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Monopoly Lifesized Review 2024 → Real-Life Monopoly Experience

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About Monopoly Lifesized 4D Game Board

There are many games you played during your childhood, such as monopoly. But now, you don’t have to play it on paper. Instead, roll the dice live in London with Monopoly Lifesized

Monopoly Lifesized Review: About Monopoly Lifesized 4D Game Board

This company provides immersive play in Tottenham Court Road. In addition, everyone from age nine years old may join the game. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the rules since Mr. Monopoly will guide you to finish the play. 

Not only is the game enjoyable, but also the price is affordable. The ticket starts from £49.00! Players can complete this physical version of monopoly within 80 minutes. 

Due to this innovative idea, the company receives attention from many audiences. It features on blooloop and boosts more than 6.5K followers on Facebook and 24.7K on Instagram. 

Then, read this Monopoly Lifesized review to learn more about this company. Before the subsequent discussion, let’s know its history in the following section! 

Overview of Monopoly Lifesized 4D Game Board London

The Path Entertainment Group created this Monopoly Lifesized in 2019. This London-based company wants to recreate a monopoly you’ve been playing as a child into a 4D one. 

Who knows, this game brings a lot of attention and gains many clients! Even better, the challenges promote educational games for children. As a result, parents may bring their children to play in this 4D life game. 

Since the game is famous, the company partnered with Al Hokair Group for Tourism and Development from Riyadh. They work together to open a new branch for Monopoly Lifesized in UAE. 

The company prioritizes every client by offering a bar and resto above the venue. Therefore, players may have a meal before or after the game. 

Monopoly Lifesized 4D Game Board London Review

As previously discussed, the company provides a 4D monopoly everyone can play. Therefore, you must be curious about the terms and conditions. Therefore, this Monopoly Lifesized review will focus on five topics, including:

Monopoly Lifesized Reviews: Monopoly Lifesized 4D Game Board London Review
  • Game Board
  • Play Requirements
  • Restaurant
  • Pricing
  • How to Get There

So, without further ado, let’s start the discussion! 

Monopoly Lifesized Game Board Reviews

There are four different game boards you may choose from this monopoly. All of them are different from each other and have many charming points. Can you help me guess what the differences are?

Monopoly Lifesized Review: Monopoly Lifesized Game Board Reviews

So if you want to know, find them here! 

  • Luxury Board

It is a stealth-based board that allows you to play joyfully. Moreover, you’ll see the BTS of Mr. Monopoly’s bank. With only £64.00, you can put on the glitz in every challenging room! 

  • City Board

It is a musical-based game board that allows you to dance cheerfully. Focusing on the London landmark, you can also perform an artful game. Then, prepare for £59.00 to book a schedule! 

  • Classic Board

Bring back the classic Monopoly game to this life-sized game! Compete with another group to conquer every challenge room. So, let’s book a schedule at only £59.00 to £69.00 now! 

  • Classic – Own it All

It is a game board that makes you compete with your teammates. Finish a riddle, puzzle, and the challenges to win the game! Hence, let’s buy the tickets and start playing for only £59.00!

Which of the game boards above will you choose? Whatever your choice is, ensure you’ll do your best to conquer the regime from Mr. Monopoly. Therefore, let’s book a schedule now! 

Monopoly Lifesized Play Requirements Reviews

Playing a gameboard from Monopoly Lifesized is fun. Yet, you must fulfill the requirements to be able to play with Mr. Monopoly. 

Monopoly Lifesized Review: Monopoly Lifesized Play Requirements Reviews

So take a look closer at the list below to be eligible for the game:

  • Players must be children at least 9 years old
  • The team with players under 18 years old must include an adult as supervision
  • Only 18-years players can drink wine from the restaurants 
  • Pregnant women are not recommended to play the game
  • Players must arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the game begins 
  • Latecomers won’t have any compensation 

Therefore, ensure you fill in the minimum age and other requirements! 

Monopoly Lifesized Restaurant Reviews

This company considers every need of every player by providing The Top Hat Restaurant and Bar. You may go to this resto before or after the game. So, what does the resto offer for Monopoly Lifesized’s players?

Monopoly Lifesized Review: Monopoly Lifesized Restaurant Reviews

This restaurant and bar provide Mr. Monopoly’s Festive Feast, which costs £37.50 per guest. It serves feasting or buffet style from the main course to dessert. 

You may choose meals from burgers, chicken wings, or fresh bread. The dessert is available in chocolate mousse and bread and butter pudding. 

Therefore, you won’t hunger yourself before and after the game. So instead, let’s eat your favorite dishes and play the best game board ever in the heart of London! 

Monopoly Lifesized Pros and Cons

Before we dive into the Monopoly Lifesized review, let’s first examine the pros and cons of the brand as listed below.


  • 4D game board located in Tottenham 
  • Suitable for at least 9-year-old players
  • Offers four game boards
  • It has a bar and resto on the top of the game board location 
  • Provides booking tickets online
  • The booking process may be placed one month before
  • Fun and educational games 
  • Affordable prices 


  • There are not many discount codes.
  • No profile company on the official website.
  • Admission tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • No on-the-spot booking ticket lockets. 
  • The game pace is rushed and quick. 
  • It may not be suitable for introverts who are awkward with new people

Monopoly Lifesized Pricing

As discussed, this company offers affordable prices for game board tickets. So how much money should you prepare to book a ticket? Here are the explanations:

  • 1st Type 

This £70.00 ticket is special for players over 18 years old who want to play the game with a sparkling glass of wine post-show. In addition, the brand provides non-alcoholic drinks as an alternative. 

  • 2nd Type

This £64.00 ticket is for any players under 17. The team must contain an adult. You’ll be refused entry if you don’t own an adult on this team. 

  • 3rd Type

This £64.00 ticket price is for anyone who needs more attention to add comfort and enjoyment. If you need one, don’t hesitate to contact the team at [email protected]

Note that these prices do not include the payment for dining at The Top Hat Restaurant. Therefore, please count the budget, and let’s book a ticket at the following link now! 

Monopoly Lifesized How to Get There

Haven’t I told you the location of the venue? The site of Monopoly Lifesized is 213-215 Tottenham Court Road, W1T 7PS. So what transportation should you have to get there?

There are five alternatives you may choose, are:

  • Use public transportation 
  • Use the tube and drop at Goodge Street tube station served by the Northern Line. After that, walk for around ten minutes to arrive at the venue. 
  • Choose the bus if you want to come to the venue since many buses serve Tottenham Court Road. 
  • Drop at the King’s Cross, St Pancras International, or Euston railway stations if you go by rail. These three are the nearest to the venue. 
  • Car-driver may park his car at Carburton Street, W1W 5EE. This NCP car park only requires 10 minute walk from the venue. 

Then, which of those methods will you choose? Whatever it is, ensure to arrive 15 minutes before the schedule!

How does Monopoly Lifesized Work?

Congratulations on understanding the main discussion of this Monopoly Lifesized review! Now, I’ll tell you the procedure from booking to playing. So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

Read the following explanation carefully. 

  1. First, players must book a schedule on their preferred date and time. You may start booking one month or before. 
  2. Then, complete the payment.
  3. The team will send e-tickets to your email. 
  4. When the schedule begins, please visit the event venue for at least 15 minutes before the game starts. 
  5. Mr. Monopoly will guide you to start the game. 
  6. After that, start playing to solve the riddle and win the game. 
  7. Once finished, you may enjoy a dessert or a main course at the Top Hat Bar and Restaurant. 

Although the procedure is simple, you cannot underestimate the steps. Hence, follow the steps explained to refresh your mind and spend time with your beloved people. Are you ready to conquer Mr. Monopoly and own the game? 

Who is Monopoly Lifesized For?

This company is committed to providing the game board for children to adults. In addition, clients may bring their families, lovers, or colleagues to play together. 

Monopoly Lifesized Review: Who is Monopoly Lifesized For?

You will not regret booking a date since the 80-minute game is enjoyable. Hence, let’s immediately book a game board now! 

Monopoly Lifesized Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

While writing this Monopoly Lifesized review, I realize you need testimonials. Therefore, this section will aid you in understanding everyone’s reaction after playing 4D monopoly. 

Monopoly Lifesized Review: Monopoly Lifesized Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The company receives a 4.0/5 rating from the review Tripadvisor. Then what do the customers say? Here is what a customer said:

.. A fun experience with amazing staff playing fantastic characters. Recommend thoroughly playing the Classic Board game in Lifesized version. 6 of us in our family are really enjoyed it.

This customer brings all her family members to the Classic Board game. She finds the board unique and fun. Furthermore, all members of the family enjoy the play. 

Another one said:

Me and my wife took our daughter and granddaughter to play the classic board. Our ages range from thirteen to sixty nine. We enjoyed our selves thoroughly and will try a different board in the next visit. The whole experience was amazing! …

This customer brings everyone to play the game. Furthermore, they enjoy the game thoroughly and intend to play another board. 

The last one said:

The building and setting are great, but the game is chaotic, makes me confused. and extremely rushed. …

This customer finds the setting and building amazing. However, she thinks the game is chaotic and rushes to finish as soon as possible. As a result, she is confused. 

From the abovementioned testimonials, I can say that many clients are satisfied with the game. However, others may find the game board overwhelming due to the quick pace of challenges. 

Is Monopoly Lifesized Worth It?

I must say that Monopoly Lifesized is worth-trying! Do you know why? The reason is that the game has an educational purpose for everyone, including children.

In addition, it brings fun to your team by completing every challenge. Not only can you play fun games, but also you may befriend strangers. Therefore, you can stay active and refresh your mind on busy days. 

Is Monopoly Lifesized Legit?

Since booking the schedule is only eligible during online purchases, you may be more aware of it. But, no need to worry because Monopoly Lifesized is legit

I can say that because it has an SSL=secured website and is rated on Tripadvisor. Although it doesn’t have a company profile, you can read everything thoroughly. 

Therefore, suppose you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the written contact number on the website. Then, the team will guide you shortly. 

Monopoly Lifesized Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, this company doesn’t offer any refund for bought tickets. So customers who have booked a time to play could never get a refund. 

However, it tries to understand your position well by offering a substitute the other day. You may change the date to the one you can play with. Therefore, your money is well-used, and you won’t get any disadvantages. 

How to Contact Monopoly Lifesized

Are you still confused and need assistance booking the game? Then, don’t hesitate to get in touch with these contact numbers.

Customer service will reply within 24 hours. However, you may also visit the game board location for further information. 

Monopoly Lifesized Address
213-215 Tottenham Court Road, W1T 7PS

Where to buy Monopoly Lifesized?

Currently, the company only provides e-tickets to avoid queueing at the location. So, the official website is the only place to book the game board from this company.

Please read the following procedure to purchase the tickets:

  1. First, visit the official website and click Book Now
  2. Fill in the number of tickets you want to book
  3. Then, check your desired date on the table
  4. After that, click on the date
  5. Choose your preferred game board and time
  6. Check out the tickets
  7. Complete the payments, and that’s it! You’ve booked the game! 

So ensure to make a reservation before your desired date is full. Hence, let’s play with your beloved people now! 

Monopoly Lifesized Coupon Codes & Promos

Welcome to the most awaited section of this Monopoly Lifesized review! I know you want to know about the promotions and discounts from this place. 

Unfortunately, I can’t list any UK discount codes or NHS discount codes. But don’t worry because this company may offer limited deals during significant events. So, check on social media frequently to get the tickets more affordably! 

Reveal all coupons
Monopoly Lifesized

Monopoly Lifesized Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Monopoly Lifesized reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Monopoly Lifesized?

The Path Entertainment Group is the owner of this game board. 

When did Monopoly Lifesized open?

Every day has different opening times. I recommend checking the official website to see the exact period. 

Where is the life-sized Monopoly board?

This 4D monopoly is located on Tottenham Court Road. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Monopoly Lifesized Reviews & Ratings

Playing with educational purposes in the heart of London is no longer difficult. Monopoly Lifesized provides four game boards you may choose based on your budget. 

You can bring children of 9 years old, and the game is perfect for spending time with your beloved people. So, let’s visit the official website and book the best board with a schedule now! 


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