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About O2VAPE

Health awareness, such as traditional smokers switching to e-cigarettes or vaporizers, is a positive trend. If you want to join this positive trend, we recommend O2VAPE as your hunt destination.

O2VAPE Review: About O2VAPE
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O2VAPE is a US Veteran-owned company that sells high-quality portable vaping products. They strictly control their supply chain consistently. Thus, materials, design, and operation safety are maintained very well.

In addition, its innovative products, such as vape pens and Dryonic vaporizers, have simple designs with minimal setup. So, whether you’re a beginner or an old hand, O2VAPE is still the best choice!

No wonder they’re a safe source for innovative vape technology, with over 165k followers on Facebook and Instagram. They were also featured in media publications, including NassD, MJ Brand Insights, Green Entrepreneur, and Vaping 360.

Still, you would agree the vaporizer industry has been increasing. Accordingly, hundreds of different vaping products have stormed the market. So why choose an O2VAPE?

With the O2VAPE review, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for. See how this brand stands out from the rest.

Overview of O2VAPE

In 2014, Dana E. Shoched, a Navy Veteran, founded O2VAPE to manufacture vaping products for consumers and wholesalers. She established this vaporizing brand as a safe source for innovative vape technology.

This premium vaporizer brand is dedicated to advancing the vape pen industry with its innovative products. They want to give vape pen enthusiasts easy access to the best quality products and latest designs.

Accordingly, its reliable vape pen batteries and superior cartridge technology are tested for quality and safety. Thus, the brand can achieve its goals perfectly.

Furthermore, they don’t even recommend and condone any illegal substances in their products. Their vape oil pens, wax pens, cartridges, and herbal vaporizers are unfilled and safe.

O2VAPE Review

As a vaporizing company, O2VAPE provides products with simple designs. So you can use them easily.

O2VAPE Reviews: O2VAPE Review

Oil vape pens and dryonic vaporizers all come with minimal setup. Discover a range of other vaporizing products of the highest quality.

O2VAPE Product Collections

Besides selling vaporizing products to individual consumers, the brand also offers wholesale. Ranging from wholesale vape cartridges, vape pens, complete vape pen kits, and bulk 510 screw batteries, all come with a hassle-free sales system.

Working with O2VAPE will always be a pleasure. Check out the wholesale vape pens page for more information.

Back to the product collection, we want you to see how the quality is more detailed. Therefore, we’ll review some of the most popular collections online in more depth. So, without further ado, let’s start!

O2VAPE Flip Ultra Reviews

Introducing the Flip Ultra, the most advanced patented Flip vape pen. This vape comes in a new design.  It is compatible with all cartridges, including wider cartridges such as Vari-Flow and All-Glass cartridges.

O2VAPE Review: O2VAPE Flip Ultra Reviews

In addition, the brand designed this advanced and popular flip pen by taking the best vapes and making them even better through advanced technology. Thus, you can get a deeper insight into vaping.

Not only that, but you get more comfort and flexibility. Also, all Key FOB-style vapes have the highest technology available and added security.


  • Puff counter display & digital battery level
  • 650 mah battery capacity
  • USB-C lighting & charging
  • Auto On/Off Flip Lock
  • 2.1 to 4.8V voltage range

When you encounter problems related to Flip Ultra, how does Flip Ultra loading check? Check the flip ultra short circuit or flip ultra instructions on the FAQ page. If you still have questions, contact the customer service team immediately.

Get this patented vape battery exclusively at the O2VAPE online store. Starting from just $56.95, this most advanced 510 key FOB vape pen is presently yours.

O2VAPE Lil Bitty Reviews

Since the beginning, O2VAPE has been the most reliable name for 510-thread batteries and vape pens. They continue to use it for its many benefits, including compatibility, ease of use, portability, and affordability.

O2VAPE Review: O2VAPE Lil Bitty Reviews

Like one of its 510 thread collections, Lil Bitty! This variable voltage vape pen battery is the latest innovation. The brand designed it to feature a modern style with a discreet look.

It also can regulate voltage from 3.4V to 4.0V for compatibility with a wide range of oils. Another great advantage is the long battery life with its powerful 650 mAh battery. Thus, you’ll get longer sessions and less frequent recharges.


  • Compact, stylish, discreet and powerful
  • 3.4V to 4.0V variable voltage
  • The long-lasting battery capacity of 650 mAh

Enjoy the ultimate vaping experience with Lil Bitty’s variable voltage vape pen battery. It allows you to use just the right amount of power. So you can use ceramic vape cartridges and find enough power for a big cloud.

Or, if you’re looking for a traditional polycarbonate cartridge that’s smooth and easy to pull out, this is the answer. Get legendary quality worry-free for $27.99.

O2VAPE Traveler Extreme Vari – Vape Reviews

Do you prefer the disposable vape series? Suppose you prefer the convenience of disposable vape pens but don’t want to compromise on the quality of your vaping experience. In that case, the Traveler Extreme Vari-Vape is the perfect choice.

O2VAPE Review: O2VAPE Traveler Extreme Vari – Vape Reviews

Traveler Extreme Vari-Vape with attachable variable voltage is a sleek pod model. It is also discreet and easy to carry anywhere. Another advantage is that this disposable vape is durable, lightweight, and rechargeable.

The brand packed this vari vape with the most features of any disposable vape pen ever. Even the brand spent many hours in the lab to create this vape to give you the best disposable vape.

With this Vape Traveler, you’ll always get the cleanest and smoothest results. Moreover, its complete elements, such as the preheat function, ceramic heating element, and variable voltage, allow compatibility with the widest range of favorite oils.


  • 5 ml and 1 ml capacity
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Offers Preheating function
  • 3.0V, 3.4V, 3.8V variable voltage
  • Compatibility with all oils
  • Rechargeable battery with Micro USB port
  • Draw time up to 9 seconds

This disposable vape pen is very affordable. With prices starting at $11.24, a high-quality disposable vape pen can be yours.

For a non-disposable option, you can also find other variable mini vape pens like the Nano vari-vape 510 battery. So, if you’re not a fan of disposable vape pens but want a small and portable size, we recommend this one.

O2VAPE Pros and Cons

We want to provide complete information in this review article. Therefore, we prepared O2VAPE pros and cons in the table below. See the points.


  • Offers premium quality
  • Affordable price
  • Easy-to-use features
  • Using high-end components
  • Continuously refining the design for a better vaping experience
  • Free shipping on orders over $64.99
  • Ships internationally
  • 30 days return 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Helpful and outstanding customer service


  • Several fees must be paid during a warranty claim

Who is O2VAPE For?

It is a safe source of innovative vape technology. Therefore, O2VAPE is suitable for everyone who vapes. But, there are some specifications that you may adjust, such as the brand’s claim that its vape collection is not for use with nicotine e-liquids.

The vape collection emits a vapor that will not disturb the people around you. So, this is great for those who like to vape but are around children or older people.

Its simple design with minimal settings will help beginners or those who like simplicity. Moreover, its small size is suitable for traveling and carrying anywhere.

O2VAPE Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

O2VAPE will take you to the most enjoyable shopping experience. Its top-quality products bring a lot of positive feedback from customers.

O2VAPE Review: O2VAPE Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

You can see many testimonials from customers on the site. Also, see the ratings of the collections, such as the  ratings of the following 3 best products:

  1. Flip Ultra rated 5/5 based on 384 reviews
  2. Lil Bitty rated 5/5 out of 30 reviews
  3. Traveler Extreme Vari – Vape 5/5 from 1 review

So, what do people say about the brand’s vape? See what this happy buyer said:

I’ve tried many vaping pens. The 02Vape was amazing. I have refilled the cartridge many times, and it is well made. Fast charging, easily portable, smooth vaping! Love it. Will be getting a dry herb vape soon.

A customer who has tried many vape pens says that 02Vape is outstanding. Its compact design, features, and quality make him very satisfied.

Beyond the outstanding product quality, other customers are happy with the service from customer support. One customer said:

Thanks for your prompt reply. Your customer service is first class. You have a real understanding of the requirements to keep my business up and running. I would like to work with you again and will continue working with you … 

The conclusion is that O2VAPE is exceptional! They provide the best shopping experience in terms of quality and service. That’s why many of their customers leave positive reviews and high ratings.

Is O2VAPE Legit?

Of course! O2VAPE is a legit brand. It was founded on the idea of a Navy Veteran who is very protective of her organization’s reputation. But does it truly guarantee the brand’s reputation?

Another reason this brand is legit is that it is a member of the California NORML. The BBB-accredited business website also accredits it.

Even the brand prohibits its users from using any illegal substances and doesn’t manufacture products for use with illegal substances. So, there is nothing else you need to worry about.

Is O2VAPE Worth It?

There must be a reason why we highly recommend it on our article site. If you want to know more, this section will answer why O2VAPE is worth it.

O2VAPE Review: Is O2VAPE Worth It?

So, the first thing that makes this brand worthy is its high-quality products. The brand uses high-quality ingredients and vaporizers that are proven to withstand daily use. They have even tested the durability of all their products thoroughly.

Besides the high quality, the brand offers a lifetime warranty on all its vaporizers. Thus, you can see that the brand dares to guarantee its quality.

The next thing that makes the brand stand out is the thoughtful and easy-to-use product design. The brand creates its entire collection with a simple design. So, anyone can use it with minimal setup.

Moreover, its small size makes it easy to carry around. It also emits a vapor that won’t disturb the people around you. This is the best solution!

Last but not least, customer service is important. Therefore, the brand comes with helpful sales representatives. They are ready to assist you and satisfy you with the products.

O2VAPE Shipping Policy

It’s great that the brand offers international shipping. So you can have these high-quality vaporizers wherever you are. Then what about the cost?

Free shipping on orders over $64.99. All shipping costs are automatically calculated during checkout. The cost will vary depending on your shipping address. 

The brand processes and ships orders before 1 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. All orders are shipped using a variety of shipping methods.

But if you want overnight delivery, you must order before 14:00. EST Monday – Friday. So the package can leave the warehouse on the same day.

Once the brand ships your order, they will send a tracking number to your email address. So you can monitor your order until it arrives at your doorstep.

O2VAPE Return Policy

According to the brand’s policy, all accessories except vaporizers/batteries and cartridges can be returned within 30 days, but you must pay 15% for the restocking fee.

Before returning your ordered product, you must contact the customer service team to get an RMA number. Then, send the item with the RMA number. If there are still things you don’t understand, please contact the customer support team to assist you.

O2VAPE Warranty Policy

O2VAPE products come with a warranty that you can claim except for Accessories, Cartridges, Disposables, Vape filling machines, and Vape pen mods. However, you must pay the cost of the evaluation, handling, and warranty process.

Each product is charged differently, starting from $9.99 to $49.99. See the warranty policy page for more details.

How to Contact O2VAPE

Talking to one of the customer service representatives is easy. Get in touch below if you have any questions about O2VAPE vaporizer products.

Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST. Therefore, if you have any questions outside of these hours, please submit your questions via email or by filling out the Contact Form.

Where to buy O2VAPE?

Can I find the O2VAPE collection at retailers? You may find some of the products at retailers. However, we recommend you shop through the official website. Thus, get authentic products, sales, warranty, and other policies.

O2VAPE Coupon Codes & Promos

One of the advantages of shopping at the official website is the attractive discounts and promos you can claim on your purchase. Here’s a list of the discounts and promos:

  • Visit the clearance/sale page for products at great prices
  • Military and Veterans discount: Simply sign in through the “Get Code” link to enjoy a full 25% OFF on all products
  • Unlock 15% OFF when you subscribe to the newsletter
  • Click the button below in our article to get a discount code

Reveal all coupons

O2VAPE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for O2VAPE reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How does O2VAPE work?

So, when air is inhaled, the airflow activates the atomizer. Then, the cartridge starts heating the liquid and turning it into vapor. Thus, you can enjoy the vapor.

Why is my O2VAPE blinking blue?

It often happens when your battery is low because it goes into low-voltage mode. So, that mode will show the battery LED flashing 10 to 15 times when the button is pressed.

How do you charge an O2VAPE pen?

Simply twist the battery into the USB charger (don’t twist too tightly). Then, plug the USB charger into the USB port. Accordingly, the red light will turn on to indicate the battery is charging.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of O2VAPE Reviews & Ratings

We highly recommend O2VAPE if you want safe, high-quality vape products at an affordable price. They take great care of their quality so you can have the most enjoyable shopping experience.

Moreover, its innovative design with easy settings is perfect for anyone, whether beginner or pro. So, no need to worry about finding a safe vaporizing place because O2VAPE is the answer!


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