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Nicetown Review 2024 → Is Soundproof Blackout Curtains Worth?

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About Nicetown Custom Curtains

Good curtains not only enhance the beauty and luxury of your home, but also serve practical functions of protecting against light, dust, and air. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to neglect the quality of their curtains. Hence, Nicetown aims to shift this perspective by highlighting the significance of quality curtains.

Nicetown Review: About Nicetown Custom Curtains

Nicetown is a global home decor brand that specializes in curtains, blinds, and other window treatments. With excellent quality and design, their collection is very reliable in giving your home a more charming look while also protecting your home.

Over time, their social media accounts have grown to 3k followers on Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, the brand has earned the trust of several reputable media publications, including CNBC, FOX8, and MarketWatch among others.

They have been an online window treatment merchant since 2014 and became a bestseller in the curtains category on Amazon in 2016. The brand continues to achieve 5-star customer satisfaction ratings, and they are committed to continuously improving the shopping experience for its customers.

Is it true that this brand’s curtains quality is so good? To answer that question, Nicetown review has prepared several sections discussing the brand’s product quality. They have also included some brand history, policies, and customer reviews. So, keep reading!

Overview of Nicetown Custom Curtains

Back in 1999, a private company specializing in curtain production was established. Nicetown is a specialized window treatment brand that supplies high-quality, functional window treatments to customers worldwide.

They continue to grow their business by continuously innovating until now, and they’ve survived more than 20 years of development. The brand always tries its best and never forgets its original intention to bring customers high-quality products at affordable prices.

Years of experience in commercial sales have given them the advantage of knowing how to serve customers properly. The company hopes that customers can improve their quality of life and have a better life with their production. 

Nicetown Review

As a brand that sells special curtains that are different from other curtains in the market, Nicetown has several categories that its customers can choose from. Each curtain category certainly has its own function. Customers can determine what kind of curtains they need. 

Nicetown Reviews: Nicetown Review

Some of the curtain categories they offer include:

  • Blackout curtains
  • Linen & Cotton curtains 
  • Velvet curtains
  • Sheer curtains
  • Outdoor curtains
  • Blinds & Shades 

Aside from curtain products, they also offer accessories such as curtain tie-backs, throw pillow covers, fleece blankets, pillowcases, and tablecloths.

To help you know the quality of their products, this Nicetown review will discuss the 3 best-selling products from this brand that are most searched on the internet. Shall we start?

Nicetown Blackout Curtains Reviews

Having a house with many glass buildings and facing the sun is a nightmare. The reflection of sunlight will fill all the rooms in your house and make you glare. This Custom Blackout Curtain will certainly make you uncomfortable and disrupt your rest time!

Nicetown Review: Nicetown Blackout Curtains Reviews

Also, dust is the most hated thing and a big problem at any time. Trying to maintain cleanliness is expensive and complicated. A dirty place, a prime work location, requires cleaning supplies and manpower always to clean surfaces.

It’s time for you to get peace of mind while at home with these 4 layers of Blackout Curtains. The main layer is high-quality blackout fabric. Then, it followed by a second layer of technical soundproof lining, a third layer of dustproof melt-blown cloth, and finally, coated again with a high-quality blackout fabric.

What makes these soundproof curtains superior to other brands of curtains is:

  • Able to reduce noise with 20db+ 
  • 100% blackout gives a cooler home feel 
  • Choice of 36+ colors that can be adjusted to the style of your home
  • Custom-made by a great master

These four-layer curtains are the best solution for problems such as 100% blackout, soundproofing, heat insulation, and dust absorption.

These industrial curtains are removable, practical barriers that help control dust and smoke. They can reduce noise which is suitable for homes in urban areas.


  • Multiple options: Customize sizes (Available from 20″ to 200″ in height and width, respectively), multiple colors, and curtain header types
  • Material: 100% high-quality imported polyester weighing 950 g/m²
  • Type of header: Grommet / Curtain rods Pocket / Double Rod Pocket / Back Tab / Top Tab / 4-IN-1

This highly effective curtain for your heavy home needs is currently at a discounted price. You can get it for $59.24 from the original price of $131.65.

Nicetown Solid Color Velvet Curtains Reviews

As a classic home lover, you definitely need additional accessories that can support the luxury of your home. Custom Solid Color Velvet Curtains will decorate your home with its classic and luxurious design that adds a touch to the home design you dream of. 

Nicetown Review: Nicetown Solid Color Velvet Curtains Reviews

These velvet curtains are very soft to the touch and can be placed anywhere in the house. Moreover, these elegant and luxurious velvet curtains will bring the perfect relaxing atmosphere to rooms such as the living room or bedroom.

Their extra softness guarantees you to fall in love with these curtains. Again, the luxurious velvet makes an ideal window covering thanks to its softness and glossiness. 

These curtains come with amazing product features that make them stand out:

  • Classic design
  • Luxurious design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good investment
  • Protect privacy

Velvet curtains can block most of the light from outside and 70% of harsh sunlight, as well as UV rays and noise.

The velvet material used for these curtains is an eco-friendly material and offers a soft and royal look that proves the best window dressing. It is a thick conductive accessory for use in winter. It has aesthetic value and blends in with different decor styles. 


  • Multiple options: Customize sizes (Available from 20″ to 200″ in height and width, respectively), multiple colors, and curtain header types.
  • Material: 100% high-quality imported polyester. Weight 460 g/m².
  • Type of header: Grommet/Pencil Clip/Pocket Rod/Double Rod Pocket/Back Tab/Top Tab/Twist Tab/Clip Pin/Three Pin/6-IN-1

This luxurious curtain starts at $103.32, which you can get for just $46.49. Order now!

Nicetown Outdoor Curtains Reviews

Do you need to have outdoor curtains? If you have a relaxing place next to the swimming pool, then Custom Waterproof Outdoor Sheer Curtains will be the right choice. What are the benefits of having outdoor curtains?

Nicetown Review: Nicetown Outdoor Curtains Reviews

When you relax outdoors after doing swimming activities, you must often experience disturbances from insects that emerge from your garden. That’s why outdoor sheers are here to reduce insect invasion to some extent. They are windblown and easy to manage with bonus tie-backs.

These outdoor curtains come with product features that make them stand out from the rest:

  • Light Filtering
  • Works well with layers
  • Extra softness
  • Protect privacy
  • Easy maintenance

Made of soft, flowing voile panel material, it allows a little sunlight in a while, still giving privacy from the outside. These curtains are also made with trimmed and wrinkle-free threads, and the tabs (1.9-inch inner diameter) are easy to install with a standard curtain rod.

Not only is it suitable for outdoor use, but the gauze-like fabric of this curtain also gives your room an airy feel. It is compatible with this brand’s various curtains to create a luxurious and designed window display.


  • Multiple options: Customize sizes (Available from 20″ to 200″ in height and width, respectively), multiple colors, and curtain header types.
  • Material: 100% high-quality imported polyester. Weight 200 g/m².
  • Type of header: Grommets/Pencil Pockets/Rod Pockets/Double Rod Pockets/Back Tabs/Top Tabs/Double Clip Pockets/Three Clip Pockets.

You can get the Waterproof Outdoor Sheer Curtains by spending $51.99, a discount from the original price of $86.65.

Nicetown Pros and Cons

But does the company’s mission work? Do their products suit well with your taste? Let’s take a look at this Nicetown’s pros and cons before we jump to the product review.


  • High quality with excellent performance and outstanding function at a low price
  • Made from the best and premium materials
  • Luxurious design with 35+ attractive color options
  • Free expert consultation and design visualization service
  • Free sample service with over 100 fabric options
  • Logistics specialized timeliness guarantee with delivery time within 15 days
  • Reach worldwide shipping
  • Free shipping on orders over $1000
  • More than 350,000 good reviews


  • More difficult to take care of than regular curtains

Nicetown Care Instructions

As we have mentioned in the blackout curtains review and other product reviews, these curtains are made with excellent quality from selected premium materials. Therefore, you should not be careless to take care of it so that it stays durable.

There are some care instructions that you need to know:

  1. Hand wash, 86°F max
  2. Do not bleach, do not dry clean
  3. Do not dry clean
  4. Never use fabric softener to cover the fabric
  5. Warm iron the back only

Please follow the step-by-step instructions above to ensure that your curtains are durable and maintain their quality. 

Who Is Nicetown For?

Home is the most comfortable place for us to rest from the tired activities at work. Thus, the house must be made as comfortable as possible. Home equipment and accessories, such as high-quality curtains, will be important things that can support the comfort of your home. 

Nicetown Review: Who Is Nicetown For?

Nicetown, as a brand that sells various types of curtains with many special functions, by having a blackout, noise reduction, filtering dust particles, and thermal insulation features, will work very well for homes in urban areas.

In addition, the curtains can protect the house from air pollution, keep it warm all winter, and keep the room at home awake from the sun’s glare. Their wide selection of colors and premium materials can help your home to look more gorgeous and stylish in every detail.

So, if you want to rearrange your home design with bright colors to give a fresher impression to the rooms in your home, you can choose this brand as a curtain to enhance your home design. 

Nicetown Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Buying some items online means you can’t know directly how the quality is. Buying items online is tricky. So you have to know the details of the product’s quality.

Nicetown Review: Nicetown Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One of the best ways before buying items online is to read first about some reviews given by customers for the brand. Therefore, knowing how important it is to know the reviews of previous buyers’ reviews, we’ve prepared some customer reviews of this brand in this section. 

Nicetown has gotten several testimonials from bloggers who have tried their curtains, one of which said: 

Rich touch, feel and quality is all you can ask for to enhance your home with these marvelous curtains.

The review came from one of the bloggers who stated the exceptional quality that this brand brings to enhance the touch and feel of the home for the better.

We also found one blackout curtains amazon review that seemed satisfied with the product she received. However, before hearing what comments she left, this product received a fairly high rating achieving 4.7/5 from 102,826 reviews. A pretty big number, right?

Now, let’s get on with what comments are left by satisfied customers:

These curtains are absolutely perfect. My window is 46in wide and also 60in long. I bought 42×63 inch panels and they fit perfectly. I bought them in black color. We have a projector installed in our room and these curtains block out all the light during the day which is perfect.

From the review above, this brand’s black curtain can work well according to its type and function. The curtain doesn’t let the light during the day enter through the window at all.

From the reviews above, we can understand that the quality of the product and its excellent performance make customers satisfied and leave positive reviews for this brand. Thus, you don’t need to doubt the quality of the curtains offered by this brand. Get yours now and feel how well their curtains work!

Is Nicetown Worth It?

As a brand that sells premium homeware and lifestyle, they want to introduce quality products that will enhance enjoyment at home. They create curtains so well that it makes them different from other products on the market. So what makes them worthy of other brands? 

Nicetown Review: Is Nicetown Worth It?

To convince you to choose this brand, they offer customized curtain services that are affordable and reliable. Customers can enjoy bespoke drapery services at half the price compared to competitors. 

With this brand, you can also fully customize every aspect of the curtain design. No matter what size or material you prefer, this brand can meet your demands. They even offer free samples and online design consultants to help you make the best choice.

The brand focuses heavily on practical window treatments such as waterproof, fireproof, and mute curtains to help you solve various problems. They also offer stylish curtains to add to the artistic ambiance of the home. 

Thus, this Nicetown review proudly concludes that this brand is worth choosing and is superior to other brands. 

Nicetown Shipping Policy

Luckily for those of you outside of the US, ships worldwide to almost every country in the world. They use the services of trusted major international carriers to ensure your package arrives at its destination quickly and safely.

You can choose the shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process. Each country, of course, has different shipping times and costs. Here are the details:

United States
  • Standard shipping cost – Free
  • Express shipping cost – $19.99
7 – 12 shipping time
  • Standard shipping cost – $20.99
  • More than $1000 – Free shipping
8 – 15 shipping time
  • Standard shipping cost – $20.99
  • More than $1000 – Free shipping
10 – 20 shipping time
United Kingdom
  • Standard shipping cost – $20.99
  • More than $1000 – Free shipping
15 – 20 shipping time
Other countries
  • Standard shipping cost –$30.99-$50.99


15 – 20 shipping time

All shipments use (DHL/UPS) shipping methods. You’ll get a confirmation email after you have successfully placed your order. However, tracking numbers may take a few days to become active on the tracking website.

Nicetown Return Policy

The brand is wholeheartedly dedicated to meeting all window covering needs and providing the best shopping experience. Please be aware that all products are made to order. They can’t accept returns unless the product is defective or faulty.

It’s recommended to inspect the product as soon as possible after you receive it, as you only have 7 days from receipt of the product for a return if you think there is a defective product.

Please get in touch with [email protected] to issue a return request. Kindly give the order number and pictures of the faulty product and send them to the mailbox for review.

If it’s confirmed that the issue you’re experiencing is a product quality issue, the brand will issue a refund within 5 working days. You can check other return details related to the situation and conditions here.

How To Contact Nicetown

Do you have some questions that you don’t completely understand about the brand? Please check out the FAQ page for quick pointers. However, if the available FAQs apparently fail to resolve your issue, feel free to contact customer service at:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +1(716)320-0966
  • Chat and connect with the service team via Live Chat, available on the left side of the website
  • Use a blank form to email customer service more easily

Customer service hours are 24/7 PM CST Monday – Friday | Saturday, and Sunday. While for phone, please call at 21:00 – 18:00 CST Monday – Sunday.

Since the brand offers a free consultation, please leave a message by filling in the blank form here if you want to consult with the design consultant team. 

Do not hesitate to ask any questions, as both the customer service and design consultant teams are happy to answer your questions and will aim to answer your queries promptly.

Where to buy Nicetown?

Are you ready to change the look of your home with beautiful curtains that have extraordinary functions? Decorate windows and protect your home by purchasing beautiful and luxurious curtains at You can get a variety of curtains of high quality at affordable prices. 

You can also find their blinds on international retailers such as Amazon if the product you want is sold out at their official site, although it is highly impossible.

Nicetown Coupon Codes & Promos

Aside from the low prices when compared to blinds from other stores, Nicetown also offers some very tempting discounts. What are the discounts and promos they have?

  • Get a 40% OFF product discount
  • Welcome 2023 25% OFF on all purchases
  • Get custom winter products up to 73% OFF + a free new year gift on orders over $400
  • Subscribe & take an extra 8% OFF

Go to the website and get your special deal!

Reveal all coupons

Nicetown Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Nicetown reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Nicetown?

So far, we couldn’t find any information on who owns this brand. However, this brand, which has been around for more than 20 years, is a very trusted brand. 

How do you wash Nicetown curtains?

Nicetown curtains are very well designed and made with high-quality trimmed and wrinkle-free. If you decide to wash them at home, it is recommended to machine wash them in cold water and dry them on low speed. Iron on low speed or steam clean as necessary.

Does Nicetown ship internationally?

This Nicetown review is pleased to inform you that this brand ships worldwide. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Nicetown Reviews & Ratings

Sometimes, sleep disturbances can come from anywhere. Whether it’s the glare of the sun, the sound of the neighbor’s dog, or the cold air coming in through your window, to get good quality sleep and avoid these problems, you may need the best quality curtains on the market. 

Thankfully, Nicetown has high quality and top performance to help deliver optimal comfort. Nicetown’s curtains are lab-tested to reduce noise by 15 dB+. These are also 100% blackout curtains that offer better sleep throughout the day. With these curtains, you’ll definitely experience a comfortable sleep and live with peace of mind!


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