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MyGemma Review 2024 → Legitimate Place to Buy Luxury Goods!

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About myGemma

Qualified items from famous brands are always expensive. myGemma appears in your life, providing more effective costs from those brands. But is myGemma legit?

MyGemma Review: About myGemma

It intends to give a chance for anyone to wear and have luxury items with a wide selection. In addition, it has many trusted brands in the shop -for example, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Tiffany & Co., etc.

The brand also hears every suggestion, resulting in friendly payment methods. You can pay for it with Credit Cards, Google Pay, and even Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Recently, this start-up business launched an application you can install from Google Play Store and iOS. It also has 25.8K followers on Facebook and 1.7K on Instagram.

If you are interested, stay tuned to learn about the founder, establishment year, products, and everything in between in myGemma review before we let you know how legitimate myGemma is. So, let’s move to the overview ASAP!

Overview of myGemma

Andrew Brown created myGemma in 2018 from the Latin word Gemma meaning gemstone or gem. He intends to provide a place for finding hard-to-find, classic, and luxury accessories at a more affordable price.

In addition, it aims to promote a circular economy by providing unwanted luxury and a new lease on life. By applying this method, humans will not demand new mining. Instead, we will recycle our unwanted things.

Due to its mission, the brand also helps our planet be safer. It works with Ecology by planting and funding 5.876 growing trees worldwide.

The brand offers friendly payment and many premium services for worldwide’s customers. Thus, you can trust and rely on this company to get your craving items without purchasing them at a higher price.

myGemma Highlights

  • Provides luxury items at a more affordable price
  • It has Luxury Advisors to ensure that products are qualified
  • Promotes circular economy system without wasting items
  • Enables easy payment with many different methods
  • Promotes #savetheearth by funding growing trees worldwide
  • Provides premium service for loyal customers
  • Offers free US shipping on orders of $500
  • Ships internationally with different terms and conditions
  • Provides a 14-day return and refund policy
  • Provides trade-in for 6-month application on Rejuvenation program
  • It has many good feedbacks from customers

myGemma Review

Now I know you are wondering what items the brand sell. It has many luxury items in excellent condition for every customer.

MyGemma Reviews: myGemma Review

You can also buy or sell designer jewelry, watches, bags, and shoes. As discussed, it has many products from famous brands. Customers may also purchase jewelry from WP Diamonds on this page.

However, I’ll focus only on these three best-selling products:

  • Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Noé
  • Return To Tiffany Heart Tag Necklace
  • Tag Heuer Link Chrono

Let’s begin the review with Louis Vuitton’s bucket bag without further ado!

myGemma Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Noé Reviews

myGemma has a premium product from a famous brand. It is Monogram Canvas Noé by Louis Vuitton.

MyGemma Review: myGemma Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Noé Reviews

This bucket bag is a design from 1932. You can wear it on your shoulder with style with a drawstring closure. In addition, it is perfect to complete your outfit.

It has a leather strap so you can adjust it to your shoulder. The dimensions are around 10.2 X 13.5 X 7.1 with 10-11 inches of strap length.

It also has a preliminary design with LV logos. Thus, you can bring it to many occasions, including casual, formal, or even parties.


  • Made in France on 1932
  • It is a bucket bag with adjustable drawstring closure
  • It has excellent condition
  • More affordable than the actual price

This France-made bag is commonly sold for $1.960. However, you can purchase it in excellent condition for only $1.450.

myGemma Return To Tiffany Heart Tag Necklace Reviews

The second item is a classic necklace by Tiffany & Co. It was initially designed in 1969 with a heart-shaped pendant. Return To Tiffany Heart Tag Necklace is perfect to complete your appearance.

MyGemma Review: myGemma Return To Tiffany Heart Tag Necklace Reviews

This necklace is made of sterling silver with 925 metal purity. In addition, it weighs around 67.79 grams. You can wear it on many occasions.

It has a secure closure so that it won’t fall. Although it does not have original packaging, you can have this excellent-condition necklace at a more relative cost in myGemma.


  • Made of sterling silver with the excellent metal purity
  • It comes from a classic design by the branded company
  • Suitable for many occasions

Commonly, this necklace is sold for around $700. But you can have it for only $385 from this start-up brand.

The company doesn’t only focus on women’s accessories. Instead, it also provides items for men. The final product is Tag Heuer Link Chrono.

MyGemma Review: myGemma Tag Heuer Link Chrono Reviews

This watch features stainless steel with a sturdy structure. Recently, it has been serviced by a professional watchmaker.

You don’t have to worry about the quality since all compartments come from the original manufacturer. In addition, the abovementioned photo is the original condition of the actual watch.

The item has base ETA 2894-2 automatic chronograph caliber and 37 jewels of blue gemstone. You can see it clearly from the clockwise’s appearance.

Even better, it comes with the original paper and instructions. The watch is also water-resistance, features sapphire, and has a one-year warranty.


  • Gorgeous watch with sturdy materials
  • It comes with original compartments from the original manufacturer
  • It has a sapphire crystal
  • Offers original instructions and papers
  • It has a one-year warranty

Generally, the estimated retail price is around $4.500. But you can have it for only $2.450 from this premium seller.

myGemma Rejuvenate Program

Some people might find it boring after having a new product. Hence, this company offers a Rejuvenate program, a trade-in of purchased goods in 6 months.

Let’s see how this thing works below:

  • Customers will get an exchange in the form of store credit worth up to 70% of the original price (including discounts)
  • Please get in touch with the team at [email protected] to initiate this program
  • Note that you must provide the order confirmation number on that email
  • After you get a confirmation, ship back your order to get store credit

However, this program is only eligible under several terms and conditions. Take a look at this page to fulfill the requirements.

myGemma White Glove Program

Another premium program that myGemma has for loyal customers is White Gloves. This program is a free-in-home service, picking up on glamorous orders and sales by the Luxury Advisors. Unfortunately, it is only available throughout the US.

You can utilize this program by following these steps:

  • Contact your Luxury Advisors
  • Tell them what you need and schedule continuous action such as selling or buying.
  • Let the Luxury Advisors finish the rest.

This VIP program is exclusively helpful to avoid scams. In addition, you can check this page for further information regarding White Gloves’ service.

Who is myGemma For?

This start-up business intends to provide branded items for society who search for premium products. It covers everyone who wants to sell, purchase, and trade specific accessories.

MyGemma Review: Who is myGemma For?

Furthermore, you can rely on this company to get hard-to-find or classic items. Thus, it will try its best to look for what you need in front of your door.

myGemma Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

After more profound research on this brand, you must be curious about the rating. myGemma receives a 4.7/5 rating from 368 reviews in Trustpilot.

MyGemma Review: myGemma Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One of the customers said:

I was concerned never having bought “used” items before. My purchase, a Tiffany necklace, was perfect! Looked brand new and shipping was quick. Would definitely recommend. Thank you.

This statement is a demonstration of how legit and worthy the brand is. The customer purchased a used item but found it delighted due to the perfect and brand-new conditions. She even recommended it to the other person.

Another review stated:

This was the first time I buy a luxury bag on this website so I was a little bit skeptical. However, I was so impressed by the fast shipping service and detailed tracking. The packaging was also amazing and the bag came in wonderful condition. I can feel they put a lot of care into the product. Very satisfied with this experience!

The second testimonial stated regarding the valuable shipment service. This customer was even amazed by the flash shipping and detail tracking. Even better, the packaging was fantastic, and the item was excellent. She is beyond satisfied with her purchase.

The brand also comes on Reddit due to the helpful payment method, Bitcoin and Ethereum. It intends to hear every customer’s suggestion and actualize it for easy buying.

Thus, I must say that the brand works perfectly to serve every customer, which results in happy and satisfied buyers.

Is myGemma Worth It?

Well, purchasing premium products from famous brands must be a difficult decision. However, myGemma is your savior, and it is worth checking, period.

MyGemma Review: Is myGemma Worth It?

The brand intends to provide more relative-cost items for every customer. It features many luxury brands, but you won’t lose much of the budget for purchasing it.

Thus, you can have exceptional items from the luxury manufacturer and perform nicely on many occasions.

Is myGemma Legit?

You might have another worrying feeling about purchasing items from this place since the product’s price is bucks of hundreds, even thousands. However, don’t worry because myGemma is legit and reliable.

MyGemma Review: Is myGemma Legit?

Here is the proof:

  • It features a valid SSL certificate
  • This online store defines every policy from shipping, return, service, and payment method.
  • Although the website is old, it is secure and certified by DNSFilter
  • It doesn’t have any phishing or malware
  • The brand has many positive feedbacks from the customers

Further checking regarding the legitness from this company may visit this page.

myGemma Shipping Policy

Fortunately, this brand ships internationally with different policies. It will require up to three business days to pack your orders. For US only, you’ll get free FedEx ground shipping on orders of $500 or more.

Let’s take a look at further information regarding this policy:

  • Orders of < $500 in the US require $10 USPS shipping
  • Orders of $500 to $2000 in the US will get Free shipping to local Walgreens
  • Orders of $500 to $5000 in the US get free FedEx ground shipping
  • Orders of > $5,000 obtain in the US free Standard Overnight
  • The team provides a $90 surcharge for Hawaii and Alaska
  • International delivery requires a $90 Flat Fee for all orders

Once your order ships, you’ll get a notification email and a tracking number. Suppose you face a problem; please contact the team at [email protected].

myGemma Return Policy

The company provides a 14-day return and refund for every order. Note that it is only eligible for unworn and unused and is in the original product. In addition, you must contact customer service at [email protected].

Let’s see the terms and conditions below:

  • Once you get the confirmation, the team will provide Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA)
  • You can self-send the return using a traceable shipment courier
  • The brand offers a shipping cost of $35 for items under $10,000 and $50 for items over $10,000 within the contiguous US
  • International buyers are responsible for any return fee, including tax, duty, and VAT

Once your return is eligible, you’ll get a refund to your original payment method. Please wait for up to 2 weeks to finish the process.

How to Contact myGemma

Further questions regarding this start-up company may follow the steps below:

Where to buy MyGemma?

Yahoo! The brand is committed to providing the best for every customer. Then, you can purchase products from it on the official website. Or you can also get it on the nearby marketplace eBay.

MyGemma Coupon Codes & Promos

Hip, hip, hooray! Who doesn’t love promotions? I bet you do! Please follow the steps below to get them!

  • Subscribe to the official website for 5% off on your first purchase
  • Download the new app for exclusive offers
  • Join the membership to get limited deals
  • Join the affiliate program to earn a commission
  • Refer to your friend to give $100 off on orders of $1000 and get $100 off on every successful referral
  • Check out the Sale page for getting particular discounts

Kindly visit myGemma’s website to get coupon codes and other deals!

Reveal all coupons

MyGemma Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for MyGemma reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns myGemma?

Andrew Brown is the owner of this company.

Is myGemma authentic?

Yes, this company offers authentic products for customers from famous designers and brands.

Does myGemma ship internationally?

Yes, it ships internationally with different terms and conditions.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of MyGemma Reviews & Ratings

Designer’s products are always tempting. However, it costs more than you can ever imagine. So, unless you’re an heir and have considerable savings, you must find it difficult to purchase it.

myGemma exists to help you have that product without purchasing it with many budgets. Instead, it offers more affordable prices with excellent quality. Thus, let’s purchase your desired item and perform fabulously!


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