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About NexFoto

One, two, three, and say ‘cheese!‘ Hi people, do you like to capture every single moment in your life and display it at home? Instead of buying a bunch of practical photo frames, why don’t you try to use the digital one by NexFoto?

NexFoto Review: About NexFoto

NexFoto aims to satisfy everyone’s desire to beautify houses with pretty photo displays. Despite buying one frame for one photo, the brand offers a solution to use digital photo frames to make it more effective.

What effective does the brand mean? Here is the point. NexFoto products enable you to display many photos and videos only with one digital photo frame. The setting makes you freely change the photo or video every time.

This innovation surprisingly attracts people’s attention and curiosity. It affects the brand’s engagement, with more than 1k followers on social media and over 10k satisfied customers.

As the company grows, people should receive more recognition due to its enhanced items. Let’s begin our journey with this NexFoto review article to prove it!

Overview Of NexFoto

How do you usually impress guests in your house? You may think it’s all about food and beverage. But now let’s try to give them an advanced-beautiful sight with your digital photo frame!

NexFoto combines two common points in people’s life nowadays; photos and technology. When you take more photos, it means you need more phone storage to save them, right? Thus, let’s keep your storage free from a pile of files and deliver them to the frame instead.

During its operation, the brand does not explicitly inform when did it begin and who are the owners behind it. However, people generally know the brand with its best products to provide a digital media display.

As a customer, you only need to choose the best spot in your house to put this device. Then, with several clicks on your phone, you can manage what photo or video to display. The product’s large storage and fast connection make everything possible.

So, from 1 to 10, in what number is your curiosity about NexFoto now? Keep scrolling on this page because the brand review is about to hit!

NexFoto Reviews

Besides making the best spot in your house prettier, buying products from the brand gives you a sophisticated-photography experience. It is adjustable, and you can decide in what position to place it, whether vertical or horizontal.

NexFoto Reviews: NexFoto Reviews

Do you want to experience more? The brand’s website explains everything, providing you complete collection with detailed specifications. Furthermore, there are two product series you may choose:

I am a new customer and clueless about buying which product.‘ If you experience this, no worries. You may follow the brand’s guidance.

Once you click the ‘series,’ you have the ‘How Do I Choose’ button on the left side and click it then. To solve your clueless, the brand will ask you several questions about your needs, leading you to the suggested product at the end.

It turns out to be easier, right? As other suggestions, the brand also has 3 most-searched products as follows:

  • ELITE 10 CLASSIC (10.1″/HD)
  • ELITE 15 MAX (15″/XGA)

Surprisingly, the Elite Series is the top searched one. Without any longer, let’s reveal what is inside those products through our NexFoto reviews!

NexFoto ELITE 9 CLASSIC (9"/XGA) Reviews

Hi photo lovers, since you are now on this page, let us tell you more about what ELITE 9 CLASSIC (9″/XGA) gives to you!

NexFoto Review: NexFoto ELITE 9 CLASSIC (9"/XGA) Reviews

For your information, all photo frames by NexFoto has two ways of placement, horizontal or vertical. You may adjust it to your style and the place where you put it. 

Moreover, the display size differentiates this Elite 9 Classic from others. It is not the largest display of all, but it still manages your photos or videos to appear with a great resolution on it.

However, since you have nothing to do with its display size, let’s be a smarter user by managing its position and spot. For instance, if you want to put it in the living room, don’t place it too far from people’s sight.

In addition, once the device connects to your phone, you no longer need to do practical settings. This smart frame will automatically switch on and off when it detects moves around. Last, with its clear and understandable troubleshooting in the manual, there’s only a better experience.

ELITE 9 CLASSIC (9″/XGA) Specification:

  • Dimensions: 242×192×29mm
  • Resolution: XGA 1067×800
  • Display: 8-10″
  • Memory: 1G+32GB
  • The box includes an easy-to-read manual, quick guide, charging cable, PC cable, and bracket.

Thus, just in one click, let’s secure ELITE 9 CLASSIC (9″/XGA) and pay around $109.99 to experience more!

NexFoto ELITE 10 CLASSIC (10.1"/HD) Reviews

So, are you challenging us to give you more? Alright, then. Now, you better be ready because we have ELITE 10 CLASSIC (10.1″/HD) from NexFoto! A smart digital photo frame with more impressive features.

NexFoto Review: NexFoto ELITE 10 CLASSIC (10.1"/HD) Reviews

Do you know why we describe the brand’s product as a ‘smart product’? We do have a reason for it. All types of digital photo frames have been featured with many tools. They are calendar, alarm, music, weather, slideshow, and more.

In addition, the device is also user-friendly, with an interactive touch bar that is easy to swipe. So, when you are bored with the displayed picture or videos, just swipe and look for the cooler one to replace it.

What makes this Elite 10 different from the previous one is its larger dimension. The better appearance of this device is also supported by its higher resolution. Now, you don’t need to worry about putting it in a little further spot from people’s sight.

ELITE 10 CLASSIC (10.1″/HD) Specification:

  • Dimensions: 263.6×181.6×10.5mm
  • Resolution: HD 1280×800
  • Display: 8-10″
  • Memory: 512M+32GB
  • The box includes an easy-to-read manual, quick guide, charging cable, PC cable, and bracket.

Now, have you learned well about the product? Don’t waste any more time because this ELITE 10 CLASSIC (10.1″/HD) never awaits you. So, grab them fast at $129.99 only!

NexFoto ELITE 15 MAX (15"/XGA) Reviews

From 9 to 10 Elite series, we are now on ELITE 15 MAX (15″/XGA)! The series number seems bigger. But, will the features be bigger and better too? Let’s read to check!

NexFoto Review: NexFoto ELITE 15 MAX (15"/XGA) Reviews

In general, all digital photo frames by NexFoto are phone-connected devices. Firstly, you should download the Vphoto app on your phone and connect it to the device. The device setting enables them to connect to WiFi as well.

Next, a digital photo frame is also a multi-users device. You may invite everyone, such as your spouse or family member, to be connected and share theirs to the device.

Then, what distinguishes Elite 15 Max from the two previous ones? s you expected, this NexFoto item has a larger dimension with a higher resolution, resulting in a better display. 

In addition, this digital photo frame is also a perfect choice for a gift. You may give it to everyone, but loveable people around should not have been missed!

ELITE 15 MAX (15″/XGA) Specification:

  • Dimensions: 361×287×33mm
  • Resolution: XGA 1024×768
  • Display: 15-17″
  • Memory: 512MB+32GB
  • The box includes an easy-to-read manual, quick guide, charging cable, PC cable, bracket, and remote control.

So, it’s perfect in every aspect, right? Thus, don’t let other people be faster than you, and secure this ELITE 15 MAX (15″/XGA) for $199.99 only!

NexFoto Pros and Cons

Smart buyers always have good product knowledge before buying. However, smarter buyers won’t only have it but also good consideration by analyzing the product’s pros and cons. So, how is the overall performance of the digital photo frame by NexFoto?


  • Made of recycled plastic
  • High protection for user privacy
  • Able to connect to phone and WiFi
  • Free shipping for Standard Delivery
  • Placement can be everywhere
  • 1-year warranty
  • Multi-users
  • User-friendly
  • Many tools featured


  • Available for domestic shipment only
  • No phone call service
  • The storage tends to be smaller than today’s smartphone

Who Is NexFoto For?

Who wants to have a beautiful and sophisticated photo to display at home? Obviously, everyone will love to have it, right? So, who do you think does not suit this product?

NexFoto Review: Who Is NexFoto For?

We could say that NexFoto products suit everyone. If we have to specify this ‘everyone,’ then it would be homeowners since they need photo frames to make their houses prettier. 

Next, the importance of having this product around is strengthening the bond among family members. From kids to the oldest ones, they can share their moments happily just with one click.

NexFoto Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Does NexFoto really achieve its mission to ease people in sharing and displaying their moments? If you are still confused about whether to buy this product or not, these reviews may help. 

NexFoto Review: NexFoto Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

However, before we start exploring what old customers have experienced with the brand, let’s learn another fact first. The brand has sold more than 10k products with various customer responses during its operation.

On Amazon, the store has achieved thousands of reviews, with at least 100+ reviews for each product. Meanwhile, there’s no specific rating on its website. But the brand shows the reviews, and most of them are saying nice after buying the products.

Since we discuss 3 most-searched products, let’s explore how much rating scores were received by each:

After seeing the detailed rating above, we don’t need to worry about the product performance actually. However, we will still bring more complete reviews from NexFoto’s customers. So, what did they say?

One customer admitted that his guests fell in love with his digital photo frame:

I put this item in my sitting room. When an event in my house has done, many people cannot get over it. What a great buy!

Another customer praised the product for its helpful function:

I used to have a complicated device setup with an unknown troubleshooting. But, what my daughter has is easy to connect and sent photos in no time. She now teaches me well with the product, love it!

Last, a very sweet moment is shared by one of the satisfied customers:

My wife is 60 years old and I gave this photo frame as her birthday gift. There are hundreds of photos and videos uploaded already. We walk into our dining room and happily saw a bunch of pictures of our kids, grandkids, friends, family, and special moments together.

Those are just three chosen reviews of the customers. With over 10k products sold, there should be more good reviews, and hopefully, it will stream as more people reach NexFoto.

Is NexFoto Worth It?

What NexFoto sells to customers is not only an easy function to display photos or videos digitally. However, the brand also sells other functions like privacy and sustainability. They will keep your files safe while also reducing environmental issues.

Thereby, we claim that NexFoto is a worth-buying digital photo frame brand for those reasons. Additionally, thousands of customers have purchased with the brand. Thus, we shouldn’t be questioning the worthy value of it.

NexFoto Shipping Policy

What do you think about the brand’s products so far? Are they good? Thus, let’s get to know more about its shipping policy.

NexFoto only serves domestic shipment, which is in the United States. There are two shipping choices, Standard and Expedited. Your package will arrive with free shipping under Standard Delivery in 5-7 working days. 

Meanwhile, if you choose Expedited Delivery, it will arrive earlier in 1-3 working days, with an extra shipping charge of $24.9. Last, the brand also hopes there’s an expansion to make worldwide shipping possible for international shoppers.

NexFoto Return Policy

Any problem can happen when you buy something online. Then, how NexFoto writes its return policy? If you are unsatisfied with your order, you may return it and can claim a full refund. It applies within 30 days of purchase.

However, before returning it, you should ensure it is in its original packaging, with other requirements. Furthermore, you may contact the company first by email at [email protected] before re-shipping the product.

Where To Contact NexFoto

Now, have you decided to buy items from NexFoto? Good, then. In this case, you certainly need to reach the brand as soon as possible. We’re here so happy to help you by providing you with these contact platforms:

  • Reach the brand by filling out the contact form
  • Leave an email to [email protected]
  • Send a message on the Live Chat forum at the bottom right corner of the website

Does the brand have a customer service phone number? Unfortunately, NexFoto is currently not available through a phone call. 

Company Address

The Green Ste a, Dover,
Delaware 19901, USA.

Where to buy NexFoto?

Since the brand’s product suits everyone, there should be more places to store these digital photo frames. First, to see more complete collections and check its real-time stock, then shop on the official website

Second, you may shop them on other marketplace platforms like Amazon and eBay. However, if you shop on those platforms, the items might be new, but it is sometimes not the NexFoto official store. Thus, buying through the official site is highly recommended.

NexFoto Coupon Codes & Promos

Do you smell something good here? Yes, it’s a smell of a discount, of course. So, what the brand offers to attract its prospective customers?

  • Join an email subscription to get a 10% OFF on your first order
  • Grab a 10% discount in the ‘Family Month Sale’ program with a certain code
  • Several products are available for up to 30% discounts
  • Free shipping all over the US with Standard Delivery

Those are the available discount offered by NexFoto so far. You may check your email or website regularly to see what’s updated. Finally, let yourself sink into the brand’s special offers below!

Reveal all coupons

NexFoto Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for NexFoto reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the owner of NexFoto?

The brand does not specifically mention who its owner is.

Where is NexFoto located?

The brand is located in IDWELL INC., 8 The Green Ste a, Dover, Delaware 19901, United States.

Does NexFoto ship overseas?

No, it doesn’t. The brand only serves domestic shipments (US).

What is the warranty on NexFoto?

The brand offers a 1-year unlimited warranty and lifetime customer service.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of NexFoto Reviews & Ratings

So, how’s your final decision? Having at least one digital photo frame inside your favorite spot will make a whole perfect touch. Besides accelerating your mood, this will bring back old memories to you.

Can you imagine how warm it is? Therefore, there are only good reviews left for NexFoto. To prove what you’ve read, let’s start purchasing one and let the frames do the show for you!


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