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Mobile Tyre Shop Review 2024 → #1 Australia On-Site Tire Fitting Service

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About Mobile Tyre Shop

Why bother going to a tire shop when a car shop can come to you? That’s the concept of Mobile Tyre Shop. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home for a tire replacement.

Mobile Tyre Shop Review: About Mobile Tyre Shop

Mobile Tyre Shop is Australia’s leading car tire retailer. But it’s more than a tire shop. They deliver your tire and provide on-site fitting. It is a great innovation for those who don’t have time to replace tires.

The company has a total collection of over 7000+ tires with famous brands. You will find brands like Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, etc. They have served 3,644 suburbs across Australia.

Also, this brand has been featured in notable television, Shark Tank. We also notice they have 8k+ followers on Facebook, 3.3k+ on Instagram, 150+ on Twitter, and 245 subscribers on YouTube.

So, learn more about what this company offers in this Mobile Tire Shop review. You can uncover the vast products and benefits that they have. Let’s scroll down!

Overview of Mobile Tyre Shop

Mobile Tyre Shop has carried out its products across Australia since 2012. The founder and the owner, Travis Osborne, got inspired when he saw tire technicians working in the middle of a New York City neighborhood.

Then, the idea came to him to recreate it in Australia. Nonetheless, he felt selling tires was still not enough. Hence, he added some mobile services such as puncture repair, tire rotations, wheel balancing, and many more. It became a one-stop store for all tire needs.

By now, this label has earned a good reputation with its customers. They proudly receive 98% customer satisfaction for their excellent products and services. Also, they offer fleet services and manage roadworthiness.

Being on top does not make this company forget its environmental obligations. They recycle used tires. So, they produce absolutely no waste. It is indeed their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Mobile Tyre Shop Highlights

  • No.1 rated tire retailer in Australia
  • On-site fitting
  • 7000+ tires product
  • Wide range of tires from famous brands
  • Best price
  • Buy tires now, pay later
  • Accredited Tyre Stewardship Australia
  • Sustainable recycling process

Mobile Tyre Shop Review

Isn’t that an attractive offer? You don’t have to leave your busy life just to replace a tire. What you need to do is reach Mobile Tyre Shop.

Mobile Tyre Shop Reviews: Mobile Tyre Shop Review

Mobile Tyre Shop stocks many tires of various sizes, models, and brands. Also, you can choose based on your budget or performance requirements. Whether for SUV, passenger, or light commercial.

How to choose the correct tire size? They have a tire finder feature based on your car registration number. Just type in your car plate, and ta-da! The results will come out directly.

Moreover, you can schedule an on-site appointment by calling or booking online. This provides convenience and time-saving. A professional technician will arrive and quickly replace your car’s tires.

You still remember this retailer sells popular brands, right? That’s true! They have a collection of tires from 13 high-reputation manufacturers. Here is the list:

It feels incomplete if we haven’t reviewed some of their products, right? So, we decided to investigate more on their 3 best sellers. Let’s move to the first product!

Mobile Tyre Shop Dunlop SP Sport FM800 (205/55 R16) 91 V Reviews

Discover the perfect blend of style, performance, and safety in the Dunlop SP Sport FM800 (205/55 R16) 91 V. This tire is engineered to bring your driving expertise to the top level.

Mobile Tyre Shop Review: Mobile Tyre Shop Dunlop SP Sport FM800 (205/55 R16) 91 V Reviews

This tire is designed for the modern driver. Its cutting-edge technology ensures good stability and traction on dry and wet surfaces. The Dunlop SPORT FM800 makes the drivers stay grounded on the road even in challenging weather conditions.

In addition, this tire does not make any noise. You will experience riding smoothly and safely. Also, it has durable materials and excellent engineering. Thus, it is built to last, ensuring you have a fun ride for many miles to come.

Dunlop SP Sport FM800 Specifications

  • Tire dimension: 205/55 R16
  • Load index: 91 (up to 1356 lbs or 615 kg)
  • Speed rating: V (up to 149 mph or 240km/h)

Thus, experience a thrilling road with Dunlop SP Sport FM800, exclusively available at this brand. If you buy today, you will get a special price of $173/each from the regular price of $230.

Mobile Tyre Shop Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (235/35 R19) 91 Y Reviews

Are you looking for premium tires for your beloved car? Meet Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (235/35 R19) 91 Y! It is perfect for young drivers who crave precision, high performance, and excitement.

Mobile Tyre Shop Review: Mobile Tyre Shop Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (235/35 R19) 91 Y Reviews

Pilot Sport 4S offers outstanding braking ability. It has advanced silica-infused compounds. Also, safety is a key point of this tire. Its design improves water dispersion and reduces the risk of hydroplaning. It assures reliable performance even on a wet road.

Besides, if you like a luxurious design, this tire is ideal for you. Its style is very dashing. Making your car get the spotlight on the road. Besides, the Pilot Sport 4S has good durability. It will remain in fine condition for many years.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S specifications

  • Tire dimension: 235/35 R19
  • Load index: 91 (up to 1356 lbs or 615 kg)
  • Speed rating: Y (up 186 mph or to 300 km/h)

So, if you are an adrenaline junkie or want to own high-quality tires, choose Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. Own this awesome tire by paying $451/each.

Mobile Tyre Shop MTS Budget Economy (205/55 R16) 91 V

Buying quality car tires doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money. MTS Budget Economy (205/55 R16) 91 V proves you can drive fun with pocket-friendly tires.

Mobile Tyre Shop Review: Mobile Tyre Shop MTS Budget Economy (205/55 R16) 91 V

MTS Budget Economy has a sturdy tire and functional tread pattern. It provides reliable traction and stability on the road. Besides, safety remains the priority. Responsive braking ability and good handling make you confident to tackle wet and dry roads.

Additionally, the MTS Budget Economy has outstanding durability. You can face daily driving challenges with ease. Also, this tire has excellent material, so it does not wear out prematurely.

MTS Budget Economy Specifications

  • Tire dimension: 205/55 R16
  • Load index: 91 (up to 1356 lbs or 615 kg)
  • Speed rating: V (up to 149 mph or 240km/h)

Drive with confidence knowing you have an economic partner with MTS Budget Economy. Buy now because you will get an exclusive offer of $128/each from the original price of $170.

Mobile Tyre Shop Mobile Services Reviews

As mentioned before, Mobile Tire Shop provides quality tires and professional mobile services. To know more, we will explain briefly.

Mobile Tyre Shop Review: Mobile Tyre Shop Mobile Services Reviews

On-Site Fitting

No more driving and queuing at tire shops. The brand provides expert technicians who will come to your location to fit your new tires.

Puncture Repair

Have a nasty puncture? This company’s technicians have you covered! They will quickly repair any holes in the tire.

Tire Rotations

For even wear and tear on tires, regular rotations are essential. This brand will perform tire rotations so that it maintains optimal performance.

Wheel Balancing

You would want a smooth and stable driving experience. This brand’s technicians will perform wheel balancing to eliminate vibrations and provide a perfect balance.


This company is also happy to help with batteries that need repair. They will test the health of it. Also, they provide and install a new battery if required.


This effort is a form of the company’s responsibility to the environment. Their recycling contributes to a sustainable future and reduces carbon emissions.

Mobile Tyre Shop Pros & Cons

Before we continue our investigation to the next section. Let’s get a bird’s eye view of this Mobile Tyre Shop’s pros and cons:


  • Fast and excellent service
  • Time and energy-saving
  • Wide selection of popular brand tires
  • Professional technician
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Personalized tire fitting
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Fast-response customer service


  • Limited service area
  • A little bit long waiting time

Who Is Mobile Tyre Shop For?

Mobile Tire Shop is typically aimed at all car owners who are looking for time-saving and convenience. Specifically, it is perfect for busy people, families, and commercial vehicle owners. They not only get quality tires but also professional tire maintenance.

Mobile Tyre Shop Review: Who Is Mobile Tyre Shop For?

Besides, this company concept is also suitable for the elderly or those with limited mobility. Visiting a tire shop directly may take a lot of work for them. This brand provides a solution by bringing tires to their location. Thus, it is more convenient and accessible.

Mobile Tyre Shop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

People may wonder how Mobile Tire Shop’s offerings hold up to the test. Well, you’re in luck. In this section, we’ll reveal many helpful customer reviews. Let’s take a closer look!

Mobile Tyre Shop Review: Mobile Tyre Shop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Overall, the company’s products get an outstanding score. This indicates that their products and services are excellent.

  • Product Review awards 4.9/5 stars from 2380 testimonials
  • Google Review grants 4.8/5 stars from 1042 testimonials
  • Facebook gives 4.8/5 stars from 478 testimonials

One buyer states:

The service was great, on time and on budget. They were decent and knowledgeable – I’m a single mom and didn’t know how to go on, and they do it all.

This customer is happy with the product and service. The product is affordable, and the technicians are very polite and skilled.

The next buyer states:

The service was fast and easy from beginning to end, and Jack, the technician, was very helpful.

Again, the company received positive comments from a customer. He said that the service was quick and professional.

Another happy buyer states:

It was so convenient to order this service through their website, within a few days my new tires were on my house.

Apart from the product and service, the customer praised the website. He can choose the right tires by using the helpful tire finder feature.

Overall, the vast majority of customers are satisfied with their product. It has good quality. Besides, their service and technicians also get praise. They are friendly, fast, and helpful. You should also feel this convenience by purchasing Mobile Tire Shop products.

Is Mobile Tyre Shop Worth It?

Once we discover this company’s products and services, we are convinced that Mobile Tire Shop is absolutely worth it. Not only sell tires, but they also provide tire maintenance. People will be happy with the diverse tire selection, professional service, competitive pricing, and convenience.

Mobile Tyre Shop Review: Is Mobile Tyre Shop Worth It?

Furthermore, this brand is also responsible for the environment. They recycle unused tires so they don’t become a pile of garbage. Therefore you can participate in reducing waste by buying from this shop.

Mobile Tyre Shop Shipping Policy

The company is currently servicing metropolitan locations in Australia. For example, Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Wollongong, Gold Coast, and many more. The shipping fee will be calculated when the customer checks out. You can choose the available schedule for delivery and tire fitting.

Mobile Tyre Shop Return Policy

The company always ensures the tires are perfect until installed on your car. However, contact customer service immediately if you find any defects or damage. Some reasons, such as choosing the wrong size or model, make returns invalid.

How To Contact Mobile Tyre Shop

For inquiries unrelated to this Mobile Tyre Shop review, you can contact the company through:

The friendly and fast response customer service will answer your questions 24/7.

Where to buy Mobile Tyre Shop?

The one and only place to buy Mobile Tyre Shop products is on the official website. You can choose the tires you want by using the search filters available.

Mobile Tyre Shop Coupon Codes & Promos

Mobile Tyre Shop offers several ways for buyers to save on its products. Please check out the list:

  • Limited up to $100 off for some Goodyear tires
  • Buy 4 for the price of 3 on several Dunlop products
  • Up to $150 discount for Michelin
  • Sign up for their mailing list to get updated promotions and promo code
  • For more big deals or coupon, go check the offers page on the official website

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Mobile Tyre Shop

Mobile Tyre Shop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Mobile Tyre Shop reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How much does a tire cost at Mobile Tyre Shop?

Tire prices vary widely. It depends on the type and brand of the tire. The price starts from $81/each.

How do I find a Mobile Tire Shop near me?

You can check the brand’s service locations near you by checking the official website.

Can Mobile Tire Shop deliver to Geelong?

Yes, it can. The company delivers to Victoria state, including Geelong, Keysborough, and many more.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Mobile Tyre Shop Reviews & Ratings

In short, Mobile Tyre Shop is a game changer in the automotive industry. The company offers the convenience of buying and changing tires right at your doorstep. No need to bother coming to the store as the brand will come to you with expert technicians.

Besides, they have a large collection of famous tire brands. However, the price is still competitive. So, contact the team through Mobile Tire Shop‘s official website without further ado. Schedule an appointment today and experience the ease of mounting and maintaining your wheels. Trust this company. You won’t be disappointed!


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