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NFstrike Review 2024 → The Most Striking and Robust Tactical Gear!

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About NFstrike

Our childhood always starts with a wargame that allows us to enjoy time playing against other kids. However, some people may still like this hobby even if they are growing old. They like using tactical gear, NERF, and other gear to wargame with others.

NFstrike Review: About NFstrike

Wrecking your brain to make tactics in order get the victory. However, the essential thing that you should have to keep doing this hobby is complete tactical gear from head to toe. And, if you have been in the field for years, you may already be familiar with NFstrike.

This store is a global retailer that offers an extensive collection of EDC and Tactical Gear. It gathers the best brand in one place, so you simply visit the one-stop online store to get the best gear. As a worldwide online store, it boasts 2.2K followers on Facebook.

However, is it indeed offer the best deals? Hence to help you decide, our NFstrike review will give you information about this brand, including the company profile, product feedback, customer service, and the current deals information. So, stay tuned!

Overview Of NFstrike

NFstrike is a leading global online shop that offers EDC and tactical gear with a responsive design. This company was founded in 2012 with an office and warehouse based in China to provide products to most countries around the globe,

This brand aims to help people enjoy what they love by providing tactical gear for their hobbies. Aside from that, it also commits to delivering world-class innovative products with exemplary customer service.

All products are guaranteed with comprehensive quality control and strict supplier selection to ensure the best quality. The tactical gear collections can also be shipped to more than 200 countries.

As a global online shop, they offer impressively secure international pay with multicurrency support. Thus, every quality, safety, and satisfaction will be the core of their business.

That’s short information about this brand, including what they promise. But before exploring this brand further, you should take a look at the NFstrike pros and cons that we’ve compiled:

NFstrike Pros

  • All products are carefully filtered for their quality
  • High-quality products
  • Delicate details
  • Extensive unique tactical gear and armor collections
  • Competitive prices compare to others
  • Free shipping on all worldwide delivery
  • 30-day return policy
  • 6-month warranty for certain products
  • Highly secure payment 

NFstrike Cons

  • A small number of reviews but all positive

NFstrike Review

This brand uses a unique in-house manufacturing process to provide high-quality products with great details. Its product collection will encompass tactical gear such as place carriers, samurai armor, body armor, tactical clothing, tactical accessories backpack, tactical helmet, and others.

NFstrike Reviews: NFstrike Review

Its online store offers exclusive product collections and other brands like T238, Bacraft, Yakeda, and many more. Here are some of the product classifications:

  • Cosplay: Samurai Tactical Armor, Rome Retro Shield, Ronin Helmet, etc
  • Unique Loadout: Killa Armor, Training Cloak, Retro Wave Skirt Armor, etc
  • Tactical Gears: Plate Carriers, EDC Carrying, Face Cover, Headset, etc
  • Body Armor: UTA Effective Armor, Level IV Body Armor, Plates, etc
  • Tactical Apparel: Combat Pants, Shooting Gloves, Combat Uniform, etc
  • T238 Products: Mostfets, Motors, Grenades, Soft Darts, etc
  • Firearm Accessories: Nerf Mortar, Worker, Blaster, Rapidstrike, etc

In the following section of our NFstrike review, we’ve selected three products to be reviewed in order to see the product’s quality. So let’s jump to the next section!

NFstrike Retro Wave Samurai Tactical Armor Set – Version 1.0 Reviews

Ever dreaming about becoming a samurai? Retro Wave Samurai Tactical Armor Set is one of its armor collections with a modern samurai armor design. In addition, it combines the historical samurai design with a modern army armor touch.

NFstrike Review: NFstrike Retro Wave Samurai Tactical Armor Set – Version 1.0 Reviews

This samurai armor is constructed using 304 stainless steel and Condura 500D, that’s durable for your active activity. In addition, the stainless steel-based material has black, golden, silver, and color options.

Even though this samurai armor mainly uses stainless steel, you’ll find it relatively lightweight and very comfortable to move. With the metal design, you may expect it will limit your movement, but it’s not the case. The flexible design won’t affect your shoulder movement.

The legendary design makes this Bacraft tactical samurai armor look super cool and elegant with a textured feel. You can attach it to the chest rig or plate carrier using the velcro strap that will hold it tightly to protect your body.

The complete kits will include (2) shoulder armor, (1) groin armor, and (2) wrist armor that can be sold separately, with prices starting at $74.99 – $139.99. Plus, you can purchase the additional Retro Wave Samurai Tactical Skirt Armor to enhance your looks more like a real modern samurai!

NFstrike Retrowave Samurai Armor Details

  • Material: 304 stainless steel and Cordura 500D
  • Size:
    • Shoulder Armor: 21*24cm
    • Groin Armor: 19*26cm
    • Wrist Armor: 19*22cm
  • Weight:
    • Shoulder Armor: 1300g/each
    • Groin Armor: 1100g/each
    • Wrist Armor: 550g/each

NFstrike T238 V2 Large Capacity Grenade Toy with Time-delayed Function for Nerf Gel Ball BBs Airsoft Wargame Reviews

The T238 V2 Large Capacity Grenade Toy is one of the toys that make your game more immersive and enjoy the tactical play. It uses a premium material with ABS and PC mixed material with an increased thickness to ensure it won’t easily to damaged in a wargame.

NFstrike Review: NFstrike T238 V2 Large Capacity Grenade Toy with Time-delayed Function for Nerf Gel Ball BBs Airsoft Wargame Reviews

This Nerf grenade t238 v2 also has a high elastic hardening spring that enables it to be loaded with filler for vigorously ejecting. You don’t have to worry if it harms your kids or your opponent since it uses environmental-friendly material that won’t cause harm for humans and the environment.

The convolution popup design allows it to spread the material evenly in all directions within the 5M maximum range. Moreover, it can be loaded with several options and hold more than 250pcs 7mm diameter gel balls, 300bbs, or 15pcs nerf rival balls, etc.

The time-delayed explosion design allows you to control the explosion for a few seconds, which can enrich your tactics during the war game. So, bring your game to the next level with a great war art tactic using this gel ball grenade toy for $35.99!

NFstrike Grenade Airsoft Wargame Details

  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Package Dimensions: 25*25*10cm
  • Weight: 500g
  • Color: Grey + Yellow

NFstrike 2 In 1 AirFrame Helmet Recreate Sparta Combat Tactical Helmet Reviews

When it comes to tactical gear, the helmet is the most important thing to protect your head from damage. The 2 In 1 AirFrame Helmet Recreate Sparta Combat Tactical Helmet is designed to support your wargame.

NFstrike Review: NFstrike 2 In 1 AirFrame Helmet Recreate Sparta Combat Tactical Helmet Reviews

It’s made of durable ABS that can provide high protection to withstand harsh conditions. Whereas the adjustment cushion on the inside of the helmet is designed for a snug fit and comfortable use for a long time of playing.

You can place the helmet, and the helmet strap provides a flexible fit where you can adjust it to fit your face and head shape. For a well fixed, you should insert the buckle where the chin support O belt is perfectly placed in the chin.

With durable construction, comfortable fit, and lightweight, this AirFrame helmet is the perfect addition to your tactical gear. So to level up your tactical gear, you can bring it home at the price of $79.99 after a discount of 11%!

NFstrike Tactical Helmet 2-in-1 AirFrame Details

  • Material: ABS
  • Package Dimensions: 35 x 28 x 22cm
  • Weight: 1500g
  • Colors: Black, Tan, and MultiCam

Who Is NFstrike For?

This online retail store is the best place for those looking for tactical gear, EDC, and war-related toys. It has a wide selection of products that allow you to purchase, whether for actual outdoor playing or even items to play with your kids.

NFstrike Review: Who Is NFstrike For?

Also, it has some unique clothing and armor with specific designs like samurai, Russian Killa style, Rome warrior, and the cyberpunk helmet for cosplaying. So overall, it can be the best option for wargame lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, cosplayers, and others.

NFstrike Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In this section, we’ve gone through customer reviews to see the customer’s opinions. This brand has a small number of customer reviews, but every review is positive. So we have no negative customer reviews to discuss.

NFstrike Review: NFstrike Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Regardless, let’s see the NFstrike reviews from one of the customers:

It’s an extremely cool and unique armor set. What surprised me is that it has superior quality and not only looks good but feels textured, Those Armor scales are real metal, and each part is exceptionally delicate, just like a piece of artwork. Thank you so much, NFSTRIKE!

Another customer also utters their satisfaction with the review below:

Stitching holds up better compared to the other costly vests. It fits great, and the materials and structure appear to be stout. It’s an amazing product and is on par with more pricey brands. This is a good option if you require a lightweight tactical plate vest. I love my vest. I suggest this to anyone seeking a budget-friendly plate carrier with robust construction.

From most of the reviews, we discovered that most customers state that the product is in good shape. Moreover, it has a beautiful design with delicate details. The products also have better quality compared to expensive brands.

Is NFstrike Worth It?

Based on the facts that we’ve gathered in our NFstrike review, this brand has a clean reliability with highly positive reviews. Furthermore, it defines that this brand is worth it, with all customers satisfied with the products they purchase.

NFstrike Review: Is NFstrike Worth It?

It offers low pricing with high-quality products where the people think better than other expensive brands. So from here, we believe this brand successfully proves what they claim by only providing high-quality products from the best brands.

Thus, you can expect exceptional tactical gear products to help you enjoy what you love in this worldwide online retailer.

NFstrike Shipping Policy

NFstrike ships internationally and offers free shipping for all orders without minimum purchase. All orders will be shipped from a warehouse in Shenzen, China, via Yunexpress. However, specific shipping can be shipped using DHL Express and SFexpress.

Order usually shipped within 1-3 business days, along with the tracking numbers to track your order. However, the ETA can take approximately 1-3 weeks, depending on your address locations.

NFstrike Return Policy

NFstrike offers a 30-day return policy for all items purchased from its official website to ensure a risk-free purchase. To start the return, you need to request the RMA authorization and provide the information about the order number, SKU, post image, and reason for the returns.

The returned item must be in the original condition as it arrives, unused, and in original packaging with all accessories and tags intact. Furthermore, Bigfoot, UTA, and T238 brands will also receive a 6-month warranty.

How To Contact NFstrike

Customer satisfaction is this brand’s main concern, so they will provide the best effort to assist you in purchasing. So if you have any inquiries or need a hand, you can contact NFstrike customer service via:

Where to buy NFstrike?

This company is a brand and an online retailer so you may find a wide section of products under their domain. So whether you are looking for their exclusive collection or other remarkable brands, the best place to visit is

NFstrike Coupon Codes & Promos

Who doesn’t like discounts? Unless you despise sales, you should skip this section. We’ve taken some time to hunt for current savings that you can find on its website. Below is the list:

  • Enjoy 10% on all orders
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 12% off coupon codes and giveaways by joining the newsletter
  • Hit the button below to get a compilation of discount codes

Reveal all coupons

NFstrike Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for NFstrike reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is NFstrike legit?

Undoubtfully, this online store is legit. The company guarantees secure payment, and its website has genuine customer reviews.

Does NFstrike ship internationally?

Yes. Basically, this brand is an international online retailer, so they ship to most countries.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of NFstrike Reviews & Ratings

You can prepare for an immersive wargame with complete tactical gear. NFstrike is steady in gathering the best brands with the best product quality for your needs.

The tactical gear and EDC they offer have great authenticity and unique design. The product also has competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, free shipping, and returns.

So have you made up your mind based on our review? If so, you can visit NFstrike to be ready for your next wargame adventure!


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