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About Moodylenses

Moodylenses is a pioneering online contact lens brand that takes pride in bringing its customers to top products and services at great prices. The brand offers a huge catalog of colored contact lenses for essentially all ages, especially teens and adults.

Moodylenses Review: About

Hundreds of customers are flocking to moodylenses to snatch a pair. Don’t believe us? Their Instagram page boasts a following of over 63.5k and a following of over 11.8k on their Facebook page. They’re also featured in the most popular magazines, including Vogue, Forbes, and BOF.

With a large number of social followers and thousands of 5-star reviews, moodylenses is a reliable place to order your contact lenses. Plus, it’s an affordable option.

But right before you make a purchase decision, we urge you to take a glance at this moodylenses review. We’ll explore an overview of the brand, best-selling products, helpful customer testimonials, important FAQs, and more so that you can buy with confidence.

Overview of Moodylenses

Based in Hongkong, China, moodylenses was founded by Ci Ran (慈然) in 2019. At that time, right as COVID hit, Chinese brand moodylenses launched a store on Tmall. But since the brand is a DTC business model brand, this pandemic didn’t affect it. Instead, in 2020, the brand earned annual revenue of over 200 million RMB in sales.

Soon after launching in China, moodylenses is expanding its presence and becoming a mainstay brand that has reached hundreds of thousands of customers across the US, Europe, and overseas.

The brand is now partnered with Asia’s top manufacturer, and its products comply with the highest standard for medical instruments internationally.

As seen on moodylenses official website, they have plenty of helpful information for any potential buyer. For instance, their main page has a picture of women’s face shapes that go best with certain types of colored contact lenses. This is especially useful to have for an online shop since customers don’t have the advantage of physically trying various styles.

In an inspiring quote left by the brand, moodylenses states that they’ll always be a fashion-forward company. “We see colored contacts as experimental eye makeup. More than that, it is an expression of who you truly are, who you aspire to be, or simply a disguise. It is also a means to explore, to discover the universe in your eyes.

Now, before we get into this moodylenses review, let’s go over some initial highlights:

Moodylenses Highlights

  • A wide selection of affordable contact lenses with long-lasting moisture content and oxygenation
  • All lenses are FDA and CE approved
  • Wide range of usage periods: 1 year, 3-6 months, 1 month, and disposable
  • Free shipping in the US and other select countries on orders over $50
  • Responsive customer service
  • Has a 14-day return policy
  • Huge discounts, promos, and gifts for every order

Moodylenses has over 170 designs to choose from. Customers can shop through the All Products section, and contact lenses are organized by color, frequency, or collection. Additionally, buyers can also choose through enlarging effect, diameter, water content, base curve, and more.

We’re sure that some of you get especially overwhelmed when shopping for contact lenses, but there’s no need to worry. This moodylenses review will spotlight a few of their best-selling designs to help narrow your shopping time.

Moodylenses Reviews

Moodylenses has a seriously huge catalog of contact lenses, however, some best-selling products are spotlighted below. Keep reading this moodylenses review as we give you the lowdown on these products’ design, features, and pricing.

Moodylenses Reviews

Moodylenses Barbie Grey 1 Year, 2 pcs

The moodylenses Barbie Grey are made with an exclusively-developed manufacturing formula that makes them silky soft and easy on your eyes, while also including sandwich technology to ensure the safety of your eyes. They are an ideal option for customers who want to forget they are wearing contacts and highly value comfort.

Moodylenses Review: Moodylenses Barbie Grey 1 Year, 2 pcs

The yearly disposable Barbie Grey has more styles from the collection, 7 fabulous shades to dress up your eyeballs, including green, turquoise, and the ever-popular galactic blue. For the two contact lenses per package, you will only need to cough up $18.

Moodylenses Caramel Latte (Latte Brown) 3 Months, 2 pcs

The Moodylenses Caramel Latte contact lenses are made from a natural material that effectively traps moisture over a long period of time. Their design is also airy, which brings in more oxygen for your eyes. This way they stay moisturized, clear, and without getting irritation.

Moodylenses Review: Moodylenses Caramel Latte (Latte Brown) 3 Months, 2 pcs

The Caramel Latte lenses are constructed from a combination of polymacon material and 38% water content, along with non-ionic material. So not only do they keep your eyes from drying out, but they allow for oxygen permeability of 25 x 10 Dk/t.

All Eyespresso contact lenses also accomplish this with UV-blocking patented technology that makes the lens protect your eyes from harmful radiation.

You can buy one box (2 lenses) for $22.

Moodylenses Cold Brew Oolong (Greyish Brown) 1 Month, 2 pcs

The moodylenses Cold Brew Oolong is designed to be a general, all-purpose contact lens made with patented material formula, which draws moisture to the lens surface to combat dryness. These lenses are also designed to allow your eyes to easily shift and adjust focus between distances.

Moodylenses Review: Moodylenses Cold Brew Oolong (Greyish Brown) 1 Month, 2 pcs

The lenses also offer Class 2 UV protection, blocking 83% and 97% of the UV-A and UV-B spectrums, and any harmful radiation, respectively.

The Cold Brew Oolong contact lenses are priced at $20 (with many colors available).

Moodylenses Picture Perfect (Cambridge Brown) 1 Day, 10 pcs

Disposable contact lenses are fantastically convenient, but they can sometimes result in discomfort and irritation. Designed by Asia’s largest and leading contact lens manufacturer, the moodylenses Picture Perfect gives you 10 lenses specially fabricated to counteract dryness and give you all-day comfort.

Moodylenses Review: Moodylenses Picture Perfect (Cambridge Brown) 1 Day, 10 pcs

One pack of these lenses will cover you for more than a week, and you have the option of purchasing in up to 8 quantities.

You can have the Picture Perfect lenses for $16 per box.

Moodylenses Free Gift

Fortunately, moodylenses have some gifts for you if you purchase over $100, and you will get a lens container worth $12. Not only that, the Mini Pocket Umbrella worth more than $36 will be included in your purchase of $150. The brand has many gifts to offer!

Moodylenses Review: Moodylenses Free Gift

Moodylenses Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To include in this moodylenses review, we found numerous reviews from happy and satisfied customers. Many have noted how much they appreciate the wide selection of collections and colors, for example.

Moodylenses Review: Moodylenses Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

On the brand’s official website, most moodylenses contact lenses reviews give the company a 5/5-star rating, and few products are rated on an average of 4.5/5 stars. They were impressed by the shade options offered, loved the affordable price and on-time delivery.

Love these Barbie Grey’s & so Comfortable for all-day wear. These Moody Lenses are as good as—if not better—than my long-time prescription contacts. Rich, Vivid color…I have several different colors & love this gorgeous grey. My prescription is -2.00 & -2.50 & for reference my natural eye color is Med Golden Brown. Love Them & all my other Moody Colors.

There are some moodylenses reviews that praise the easy purchasing and excellent service process — this is great for those that don’t like waiting long periods of time for their new prescription lenses. One customer left a 5/5 star review on their excellent experience:

Good quality lenses, good service, and easy check out.

We know this, as you may worry about buying your prescription contact lenses online. That’s why during our research for this moodylenses review, we found some positive reviews of the online store that might put your worries to rest. One customer left a 5/5 star review speaking about how, originally skeptical, she is now a moodylenses convert.

I’ve tried colored lenses before and they never lived up to my expectations. When I spotted this website and reviews of the lenses it sparked my curiosity again, which led me to ordering my first two pairs from here. Can’t wait to buy more!

With so many positives, could there possibly be any negatives? Inevitably, yes, but given the extraordinary volume of moodylenses products that are shipped out every day, there are incredibly few.

Is Moodylenses Legit?

To start wrapping up this moodylenses review, We can surely state that this brand does not raise any major red flags. Aside from huge positive reviews, the brand is compliant with the US FDA, manufactured under the control of a certified Quality Management System, CE, ISO 13485, Japan Ministry of Health, and featured in several famous magazine outlets. By that, we can confidently say that this brand is super legit.

Is Moodylenses Worth It?

This moodylenses contact lenses review strongly recommends the brand to anyone who wants the best selection of contact lenses available. Due to the brand’s partnership with Asia’s largest and leading contact lens manufacturer, moodylenses meet and suit every ocular need. Our final verdict is that the brand is definitely worth it.

By that, we encourage you to check out their website, as they have numerous designs to choose from for affordable prices. We were delighted to see how many customers loved the gorgeous contact lenses they bought in moodylenses. That’s what good retail is all about!

Moodylenses Shipping Policy

The great news about this moodylenses review is that we have found the brand to have some very attractive shipping policies. First off, moodylenses offers free shipping on contact lens orders over $50.

Moodylenses has websites for, and ships to, the following countries:

  • North America (10-18 business days)
  • Southeast Asia* & Japan (8-20 business days)
  • Oceania (9-20 business days)
  • UK & Italy & Germany & France & Denmark & Sweden & Netherlands & Belgium & Slovakia (8-18 business days)
  • UAE & Saudi Arabia (8-20 business days)
  • Greater China Region (3-10 business days)

All standard shipping is at a flat rate and costs $9.99.

Allow up to 2 business days to process, and once the order is processed, a shipping confirmation email that includes a tracking number and tracking link will be sent to you. To check your moodylenses order status, log in to your account and go to the “My Orders/Track My Order” tab to view previous and current orders.

Moodylenses Return Policy

Moodylenses offers a 14 days return and refund policy. All you need to do is:

  • In the case of contact lenses, for health reasons, check that your box hasn’t been unopened and in good condition
  • Contact the brand’s customer service by email: [email protected]
  • Provide your detailed order information: contact info, tracking number, reasons for return
  • Send your items within 7 days after confirming with moodylenses customer service

The brand will inspect your returned item, and you can claim your full refund (except shipping cost) within 10 business days.

How to Contact Moodylenses

Have any more questions after reading this Moodylenses review? If so, here’s how you can get in touch with the brand:

Moodylenses Expert Reviews

A small detail that can enhance your entire look…


…the growth of above the mask beauty products…

— Forbes

They’re like an accessory, a makeup item, a necessary everyday addition to one’s personal style.


Where to buy Moodylenses?

This moodylenses review found that the only place where you can buy this brand is their official website,

Moodylenses Review: Where to buy?

Moodylenses Coupon Codes & Promos

Looking for a moodylenses promo code? You can find all sorts of information by signing up for the brand’s newsletter, including getting all the latest offers directly to your inbox.

After signing up, the brand will give you 10% off your first purchase on every contact lens moodylenses website. Also, you’ll get free shipping if you order over $50.

  • $15 off when you order over $100: moody15
  • $30 off when you order over $150: moody30
  • $50 off when you order over $200: moody50

Better click the button below for more coupon codes you can use for shopping at moodylenses.

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Moodylenses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Moodylenses reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Are moodylenses made in China?

Yes, moodylenses is owned by Ci Ran, and its headquarters is located in Shanghai, China. The brand has been owned by Moody Global Limited, and most recently, it has been run by the Xiamen MU DI E-Commerce Co., LTD.

Is moodylenses good quality?

Moodylenses is a DTC digital-first contact lens brand that in 2020 has reportedly achieved a purchase price of 200 million RMB. Based on that, as well as the hundreds of thousands of positive customer reviews, we can safely say that the brand offers good quality for affordable prices.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Moodylenses Reviews & Ratings

Colored contact lenses come in a few varieties. There are those that only subtly enhance your eye color and those that transform your natural eye color completely.

The great thing about moodylenses is that virtually anyone can use them, including regular lens users and people with perfect vision who want to change their eye color for a night out or a fancy-dress party. So now, why wait any longer, since it’s a perfect time to improve your look with moodylenses!


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