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About Neon Education

If you have a big dream, it takes a lot of effort to reach it. Going to a dream college with all students in the country fighting to enter can be a big hurdle.

Neon Edu Review: About Neon Education

Moreover, while you’re studying alone, subjects in school aren’t enough to prepare for admission. If that’s the case, Neon Edu will come into your search while looking for a solution.

It’s a courses subscription plan that offers courses for one year to AS/A Level students with various subjects. So not only mentoring but also providing cost-effective intelligent learning that can provide a better learning experience to improve your performance in any field.

Moreover, this covers all UK exam boards such as Cambridge Assessment International Education, OCR, Edexcel, and AQA. With its game-changer advanced analytics and online courses, this academy has grown bigger by empowering all students across the UK.

However, is this newly established academy worth investing in? Well, thus far, we couldn’t guarantee. So to get to know better, this Neon Edu review will dive deeper into their company profile, subscription services, and offers information.

Overview Of Neon Education

Neon Edu is an academy founded in 2021 by a group of education and technology enthusiasts of Stanford University, London Business School, and IIT alums. They strive to use advanced technology to create cost-effective intelligent learning.

It has a goal to democratize the inequalities in educational opportunities and reduce the cost of quality education for all students across the world. This academy developed Neon’s Tech-assisted AI platform that gives the learners a focused next-level learning experience to improve their grades.

Their dedicated tutor will take full responsibility and invest in their success to ensure their pupil completes their education goal. However, their courses will only use mentors who follow the safeguarding child protection policy.

So before we go deeper to see whether it can be your go-to, let’s see some of the brand’s pros and cons:

Neon Edu Pros

  • Various courses depend on the age and education focus
  • Record all the lessons that can be used for learning
  • Neon’s Tech assisted AI platform better learning experience
  • Follow the safeguarding policy
  • Offers savings for one-time payments
  • Dedicated mentors which experts in the field
  • Easy cancellation

Neon Edu Cons

  • Still brand new, but it seems well-established

Neon Edu Review

As the course offered, Neon Edu offers various courses based on subscription based on your age and education goals. All classes will be handled by mentors who are experts in the field and are dedicated to improving performance and reaching goals.

Neon Edu Reviews: Neon Edu Review

Mainly they offer Homework Learning Yr 1-6, Young Brains Years 7-9, Young Brains Year 10 – GCSE, Young Achiever AS/A Level, and Young Genius AS/A Level. So their education centre will be dedicated whether you’re looking for a course for homework learning or even preparing for UK university admissions.

However, the One-On-One classes can also be the best option for an ex-pat student or those who want more focused learning. All the subscription plans have a disciplined learning system for more efficient learning.

Thus, below let’s see deeper into what they provide in some subscription plans and their quality.

Neon Edu AS/A Level Reviews

The first service in this Neon Edu review is this AS/A level subscription plan. This plan level is divided into two options based on the education level: Young Achiever AS/A Level and Young Genius AS/A Level.

Neon Edu Review: Neon Edu AS/A Level Reviews

What you’ll get:

  • 1-hour quiz for the Young Achiever and 2 hours for the Young Genius
  • 1 hour of mentoring/doubt clearing for the Young Achiever and 4 hours for the Young Genius
  • 4 hours live online class
  • 4 hours marked the assessment

So in total, the young achiever will get 10 hours, and the young genius will get 14 hours of learning, feedback, and assessment every month. These plans offer physics, chemistry, math, and biology subjects that you can choose from.

You’ll be provided with two tutors who will monitor your progress and enjoy peer-to-peer social learning with other students across the UK. Plus, it offers additional question handbooks, mind mapping, presentations, and recordings of online classes.

With several differences, both subscription offers have different prices. The Young Achiever costs £270, and the Young Genius of £405 per subject with a one-time payment of 32 weeks.

Neon Edu Young Brains Year 7 to GCSE Level Reviews

The Neon Edu Young Brains subscription plans offer two kinds of plans depending on the age: Young Brains Year 7 – 9 and Young Brains Year 10 – GCSE. This plan will give you 10 hours of learning, feedback, and monthly assessment for each subject.

Neon Edu Review: Neon Edu Young Brains Year 7 to GCSE Level Reviews

What you’ll get:

  • 1-hour quiz
  • 1 hour mentoring /doubt clearing
  • 4 hours live Online lesson
  • 4 hours of mandatory assignment tests

In addition, these Neon courses also provide a yearly syllabus for physics, chemistry, math, and biology that covers 32 lessons individually. Furthermore, you can choose various subjects, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, English, Spanish, and French.

In addition, in this Neon Edu young brain subscription plan, you can get presentations, handouts, mind maps, online class video recordings, and a defined learning planner & objectives.

All the subscription plans provide leaderboards and personal progress dashboards equipped with advanced analytics. For all Young Brains, the subscription plan will cost £40 per subject, or you can save more than £270 per subject with 32 weeks one time payments.

Neon Edu Homework Learning Yr 1 – 6 Reviews

The last subscription they offer is this Homework Learning Yr 1 – 6 that can give regular disciplined guidance for clear basic concepts and maximize the regular homework assigned by the school.

Neon Edu Review: Neon Edu Homework Learning Yr 1 – 6 Reviews

Students in primary school still require help with homework and clarification on the concepts, but as a parent, you may be busy and find it difficult to assist. This package can offer the best learning help at home.

What you’ll get:

  • 30 mins for school homework
  • 30 mins teach on the same topic
  • 1-hour monthly end tests

During the term, the course will be four days weekly, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It will give regular disciplined learning, feedback, and assessment to improve performance.

In this package, you’ll also get online live zoom lessons every hour each day. In addition, subjects like Math, English, and Science homework and learning will be discussed collectively.

This Neon Homework Learning Program will offer two kinds of booking, which are 1 – 2 and 3 – 6 years old. Every book will cost £20 per month.

Who Is Neon Edu For?

From what we’ve seen, this academy is designed for everyone since they offer various mentors and subscriptions based on your needs.

Neon Edu Review: Who Is Neon Edu For?

It offers various courses depending on your needs, whether for 1 – 6 years of students needing support with homework learning. You can also find a system designed for year 7 to GCSE and AS/A level students is specifically designed based on the expert level, whether it is the young genius or achiever.

It’s also suitable for ex-pat students since it provides Neon Edu One-on-One classes that will help you adapt and prepare for school or university entry. However, its entrance prep course makes it suitable for students who want to focus on UK university admissions.

In short, it’s suitable for everyone of every age since it offers various courses and mentors depending on your needs.

Is Neon Edu Legit?

Indeed when it comes to your kids, you must be very careful and want them to have the best. So we’ve looked through this Neon academy’s legitimacy to see whether you can trust this education centre.

Neon Edu Review: Is Neon Edu Legit?

This education course follows safeguarding measures, and all classes will be in a safe environment. All mentors and courses have met the safeguarding child protection policy.

In addition, all mentors are from prestigious UK higher education institutions and Oxford- Cambridge graduates. Plus will record all lessons to ensure every mentor and student’s well-being.

So we can conclude that this education course company is legit.

Is Neon Edu Worth It?

Tutored by mentors with expertise from prestigious universities that provide a lesson to improve your kid’s performance, this Neon Edu is worth investing in.

Neon Edu Review: Is Neon Edu Worth It?

In addition, compared to other courses,  it offers affordable prices with discounts and one-time payments that can save more. Neon’s Tech-assisted AI platform also takes the approach to the next level of learning experience and grade improvement.

Every plan will also get outstanding services and recorded lessons to monitor the kid’s performance and how it is going. So with its cost-effective intelligent learning, it’s worth investing in if you’re looking for a course that offers services based on your needs.

Neon Edu Cancellation Policy

Once you purchase the Neon Edu subscription plan, you’ll be automatically charged monthly or yearly based on your subscription until you cancel the subscription before the renewal date.

It offers an easy cancellation policy. From your registered account, you can cancel anytime but keep in mind that there’s no refund on the termination of the subscription. However, you can use the paid service until the end of the term you’ve paid. In addition, once your cancellation is approved, you’ll no longer access the features on the account and all the archived data will be deleted within 30 days.

How To Contact Neon Edu

We’re well aware that our Neon Edu review couldn’t cover all your curiosity. So if  you want to get to know further about this academy or consult which course your kid needs, you can contact their customer service via:

  • Email at [email protected]
  • Call at + 44 – 790 -30-60-222
  • Fill out the contact us form
  • Live Chat on the official website
  • Visit the office at 124 City Road, London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom

You can contact them to consult or ask questions to their customer service from 9.30 am – 5 pm every Monday to Friday.

Where to buy Neon Edu?

Do you want to check for the course neon offers and see how they can help you? To subscribe to their subscription plan, you can only shop it from Neon Edu’s official website.

In addition, if you purchase it from the official site, it can offer an easy payment procedure, and all the courses they offer meet the Safeguarding Standards.

Neon Edu Coupon Codes & Promos

Searching for exclusive offers? Well, we’ve gone through their website to present the latest offer.

  • 50% off Black Fridays sale by using code BLCKNEON50 (From 18th to 30th Nov 2022)
  • Join Neon newsletter to be notified that neon events of special discounts of up to 75% off
  • You can also use a one-time payment for 32 weeks to save 15% per subject

Need more? You can check the bottom below to get Neon Edu discount codes!

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Neon Edu Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Neon Edu reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Neon Edu?

This academy is owned by a group of education and technology enthusiasts of alumni from London Business School, Stanford University and IIT.

Where is Neon Edu Located?

Neon Education is located at 124 City Road, London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom.

Which Neon Edu course is the best for expat students?

We recommend the Our One-on-One classes that allow students to adapt to change.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Neon Edu Reviews & Ratings

Even though you have spent time in school to learn, some students may need extra courses besides it since every kid has a different pace and wants to achieve a better result. So whether you are an ex-pat student or a GCSE & A level student, this Neon Edu can be your go-to.

This UK academy offers a monthly mentoring plan with courses based on your needs from age 1 to AS level. It offers a wide selection of lessons whether you want to focus on homework or UK university admissions.

So if you want to look for a course that meets safeguarding and your kid’s needs, this Neon Education can be your go-to!

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