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About Munks and Me

Who has been dreaming of having a great time with your babies or kids? We know seeing our babies grow bigger with laughter every day is a heart-touching moment.  But have you checked Munks and Me? They may have some helpful stuff for you.

Munks and Me Review: About Munks and Me

Is it just us or also you to think about the lively and joyful nursery? Fortunately, this store has rocked the baby’s world for a long. Furthermore, they have a bunch of pretty nursery wallpaper collections from safari, jungle, and floral to under-the-sea themes. 

We know parents’ and babies’ power is unbeatable. They unstoppably support Munks and Me, so there have been over 53.3k followers on social media. Pretty popular for a wall art brand, right? Then, do you know what else is good? Yes, it’s a huge achievement.

Be ready to be surprised because this brand has won gold & silver medals in the Junior Design Award for 3 consecutive years (2021-2023). Also, honourable media mentions from Absolutely Mama UK, Ideal Home, Baby Magazine, and more are in their pocket.

So, is the brand good? We won’t answer it since you can only conclude it by reading this first section. But no worries, other surprises are down below, so keep your eyes on our Munks and Me reviews! Ready to choose the best wallpaper for your little hero?

Overview Of Munks and Me

Thankfully, all parents now have no confusion about their nursery decoration. Just sticking wallpaper or wall art around, everything is easily done. Don’t you think so?

We are sure that it’s what your sunshine loves as well. Besides that, the good thing is you can also have custom wallpapers here. So, does your baby say what theme that he or she likes?

Whoever is behind this brand must be all parents’ and babies’ favourite since we found no failed products here. But wait, did we just say products? Oh no, you must be curious now.

We’re sorry to give you a bit of a spoiler, but we promise your scroll-down won’t be wasted. So, what do Munks and Me have to create the most cheerful nursery environment ever?

Munks and Me Reviews

Munks and Me fully realize that capturing every memorable moment of a baby is very important. It can be the moment of their first laugh, their first ‘mama & papa‘ saying, or their first footstep.

Munks and Me Reviews: Munks and Me Reviews

Thus, the brand provides these adorable and interesting collections to support the great moments you have. Don’t you think taking a casual family picture with a safari background on the wall is cool?

So, do you want to start with the product categories first?

Munks and Me Product Categories

Animals Discover wallpaper with a safari or jungle to an under-the-sea theme here!
Nursery A neutral and suit-all-gender type of them? You can explore them on this page!
Boys What do your baby boys love? Is it dinosaur, space, sport, or others? They’re all here!
Girls Girls will always be girls. You may choose floral, rainbow, or unicorn themes here.
Custom Wallpaper Do you have your own wallpaper references? Order the customized product, then!
Shop by colour What colour does suit your baby’s personality? Choose pink, yellow, blue, or others now!

Now, do you want us to give some recommendations to shop? That’s an easy task, and we’ll do it passionately. But can you promise to shop right after our review ends? You should!

Munks and Me (3 Best Selling Items)

  • Leopard and Friends Jungle Wallpaper Mural
  • Unicorn Meadow Wallpaper Mural
  • Under The Sea Wallpaper Mural | Watercolour

So, are you ready to sink deeper into Munks and Me’s world? Be aware this might be addictive, so we can’t guarantee you can return to the surface without having items to buy.

Munks and Me Leopard and Friends Jungle Wallpaper Mural Reviews

Who loves safari and jungle themes? Dear parents, let your kids learn about animals and what’s inside the jungle with Leopard and Friends Jungle Wallpaper Mural! See the picture below and imagine how cool it is on your wall!

Munks and Me Review: Munks and Me Leopard and Friends Jungle Wallpaper Mural Reviews

Do you agree that this safari wallpaper gives your nursery such a fresh and calming atmosphere? Besides the animal things like giraffes or elephants, the floral design is also the point to emphasize the relaxing air in the entire room.

In addition, we can also say that it’s perfectly creating a special space between you and your kids. Whether you play puzzles with him or her, tell stories, or visually learn what animals & jungles are. You won’t miss those moments, right?

Wallpaper Details:

  • 147 gsm Non-Woven Wallpaper
  • Comes in a roll and vertical application
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy wallpaper instructions are here
  • Customizable design

Mom & Dad, regarding the price, it actually depends on your wall sizes (the width & length sizes affect it a lot). But the Leopard and Friends Jungle Wallpaper Mural sample is here at £2.50!

Munks and Me Unicorn Meadow Wallpaper Mural Reviews

Mom and Dad, we know you used to dream of flying with unicorns. But since you can’t, why don’t you give a chance to your babies instead? Send Unicorn Meadow Wallpaper Mural home and see how it magically changes your nursery!

Munks and Me Review: Munks and Me Unicorn Meadow Wallpaper Mural Reviews

Unicorn is all about magic, right? So, this wallpaper gives all babies an imaginative & satisfying atmosphere from its magical-world type of design. We guess this look is also good for strengthening your baby’s memory and imagination.

Furthermore, it also can be a good spot to take some adorable pictures. You just need to put plushies around your baby, let him or her play with them, and take the right angle to get the cutest picture ever. Don’t you think it’s a good idea?

Wallpaper Details:

  • 147 gsm Non-Woven Wallpaper
  • Comes in a roll and vertical application
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy wallpaper instructions are here
  • Customizable design

Have you measured the width and length of your nursery? But if you’re still wondering about the details of this Unicorn Meadow Wallpaper Mural, spend no more than £2.50 for the sample!

Munks and Me Under The Sea Wallpaper Mural Reviews

Who wants to dive under the sea like Nemo or sail the ocean like Moana? Introduce the beautiful large sea world to your babies with Under The Sea Wallpaper Mural Watercolour! So, what are under the sea? You must be curious!

Munks and Me Review: Munks and Me Under The Sea Wallpaper Mural Reviews

Mom and Dad, this wallpaper is obviously a must-have item for all little ocean explorers. In addition, we guess it’s fun exploring the ocean and discovering sea creatures like whales, octopuses, turtles, fish, coral reefs, seahorses, and pufferfish.

Besides that, in all Munks and Me products, you should insert the width and length of your nursery to get the fixed price of the wallpaper you need. Does it mean that the smaller wall dimension will have a lower price? Possibly, yes! Why don’t you try?

Wallpaper Details:

  • 147 gsm Non-Woven Wallpaper
  • Supplied in roll and applied vertically
  • Eco-friendly
  • Understandable instruction is here
  • Fully customizable 

Who’s ready to explore the ocean creatures? But it’s okay if you’re still unsure. Get the Under The Sea Wallpaper Mural Watercolour sample for only £2.50 instead. Is your little sea explorer also ready?

Munks and Me Pros and Cons

Our review is always not fair without having this pros and cons section. Hence, why not to read?


  • All wallpapers are customizable
  • Various themes and attractive designs
  • Flexible prices
  • High-quality prints
  • Eco-friendly product (FSC-certified prints with water-based inks)
  • Easy wallpaper instructions
  • Detailed guide and measurement in each product description
  • Free return for UK orders (over £100)
  • Worldwide shipping


  • No contact number
  • Few discounts
  • Since the products are customizable, there’s no return/refund/exchange.

Who Is Munks and Me For?

Since we’ve talked about wallpaper or wall art, it means we also talk about house decoration, right? But do Munks and Me products suit everyone? We can say yes. After all, who are not allowed to buy those items?

However, if we should make it more specific, the suitable customers are parents or homeowners with babies and kids. Why? Since the brand creates these products for nurseries, it’s logical, right? Therefore, what theme will you choose for your loved one?

Munks and Me Review: What Do Customers Think?

Are you curious about the brand’s overall performance? Hence, let’s get the facts from the super honest customer ratings and reviews below! Do you think Munks and Me are playing well?

Munks and Me Review: Munks and Me Review: What Do Customers Think?

First, it’s great to see that this brand scores well on Trustpilot. On the platform, they have an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 145 total reviews. ‘What did people say there about the company?

Next, let’s bring the moment of truth here by reading the following customer real reviews based on their shopping experiences.

What did the first customer say?

Hard to explain how I love this company so much. My partner and I purchased the natural ocean magic wallpaper for our baby’s room and it brings us so much joy every time we step into the room. We often find ourselves standing there. Our visitors often comment on how calming the sealife looks…

Do you know how well-recommended it is when other people also say something nice about it?

Besides that, we also have this:

Fantastic customer service! They answered all questions and they even customized the design to fit our doorway. The dispatch was really quick too. They were so quick to help when there were delays with the courier.

Next, what makes Munks and Me superior is their excellent customer support team. Add that to your notes!

Then, obviously, you need this too:

I had a great experience ordering from Munks and Me. The communication was fast and helpful, and the customer service was excellent. They even sent out a replacement wallpaper to ensure that it was ready on time for moving into my new house. The wallpaper looks amazing and my daughter is really pleased with it.

Once again, you cannot deny how responsible and super careful the brand is to its customers. 

Lastly, it’s also a not-to-skip review:

The nursery wallpaper I purchased was of great quality and came with lots of instructions. This was particularly helpful for me as it was my first time doing wallpaper. I decided to go for one of the safari wallpaper prints and it fit perfectly on my wall.

A new product is always good to come with easy instructions. Fortunately, that’s what you’ll get here!

Finally, how sure are you now to shop wallpaper and wall art from Munks and Me? Other interesting things are down below, so make sure to be with us!

Is Munks and Me Worth It?

Munks and Me is the best buddy to all parents who want to have a calming and charming environment in a nursery. What makes this brand stand out more than others?

Munks and Me Review: Is Munks and Me Worth It?

Basically, you don’t need to spend more in this store since all wallpaper prices you should pay are decided based on your room measurements. Thus, it’s the best decision to put a ‘worth it‘ label on this brand.

Munks and Me Shipping Policy

How many days Munks and Me will prepare your order? Dear Mom and Dad, since your wallpaper is customized to your nursery’s size, it takes around 3 – 5 days before shipping.

Then, who’s expecting international shipping? Fortunately, the brand won’t disappoint worldwide customers, so they offer shipping to all countries. Furthermore, you can’t be happier as a UK customer since you have free shipping (orders above £100). Two thumbs up?

Munks and Me Return Policy

Once again, since all products in this store are customizable, there’s no return, refund, or exchange for any circumstances. It’s logical, right?

However, if your orders are damaged after shipping, you may contact the brand through email at [email protected]. Isn’t it quite understandable?

How To Contact Munks and Me?

Are those wallpaper prints for sale? Of course! Utter your curiosity directly to the company through the following platform:

  • Phone number: 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact form: fill it out here!
  • Social media: Munks and Me / munksandme

Company Address

776-778 International House, Barking Road
London, United Kingdom

Where to buy Munks and Me?

Where can I get those wallpaper prints?

As your helpful guide today, let us inform you that the only place to get those incredible collections is on the official website. So, what’s in your mind? Let’s drop some money on it!

Munks and Me Coupon Codes & Promos

Do you think you’ll get discount codes here? The following list may answer the question:

  • Subscribe to the brand’s email and get discounts of up to 10% off on your first order
  • Discover 10% off your order with discount codes: munksandme10

Unfortunately, those are the current special offers of Munks and Me. Do you want to see more? The following button may have something, so don’t forget to tap it!

Reveal all coupons
Munks and Me

Munks and Me Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Munks and Me reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Munks and Me?

Unfortunately, we found no information about the brand’s owner or founder.

Where is Munks and Me located?

The company is in 776-778 International House, Barking Road, London, United Kingdom.

Does Munks and Me ship internationally?

Great news! The brand ships worldwide, so all international customers must be happy.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Munks and Me Reviews & Ratings

So, will you bring a jungle, sea, or unicorn theme to your nursery? Whatever it is, we know your birdies will always be happy with that. 

Moreover, Munks and Me is the definition of cost-effective shopping since your payment amount is based on your wall’s needs. Then, can we name other better brands than this? We guess not.


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