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NOVA of California Review 2024 → Arc Lamp To Light Up Your Home

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About NOVA of California

Lights in our homes play a critical role, right? They’re like the magic touch that makes a room come alive. But, finding the proper lighting that also looks stunning can be tricky. That’s where NOVA of California jumps in with a cape!

NOVA of California Review: About NOVA of California

NOVA of California is a company that offers a wide range of distinctive lighting and home decor. This Los Angeles-based brand is ready to transform your living room with original designs that blend form and function seamlessly.

In addition, the company also captures attention on social media. You can visit their platform to see the enthusiasm of netizens. Also, they have nearly 10k followers on Facebook, 7k+ on Instagram, and 1k+ on Twitter.

Are you ready to meet the coolest lights ever? Thus, follow us in this NOVA of California review. We’ll show you everything this company provides for your space. Let’s get started!

Overview of NOVA of California

The origin story of NOVA of California goes back even before you were born. The company was first established in 1923 by three brothers, Israel Langbaum, David Moscowitz, and Murray Moskowitz.

The three of them had a vision to bring light and warmth to their fellow Brooklynites. After several twists and turns, the founders finally managed to open showrooms in Chicago.

In 1962, the company added arc lamps to its lineup. They brought in samples from Italy and started making special versions for the American audience. As a result, the company became known as the “King of Arc lamps.”

For almost one century, the label did a lot of development. The peak was when the LED technology era entered. A lot of designs were overhauled to get new models. Until today, the NOVA design team is optimistic about exploring new illumination ideas and tech.


  • Almost 100 years experience
  • True materials
  • Original design
  • Easy 30-day return
  • Fres shipping for retail orders
  • 5-year warranty

NOVA of California Review

The original design is something that stands out from NOVA of California. The brand always tries to make its products look unique and fit every owner’s character.

NOVA of California Reviews: NOVA of California Review

Lamps are indeed the main product of this company. But as we said earlier, this company also sells some home decor. It also has a unique design. All your guests absolutely would be amazed.

NOVA of California Products

Besides, their collections have heirloom quality. It means they use only the finest materials to create each piece of furniture. What’s more, the label’s line of products is handcrafted.

It’s time to say hello to the 4 most wanted products. You will see the details of each lighting and home decor, complete with the price. Therefore, don’t waste any more time and scroll down!

NOVA of California Half Moon Floor Lamp Reviews

The first product we will discuss is the Half Moon Floor Lamp. This transitional floor lamp ends your search for the ideal lighting. Likewise, it has a stunning dark brown color and a brushed nickel finish.

NOVA of California Review: NOVA of California Half Moon Floor Lamp Reviews

This floor lamp is more than just a light source for your room. It is an eye-catching decoration with its contemporary design. Besides, the Etruscan gold linen shade is the main highlight, bringing a layer of glamor.

Sleek, weathered brass-finished steel is the primary material of this lamp. It is meticulously crafted and paired with gray MDF wood. Also, the white linen lampshade comes as a luxurious complement and emits a soft light.

In addition, this brand surely includes functionality in this lamp. The easy-to-use 4-way rotary switch offers complete control over the brightness levels. You can adjust the ambiance to match any occasion.

Half Moon Floor Lamp Details

  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Dimension: 9 × 18 × 63 in
  • Base material: steel
  • Voltage: 120
  • Bulb type: medium (E26) and incandescent

Thus, this luxurious lamp is ready to become a star in your living room. Unique design and sturdy material definitely make your space more beautiful. You can bring this lighting home by paying $239.99.

NOVA of California Rancho Mirage 84″ Arc Lamp Reviews

Who is a fan of mid-century here? Come on over because the Rancho Mirage 84″ 3 Light Arc Lamp in Weathered Brass with Matte Black/Gold Leaf Shade and Dimmer Switch could be one of your newest obsessions.

NOVA of California Review: NOVA of California Rancho Mirage 84″ Arc Lamp Reviews

Classic might be the right word to describe the design. It has a brass finish and a distinctive tiered matte black color. But what is genuinely alluring is the gold leaf finish under the lampshade. As a result, it creates a family-warm atmosphere.

Moreover, this lamp offers flexibility like no other. The trio of shades can gracefully fan out according to your preference. Isn’t it so cool? You can place this lamp in the living room, making it a charming focal point above the sofa.

Furthermore, you can adjust your lighting experience with the built-in dimmer switch. From cozy evenings to festive parties, you have the power to set the mood just right. Its lighting is tailored to your needs.

Rancho Mirage Arc Lamp Details

  • Weight: 76 lbs
  • Dimension: 51 × 52 × 87 in
  • Base material: marble
  • Voltage: 120
  • Bulb type: type A and E26
  • Additional feature: compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, and Apple Home

For those who want lighting with a mid-century style, this vintage arc lamp comes to the forefront. Its classic design makes your room timeless. Order it at $639.99.

NOVA of California Port 35″ Table Lamp Reviews

Hey, have you chosen a lamp for your reading room? Don’t choose the ordinary one if you can select the Port 35″ Table Lamp in Charcoal Gray and Satin Nickel with Touch Dimmer Switch. This spotlight table lamp has lighting you can focus on at one point.

NOVA of California Review: NOVA of California Port 35″ Table Lamp Reviews

The port table lamp combines the timeless appeal of the solid wood charcoal shade with the brilliance of modern LED lights. Also, the LED can be switched between comfortable light for reading and full lighting.

Additionally, we are impressed by the integrated USB innovation on this lamp. You can charge your devices without having to look for a power outlet. Besides, you can connect this lamp with Apple Home, Echo, Google Assistant, and Amazon.

Some types of spotlight table lamps do have a unique style. The same as this port table lamp. Likewise, the modern design with an elongated top makes the light closer to your desired object. Thus, reading hundreds of pages is no problem with this lamp.

Port 35″ Table Lamp Details

  • Bulb wattage: max 60W
  • Cord color: clear
  • Switch type: touch-dimmer
  • Voltage: 120
  • Bulb type: LED and E26
  • Additional feature: compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, and Apple Home

So, you have found a soulmate for your books. With this LED lamp, your eyes can be comfortable even for reading hundreds of pages of books. You only need to prepare a budget of $159.99 to get this lamp.

NOVA of California Hand Sanitizer Floor Stand Dispenser Reviews

Hand sanitizer is a crucial thing to have in every home, hotel, and other places. Now you can place your hand sanitizer in a dope place like the Hand Sanitizer 54″ Floor Stand Dispenser in Brushed Brass with Touchless Powermist Feature.

NOVA of California Review: NOVA of California Hand Sanitizer Floor Stand Dispenser Reviews

In addition, this touchless hand sanitizer dispenser is not only effective for getting rid of germs. It also becomes a beautiful decoration for any room. Again, its brushed brass finish gives it a touch of sophistication.

Besides, this dispenser has a power mister that delivers 25,000 uses per charge. It is powered with 4 rechargeable set C batteries. So you can ensure reliable and long-lasting protection.

On top of that, the exciting thing about this dispenser is that you can choose from an array of finishes. Ranging from brass bronze, powder coat, gunmetal, two-tone, etc. Each finish is suitable for your unique style.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Details

  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Dimension: 12.5 × 12.5 × 54 in
  • Base material: steel
  • Power source: 2 years battery life
  • Dosage: 1000 ml
  • Branding options: embossing, medallion, and laser-engraving
  • Fill: organic, 62%+ alcohol content, and non-GMO

Thus, tighten up your hygiene with this hand sanitizer dispenser. We’re sure everyone is getting excited to clean their hands. So, grab it fast for $319.99.

NOVA of California Pros & Cons

We hope you get what you need in our product review. At this moment, let’s jump to check for and against NOVA of California. So, take a good look at the information below!


  • Original designs
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Diverse lightings range
  • Innovative features
  • Versatile design
  • Smart home intregation
  • Customization options
  • Elegant and functional
  • Non-GMO hand sanitiser dispenser
  • Free shipping
  • 5 years warranty
  • 30-day return


  • Limited product range for other home decor categories
  • Not every product has smart home integration
  • There is no global shipping

Who Is NOVA of California For?

NOVA of California is a great choice for homeowners seeking well-crafted lighting and home decor. They can put the brand’s products to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their living spaces.

The brand’s unique and distinctive product range also invites interior designers and retailers to take a peek at the brand. They produce many collections with original designs that can be perfect for their clients.

Besides, this company is also suitable for the hospitality industry, such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Owners looking to create a distinctive and inviting ambiance for their guests will also fall in love with this brand.

NOVA of California Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One of the best ways to see the quality is to look at customer reviews. This step is what we will take, too. We prepared some trusted feedback from the NOVA of California website. For the record, most of the collection received 4.8/5 ratings.

NOVA of California Review: NOVA of California Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One customer stated:

Wow, what a fantastic color and finish. I like the dimensions of the lamp and the way it is made. The packaging is terrific, and there is not a single scratch on the product.

This buyer radiates his happiness towards the brand. He stated that the color and finish were stunning. Besides, the lamp has perfect dimensions.

the next buyer mentioned;

Very sturdy, I love this lamp and how it extends over my sofa, which has no light in the living room. The base is weighty, so there’s no chance of it falling over …

The material of this lamp is very sturdy, according to the customer above. The base is hefty and strong. Also, the design is nice and aesthetic. This customer is delighted with his purchase.

The last shopper shared:

I like the way this lamp can be customized from a broad perspective. Each arm can be positioned to your liking. It is easy to assemble and of excellent quality. I love it.

If you like adjustable lights, this brand is the correct one, like this customer who is happy with the adjustable width feature. Again and again, the aesthetic design gets praise from buyers.

Overall, we found a lot of satisfaction in the comments. Mostly, they wrote about the beautiful design and strong material. Besides, the delivery came faster than expected.

Is NOVA of California Worth It?

With all the advantages NOVA of California brings, we believe this brand is 100% worth it. Well, its almost century of experience has honed its expertise to produce high-quality lighting and home decor. Also, their products are designed to last.

NOVA of California Review: Is NOVA of California Worth It?

Furthermore, the company also caters to every taste and expectation by presenting various designs. People can find a sleek modern style or something more classic here. Also, all of its products have original designs.

But, design alone is not enough for this brand. That’s why they add features that give value to each item. That includes dimmer switches, touchless power mist dispensers, and compatibility with smart home systems.

NOVA of California Shipping Policy

All lighting and home decor will be shipped directly from the warehouse located in Canada. But NOVA of California only sends their products to the US. The brand provides free shipping for retail orders. So, make sure you buy a lot of lighting!

Also, if your item is in stock status, the team will ship it the next day. Therefore, you will have to wait a few days for made-by-order products. But that’s okay! We’re sure it’s worth the wait. FYI, the company also offers drop ship with a $25 fee.

NOVA of California Return Policy

A common problem when shopping for home furnishings is getting a damaged item. NOVA of California doesn’t want you to worry about that. Thus, if you get a defective or incomplete lamp, you can return it within 30 days.

You have to reach customer service first to get the return authorization. After that, you can return your item according to the address that the team provides. Furthermore, make sure your lamp is still in new condition, uninstalled, and in original packaging.

How To Contact NOVA of California

Have a problem with your order? We recommend contacting the customer service of NOVA of California. Pick one of the following ways to get the team:

Headquarters Address
3826 Grand View Blvd PB 661820
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Where to buy NOVA of California?

Are you ready to welcome the new light into your home? If so, you can head over to the official website of NOVA of California to get your hands on some amazing lighting and home decor.

Besides, we are glad that this brand is easy to find everywhere. Some marketplaces you know also sell it. You can buy some of the NOVA of California collection at:

  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Home Depot
  • eBay
  • Lowe’s
  • Macy’s
  • Etsy

NOVA of California Coupon Codes & Promos

We’re sure everyone loves discounts, including you. Fortunately, NOVA of California presents some deals to save your wallet. Then, check out all the promos below:

  • Get a coupon code for 10% OFF by subscribing to their emails
  • Save up to 50% on all mid-century modern designs on Big Halloween event
  • Buy 2 sconces and receive 10% OFF with promo code TWINOFFER (min. order $250)

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NOVA of California

NOVA of California Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for NOVA of California reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is the customer service number of NOVA of California?

You can call the customer service at 323-277-6266.

Who owns NOVA of California?

The current owner of the brand is Daniel Edelist.

Does NOVA of California ship internationally?

The company only ships its items in the US.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of NOVA of California Reviews & Ratings

Light up your life with NOVA of California! This veteran has decades of experience delivering lighting and home decor of the highest quality. Do you want to give your room a new atmosphere? You can choose from a variety of designs for different room themes.

Additionally. we love how NOVA of California adds wholesome features to each collection. Thus, not only aesthetics but their products are also functional. Alright, there’s nothing to doubt. Shop at the official website now and let the good vibes glow!


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