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Moodytiger Review 2024 → A Stylish and Comfy Activewear for Kids!

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About Moodytiger Technical Athletic Kids Apparel

Activewear is essential for everyone, including kids. They must be comfortable, breathable, and stretchy to let kids move freely. Here, I’ll tell you about the brand that can do that. It calls Moodytiger.

Moodytiger Review: About Moodytiger Technical Athletic Kids Apparel

This brand only provides premium-quality clothes sets that are intended for children. It is popular due to its wick sweat and fast-drying fabric features.

You can see lots of good feedback from the buyers regarding this brand. It has many followers on social media, boasting more than 20.1k on Instagram and 67.8k on Facebook. The brand is also regarded as The Best Children’s Activewear Brand 2020 by The LUXLife Magazine.

If you’re interested in learning more about the brand, you can stay with me and discuss a more thorough explanation. I’ll provide information regarding the brand’s history and best-selling products alongside its features, customer testimonials, and more. Let’s jump into the Moodytiger review!

Overview of Moodytiger Technical Athletic Kids Apparel

Zoe NG founded Moodytiger in 2018. It is kids athletic wear brand that is intended for active kids. In addition, the brand only uses high-quality fabrics to provide well-made and well-designed clothes.

They even develop the approach to produce the best products for your kids. This brand uses three primary materials in its products. They are the high UV protection Brizi fabric, non-see-through Blockmax fabric, and breathable illucra.

Furthermore, this clothing brand ensures that it follows strict rules and is free of harmful chemicals. It also is certified by European Union Environmental Textile Association OEKO-TEX100.

AS of now, their mission is to promote saving the earth by providing eco-friendly paper bags and boxes in the packaging. Indeed, they are all certified by Forest Stewardship Council, which doesn’t hurt wildlife during the process. Even better, it offers domestic and international shipping so buyers worldwide can purchase its products.

Moodytiger even cooperates with Fujian, the largest knitted fabric company that also supplies excellent-qualities materials. With this in mind, you can trust the brand and provide your child with the most comfortable activewear for every occasion.

Now that you know a bit about the brand’s profile, next up in this Moodytiger review, you’ll see the brand’s highlights that I can provide. Here we go!

Moodytiger Highlights

  • Provides high-quality activewear for children
  • Promotes stretchy, breathable, comfortable, lightweight, and soft material
  • The products are suitable for every occasion
  • Provides fast-drying and sweat-wicking technology
  • Affordable prices, discounts, and rewards
  • Has eco-friendly packaging
  • Offers to ship domestically and internationally
  • Offers returns and refunds within 30-days
  • Has much good feedback from the customers

Moodytiger Technical Athletic Kids Apparel Review

I know you’re interested in the brand since you stayed with me until this section. You must be wondering what products Moodytiger sells. Or, what things that the brand offers to the customers?

Moodytiger Reviews: Moodytiger Technical Athletic Kids Apparel Review

Let’s take it slow so that you wouldn’t leave any important information regarding this activewear brand. It sells many things suitable for adventures, journeys, and voyages. The brand’s activewear includes tees, leggings, shorts, jackets, sleeves, vests, sweaters, pants, hats, headbands, hoodies, shoes, and so much more.

For the time being, I’ll share only 3 best-selling items that the brand has to offer. Without further ado, let’s jump into the Moodytiger review below!

Moodytiger Girls Leggings Mesh With Ruffle Reviews

I’ll begin the review with a best-seller product for girls. Moodytiger offers Girls Legging Mesh with Ruffle for every active daughter. It is available in pink, deep blue, pastel lilac, and dark denim.

Moodytiger Review: Moodytiger Girls Leggings Mesh With Ruffle Reviews

Your kids will love it because nylon and spandex deliver an incredibly soft feeling. In addition, it wouldn’t result in a compromise on stretch and opacity.

This product features fast-drying and moisture-wicking fabric so your kids will be comfortable during the sport. It even has high-quality spandex, allowing your girl to move freely. In addition, this legging contains UPF50+, an ultimate sun protector that covers against harmful UV rays.

But ensure that your girl fits this legging. It is available in 4Y to 14Y+. Therefore, you can let your kids play fun and enjoy their day indoors or outdoors.


  • Buttery-soft fabric
  • UPF50+ with ultimate sun protector
  • Fast-drying and moisture-wicking
  • Breathable texture
  • Incredibly stretchy
  • Made of premium Nylon and Spandex

I can say that this legging is perfect because it has incredible features. So if your girl is fond of this product, you can get it for only $30.40.

Moodytiger Super Light Daily Tee Reviews

The second product that I review might suit every occasion. Moodytiger offers Super Light Daily Tee in four shades: Della Robbia, White, Aqua, and Anise Flower.

Moodytiger Review: Moodytiger Super Light Daily Tee Reviews

This tee is available in 4Y to 14Y+. You can let your boy wear it on a daily bases, such as at school, play, or even practice. It also features illucra-light fabric that is efficient in wicking away sweat and fast-drying. Your boy will find it cool, breathable, and gets cooling airflow.

The item is lightweight and well-made. It is made with a unique knit technique that magnifies soft and comfortable. Plus, the t-shirt is stretchy, allowing your son to move freely. It has high elastane content, so it results in excellent shape retention.


  • Light, soft, comfy, and breathable
  • Features fast-drying and sweat-wicking
  • Suitable for every occasion
  • Made of cool illucra-light fabric
  • Promotes high-elastane for stretchy fabric

So if you find it great for your son, you may prepare money for $28.90.

Moodytiger Flared Skirt Reviews

The final product I review will suit all girl who loves athletic sport. Moodytiger offers Flared Skirt in four colorful shades: The Light of Gomera, Teresita Impression, Tenerife White, and Liv Color House-Pink.

Moodytiger Review: Moodytiger Flared Skirt Reviews

All of them are incredibly stylish and beautiful. I like the fabric because it’s breathable and stretchy. So, your daughter can wear this skirt for sports hobbies, such as tennis, golf, and casual playing activities.

Not only the product features a mesh fabric with a cool feeling, but it’s also fast-drying and can wick away sweat. It also has an inner safety panty that will protect your girl no matter her moves. To conclude, this product is soft and comfortable.


  • Soft, comfy, breathable, and super-stretchy
  • Built-in shortie and stretchy waistband
  • Promotes fast-drying and sweat-wicking
  • Suitable for tennis, golf, and play
  • Made of mesh fabric for cooling airflow

Luckily, you can purchase it for only $34. Then, your girl will play cheerfully and has the most fashionable skirt ever!

Moodytiger Size Guide

As you know, Moodytiger offers premium, high-quality clothing for kids. But, it’s also important to know what sizes that suit your kids. Therefore, I have attached the cloth size guide to help you decide what’s fit your kids’ sizes.

Moodytiger Review: Moodytiger Size Guide

Another size chart is available on the official website. Kindly click this link to get more information. But if you are hesitant about your size, send an email to [email protected]. The staff will assist you with the scope to find a suitable product for you and your kids.

Who is Moodytiger For?

You can guess who the brand is for after reading the Moodytiger review above. It’s a great clothing brand that suits active kids who love sports.

Moodytiger Review: Who is Moodytiger For?

The brand offers high-quality and well-designed activewear for girls and boys. It also promotes a comfortable and soft feel that doesn’t cause discomfort in children. Instead, they can play, exercise, or whatever activities are in peace due to the items that the brand has to offer.

Furthermore, it’s complete with leggings, tees, jackets, sleeves, and even shoes. You can let your kids choose the clothes and provide them with the best, most stylish, fashionable activewear ever!

Moodytiger Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Well, are you curious about the brand’s reviews? No need to worry since I’ll describe it thoroughly in this section.

Moodytiger Review: Moodytiger Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I’ll start with the ratings on the three items we discuss. Here are the classifications:

  • Moodytiger Girls Legging Mesh with Ruffle: 5/5 ratings from 72 reviews
  • Moodytiger Super Light Daily Tee: 5/5 ratings from 30 reviews
  • Moodytiger Flared Skirt: 5/5 ratings from 54 reviews

Those ratings are high to explain how satisfied the buyers are. But you might wonder what reaction the buyer expresses on these best-sellers. One of the happy customers said:

My daughter likes these legging. Nice and thick, and is tall enough for her. It is a great color selection. I have bought two sets and will buy more!

A mother showed her pleasure due to the Girls’ Legging Mesh with Ruffel. She found it bless since her daughter adores the product so much. She loves the color selection with thick and well-fitted sizes.

Another verified buyer stated:

These are my son’s favorite shirts! He likes the color and how soft they are. He chooses to wear these often!

Some boys might be picky about their clothes. But the Moodytiger Super Light Daily Tee can suit your boy’s taste. It even becomes the son of the customer’s favorite. He adores the item they used so much due to the bright color and soft feeling. He even wears the tee often.

From those testimonials, you can see how adorable the kids are with the product from this brand. They love to wear it as often as they can. Those sentences greatly prove that the brand provides the best activewear for kids that results in satisfying customers.

Is Moodytiger Worth It?

Alright, I reviewed enough about the Moodytiger brand. I’ve seen how reputable the brand is in providing activewear for kids. They receive good feedback from many customers.

Moodytiger Review: Is Moodytiger Worth It?

Kids who are active and love sports need to have appropriate outfits. They must be stretchy, comfortable, breathable, and eliminate sweat. The good thing is that this brand is capable of producing all of those efficiencies. You can see how genius the brand is in creating all of the clothes from head to toe.

That being said, I must say that this brand is worth it, indeed. It performs incredibly and has been trusted by many customers. So, if you want to provide the best for your kids, look no further than Moodytiger.

Is Moodytiger Legit?

Well, I know that online shopping can be a bad experience. However, don’t worry because Moodytiger is a legit company with a trusted reputation

Moodytiger Review: Is Moodytiger Legit?

The official website is complete with information that a customer needs before shopping. For example, you can see the product explanation, payment method, shipping policy, return, and contact information.

Furthermore, customers may ask directly if there’s another curiosity regarding the product. Merely contact customer service, and everything will be set! Thus, trust this brand to provide athletic apparel for your kids! 

Moodytiger Shipping Policy

Interested in purchasing the products? This Moodytiger review is happy to report that the brand offers free shipping on orders over $79 for US and international customers! The brand will immediately process your order requires 2 – 3 business days. Then, they will send confirmation to your email alongside the order number.

US Shipping Policy

This clothing brand divides two services:

  • The standard rate for $0 $79 orders will require a shipping cost of around $6.99.
  • The standard rate of $79 orders will obtain free shipping.

Both will require 8 to 15 business days to process until it arrives at the destination.

Note that these policies apply to countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Asia, and Europe. In addition, to ease the shipping process, customers in Korea must provide complete addresses and names in Korean and PCCC.

International Shipping

Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan

  • The standard rate for $0 $79 orders will require a shipping cost of around $3.99.
  • The standard rate of $79 purchase will obtain free shipping.

Customers in Taiwan must provide a complete Chinese address to ease the shipping process.

On the other side, shipping to Middle East countries will cost $12.99 for $0 – $109 purchases. You will receive free shipping on orders $109+.

Keep in mind that every country has different policies regarding duties and taxes. So you can check every legal requirement regarding your shipping before legally purchasing the item.

Moodytiger Return Policy

Moodytiger offers returns and exchanges for customers who aren’t completely satisfied with the products. However, it occurs on specific terms and conditions.

To make it easier, it has return policies you must obey. Here they are:

  • Customers can exchange or ask for a refund within 30 days since you receive the orders
  • Returned items are unworn, unwashed, and unaltered. Also, it must come with the original tag and packaging
  • Customers must ensure that the returned items must have no visible marks of wear or be used
  • Shipping fee on returned products is a customer’s responsible
  • Customer may only return products that they don’t want or on wrong items (size or style)
  • Return is not applicable for discounted items, including summer sale and flash sale items

If you are confident about your choice to return, please follow the steps below.

  • Get in touch with [email protected] by sending an order number and information regarding the item you want to return
  • Please wait for the response because the team will respond within 2 business days
  • Then prepare your package. Don’t forget to include your order number on paper and put it in the box
  • Send the returned items to Moodytiger’s address and provide the team with the tracking number
  • Lastly, a refund requires processing around 2 business days from the day the team receives the package

How to Contact Moodytiger

If you have more questions other than what this Moodytiger review can provide, you can get in touch with the brand in four ways:

  • Email them through [email protected]. The team will do their best to reply within 24 hour
  • Fill in the contact form on its official website
  • Ask them directly on the live chat located in the middle right part of its official website
  • Get updates regarding the brand and products on their Instagram and Facebook page

The customer service team is available and will respond to you from 11 AM to 8 PM on weekdays.

Where to buy Moodytiger?

The brand offers its original products only on its official website. Of course, by purchasing through their official website, you’ll get many perks that the brand has to offer, including original products, free shipping, sales, and gifts for specific orders.

If you plan to visit the brand, you can visit its retail store. Come to Shop B231B, Level B2, K11 MUSEA, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Moodytiger Coupon Codes & Promos

Let’s shout for the great brand! Moodytiger offers excellent promotions and discounts through its official websites. These are the things that everyone will love:

  • Halloween Big Sale offers extra discounts for up to 50% on any single item
  • Halloween Lucky Bags contain up to four items in one bag. It is also as low as $49.99!
  • Deals up to $110 off on orders from $99+
  • Get freebies for every order

This clothing brand offers membership which is beneficial for every customer. If you’re interested, check the terms and conditions below:

  • Sign up for your membership via email and gets 500 points
  • Do every challenge and gain more points
  • Every $1 purchase will be converted to 1 point.
  • Redeem your points to get discounts and promotions
  • Refer a code to your friend to get $20 off and give the receiver $20 off

Isn’t it amazing? You can save money as well as get the item you want for your kids!

But didn’t I say about a discount on the subscription? You can subscribe to the website and receive special offers, including free giveaways and one-lifetime deals. By this, I can say that you’ll adore the brand because it gives advantageous promotions and Moodytiger discount codes!

Reveal all coupons

Moodytiger Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Moodytiger reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Moodytiger?

Zoe NG has owned this brand since 2018.

Where is Moodytiger located?

The brand is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Does Moodytiger ship internationally?

Yes, the brand offers international shipping. You may even get free shipping on orders $79+.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Moodytiger Reviews & Ratings

Overall, Moodytiger is a great brand that comes with the most sacred mission. The brand wants to provide the best activewear for children in every adventurous journey.

They come off in an affordable way and provide high-quality products. Trust me, your kids will adore their clothes and want to wear them often due to the breathable, stretchy, fast-drying, cool, and sweat-wicking material.

So then, I can summarize that this brand is tremendous and significantly helpful for parents who want to support their kids in their daily activities. In the end, will you purchase the item from Moodytiger and provide your child to grow better? If yes, let’s check out the brand since now!

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