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Not Forgotten Review 2024 → Capture and Save Your Memories in a Digital Way!

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About Not Forgotten Digital Preservation Library

For some people, even me, memorizing and keeping the various life experiences that we’ve gone through and then telling them to the next generation is something really comforting. Even if we die, the lessons and life experiences we’ve gone through can be something useful for our children and grandchildren.

Not Forgotten Review: About Not Forgotten Digital Preservation Library

In this era where the world is all digital, keeping these memories and life experiences can also be done digitally, either through photos, videos, or voice messages. However, since all of them can be deleted or lost, you need an archive. Over here, I’m going to introduce you to Not Forgotten.

What is it? They’re a tech brand that offers professional-grade storage, search, and access tools as a digital archive. It can archive all the memories, stories, and messages that you want to pass on to your succeeding generations.

As a brand that is barely five years old, they’re trying to spread its name through social media. You can help them by following their social media with over 2k followers. On there, you can find the latest information and offers from the brand.

If you’re still curious about this brand, then keep reading this Not Forgotten review. I will reveal everything about this brand, from its history, product selection, customer reviews, and more. Let’s get started!

Overview Of Not Forgotten

Starting from a conversation about a child’s wish to hear his father’s voice one last time, Lynn Paul Waterman and Adrienne Waterman founded Not Forgotten to make that wish come true.

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, United States, they are now a technology company that helps people capture stories and keep them safe for years to come.

Moreover, the people behind the establishment of Not Forgotten are a group of archivists, genealogists, blockchain experts, and audio-visual media technologists.

Developed by people who are experts in their field, the brand has created various cutting-edge technologies, such as Digital Preservation Trust and Time Capsules. These two technologies are interconnected to ensure that you can seamlessly and securely archive your stories and legacy to the next generation.

Apart from being teamed up with experts, the brand also collaborates with organizations such as AMIA, FHISO, ICA, OCLC, and Time Capsule Society to ensure your memories are kept safe for years.

Not Forgotten Review

Through this tech brand, there is a wide selection of products that you can choose from to suit your desire to preserve and archive your memories.

Not Forgotten Reviews: Not Forgotten Review

In this section, I’ve selected three best-selling Not Forgotten Legacy products to elaborate on for your convenience in understanding what the brand offers.

Not Forgotten Review: 3 Ways to Cherish Memories

  • Not Forgotten 150-Year Video Archive
  • Not Forgotten 150-Year Memory Box Video + Multimedia Archive
  • Not Forgotten Time Traveler 300-Year Video + Multimedia Archive

Curious about these three digital archive products? If so, get moved to the next section!

Not Forgotten 150 Year Video Archive Reviews

The first is the Not Forgotten 150-Year Video Archive, an archive that can store video legacies that you wish to show to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Pass on your messages and life lessons to the next generation, and let them learn and live by your advice.

Not Forgotten Review: Not Forgotten 150 Year Video Archive Reviews

By ordering this 150-Year Video Archive, you can archive your video message for up to 150 years and access it with your personal library card.

In addition, you can also get the opportunity to make a 30-minute film with this video archive. Record and tell your story!

For the price, you can take home this 150-Year Video Archive by spending $99. Oh sure, when you order this product, your product will be wrapped and delivered in a luxurious gift box and family history charting tools.

Not Forgotten 150 Year Memory Box Video + Multimedia Archive Reviews

If the previous product has the capability of archiving only videos, then this second one can be used to archive videos, photos, and other memories. Yep, that is Not Forgotten 150-Year Memory Box Video + Multimedia Archive.

Not Forgotten Review: Not Forgotten 150 Year Memory Box Video + Multimedia Archive Reviews

This product also comes with a large storage space of up to 20GB. With its large storage, you can use this digital archive to store all your collection of memories ranging from videos, photos, and various other memories.

As the name suggests, the 150-Year Memory Box Video + Multimedia Archive can archive all your memories for 150 years.

With this multimedia archive, you also get the opportunity to make a 30 minutes film. Thus, turn your memories into a more meaningful ones with an outstanding movie.

If you’re interested in this product, then you can prepare a budget of around $499. When you order this product, your package will be packed and sent with a beautiful gift box plus family history charting tools.

Not Forgotten Time Traveler 300 Year Video + Multimedia Archive Reviews

Conduct interviews with professional interviewers and deliver your message through a dialog with this Not Forgotten Time Traveler 300-Year Video + Multimedia Archive.

Not Forgotten Review: Not Forgotten Time Traveler 300 Year Video + Multimedia Archive Reviews

Equipped with approximately 2GB of storage, you can use this product to store photos, videos, voicemails, letters, and anything else.

Choosing this product is like keeping alive the lifetime memories of your generation for centuries. Why? Because this digital archive product can store all your memories for 300 years.

In addition, you can also get a legacy book along with a family history chart packaged in a luxurious gift box.

Interested in this one product? If so, prepare a budget of $399 and start delivering your message.

How Does Not Forgotten Work?

Before you pick up one of the brand’s legacy products, it would be good to understand how Not Forgotten works. Have a look!

Choose a private or public archive

This is your legacy. Therefore, set the privacy according to what you want.

Record stories in the way you like the most

Everyone has their own way of telling stories that will be cherished for generations to come. So choose how you want to tell your story, whether with a video, voice message, or anything else.

Personalize library notes with your preferred image

Add your favorite picture to your library card.

Upload various multimedia files

Add all the multimedia files you want to archive, from photos, videos, documents, voice messages, and many others.

Document your family history or genealogy

With Not Forgotten, you can archive three generations of your family history in archival records.

Set a location for geo-mapping

At the end of your life, your final resting place will be known as your home. Therefore, choose and determine the location where your archive will be pinned on the library map.

Send your archive and share your legacy books

Collect all your archives and legacy books that include videos, photos, voice messages, and everything you want to leave behind.

Not Forgotten Pros & Cons

So, before going to the next section, it would be wise to take a look at the Not Forgotten’s pros and cons that I’ve summarized. Check them out!


  • Offers a new way to store memories in digital form
  • Staffed by experts such as archivists, genealogists, blockchain experts, and audio-visual media technologists
  • Collaborates with organizations such as AMIA, FHISO, ICA, OCLC, and Time Capsule Society
  • Delivers a wide selection of high-quality digital archive products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Many satisfied customers


  • There is no information about the shipping policy or return policy on the official website.

Who is Not Forgotten For?

For the way the brand’s products can archive memories, records, legacies, and messages, Not Forgotten is definitely for those of you who want to pass on your memories to the next generation for up to 300 years.

With its digital archive legacy, pass on your stories to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren with your best photos, videos of your stories, or anything else.

Not Forgotten Reviews: What Do Users Think?

Memories will always stay in everyone’s mind, as do the memories of customers who have used Not Forgotten’s digital archive legacy.

Not Forgotten Review: Not Forgotten Reviews: What Do Users Think?

Amazingly, this brand has gotten a 4.5/5 rating from 19 reviews on Trustpilot. Yet in this section, I will not only reveal the rating this brand has gotten but also the reviews from the customers. Here are the reviews:

An unexpected thing could happen. Well, I was going to write my son a letter every year, but this one is better.

The first review comes from a customer who shared how he used to write a letter to his son as a last word before anything worse happened to him. After ordering a product from Not Forgotten, he stated that archiving the last messages through this product is better than before.

In addition, there was also a customer who was amazed at how the brand’s products worked.

It is so wonderful to have this chance to go over the things in my life.

In his review, this customer praised the greatness of the brand’s digital archive product as it allows him to tell everything in his life and save it as an archive for his children and grandchildren later.

However, this Not Forgotten review also found a positive review from a customer who purchased this digital archive through Amazon.

I loved the idea of it! Having the ability to ensure something is preserved for at least some time after I’m gone is definitely something I love the idea of!

Here, she revealed how she loves the concept offered by this brand. She loved the idea of being able to preserve her precious memories for decades to come.

Well, as a conclusion that refers to the three genuine testimonials above. It can be concluded that many people and customers like the concept this brand is promoting. With Not Forgotten, these customers feel that they get the best opportunity to tell whatever happens in their lives and share it with the next generation.

Is Not Forgotten Legit?

Absolutely and undoubtedly, for how this brand is staffed by technology experts coupled with how it collaborates with organizations such as AMIA, FHISO, ICA, OCLC, and Time Capsule Society, it is clear that Not Forgotten is legit.

With this brand, all your privacy and safety will be guaranteed and secured. So, all you need to do is record and deliver your message.

Is Not Forgotten Worth It?

As a brand that introduces a new concept and a new way to cherish and preserve life’s memories for a long time, we agree to say that Not Forgotten is worth it. With this brand, you can save any memory that you want to show to future generations.

Not Forgotten Review: Is Not Forgotten Worth It?

Moreover, the storage technology used by this brand is professional-grade storage, search, and access protocols that ensure your legacy are safe, secure, and easily accessible for generations to come.

Plus, there are many customers who are satisfied with the way this brand gives them the possibility to narrate all their life stories. These points make it easy for us to say that this brand is worth your consideration.

How To Contact Not Forgotten

Confused about some things related to the digital archives offered by Not Forgotten? If so, just ask their customer service team directly at [email protected] or bubble chat below the right of your screen.

Alternatively, you can also find answers to your questions and concerns through the brand’s FAQ page. On this page, you can find answers to general questions, product range, assembling, archiving, and more.

Where to buy Not Forgotten?

Looking forward to recording, memorializing, and archiving your stories through Not Forgotten? If so, get products from this brand through the official website and retail stores such as Amazon.

Not Forgotten Coupon Codes & Promos

As of writing this Not Forgotten review, I didn’t come across any discount on the website. But fortunately, I have some discount codes for you. It’s as simple as pressing the button below to get it.

What are you waiting for? Record and save your best memories with the discounts that pop up on your screen. Happy shopping!

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Not Forgotten Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Not Forgotten reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Not Forgotten?

This brand is owned by Lynn Paul Waterman and Adrienne Waterman.

Where can I download the Not Forgotten app?

You can download and install the app through Google Play Store or AppStore.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Not Forgotten Reviews & Ratings

With Not Forgotten, history will never be forgotten, memories will never be lost, and stories will never die. You can save all your memories and pass on the message of your life to your grandchildren.

What’s more, the brand has also utilized a wide range of cutting-edge technologies coupled with expert staff that ensure all your privacy and security are guaranteed.


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