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Naternal CBD Review 2024 → Which CBD Products You Need The Most?

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About Naternal CBD

Life hits you hard with reality. Unfortunately, we humans cannot stay hearty for an extended period. We tend to hide feelings and give up. Due to this reason, Naternal CBD was founded. 

Naternal CBD Review: About Naternal CBD

This company tends to help humans to overcome problems without giving up their lives. In addition, it proudly grows every ingredient in the field in North Carolina, USA. 

Customers can consume the products safely because they are legal, cruelty-free, and made of all-natural ingredients. Even better, the brand provides its dosing system, whether it is for newcomers or old players. 

You may even choose the type of CBD you’re more comfortable with, from tincture to gummies. However, you may be surprised because the company has not been featured in any press media yet since it is new.

Instead, there are about 960 people who follow it on Facebook and Twitter. So if you want to know more, continue reading this Naternal CBD review thoroughly. Let’s begin with the brand’s history in the next section! 

Overview of Naternal CBD

Garrett Perdue founded this company in 2016 when his daughter was diagnosed with panic attacks. At first, the psychiatrist wanted to give benzodiazepine in her therapy. But he and his wife rejected it immediately. 

It was the time when Naternal CBD was born. Perdue insisted that a magical plant is much better than actual medicine. Moreover, his region is full of researchers and scientists, allowing him to grow its ingredients in NC. 

The board is filled with John Replogle and Jim Geikie, experts that bring the products to the next level. Perdue ensures that his company is to help people to enhance a better mood, sleep better, get out of problems, and have fun. 

At first, the company has several best-selling products, such as body butter. But now, the one that has people’s attention are Naternal Original CBD with MCT oil and Naternal Move CBD.

So let’s continue the reading to find other attractive ones in this brand! 

Naternal CBD Review

Somehow, isn’t this CBD company interesting? I can say that because the founder has a great mission for all customers. But before going deeper, let’s see what products you may purchase from this company. 

Naternal CBD Reviews: Naternal CBD Review

There are six categories to buy, including:

CBD Gummies THC Gummies
Full Spectrum CBD Oil Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
Gift Cards CBD Topicals

If those categories are for humans, the brand also offers CBD for Pets, notable for your lovely fur. However, this Naternal CBD review will concentrate on the following best-sellers:

So if you don’t mind, let’s start the discussion immediately! 

Naternal CBD Rescue CBD Muscle Cream Reviews

Do you suffer a lot due to pain in your muscles? If so, this Rescue CBD Muscle Cream will be a great solution. It features CBD Hemp Extracts with menthol, arnica, camphor, and eucalyptus. 

Naternal CBD Review: Naternal CBD Rescue CBD Muscle Cream Reviews

In addition, this cream gives a smooth feeling with non-greasy on your skin. With the icy effect of menthol, the product will relieve the pain and restore your muscles gradually. 

Once your muscles feel stiff or hardened, apply this cream to your skin and rub it to give it more absorbent. Thus, it will work as soon as possible and help you get out of the suffering conditions. 


  • Smooth and non-greasy 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Relieve pain 
  • Features CBD hemp extract, menthol, etc 

So let’s check out the product under these price classifications:

  • One-time purchase: $60.00
  • Subscribe to save 15%: $51.00

Naternal CBD Rest CBD + CBN Oil Reviews

Do you have a problem sleeping? This Rest CBD + CBN Oil will solve your trouble whenever you consume it before bed. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the ingredients since it is milder than THC. 

Naternal CBD Review: Naternal CBD Rest CBD + CBN Oil Reviews

The combination of CBD and CBN allows you to ease your mind. Then, you can have some restful sleep without insomnia all night long. 

Not only are the ingredients potent, but they also promote soothing vanilla and lavender flavor. As a result, you won’t find it scary to consume the tincture and be able to sleep as soon as possible. 


  • Mild ingredients 
  • Ease your mind
  • Avoid insomnia
  • Soothing flavor 

So, click the link below and buy the product under these price classifications:

  • One-time purchase: $45.00
  • Subscribe to save 15%: $38.25

Naternal CBD Ease Full Spectrum CBD Gummies Reviews

Most of us have trauma, leading to panic attacks and insomnia. But say no more because you can take them away with this Ease Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Naternal CBD Review: Naternal CBD Ease Full Spectrum CBD Gummies Reviews

These Naternal Ease CBD Gummies feature flavonoids, amino acids, cannabinoids, and terpenes. Moreover, those ingredients are naturally found in hemp plants. Even better, it is gluten-free due to the tapioca syrup. 

Some users even report the efficacies of reducing pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Therefore, whenever you feel down, gulp one gummy, and you’ll see some difference in your healthier body and mind. 


  • Natural ingredients 
  • Ease your mind and reduce pain
  • Avoid insomnia
  • Soothing flavor 

So, get your wallet and purchase the gummies under these price classifications:

  • One-time purchase: $50.00
  • Subscribe to save 15%: $42.50

Naternal CBD Dosing

For first-time consumers, CBD oils are confusing. Moreover, you know that consuming it needs supervision from an expert. Luckily, this company provides a Trust the Dose System that collaborates with experienced pharmacists. 

Naternal CBD Review: Naternal CBD Dosing

First-timers are recommended to consume 20mg as the starting dose. Then, check out the table on the dosage table to enhance your conditions. 

Naternal CBD Pros and Cons

Before going deeper into the following sections, this Naternal CBD review will write you the pros and cons. Then, here they are:


  • USA-grown and lab-tested CBD products 
  • Legal, cruelty-free, and all-natural ingredients 
  • Solve problems from pain, insomnia, stress, etc
  • Affordable prices
  • Offers many discounts and promotions 
  • Suitable for customers over 18 y.o 
  • Ships to the US with free shipping on orders over $50
  • 30-day return policy 
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers 


  • No international shipping 

Who is Naternal CBD For?

Cannabinoids are ingredients that restrict consumers. Therefore, this company also prohibits consumers under 18 years old from consuming or using the products. 

Naternal CBD Review: Who is Naternal CBD For?

It is better to consume CBD products based on the dosage recommendation. Hence, scroll up, find your perfect dosage, and avoid excessive consumption because it may lead to a high, even worse, overdose. 

Naternal CBD Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Understanding a product only would not satisfy your reading. Therefore, this Naternal CBD review also provides customer testimonials to give you more insights. 

Naternal CBD Review: Naternal CBD Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First things first, here are the ratings of the abovementioned CBD products:

Below is one utterance from a customer:

I’ve been using this cream for three weeks. Before, I was taking ibuprofen at least thrice a week. I’ve not needed anymore it since I used this cream. It is truly amazing, and thank you so much for a wonderful cream!

This customer is thankful because he doesn’t need to consume medicine anymore. Instead, the muscle cream helps him to reduce the pain. Thus, he loves efficacy and finds it amazing. 

Another customer said:

I love this Rest CBD. I’ve beeen had a hard time to fall asleep and this item quiets my mind. It helps me greatly to fall asleep.

This customer also finds the Rest CBD + CBN Oil helpful for her life. Even better, she can control her mind and start falling asleep as soon as possible.

On the other hand, this last customer stated:

Naternal is my go-to CBD items. Consuming these products has improved my life. I can relax and be present with family and friends. Definitely recommend!

This last customer can’t stop buying from the company. Moreover, the gummies help her to relax and spend time with her lovely people. Thus, she recommends it to everyone! 

Simply put, Naternal CBD provides all customers with functional and helpful CBD products. As a result, most of them give high stars and are satisfied with the product’s efficacy. 

Is Naternal CBD Worth It?

Truthfully, some people are searching for this company with reviews Reddit on the internet. Still, you don’t need to do that because Naternal CBD is worth checking out

This company ensures you get the all-natural ingredients that are individually corp in North Carolina. Moreover, it attaches every lab result on every product on the official website. 

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the quality or efficacy. Instead, customers may choose the product they need and solve their problems effectively. 

Naternal CBD Shipping Policy

CBD products do not have legal permission in all countries worldwide. Thus, this company only ships to the US region. But there are some policies you must know, are: 

  • CBD and Delta 9 THC products are allowed in 50 states in the US.
  • Delta 8 THC, THCO, and THCP items are ineligible to ship to Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, Iowa, Idaho, Montana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Utah. 

Then, if your order is eligible for your destination, the team will prepare your package within one to two business days. In addition, it offers a free standard shipping fee to all orders over $50. 

Once your order ships, you’ll receive a tracking number access via email. The shipping process may take 3-5 business days via USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground. Suppose you face a problem, please immediately contact customer service at [email protected]

Naternal CBD Return Policy

This company provides a 30-day return policy for unopened, unconsumed, and in original packaging products. In addition, the procedure is only eligible for full-priced products. Sale items do not include in the return. 

To begin a return, please get in touch with customer service at [email protected]. Tell them your order number, photo, and reasons why you want to return. Then, prepare the package and send it to this address. 

Naternal CBD Return Address

680 Lynn Street
Suite 100
Danville, VA 24541

After the team receives your package, they will begin an inspection immediately. If your request is accepted, the team will issue a refund to your original payment method or store credit within a couple of days. 

How to Contact Naternal CBD

Need more assistance concerning the dosage or other affairs? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer service in the following ways: 

The team will respond within 24 hours. So please be patient and avoid sending the message twice because it may postpone your reply. 

Where to buy Naternal CBD?

This company provides two methods for you to purchase the products. First, the official website is exceptional for anyone who does not have time to visit an actual store. 

Second, find the nearest retailer based on your postal code. These two will serve you with original products. So whether you’re looking for Delta 8 or body butter, the two are ready to help. 

Naternal CBD Coupon Codes & Promos

While reading this Naternal CBD review, you must be waiting for this section a lot. Therefore, here are some promotions you can get: 

I recommend checking the official website frequently for other limited deals. So, are you ready to purchase your salve or ground control THC items? 

Reveal all coupons
Naternal CBD

Naternal CBD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Naternal CBD reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Naternal CBD?

Garrett Perdue is the founder and CEO of this CBD company. 

Is Naternal a good CBD oil?

Yes! Every released product is lab-tested and grown in the USA. In addition, they feature all-natural ingredients, are legal, and are cruelty-free. 

Does Naternal CBD ship internationally?

Unfortunately, not. This company only ships to the US and offers free shipping on orders over $50

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Naternal CBD Reviews & Ratings

Medicine addiction is not a good idea since it may lead to overdose. Therefore, Naternal CBD wants us to avoid consuming too many drugs and change the choice to natural hemp-derived CBD products. 

Every product from this company is produced on the field in North Carolina. It is proud to claim all-natural ingredients. 

Customers can purchase the most products they need and avoid body or mind problems. So, are you ready to buy your desired item? Let’s check it out before the stock runs out! 


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