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Oh Happy Home Review 2024 → Wool Rug As Warm As Your Family

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About Oh Happy Home

Rugs are like a cozy hug for your home, bringing warmth and style. However, let’s get real: keeping them clean can be a struggle. But not with Oh Happy Home rugs, though. It turns the “Eww” into “Wow”.

Oh Happy Home Review: About Oh Happy Home
Image: ohhappyhome.com

Does your floor look empty? Bring Oh Happy Home to your space. This Australian company offers natural handmade rugs and homeware. Their collection exudes warmth, charm, and happiness in your home.

Besides, the company also practices good ethics. They earned the prestigious GoodWeave certification. Also, the brand prioritizes sustainability from material selection to the production process.

In addition, we are surprised that this label is repeatedly mentioned in popular media. Some of them are Peppermint, The Interiors Addict, and Home Beautiful. They get a lot of positive words here.

Their social media doesn’t disappoint, either. A lot of netizens hype the platform in the comment section. Furthermore, the brand collected 37.8k followers on Instagram and 10k on Facebook.

Therefore, if you are ready to have a beautiful rug that is easy to clean, please read this Oh Happy Home review. What you want, you get here. So, shall we begin with an overview?

Overview of Oh Happy Home

Creating products that make your home a happy place, tell a story, and make lasting memories is the dream of Amy Eaton. She is the founder of Oh Happy Home. Amy wants each of her products to bring warmth to families worldwide.

Besides, her three beautiful boys also inspired her to build this brand. Amy’s kids like making a mess at home like any other boy. Finally, she decided to design homewares suitable for a crowded home.

Then, machine-washable rugs were created. It is the best solution for homeowners dealing with active kids like Amy. Additionally, it’s effortless to clean and, of course, comfortable.

The brand upholds fair trade and sustainability. Every rug goes through an eco-friendly process and leaves little carbon behind. Also, they treat their workers with fairness and respect.

Moreover, a portion of their profit is donated to GoodWeave’s social programs in India, Nepal, or Afghanistan. These programs give children in these countries the opportunity to go to school.

Oh Happy Home Review

Each Oh Happy Home rug is a lovingly crafted masterpiece, handmade by skilled artisans. Thus, that’s what makes this brand different from factory-made rugs.

Oh Happy Home Reviews: Oh Happy Home Review

Life goes on, spills occur, and messes happen. But you don’t have to get upset cause this company provides machine-washable rugs. So, cleaning up is a breeze. You know, life is too short to stress about stains on the carpet.

Oh Happy Home Products

  • Rugs
    • Bath Mats
    • Braided Rugs
    • Hallway Runners
    • Jute Rugs
    • Kids Rugs
    • Washable Rugs
    • Wool Rugs

Furthermore, everyone can sit on the rug. Thus, the company ensures there are no harmful chemicals in their products. They only use non-toxic materials. Hence, it is safe for your family and loved ones.

Does it sound like a dream? It’s a dream come true at this company! Next, we will take you to this store’s 3 best-selling rugs. We promise to present it in detail and fun. Therefore, scroll down!

Oh Happy Home Cotton Berber Rug Reviews

Please meet the first rug that the brand produced, Cotton Berber Machine Washable Rug – Going Dotty Black. The design is still the same as the first time. It proves that great design is like fine wine.

Oh Happy Home Review: Oh Happy Home Cotton Berber Rug Reviews

Are you looking for a rug for kids or furry friends? Then, put this rug on your wishlist. It is made from 100% high-quality cotton yarn. The material creates a sense of comfort underfoot.

Furthermore, this rug is not for the bathroom. Still, the company offers an anti-slip mat for extra safety. This additional item ensures that the rug stays put, even in areas with playful pets and energetic kids.

Moreover, tragedies sometimes happen, but this rug lightens your burden coolly. This cotton rug is easily washable. You can put the smaller size directly into the washing machine. Then, you can go to the nearest laundry for the bigger size. Easy peasy!

Product Details

  • Material: 100% cotton yarn
  • Size options:
    • 150 x 195-210cm
    • 200 x 290-305cm

Therefore, gather with your precious family on this rug. You must pay $499.00 $299.40 (promo price!) to own it. The price is worth it for this rug’s comfort and convenience.

Oh Happy Home Deco Bath Mat Reviews

Don’t let your floor get wet because you stepped out of the shower without drying your feet. Otherwise, give your bathroom a spacious Deco Bath Mat.

Oh Happy Home Review: Oh Happy Home Deco Bath Mat Reviews

Pamper yourself with this soft 100% cotton mat. Your feet should feel the softness they deserve. Besides, it quickly dries your feet to the maximum.

In addition, you won’t slip at all! The light anti-slip sprayed on the back saves you from bathroom hazards. It gives you the confidence to step out of the shower without tiptoeing.

Oops! Did your shampoo spill on the bath mat? It’s okay since Spills and splashes are no match for this mat. It’s easy to clean and 100% washable. Thus, you can keep it fresh and pristine.

Product Details

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Size: 60 x 90cm
  • Colors: Terracotta, green, pink

The rug is an important thing in the bathroom. It can prevent you from slipping and dry your feet before stepping out. Thus, you should buy this bath mat for $69.00 $62.10.

Oh Happy Home Melaleuca Grey Wool Rug Reviews

Are you looking for a rug with a natural feel? If so, we highly recommend the Melaleuca Grey Wool Rug. It would be perfect for a home with a tropical or bohemian concept.

Oh Happy Home Review: Oh Happy Home Melaleuca Grey Wool Rug Reviews

This wool rug is hand-woven on felted yarn. As you can see, it has beautiful tassels on each end. Further, the natural, brown, blue, and pink blend adds a cheerful and soft impression to this rug.

Additionally, the main material is a blend of 75% New Zealand wool and 25% cotton. These two combos produce a warm and durable floor covering. Therefore, it can accompany you and your family for years to come.

But why choose wool? Besides its luxurious feel, a wool rug has other advantages. It’s fire retardant and resistant to dirt and liquids. So, this wool rug is a smart choice for a strong and durable carpet. Don’t you agree?

Product Details

  • Material: 75% New Zealand wool and 25% cotton
  • Size options:
    • 160 x 240cm
    • 200 x 300cm

So, you can get warmth and beautiful decor with this wool rug. Its unique look will make every guest ask, “Hey, where did you get this pretty rug?”. Therefore, grab it fast for $2,150.00 $1,505.00.

Oh Happy Home Pros & Cons

Before pressing the ‘check out button’, it would be nice to consider a few things first. So, you won’t feel sorry at the end. Here are the pros and cons of Oh Happy Home. Please check them out!


  • Wide range of rugs
  • Ethical craftmanship
  • Sustainable and natural materials
  • Goodweave certification
  • Machine washable rugs
  • Versatile style for every home
  • Anti-slip safety feature
  • Truly handmade
  • No child labour
  • Non-toxic fabrics
  • Provides various home decor
  • 14-day return
  • Free shipping
  • Worldwide delivery


  • The anti-slip mat is sold separately on some products
  • Several items are out of stock
  • The delivery process takes a bit longer

Who Is Oh Happy Home For?

After all we’ve been through, you can easily deduce the target of Oh Happy Home. That’s right! This brand caters for homeowners, interior design enthusiasts, or anyone who needs high-quality rugs.

Moreover, their collection is also friendly for kids and pets. It definitely makes parents or pet owners excited. Whatever the active behavior of kids and your furry friend, the company’s rugs can withstand it all.

Oh Happy Home Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

People mention: A picture is worth a thousand words. However, we can’t just infer from what we see on the screen. Thus, seeing Oh Happy Home from the customers’ side is also essential. Are you curious? Then, read the testimonials below!

Oh Happy Home Review: Oh Happy Home Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

A customer wrote:

Absolutely beautiful rug. The quality is amazing! Purchased for my son’s room. It’s very soft to the touch. He loves it. Fits the room perfectly and is what the room needs …

Do you want a rug for your boy? Look no further than this brand. It has a soft, strong rug to withstand your favourite child’s active behavior. We are sure he will love it.

Next, we find a happy buyer noted:

This bath mat is thick, soft and plush! It’s not slippery either – bonus! And it makes my bathroom instantly look like it belongs in a magazine! Love it so much!

Little things can make your room beautiful. That’s what this brand rug does. The design is so pretty that it makes your bathroom look stunning. Also, the fabric is thick, soft, and anti-slip.

Lastly, we include a comment from Reddit:

So glad I found this rug! Thick and well made, I love the variety of colours and shades; just the size I was looking for. Just as described, well packed for shipment…

As the customer mentioned above, the rug has exciting variations and colours. Its anti-mainstream design made this buyer fall in love with it instantly. Besides she also pointed out the satisfying thickness of the rug.

Therefore, the quality of this brand is in line with what the customer said. It is enjoyable to know people are satisfied with the quality of the rugs in person. Moreover, the beautiful design also makes the room look more attractive.

Is Oh Happy Home Worth It?

Everyone dreams of rugs that are warm, thick, and easy to clean. Oh Happy Home meets those criteria. Their machine-washable rugs are the perfect solution for busy households or families. Therefore, this brand is worth buying.

Oh Happy Home Review: Is Oh Happy Home Worth It?

Besides, are you someone who champions sustainability? It fits this company’s ideology. They only use natural and sustainable materials. Also, natural fabrics ensure the longevity of the product.

Furthermore, the attention to detail and handmade process makes us fall in love entirely. It is definitely superior to rugs made by convection. In addition, its unique design makes it different from regular rugs.

Oh Happy Home Shipping Policy

How long does Oh Happy Home take to deliver? Since all products are shipped from Perth, the company takes 10-12 days for delivery. Once you drop the order, the team processes it within 2 days. That’s fine cause it’s worth the wait.

Moreover, the company ships its soft rugs worldwide. Also, do you want to get free shipping? That’s easy! You just have to spend above $150. then you are free from shipping fee calculation in the checkout section.

Oh Happy Home Return Policy

Not happy with your Oh Happy Home purchase? It’s totally fine! You can email the company directly at [email protected]. They accept returns and exchanges within 14 of your purchase.

However, please keep it as a serious note. The company only approves items in a new state, unsoiled, and with tags attached. They are not responsible for errors from the customers themselves.

After the return is acted upon, the team will receive a purchase receipt. You must print it and attach it to the package. Then, you must drop it off at the Australian Post Office.

How To Contact Oh Happy Home

We hope you discover all the information you want. Nevertheless, if you’re still wondering about some things, go ask customer service. Here are some options to contact them:

Where to buy Oh Happy Home?

Are you captivated by the charm of these rugs? Or, if you want to see the rest of the collection, you can go to the official website. In addition, their collection is also available on Subiaco.

However, are you tired of online shopping? You can also go directly to the offline store. Thus, you can be satisfied to see and hold the rugs directly. Here are the locations:

Oh Happy Home Address
1714 Albany Hwy
Kenwick WA 6107, Australia

Oh Happy Home Coupon Codes & Promos

Since Black Friday is approaching, Oh Happy Home has special offers for you. Therefore, make sure you follow all the promos!

  • Get up to 60% off on Black Friday event
  • Receive 10% off on your first purchase by joining the mailing list
  • Use coupon code SMILE to earn 30% off your order
  • Enjoy 25% off on any order with discount code ANTIHERO

Reveal all coupons
Oh Happy Home

Oh Happy Home Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Oh Happy Home reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Does Oh Happy Home ship to South Africa?

Unfortunately, the company does not ship to South Africa.

Who owns Oh Happy Home?

The owner of this label is Amy Eaton.

Is Oh Happy Home rugs washable?

Yes, it is. The company is well-known for its machine washable rugs. People can easily clean the rug deeply.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Oh Happy Home Reviews & Ratings

Now, your rug dilemma problem that has lasted for years is over. Thanks to the presence of Oh Happy Home. They bring the best quality rugs to every home around the world. There are so many various rugs and mats for the living room and bathroom.

In addition, each rug is handmade by skilled artisans, making it a timeless home decor over time. So, are you ready to say “Oh Happy Home” every time you step through your door? Go to the official site right now because happiness is just a rug away!


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