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Modern Aspect Review 2024 → Tell People Your House Number Elegantly

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About Modern Aspect of Mailbox and House Number

Decorating a house is easy, but sometimes people forget to put the house numbers. Truthfully, it is one of the crucial elements for your property. So if you’re looking for one, Modern Aspect is ready to help. 

Modern Aspect Review: About Modern Aspect of Mailbox and House Number

This company provides a mailbox that you can choose between wall-mounted or post-mounted. In addition, the products are made of high-quality 14-gauge steel, which is durable and weatherproof. 

Every customer can install the product efficiently since it promotes easy installation. Even better, you can place the numbers easily due to the magnetic mailbox numbers. 

This company is famous, and you can see it on Wayfair, Houzz, atomic ranch, GARDENISTA, LONNY, etc. Also, it boasts more than 20.8K followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

If you want to know more, read this Modern Aspect review thoroughly. So, are you ready to dig deeper? Let’s start with the history of the brand in the following section! 

Overview of Modern Aspect of Mailbox and House Number

Danny and Veronica are spouses who started this small business in 2017. At first, the two were going to decorate their new house and realized that there was no excellent enough mailbox. 

Most of the offered product was made of plastic, which was easy to break. Thus, these two created Modern Aspect to provide high-quality mailbox and house numbers. 

This Utah-based company currently only ships to the US. Danny and Veronica hold every affair of the home ornament purchase from the mailbox, plagues, plants, and everything else. 

Although they started the business small, you can now see the products on the marketplace. So if you prefer the marketplace, buy it on the official store on Amazon or Wayfair. 

Modern Aspect of Mailbox and House Number Review

I know you’re interested in this company. Well, because I do, too! Before going deeper into the next section, let’s see what products you may purchase from it. 

Modern Aspect Reviews: Modern Aspect of Mailbox and House Number Review

Modern Aspect Products

While visiting the official website, you’ll find these seven categories:

Address Planters Address Plaques
Wall-mounted Mailboxes Post-mounted Mailboxes
Address Yard Signs Planter Pots

Modern Aspect Best-seller Items

However, this Modern Aspect review will only focus on the star all-rounder, including:

Then, let’s go on to the next section and find your favorite mailbox now! 

Modern Aspect Greetings Wall-Mounted Mailbox Reviews

Say hi to this company’s most bought item: Greetings Wall-Mounted Mailbox. This wall-mounted mailbox with a planter will make your curb appeal better. 

Modern Aspect Review: Modern Aspect Greetings Wall-Mounted Mailbox Reviews

Why? Because the product is made of durable 14-gauge steel. In addition, it is 12 x 13 x 3.5 inches in dimensions, perfect to put right outside your building. 

If you’re too busy to care for the plant, an artificial one can be the answer. But if you have a lot of time in your house, taking care of a plant in the mailbox will be fun! Plus, it has drainage! 

Customers may choose the box in four shades: black, white, grey, or brown. The magnetic number color is also customizable, allowing you to choose between brass, black, and silver. 


  • Available in four shades
  • Offers three shades for the numbers 
  • 14-gauge steel 
  • Drainage planter 
  • Magnetic house numbers 
  • Easy to install 

The original price of this product is $176.00. But if you start shopping now, you’ll get a discount of only $139.00. So let’s check it out now!

Modern Aspect Cubby Wall-Mounted Mailbox Reviews

Busy customers who can’t decorate an artificial plant in the mailbox may choose this option. Cubby Wall-Mounted Mailbox is available in four shades and provides three magnetic number colors. 

Modern Aspect Review: Modern Aspect Cubby Wall-Mounted Mailbox Reviews

In addition, it is made of high-quality and sturdy 14-gauge steel. The material will be long-lasting, which allows you to have the mailbox for a long time. 

This 14.5 x 11.5 x 6 inches dimension mailbox allows you to have letters and a small package. Therefore, merely install it out of your house and let it appeal more; you’ll get more compliments! 


  • Available in four shades
  • Offers three shades for the numbers 
  • 14-gauge steel 
  • Magnetic house numbers 
  • Easy to install 

Its price is $176.00. However, this Easter sale discounts the price, only costing $132.00. So, prepare your wallet, and let’s shop for the product now! 

Modern Aspect Malone Post-Mounted Mailbox Reviews

Some may think a wall-mounted mailbox will reduce your house’s attractiveness. If you do think so, Malone Post-Mounted Mailbox will be a perfect solution. 

Modern Aspect Review: Modern Aspect Malone Post-Mounted Mailbox Reviews

You can install it in front of your house and let the mail carrier see your home. In addition, the box is available in 4 shades with 3 magnetic number colors

This mailbox may keep your letters or small packages safely due to its dimensions of 9.5 x 9 x 21 inches. So if you want a full mailbox, look no further than to purchase this 14-gauge steel item now! 

Key Features

  • Available in four shades
  • Offers three shades for the numbers 
  • 14-gauge steel 
  • Magnetic house numbers 
  • Easy to install 
  • Post-mounted 

The brand sells it for $288.00. But let’s click the link below now to have it lower, at only $216.00!

Modern Aspect Mailbox Instructions

I know that installing exterior decoration may be tricky. But don’t worry because the company ensures you can install 4 magnetic house numbers with ease. 

Take a closer look at the guidance below to begin the installment:

  1. First, unbox all of the elements of the package and put it outside your house. 
  2. Find paper guidance and place it on the wall. Ensure you place it correctly and secure the placement with tape. 
  3. Then, drill pilot holes based on the four locations on the paper. 
  4. After that, apply four screws with pilot holes. 
  5. If you finish, install the decoration exactly on the screw. 
  6. Put the magnetic house numbers and add some plants. 
  7. That’s it! 

So, are you ready to install your mailbox with your house numbers? 

Modern Aspect Pros and Cons

In the middle of this Modern Aspect review, I’ll write you the pros and cons of this company. Then, find them below! 


  • Minimalist mailbox and house numbers 
  • Available in various colours 
  • Promotes easy installation
  • Magnetic house numbers  
  • Available on the official website and marketplaces
  • Ships to the US region 
  • Free standard shipping if you buy $100+ 
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers 


  • No international shipping 
  • Returns only for exchange and damaged products 

Who is Modern Aspect For?

You know that decorating a house does not only focus on interior design. Therefore, this company tends to help homeowners to give a sign for their homes. 

Modern Aspect Review: Who is Modern Aspect For?

The sign is also helpful for mail and package carriers to find the recipient’s destinations. So whatever the design you choose, the minimalist house numbers will give a new look to your house decor. 

Modern Aspect Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

After understanding the brand’s products, don’t you curious about how people react? If you do, keep reading this Modern Aspect review for the testimonials. 

Modern Aspect Review: Modern Aspect Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First, here are the ratings of the abovementioned mailboxes:

For example, below is one utterance from a customer:

It is so cute and looks exactly as described. It has four holes for screws on the back and easy to install. Even has a drainage hole for the plants but I decided to go with fake ones. I’m obsessed!

This customer finds the product amazing because it looks like the picture and is easy to install. Furthermore, the mailbox has a drainage hole for the plants, making her obsessed! 

Another customer said:

An exceptional quality and durability, looks amazing! I already get so many compliments. Thanks a lot Modern Aspect!

This customer finds the mailbox incredible due to its high quality and durability. Moreover, she gets many compliments, making her satisfied with her purchase. 

Also, the last customer said:

This mailbox is impressive! It is a heavy duty one, and definitely can hold up in any type of weather!

This customer finds the mailbox excellent. Not only is it heavy duty, but also it can stay durable whatever the weather is. 

In short, Modern Aspect performs excellently in providing the best mailbox house numbers for all customers. As a result, most of them are satisfied and are thankful for the package. 

Is Modern Aspect Worth It?

I do not need to write much because Modern Aspect is worth it! The company has the best material, with a well-made design for your mailbox. 

Moreover, it prioritizes all customers by providing easy-to-install products. Even better, you can customize the design based on your preferences. 

You’ll also receive a free shipping fee if you pile up your cart over $100. So, let’s see which design is more appealing and check out the item immediately! 

Modern Aspect Shipping Policy

This company requires one to three business days to prepare your personalized house numbers. Once it is ready, the team will immediately dispatch your home decoration package. 

However, this company only ships to the US region and offers a free standard shipping fee on orders over $100. So please expect 10 to 12 business days from preparation to arrive at your door. 

Once the team dispatches the order, please check your email immediately to find a tracking number. Then, suppose a problem arises, please get in touch with Danny at [email protected]

Modern Aspect Return Policy

There is something different between this company to others. First, it only offers returns for damaged and exchanges. What are the terms and conditions? Here they are:

  • Customers should immediately contact customer service for a return and a full refund within 72 hours if they find the product damaged. 
  • Customers who want to exchange products may contact customer service within 30 days

So please double-check if your product suits your preference and house number. Therefore, you do not need to return the orders because it will take too long. 

How to Contact Modern Aspect

Do you need to contact customer service? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch through these methods:

In addition, the team is available on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. Please wait for at least 24 hours to receive a response. Then, if you need to meet the owner individually, please visit this address. 

Modern Aspect Address
1273 S. Redwood Rd. Unit 1
Woods Cross, UT 84087

Where to buy Modern Aspect?

There are two methods you can do to purchase mailboxes from this company. First, buy it from the official website and enjoy free shipping on orders over $100

Second, find the products on preferred marketplaces such as Amazon or Wayfair. Both places have an official store so that you can find the original products. Hence, which way will you choose to purchase your wishlist?

Modern Aspect Coupon Codes & Promos

Waiting a lot to reach this critical section of the Modern Aspect review? No worries, here are the most awaited discounts, promo codes, and deals:

  • Subscribe to the newsletter for 10% OFF a first-time order
  • Enjoy free shipping on orders of $100+ without entering coupon code
  • Get 35% OFF Pre-Order Planter Pots 

Currently, you’ll find a 25% OFF sitewide during Easter 2023. However, this deal may end soon. So let’s visit the website and purchase your preferred mailbox now! 

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Modern Aspect

Modern Aspect Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Modern Aspect reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Modern Aspect?

Danny and Veronica own this small business. 

Does Modern Aspect ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this company only ships to the US region. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Modern Aspect Reviews & Ratings

Mailbox house number is one of the best ways to indicate that the building is yours. Luckily, Modern Aspect has impressive collections for you to choose from in four different shades. 

You are the king that can personalize every design based on your preference. So if you want one for your house, visit the official website now and enjoy free shipping! 


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