

How To Contact OhmConnect?

A little informative talk with the customer service? Let’s see the list below:

  • Contact link: express your feelings here!
  • Social media: OhmConnect

Company Address

371 3rd St Fl 2, Oakland, California, 94607, United States.

Where to buy OhmConnect?

Can I get OhmConnect’s service anywhere? Of course, you can’t. The trusted site to have that super reliable service is through the company’s official site.

Further, you can read everything you need to know before joining the program there. Or if you want to download the app, it’s unavailable on the App Store. Instead, get it through this link!

OhmConnect Coupon Codes & Promos

What offers will you have in this company? Unfortunately, you’ll only have a referral program to get a sign up bonus and other benefits together with your friend. However, since it’s all free from the beginning, why do you still need this section?

Reveal all coupons

OhmConnect Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for OhmConnect reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is OhmConnect?

OhmConnect is a company that offers home energy-saving management supported by smart devices. Once you can save big on your energy bills, you’ll get paid!

What's the deal with OhmConnect?

OhmConnect joins in energy markets by bidding a certain rate for a specific amount of energy. If the bid is accepted, they must deliver and pay accordingly.

How much does OhmConnect cost?

Joining OhmConnect is free and requires no equipment installation. Additionally, the company does not access your billing or impact your power bill.

Who owns OhmConnect?

We have 3 important men in this company. They’re Cisco DeVries, Matt Duesterberg, and Cadir Lee.

Is OhmConnect safe?

Yes, using the service from OhmConnect is worry-free (safe), and they’re not a scam.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of OhmConnect Reviews & Ratings

So, who wants to start creating a good habit of electricity saving at home? You can freely do it anytime, as long as OhmConnect is still there to give you a hand. You have learned well about them, haven’t you?

In addition, since you have a problem with your keep-increasing energy bills and our Earth needs less electricity daily, we can say it’s a good step to start. Also, let’s have no worry about anything since the service is free. Instead, you’re the one who will get paid!


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