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About Nova Color Paint

Are you good at painting? If Leonardo da Vinci has the Mona Lisa (his legendary painting), what do you have? It’s okay not to have your own yet. We can help you create one from the very first step: choosing the best pallet combination in Nova Color Paint!

Nova Color Paint Review: About Nova Color Paint

What does Nova Color Paint have in its pocket? Be ready to see the most colorful world, where you can only see any tone of colors, from the darkest to the brightest one. Once you dive into its paint ocean, there are no other things than the best artists’ acrylic paints.

Do you agree that the world is too big only to have black-and-white color? Yes! Hence, Nova Color Paint exists to save you from that boring life with its most complete pallet of acrylic paints. Then, does its colorful world successfully attract many people’s attention?

Fortunately, yes! We appreciate 15.4k people who follow Nova Color Paint on its social media, like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Since you don’t need to spend any money to do it, why not tap the follow button? We promise your artistic soul can’t handle that!

So, if it will be your first painting ever, what object, figure, or character do you want to draw and paint? We know looking for inspiration isn’t as easy as clapping hands. But staying in our Nova Color Paint reviews may give you a new insight into your upcoming painting!

Overview of Nova Color Paint

Why do I need to trust Nova Color Paint for my painting needs?‘ That’s such a good question. Then, if we ask, ‘How long has this company been operating?’ do you know the answer?

For your information, Nova Color Paint is an unarguable acrylic paint brand since it has been coloring the world since 1965 (over 57 years). Within those years, what else is good about it?

Furthermore, all of the brand’s products are USA-made and suit many painting activities. Specifically, it’s good to have acrylic paint for fine art and mural paint. ‘Can they do more?

Of course! In addition, acrylic paint is a versatile option for various painting stuff, including fabric, fiberglass, set, scenic, surfboard, and handicraft painting. ‘What if it’s on my shoes?

Why not? We recommend using acrylic paint for shoes. However, sneakers are the most suggested since they have a drier surface. Also, all objects with non-oily surfaces are included. 

Then, what else is good?‘ We won’t tell everything here. You just need to scroll down (again and again) to get the answer to your question! Nothing is easier to do than this, right?

Nova Color Paint Review

We know it’s too early, but let us ask you again, ‘Have you got an inspiration to paint?’ As in the picture below, we guess a little pink fairy may be a good start. We’re joking. But what will we have in this section?

Nova Color Paint Reviews: Nova Color Paint Review

Dear all genius artists, we’re over the moon to tell you that we’re one step closer to knowing more about Nova Color Paint. Then, as a further introduction, what about exploring the brand’s product categories?

Acrylic Paint Discover 111 acrylic paint colors with unique & different tones of each!
Bundles Shop paints based on ‘Artist Curated Bundles‘ or ‘Nova Color Bundles
Mediums Get gessoes, medium & varnish, gels & texture pastes on this page!
Tools Your painting needs tools, so let’s buy a shade card (color chart), brushes, etc.!

Have you checked those product categories? We know you’re in your most confused moment since there are too many choices. 

However, do you mind if we provide you with product recommendations to help you further? We guess you don’t!

3 Best Selling Acrylic Paints of Nova Color Paint to Recommend!

  • #102 Cadmium Yellow Medium
  • #118 Titanium White
  • #135 Phthalo Turquoise

So, can you tell me that you’re more than ready to begin your painting process? Therefore, let’s explore the colorful world of Nova Color Paint and be a good painter!

Nova Color Paint #102 Cadmium Yellow Medium Review

Who loves yellow? This #102 Cadmium Yellow Medium becomes Nova’s first product to recommend because it appears on the best-selling page. So. what makes people love and often buy this color? What’s good about yellow?

Nova Color Paint Review: Nova Color Paint #102 Cadmium Yellow Medium Review

This cadmium-yellow medium may be a good choice when you love pouring bright colors onto surfaces. Featuring a stunning matte finish, this paint has a semi-opaque quality and a cool undertone that will add depth to your work.

In addition, you’ll only find the finest materials, giving you a long-lasting appearance as long as it’s on a non-oily surface. Hence, whether you’re working on a fine art project or just need a bold color, this shade will perfectly eat!

Next, we can say that indoor use is perfect for this color as it can add vibrancy to your daily mood. Otherwise, we suggest you not use this for exterior paintings since exposure to sunlight or rain can slowly fade the color’s appearance.

Lastly, buying this #102 Cadmium Yellow Medium won’t regret you since it’s only $7.99 (4 fluid ounces size). We promise it will be nice to your paintings and your wallet as well. So, how many cans do you want to buy?

Nova Color Paint #118 Titanium White Review

From the brightest yellow, who loves the neutral and matched-every-spot color like white? People mostly say that everything is beautiful in white, and that’s what #118 Titanium White will do to your painting. Want to see more?

Nova Color Paint Review: Nova Color Paint #118 Titanium White Review

As we said, white color tends to be everyone’s choice since it’s perfect for doing many assignments. Further, it can cover a broad range of areas, including everyday applications and fine art, as well as traditional & contemporary styles.

Then, what are the nice things to know? We can say that titanium white acrylic paint has the most excellent white pigment of all. Artists often choose this product for its high brightness due to the titanium dioxide pigment, and you’ll do so, right?

Next, white also has a high opacity level, making it ideal for hiding what’s missing from your painting. Also, do you know that mixing it with bright shades can create a unique color tone? Just try and create your own identical hues, then!

Finally, what else do you think is good about this #118 Titanium White? Getting them in 4 fluid ounces sizes is cheaper than the previous yellow. It’s only $4.99, and we know your other daily needs are way more expensive than this!

Nova Color Paint #135 Phthalo Turquoise Review

From yellow to white, you may have found a little inspiration from them. But have you ever tried the #135 Phthalo Turquoise? What type of color is this? See the picture below and imagine how it matches your upcoming work!

Nova Color Paint Review: Nova Color Paint #135 Phthalo Turquoise Review

Do you know turquoise? If you’re a blue lover but don’t want a dark blue sea or soft blue sky to be on your painting, let’s choose turquoise! Further, it’s a type of bright blue that lies in between a blue and green color combination.

In addition, the turquoise acrylic paint is striking & versatile, complementing other colors. For example, you can pair this vibrant shade with crisp whites and creams to make it pop. Have you captured something to draw in your mind?

Besides that, having turquoise in your pallet can be helpful once you understand its hidden plus point. Let’s say this color can give you a new shade that blue or green cannot do. You may try any shade into it and see what tone you’ve created.

Lastly, we hope this shade can bring new inspiration to you. However, skipping this makes your inspiration become forever delusion. So, spending $5.49 for the 4 fluid ounces size of #135 Phthalo Turquoise is an honored decision!

Nova Color Paint vs Golden

Be ready for the competitive atmosphere since the brand comparison section is finally here! So, how good is Nova Color Paint compared to its forever rival, Golden?

Nova Color Paint

  1. Years of operation: 1965 (57 years)
  2. Acrylic paint color choice: 111 colors
  3. Product variety: 1 (acrylic paint)
  4. Shipping International: yes (over 200 countries)
  5. Free shipping: No
  6. Return: 30 days
  7. Price (acrylic paint): starting from $4.99


  1. Years of operation: 1980 (43 years)
  2. Acrylic paint color choice: 60 colors
  3. Product variety: 12 product categories
  4. Shipping International: yes
  5. Free shipping: no information
  6. Return: no information
  7. Price (acrylic paint): starting from $16.09

Nova Color Paint Pros and Cons

We know you’re more excited to scroll down our review since the previous section has proven everything. But how does the pros and cons section work to convince you?


  • There are 111 color choices of acrylic paint
  • Many recommended products from artists (in the bundle catalog)
  • Detailed product description
  • Available in various sizes
  • Super affordable prices
  • International shipping (with over 200 countries)
  • The items are available online and offline


  • No free shipping for online delivery

Who Is Nova Color Paint For?

Do you still remember our first question at the beginning? Yes! Once again, are you good at painting? If yes, then visiting Nova Color Paint will be the best choice. Therefore, who are those acrylic paints for?

We confidently say that all acrylic paints of the brand suit everyone. This ‘everyone’ means those who are artists or painters, whether they’re professionals or just random people who love painting. So, are you ready to express your emotions in paintings?

Nova Color Paint Review: What Do Customers Think?

Dear painting lovers, we won’t let you leave our review without having something for your further consideration. Thus, welcome to this section!

Nova Color Paint Review: Nova Color Paint Review: What Do Customers Think?

It’s a truth section where we’ll see how good Nova Color Paint is based on real customer ratings and reviews. You need that information, right?

On the brand’s website, more than 600 reviews are collected with a perfect score of 5/5 stars. Furthermore, the more detailed version is right here!

Fortunately, we won’t only give you numbers but also other facts. Next, let’s explore what customers have said about the brand based on their shopping experiences!

The first one to start is:

I’m really happy with my recent Nova product purchase. The color and price are both impressive, making it a great choice for those looking for affordable options. It’s a relief to know that I can play without worrying about breaking the bank. I want to thank Betty Franks for recommending Nova to me.

It’s just the first review, but you’re already impressed. We’ve known that Nova ate since day one. Their super affordable prices make them outperform their rivals easily.

Then, you shouldn’t skip this, too:

As an artist who works on large canvases, I am always searching for affordable ways to complete my art without compromising the quality of my paint. In the past, I have utilized Golden Open tubes, but the cost has increased drastically recently. Therefore, I am thrilled to have Nova…

Again and again, a customer felt so happy with Nove’s price range, and it’s way more satisfying than other brands. Also, it’s nice to see how this customer finally switched from his old brand to Nova. Will you try, too?

Lastly, this review may convince you more:

I have been using Nova Color Paint for many years. It has great color and flows nicely. This yellow shade is no exception, and it compares well with more expensive brands.

It might be everyone’s question, how can Nova give better product quality than others when they’re at lower prices? No one knows, but we call it Nova’s power!

Finally, how educated are you now about Nova Color Paint? It’s actually the final step to convince yourself to buy acrylic paints from the brand. But if you want a little more, let’s go!

Is Nova Color Paint Worth It?

Dear genius artists, it’s the final section to convince, and after this, we want you to promise to drop some money on those well-qualified acrylic paints. So, is Nova Color Paint that good and worth it?

We don’t need to say more to answer that question. After going through those product reviews, brand comparisons, and honest customer reviews, you know where people tend to show their support. Ultimately, because of its high quality and competitive prices, we can say that Nova Color Paint is 100% worth your money.

Nova Color Paint Shipping Policy

It’s not vacation time, but we’re too happy to see you at the shipping section. So, are you ready to create your own legendary paintings to compete with Mona Lisa? Yes, it sounds too much, but how does the brand ship its paints?

Great news! Nova Color Paint ships domestically (US) and internationally with over 200 countries, including Italy, Australia, Canada, etc. ‘Do shipping costs apply for all orders?‘ Nice question, and see the fact below!

Domestic customers can have free shipping if they want to pick up their ordered items directly at the company’s address. Besides that, all online shipping will have shipping costs. Lastly, all orders will be processed within 5-7 working days. So, happy shopping, and enjoy waiting!

Nova Color Paint Return Policy

Now, what about the return policy? Does it help all customers from errors in online shopping? Let’s check the facts in this section!

Further, the brand will give you a 30-day to return your unused and unopened items right after it has arrived. However, be sure to contact them at email [email protected] to initiate your return process. Is it hard? Of course not!

How To Contact Nova Color Paint?

A good painter is always connected to his helpful paint provider. Fortunately, it’s actually super easy to say ‘hi‘ to the customer support team of Nova Color Paint:

  • Phone number: (310) 204-6900
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact form: complete it here!
  • Bubble chat: click this and see the bottom right!
  • Social media: Nova Color Paint
  • Availability: Weekdays (8 am to 4 pm PST)

Company Address

5894 Blackwelder Street
Culver City, CA

Where to buy Nova Color Paint?

It’s one step closer to having those cool acrylic paints in your collection. So, where is the right place to buy Nova Color Paint products?

We can say there are no other places to shop but the official website. So, you won’t see the brand’s original products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Besides that, for domestic customers who want to shop offline, it’s also possible. You just need to go to the brand’s official store (the same address we wrote earlier).

Nova Color Paint Coupon Codes & Promos

Does Nova Color Paint give you a discount code? Let’s not ask for more, and see the facts below:

  • Join the newsletter subscription and get more special offers
  • Shop the bundle catalog to get more items at lower prices
  • Redeem the coupon code: SPRING10 to get up to 10% discount
  • Save up to 20% OFF your order with coupon code: HOLIDAY22
  • Shop bundles at 10% OFF with coupon code: BUNDLESALE
  • Sign up for the Affiliate program and earn a commission of up to 10%
  • Get points and redeem them for benefits/rewards by joining the Color Perks program

Are you sure to skip those discounts? We’re not sure. So, what makes you postpone your shopping? Also, the following button may hide something for you!

Reveal all coupons
Nova Color Paint

Nova Color Paint Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Nova Color Paint reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Nova Color Paint?

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t mention the owner’s name.

Where is Nova Color Paint located?

The company is at 5894 Blackwelder Street, Culver City, CA, 90232-7304.

Does Nova Color Paint ship internationally?

Yes, the company ships worldwide with over 200 countries.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Nova Color Paint Reviews & Ratings

So, what painting inspiration have you got from our Nova Color Paint review? We hope it’s much better than the little pink fairy that we recommended earlier. However, how many acrylic paints are in your shopping cart now?

Certainly, we know that you won’t only shop for one or two products to create a wonderful painting. In addition, besides its various color choices, shopping for many paints from the brand won’t make you poor since they are super cheap. So, can we see your painting soon?


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