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About Nu Image Medical

Nowadays, many people start doing weight loss programs to have the ideal weight. Unfortunately, if this is not supervised by a professional, it will impact your health. Fortunately, Nu Image Medical offers you weight loss treatment in a modern way!

Nu Image Medical Review: About Nu Image Medical

Nu Image Medical is a telemedicine platform ready to help you easily access virtual telecommunication for your medical needs. Thanks to its technology, it allows communication between you and the medical staff with perfect precision and comfort.

You can access it through online video and phone. Thus, it can cover long distances and provide easy communication wherever you are. Also, it can improve access to medical services that aren’t usually easily accessible to distant rural communities.

Through its telemedicine platform, the brand specializes in weight loss, hormone replacement, sexual enhancement, and general health. They will help you achieve optimum health and wellness through futuristic methods.

With a sizable social community of 13k followers on Facebook, 12.9k on Instagram, and 2.9k on Twitter, the brand has achieved 500K+ doctor consultations through its platforms.

But with all this fuss, are you still wondering if the brand is as good as it sounds? In this Nu Image Medical review, we try to figure it out. Looking into the company profile, exploring its best programs, listening to customer feedback, and more, keep reading to find its worth.

Overview of Nu Image Medical

Established in 2008, founder Andreas Dettlaff offers a unique blend of executive acumen and IT solution development credited with substantial technical and operational improvements at Nu Image Medical.

So, using its futuristic methods, Nu Image Medical aims to provide superior medical assistance and patient access to quality prescription drugs and supplements more conveniently and easily. 

Through its online digital health platform, the brand, also known as telemedicine, established itself as a leader in regenerative medicine and the telehealth industry. They have also set the standard for patients who wish to receive unlimited expert medical care.

In addition, to secure the health information of its patients, Nu Image Medical works closely with professional medical advisors who even have certain specialized certifications.

Nu Image Medical Review

Nu Image Medical is a direct-to-consumer digital health company specialising in physician-supervised weight loss and wellness programs. They have a team of licensed physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals across the USA.

Nu Image Medical Reviews: Nu Image Medical Review

This company offers a variety of services, including:

Weight Loss
  • All Weight-loss Programs
  • WAYT-Less
  • WAYT-Tain
  • Diet Guidelines
  • Ultra Burn
  • B12 Injections
  • Testosterone
  • Growth Hormone
  • All Hormones
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Scream Climax Repeat
  • Hair Loss / Hair Growth
  • Trazodone (for insomnia)

Numerous customers had positive feedback regarding the services offered by the brand. As a result, we will provide an overview of some of their highly sought-after services. To learn more, kindly continue reading the next section!

Nu Image Medical Mt.Everest Reviews

It’s not a secret that most men over 40 experience mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. It certainly makes you lose confidence in bed. Say no more because the Nu Image Medical Mt.Everest will help you!

Nu Image Medical Review: Nu Image Medical Mt.Everest Reviews

Mt.Everest combines brand-exclusive medicines and is prescription only. It helps treat erectile dysfunction and sexual performance issues. Additionally, there are 3 main ingredients inside Generic Tadalafil Cialis + Oxytocin + PT-141.

So, what does Generic Tadalafil Cialis + Oxytocin + PT-141 do?

  • Generic Tadalafil Cialis: works to maximize erections by improving blood flow to the penis for up to 36 hours.
  • Oxytocin: a muscle-boosting hormone that can intensify orgasm and sexual response for sexual pleasure
  • PT-141: also known as an aphrodisiac, works to stimulate the nervous system to increase blood flow for an erection, as well as increase sexual desire and arousal

Moreover, this Mt.Everest allows you to benefit from 3 drugs at once in one Rapid Dissolve Tablet (RDT). As a result, it will enable the drugs to be ingested quickly, up to 60 minutes, compared to regular generic tablets.

Mt.Everest Benefits:

  • Combat ED & sexual anxiety
  • Decrease premature ejaculation
  • Increase sexual desire
  • Start working faster than generic meds

So, don’t waste time to maximize your erection and increase your sexual desire in bed. Get this Mt.Everest now!

Nu Image Medical WAYT-less Reviews

Don’t let your diet stress you out! Start your healthy diet journey with Nu Image Medical WAYT-less! These 60 capsules will help you control your appetite, slow down the digestion of carbohydrates and decrease the absorption of dietary fat.

Nu Image Medical Review: Nu Image Medical WAYT-less Reviews

Medical WAYT-less is a diet capsule that helps you achieve fast and sustainable weight loss. It is the perfect obesity-fighting solution if combined with a low-calorie diet and exercise program.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about taking these capsules in your daily routine, as they are divided into 2 daily doses: Acarbose 30mg + Orlistat 100mg and Low Dose Naltrexone 10mg.

So, what does Low Dose Naltrexone & Acarbose + Orlistat do?

  • Low Dose Naltrexone: helps suppress appetite and control cravings
  • Acarbose (Precose): works by slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates, helping control blood sugar and weight loss
  • Orlistat: reduces the amount of dietary fat absorbed in the intestines, thus aiding the process of sustained weight loss

By choosing this WAYT-less capsule, means you support a healthy weight loss program. It will help you suppress your appetite, reducing calorie intake without causing discomfort or lack of energy.

WAYT-less Benefits:

  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Controls Cravings
  • Regulates Blood Sugar
  • Improves Digestion
  • Blocks Absorption of Sugar, Carbohydrates and Fats
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Lowers Insulin Resistance
  • Lowers Inflammation
  • Lower Lipids

Further, the components in WAYT-less will work together to create a natural calorie deficit by reducing the absorption of carbohydrates and lipids. Also, it even helps stabilize post-meal glucose spikes and regulate sugar levels.

Nu Image Medical NuDew Reviews

Hair loss is one of the universal problems that cause people to lose confidence, regardless of gender or ethnicity. Fortunately, Nu Image Medical’s NuDew helps you tackle this problem head-on!

Nu Image Medical Review: Nu Image Medical NuDew Reviews

NuDew is an innovative and medically supervised hair loss solution. It can help boost your hair growth, restoring the look of beautiful and shiny hair.

Likewise, NuDew contains 3 powerful ingredients, namely:

  • Topical Minoxidil: fertilizes your hair by stimulating hair regrowth and slow balding.
  • Ketoconazole: helps treat fungal infections affecting your scalp, stubborn dandruff and psoriasis
  • Finasteride: acts like a shield, blocking those pesky horomones in your scalp responsible for hair loss

Moreover, this hair loss treatment contains the added benefit of Dutasteride to shape and maximize your hair growth. This formulation is available in gel application and consists of topical Minoxidil, ketoconazole, finasteride, and Dutasteride. 

NuDew Benefits:

  • Prevent Hair Loss
  • Increase Hair Growth
  • Maintain Healthy Hair
  • 3-in-1 / 4-in-1 Cost-Effective Treatments

All in all, NuDew Max comes with all the essentials needed to prevent further hair loss. So, maximize your growth potential now!

Nu Image Medical Weight Loss Reviews

We understand that healthy and proper weight loss is important to you. Hence, start right with the Nu Image Medical Weight Loss medications!

Nu Image Medical Review: Nu Image Medical Weight Loss Reviews

This diet program will help you lose weight in an ideal, prescription-based, and medically supervised manner. One of the programs, WAY-less, combines 3 weight-loss medications.

Apart from that, the brand also provides the following GLP-1 drugs:

  • WEGOVY: is a 1x a week prescription medication. It is intended for the treatment of overweight and obesity.
  • OZEMPIC: a once-weekly injectable GLP-1 receptor agonist indicated for treating type 2 diabetes and weight control.
  • RYBELSUS: the only oral GLP-1 drug indicated for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and to stabilize blood sugar.

Furthermore, WAYT-less contains acarbose, orlistat, and low-dose naltrexone. All of them help you lose weight significantly. You only need to take 2 tablets daily to see results. Get started right now!

Nu Image Medical Pros and Cons

Before making any purchase, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of the brand. This way, you can ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. So, let’s take a closer look at the brand’s pros and cons below!


  • The most trusted online provider of prescriptions, supplements, and services offering a new and futuristic approach
  • Offers many health programs starting from weight loss, Hormones, Hair, Sex, and many others
  • The active pharmaceutical ingredients used are FDA-approved and follow strict United States Pharmacopeia (USP) guidelines¬†
  • Offers a low budget
  • Easy website access
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • Get lots of positive reviews


  • It doesn’t provide detailed product delivery information

How Does Nu Image Medical Works

Are you getting interested in Nu Image Medical? Then consider how its Telemedicine service works below:

  1. Instant online visit: In this online visit, you can provide 411 historical information stating your health, prescriptions, and specific health needs.
  2. Two-day delivery: The brand prepares everything you need, including the diet program and the medication that suits your needs, and has gone through a licensed doctor’s recommendation. Then they deliver it with 2-day express delivery, which is standard for all approved treatments.
  3. Continuous care: Contact the brand team to discuss your treatment updates. Also, you can ask any other questions you may have.

So, you just need to login to the website to get access to your personal health information. Then you can check what prescriptions you got and refill your previously prescribed medicines.

If you have already logged into your account, choose which program you prefer according to your health problem. Then, enter your email for the next steps according to what the brand sends.

Who Is Nu Image Medical For?

Are you struggling to lose weight? If that’s your problem, then Nu Image Medical is the solution. The brand offers the best solution with amazing diet plans for overweight people. From HCG diets or other weight loss diets, the brand will help you.

Nu Image Medical Review: Who Is Nu Image Medical For?

Besides weight loss, the brand also offers health services to optimize growth hormone levels in adults with testosterone therapy services. So you can stay active and look fresh as you age.

Moreover, at that age, sexual ability usually decreases. However, don’t be sad because the brand has services for those with sexual problems. They will help you with the sexual health you dream of as a couple. In addition, their confidential and professional care allows you to access FDA-approved generic prescription drugs for a better sex life.

While the hair care program will help those of you, who have problems with your hair, whether it’s baldness, alopecia, and more, the brand presents prescription solutions to help overcome these conditions.

So, overall, the brand helps those of you with health problems with the best services that bring a lot of conveniences. You, who are usually lazy if you must leave the house to go to a clinic, can consult comfortably at home.

Nu Image Medical Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The brand claims that since 2008, they have been making its clients happy. But are their clients pleased? Let’s prove it in this section.

Nu Image Medical Review: Nu Image Medical Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

So, in this section, we list some of the patients reviews about how the brand serves its patients that we found on its official website. The brand gets 4.2/5 from 45k patient reviews on its official website.

In addition, we also found experience reviews from its clients on the Trustpilot website, which has a rating of 4.1/5 out of 934 reviews. So, let’s get started with the review!

The first review comes from Debbie S., who had an experience with Nu Image Medical for her weight loss program. She was so pleasantly impressed with the wonderful service. She was also pleased with the helpful staff, who responded promptly and satisfactorily.

I was very impressed with Nu Image and the crew! The excellent service I have ever experienced. Every inquiry I’ve made has always been answered in a timely manner! I’m delighted that I chose Nu Image for my diet program.

Next, one of the patients, named Salman, wrote a review about his satisfaction with the fast service and very affordable prices. He even recommended it to all his friends and family. He said:

I genuinely appreciate your fast service. I specifically liked the way you provided this service at a very affordable price. I even recommended this website to all my family and friends. Thanks again.

The last review is from a customer who gave a rating of 5 thanks to the best experience she had. Start with the website’s easy registration and the pleasant shopping and service process.

5 stars! Thank you for making the experience of registering and shopping on your website so easy and enjoyable, I really want to say a big thank you. A refreshing change compared to some other sites. Well done.

Overall, from the three reviews above, the brand proves its mission to help customers and provide convenience with its best services. The positive reviews make the brand deserve a high score!

Is Nu Image Medical Legit?

As an online service, it is important to know about its legitimacy. Therefore, this section will discuss whether Nu Image Medical is legit.

Nu Image Medical has been in the business for 15 years. With its experience in the world of telemedicine services, the brand certainly knows what customers need most. Hence, they deliver comfort and convenience with their futuristic online approach.

Moreover, they use 256-bit secure SSL encryption to protect all your information, which is always secured safely. They never share your information with anyone so that you can shop with peace of mind.

In addition, with more than 500K customers who have consulted with professional doctors through its platform, this proves how the brand has gained the trust and is chosen by customers who need help from its services.

Not to mention, its popularity on social media, as evidenced by its 29k followers, is proof of how many are interested in its services. So, from these points, we can conclude that Nu Image Medical is legit!

Is Nu Image Medical Worth It?

Nu Image Medical is absolutely worth it for people looking for a physician-supervised weight loss and wellness program. This brand offers a fresh and futuristic approach to achieving optimal fitness and health.

Apart from its exceptional expertise and approach, the brand also provides superior medical assistance and patient access to quality prescription drugs and supplements more easily and conveniently.

So you don’t have to bother leaving your home to go to a doctor’s clinic, which will consume a lot of energy and expenses. Only through virtual access can you enjoy the best service and optimal results.

The amazing diet treatment plans, superior ingredients prescribed by professional doctors, and the futuristic online approach have made it socially popular.

Nu Image Medical Shipping Policy

Once you have properly completed your order and authorization of your form of payment is received, the brand will process your order and products for shipment. The brand ships all products you purchase from its Site to shipping carriers.

Unfortunately, we have very little information about shipping orders, so if you have any questions about our shipping policy, please contact our customer service team for details.

Nu Image Medical Return Policy

Because their medications are specific to you and cannot be used for other patients, all Nu Image Medical treatment purchases are final. As such, you can’t return for replacement and cannot receive a refund even if you have not used the medication.

However, the brand cares that you receive a high-quality product ready to use. Therefore, if you receive a defective or damaged product, you can exchange the product by submitting a ticket through the online form. Then the brand will contact you and coordinate the exchange.

Also, since the brand doesn’t inform you of the deadline for submitting a ticket for exchanging defective or damaged products, we recommend contacting the brand as soon as possible after receiving your order.

How To Contact Nu Image Medical

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Nu Image Medical offers patient support 7 days a week by responding within 24 hours. So, feel free to ask anything anytime, and the team will happily reply to your message as soon as possible.

You can send your message by completing the contact form on the website. Alternatively, you can also send your message to [email protected].

Besides that, if you want to talk directly to a customer representative, what phone number can you call? You can call +1 888-520-3438 to get the answers you want.

Where to buy Nu Image Medical?

Since the brand doesn’t accept orders from dealers, wholesalers, or other customers who intend to resell the goods they offer, you can only purchase products and access their services on their official website.

Nu Image Medical Coupon Codes & Promos

Getting a discounted price is a nice thing for a buyer. Therefore, we recommend you join as a member and register your email to get some discount codes that the brand sends via email at certain events. In addition, you can also get some exciting coupon codes by clicking the button below.

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Nu Image Medical Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Nu Image Medical reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Nu Image Medical?

According to information we got from LinkedIn, Andreas Dettlaff is the founder and owner of Nu Image Medical.

How much does Nu Image Medical cost?

Each service has a different total cost because the drugs are different. So, the cost will depend on what services you take and what prescription drugs will be given to you.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Nu Image Medical Reviews & Ratings

A better plan and medication can start your journey to a healthier and happier you! Nu Image was one of the first Medical Esthetics that you could choose to achieve health and happiness more easily.

You can access it virtually without spending much time and effort going to the clinic. Moreover, the friendly staff, professional doctors, and effective medicines help you achieve your happiness goals. So, choose and try their services for your health needs right now!


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