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About Modest Vintage Player

Have you ever thought of wearing sports gear that is not only highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing yet high-end? If so, then the best place to fulfill your thoughts is the Modest Vintage Player.

Modest Vintage Player Review: About Modest Vintage Player

Modest Vintage Player (MVP) is a company that designs and manufactures premium leather sporting goods. The brand makes its products from high-quality leather that is sourced from around the world.

On top of that, the brand combines functional with vintage style in every product they create, making them both luxurious and classy at the same time.

Based on the breathtaking classic designs coupled with the quality of each product, Modest Vintage Player has been featured in various well-known media such as Vogue, Esquire, GQ, Men’s Journal, and Bazaar.

Not only that, but the brand has also gained more than 62.8k followers on Instagram and 7k followers on Facebook. We recommend you follow their social media to get the latest information directly from the brand.

Through this Modest Vintage Player review, you can also find out key information about this sports brand. There is brand history, best-selling products, customer testimonials, discount codes, and more. So, keep reading on!

Overview of Modest Vintage Player

Modest Vintage Player, commonly called MVP, is a brand based in Auckland, New Zealand. The brand was founded by Josh Carmody in 2015 and has a relatively straightforward mission.

To create the most beautiful yet functional sporting goods and accessories in the world.

With this mission in mind, the brand has created products that differ from most sports essentials from other brands. Yep, they produce and design each of their products from the hands of professional craftsmen, ensuring best-in-class quality.

This aligns with the brand’s tagline, “form is temporary, class is permanent.” Referring to this tagline, Modest Vintage Player creates best-in-class products in terms of functionality and design.

Modest Vintage Player Review

Through Modest Vintage Player, you can find a variety of sports essentials and accessories from various sports categories, ranging from baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, and ice hockey, to boxing, MMA, and gym.

Modest Vintage Player Reviews: Modest Vintage Player Review

In its official store, you can find baseball gloves, rugby balls, medicine balls, soccer balls, MMA gloves, apparel, and other sports essentials. All of them are handmade by skilled craftsmen, ensuring that every product they sell is guaranteed exceptional quality.

Better yet, this brand also offers products in collaboration with several clubs and famous people, such as FC Barcelona, SSENSE, Wayne Enterprises x Uncrate, and Wiz Khalifa.

In this review, we’ve compiled four of the brand’s best-selling products.

Modest Vintage Player Reviews: 4 Best-Selling Sports Essentials

  • Leather Boxing Gloves
  • Leather Golf Gloves
  • Leather Heavy Punching Bag
  • Leather Jump Rope

Without further ado, let’s break down these three products.

Modest Vintage Player Leather Boxing Gloves Reviews

Coming with a beautiful vintage style, these Modest Vintage Player Retro Heritage Brown Leather Boxing Gloves are perfect for every heavy bag exercise you do.

Modest Vintage Player Review: Modest Vintage Player Leather Boxing Gloves Reviews

The quality of these boxing gloves is unquestionable. They are handcrafted from 100% genuine cowhide leather. Moreover, the padding of these retro boxing gloves is filled with 100% natural cotton, ensuring maximum comfort for your hands.

Furthermore, these boxing gloves feature double stitching to increase their durability, allowing you to use these gloves in various workouts for a longer period of time.

Leather Boxing Gloves Features

  • Made from 100% genuine full-grain cowhide leather
  • Padding made from 100% natural cotton
  • Double-stitched seams for durability

For the price, you can take home these 1950s boxing gloves at $135.

Modest Vintage Player Leather Golf Gloves Reviews

Up next is a golf glove that can attract your golfing friends with its exquisite classic design, Modest Vintage Player Retro Heritage Cream / Brown Leather Golf Gloves. The brand combines cream and brown colors to design this golf glove, bringing a premium look to it.

Modest Vintage Player Review: Modest Vintage Player Leather Golf Gloves Reviews

In addition, this retro golf glove is handcrafted from premium lightweight Cabretta leather. Thus, it can provide optimal and outstanding comfort and durability.

Moreover, it comes with 2 size options. You can choose according to your hand size, medium or large. You can also choose this glove according to your ideal hand when playing golf, left hand (R/H players) or right hand (L/H players).

If you’re interested in owning this retro golf glove, then you can prepare a budget of $35 and put it in your cart.

Modest Vintage Player Leather Heavy Punching Bag Reviews

Are you looking for the perfect heavy bag to accompany your boxing training at home? If so, the Modest Vintage Player Retro Heritage Brown Leather Heavy Punching Bag is your best choice. Not only suitable for home use, this heavy bag is also suitable for commercial gyms and hotel gyms.

Modest Vintage Player Review: Modest Vintage Player Leather Heavy Punching Bag Reviews

Accordingly, the brand makes this punching bagĀ using 100% heavy-duty cowhide leather. Thus, you no longer need to doubt the quality you can get from this heavy bag.

Plus, it also features reinforced hand stitching combined with a heavy-duty clip stainless steel chain. What for? It ensures that this punching bag can be used in your most intense workouts.

You need to remember that this heavy bag is shipped unfilled, so you have to fill it by yourself. As per the brand’s directions, you can fill the heavy bag with a combination of old fabric or clothes and 4-5 small sandbags.

There are four size options to choose from, which are 3 foot (90 cm), 4 foot (122 cm), 5 foot (150 cm), and 6 foot (180 cm). These 4 sizes also have different average weights when you’ve filled them with filling.

  • 3 foot has an average weight of 25 kg / 55 lbs
  • 4 foot has an average weight of 32 kg / 70 lbs
  • 5 foot has an average weight of 42 kg / 92 lbs
  • 6 foot has an average weight of 52 kg / 115 lbs

Does this heavy bag meet your needs? Then, prepare your $479 budget and put this retro heavy bag in your cart.

Modest Vintage Player Leather Jump Rope Reviews

Add the Modest Vintage Player Retro Heritage Brown Leather Jump Rope to your workout routine. Featuring a classic, old-school design, this jump rope can be used for both intensive workouts and light morning exercises.

Modest Vintage Player Review: Modest Vintage Player Leather Jump Rope Reviews

In addition, this jump rope is equipped with ball bearings in the handles to provide maximum comfort and increase speed when you use it. The rope has a 9-foot-long leather strap. If you want this jump rope, you can prepare a budget of around $55.

Modest Vintage Player Pros and Cons

Is the brand that perfect? Let’s find the answer from the pros and cons of the Modest Vintage Player that we’ve compiled below!


  • Offers the highest quality sports gear combined with a beautiful classic design.
  • Provides a variety of sports gear from various sports fields
  • Featured in several well-known media publicity
  • International shipping
  • Offers worldwide express shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Many customers are satisfied with the products offered by this brandĀ 


  • The brand has no drawbacks at all. All of its products are excellent

Who is Modest Vintage Player For?

As a brand engaged in the industry of providing sports gear, there is no doubt that Modest Vintage Player is for all sports enthusiasts. Through this brand, you can find a wide range of sports essentials for sports such as baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, and even boxing and MMA.

So, for those of you who are in search of sports gear with vintage style at the best quality, this brand could be the best place for you to find it.

Modest Vintage Player Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Did you know? All four best-selling products we reviewed above are surprisingly well-rated. Just take a look at the rating list below.

Modest Vintage Player Review: Modest Vintage Player Reviews: What Do Customers Think?
  • Leather Boxing Gloves rated 5/5 out of 8 reviews
  • Leather Golf Gloves rated 5/5 out of 2 reviews
  • Leather Heavy Punching Bag rated 5/5 out of 18 reviews
  • Leather Jump Rope rated 5/5 out of 4 reviews

With the perfect rating, the brand has also received positive testimonials. Below, we’ve summarized some genuine testimonials on its official website.

Let’s start with the testimonial of a customer who has used boxing gloves.

Amazing gloves with incredible quality and super fast shipping!

In his testimonial, this customer expressed his amazement at how the brand’s boxing gloves are absolutely stunning and have excellent quality. He also revealed his satisfaction with how the brand offers super-fast shipping.

One customer shared his satisfaction with the quality of the brand’s golf glove, which felt amazing when he wore it. In fact, he also said that he’s very satisfied with the quality of the golf gloves.

The glove definitely feels amazing! I’m so happy with the quality!

Not only the gloves product, this brand also received positive reviews for its heavy bag product. Here’s a testimonial from a customer.

The heavy bags are a great add-on to our fitness studio, we love the design, and the leather is of superb quality.

According to this customer, the heavy bags designed by this brand are a great addition to his fitness studio. He also expressed his satisfaction with the appearance and leather of this heavy bag.

The last one is a testimonial from a customer who has used a jump rope from this brand. He shared how this jump rope has a strong handle with the right weight for him to use.

Super awesome jump rope! The handles feel both strong and sturdy with the right weight to them.

Based on the perfect rating of its four best-selling products and positive customer testimonials, Modest Vintage Player has truly succeeded in creating best-in-class sports essentials.

With this brand, quality is not something you should doubt, as all its products come with exceptional quality.

Is Modest Vintage Player Worth It?

In this section, we agree that this brand is definitely worth your consideration. Based on the quality of each sports essential that is handmade by professional craftsmen coupled with the various kinds of satisfaction expressed by its customers, it is easy to say that Modest Vintage Player is truly worth it.

Modest Vintage Player Review: Is Modest Vintage Player Worth It?

What’s more, you can find a lot of sports gear from various fields of sports, such as baseball gloves, golf gloves, jump rope, rugby balls, heavy bags, MMA gloves, and many more.

Modest Vintage Player Shipping Policy

Amazingly, the brand accepts shipping not only to NZ, Australia, and the United States but also internationally. Even better, the brand also offers worldwide express shipping, perfect for those who want to get their sports essentials on ASAP.

Your order will be shipped using two shipping methods, DHL Express or UPS Expedited. Once you confirm your purchase, your order will be shipped within 3-5 working days.

What about the shipping cost and estimated arrival time? Since each country has its own rules, the shipping cost and estimated arrival depend on where you live. You can find out how much you’ll have to pay and when your order will arrive after placing one of the brand’s products in your cart.

Modest Vintage Player Return Policy

Based on Modest Vintage Player’s return policy, they offer 30 days for you to request a return. Once the 30 days have passed, the brand will no longer be able to accept your return request.

To be eligible for a return, you have to make sure that your item is unused and in the same condition that you first received it. Not to forget, you must also ensure your item is in its original packaging.

Once all the above conditions have been met, you can prepare a proof of purchase to complete your return process. So where can I start the return process? Just email their customer service team at [email protected].

How To Contact Modest Vintage Player

Modest Vintage Player would love to hear all your questions and feedback. Therefore, feel free to ask all your questions to the brand’s customer service team. Below are some of the email addresses you can reach out to:

Their customer service team will respond to your queries Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Where to buy Modest Vintage Player?

Have you decided to buy one of the brand’s sports essentials? If so, you can head over to their official website. Alternatively, you can get your hands on the brand’s sports gear through a well-known retail store, Amazon.

Modest Vintage Player Coupon Codes & Promos

Apart from getting high-quality sports gear with beautiful classic designs, you can also save money when purchasing from this brand. Yep, that’s right. Modest Vintage Player offers several discount codes. We’ve summarized some for you. Check them out.

  • Use coupon code CART10 and get an extra 10% OFF on your purchase
  • Subscribe to the newsletter and enjoy 10% OFF

Still not enough? Want to get more Modest Vintage Player discount codes? Then, hit the button below.

Reveal all coupons
Modest Vintage Player

Modest Vintage Player Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Modest Vintage Player reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Modest Vintage Player?

This brand is owned by Josh Carmody.

Where is Modest Vintage Player made?

All the products are hand-crafted by professional craftsmen in the United States.

Does Modest Vintage Player offer international shipping?

Yep, this brand offers to ship internationally.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Modest Vintage Player Reviews & Ratings

Modest Vintage Player is not like most other sports goods brands. Not only do they provide high-quality sports goods, but they also create products with breathtaking and beautiful vintage styles. With this brand, you can get sports gear that is highly functional yet beautiful to wear.

All in all, if you’re searching for premium sports gear with classic designs, this brand is the best place to go. You can get all sports gear from various sports, such as boxing, baseball, basketball, soccer, MMA, and others.


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