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Do you ever lack confidence in wearing your clothes on certain occasions? Sometimes, we think our clothes aren’t as relevant as a year ago, and it’s somehow frustrating. However, there is nothing to worry about because MISOOK has your back!

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You are probably a trend lover if you ever think of the above situation. It is where you buy outfits based on current hype. Fortunately, MISOOK is a brand of women’s clothing, but its design is timeless. Relevant forever!

This brand sells jackets, tops, skirts, dresses, pants and more. Their goal is to provide excellent pieces to accompany you throughout the season. Even better, all their products are knitwear, which means they are all durable.

Accordingly, they are following sustainable practices. It is by individually knitting the piece and leaving as much waste as possible. Plus, they also break the cycle of constant outfit consumption.

Moreover, this brand has collected 4.5K followers on Instagram and 102K on Facebook. Through this MISOOK review, we will delve into their products and find whether they are worth the money. Keep on scrolling!

Overview of MISOOK

Meet Misook Doolittle, the woman behind MISOOK. Doolittle began designing clothing for timeless silhouettes, delicate color palettes, and elegant details in 1985.

Moreover, this brand is working under the Authentic Brands Group company. It is, then, become an exclusive women’s designer knitwear partner of a Texas-based brand called Ming Wang.

However, all of this brand’s masterpieces come from one concern. It is to support women with timeless design clothes. This brand wants to create investment pieces that stand the test of time.

As a result, the team behind this brand works hard to create the best design to produce superior results. The team is full of excellent designers who thoughtfully create styles that flatter the figures of women.


  • 60-day return policy
  • International shipping available
  • Free standard US shipping
  • Size guide available
  • Virtual personalized styling is available
  • Responsive customer service

MISOOK Reviews

Unlike other knitwear brands, all products from this brand are machine-washable. Thus, it can be washed in cold water and dried on low heat. The knit won’t stick out or break.

MISOOK Reviews: MISOOK Reviews

Moreover, it is also wrinkle-resistant. This brand’s signature yarn is known to resist wrinkles. It allows you to stay neat and flawless all day long. Worry-free!

What’s more, they also shape-retaining. All pieces will not shrink and stretch over time. An ideal pick for investment! Also, they are fade-resistant, enabling the colors to stay even after countless washes.

MISOOK Collections

Further, after exploring their collection, you probably wonder which suits you the best. Luckily, we will review their 3 best-selling products. We hope you can get a better insight to choose after reading it. Scroll!

MISOOK Button Detail Knit Jacket Reviews

There will always be times when we have to transform right away from formal to informal occasions and vice versa. Fortunately, you don’t need to change your outfit cause the Button Detail Knit Jacket is ready to help.

MISOOK Review: MISOOK Button Detail Knit Jacket Reviews

This knit jacket is the definition of versatility. Its basic design sparks elegant vibes that enhance the overall look. It can be an ideal shift from the office to the casual events. Plus, the fact that it is wrinkle-resistant makes it perfect to stay polished.

Moreover, thanks to the airy knit, it let the air flow through. Thus, it makes the jacket perfect to wear even for summer. Nevertheless, don’t worry because it has the button-front closure feature. So, once you think opening the button is necessary, you can do it that way.


  • Materials: 72% Ecovero and 28% PBT
  • Size: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Color: Black and white, Rose petal and black

Moreover, if you want the jacket to be more flexible, you can get a larger size of your usual fit. However, for a closer fit, consider sizing down. Fortunately, all sizes have the same price, which is $398. Grab it fast!

MISOOK Watercolor Belted Midi Dress Reviews

Have you ever been in a moment where you suddenly feel unconfident with your dress at a party? We know that glancing at other girls’ dresses is one of the unconscious acts we don’t realize we do. Thus, say no more cause the Watercolor Belted Midi Dress is here.

MISOOK Review: MISOOK Watercolor Belted Midi Dress Reviews

With this midi dress, there will be no confidence drop again. At first sight, you probably understand the reason. Exactly! This dress somehow gives you a luxury charm. The rich tones and the stunning Crepe de Chine fabric make it harder not to marvel at.

Likewise, this dress is easy to style. It comes with removable tie waist detail if you want to try different outfit looks. Plus, it is also perfect to combine with high heels or boots. You will appear as a strong presence at a party.


  • Materials: 100% Polyester
  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Color: Marine Teal, African Violet, Goldenwood, Soft Mauve, New Ivory, and Black

Further, we know that dresses on sale are every woman’s dream. Fortunately, this dress is currently on sale! You can get it at $225.99,¬†from the original price of $338. Yes, it is 33% OFF. Catch it real quick!

MISOOK Tiered Light Flounce Maxi Skirt Reviews

As a plus-size woman, choosing a skirt that fits your body and style must be frustrating. Be it makes you look bigger, can’t ideally grab your waist or make you uncomfortable. At this rate, you genuinely need a Tiered Light Flounce Maxi Skirt.

MISOOK Review: MISOOK Tiered Light Flounce Maxi Skirt Reviews

This skirt has an A-line silhouette, enabling a neater and slimmer look. Thus, it is perfect for you who have a big hip or are a plus size. By this chance, wearing the skirt will give you comfort and confidence at its finest.

Moreover, it has a lightweight material, which gives the skirt a more flowy vibe. When you walk, the wind will flow throughout your skirt, making your legs more visible. Perfect if you combine it with high heels!


  • Materials: 100% Polyester
  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Color: Black

Likewise, its versatile feature allows you to combine this skirt with high heels or sneakers. Moreover, the dress has a basic color, which fits well with any top. Indeed, it comes at a reasonable price of only $268.

MISOOK Size Guide

This brand’s product is made for a massive range of body types. Thus, it tends to run larger than other brands. As a result, the brand suggests every customer to sizing down if there is a doubt between sizes.

However, you can also check the size based on the measurement table on the Size Guide page. You can contact their customer service when you are still unsure about choosing which size is right for you.

Further, if you need in-depth advice, you can book an appointment with their Virtual Styling service. Their professional team will gladly help you find the best size to fit your body and which styling suits you the best.

MISOOK Pros and Cons

Don’t judge the brand first before reading their pros and cons. It is why we prepare the MISOOK’s pros and cons here. Let’s find out whether their pros and cons can help you decide to purchase their products or not.


  • Timeless design
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Machine-washable
  • Shape-retaining
  • Fade-resistant
  • Lightweight, travel-friendly
  • Attractive design
  • Durable materials
  • Sustainable products
  • Reasonable price


  • Limited international shipping availability
  • There is no customer review on their website

Who Is MISOOK For?

This brand is designed for every woman, especially those who appreciate timeless design. Whether you love to stay minimal with your wardrobe or are too tired of buying clothes based on hype, this brand must be for you.

Moreover, MISOOK is also a great match if you love to avoid small tasks like handwashing or ironing. It’s all because all the products from this brand are machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant. Thus, it offers a small effort to maintain your clothes.

MISOOK Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews available on their website. However, don’t worry! We, fortunately, find the customer review on Amazon. Here is the rating from the 3 best selling products we reviewed before:

MISOOK Review: MISOOK Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

One customer said:

This jacket gives off an office look. It is very comfortable to wear all day. What’s best is that this jacket is machine washable. A huge plus point for me. I highly recommend it!

The review above implies that this customer is pleased with her purchase. She said that it is comfortable to wear the jacket all day long. She also mentions that she loves the fact that this brand’s product is machine-washable. Hassle-free!

Next, a review from this customer:

I am so much more comfortable with the high-quality knit fabric and wrinkle resistance. It is versatile for casual and formal wear.

Meanwhile, this customer was delighted with the knit fabric. She said that it is genuinely high-quality and wrinkle-resistant. She is also happy that the outfit is versatile and can be used for formal and casual occasions.

Lastly, let’s read this customer review:

…impressed with the quality. It doesn’t wrinkle even after a day at the office. I got a lot of compliments. Thank you!

Once more, we can see that the customer is happy with the quality of the products. This customer appears to like that it doesn’t easily wrinkle even if she uses it for a day at the office. Also, with this brand’s great designers, it isn’t surprising to collect compliments.

Furthermore, it clearly shows that all customer are happy with their purchase. One that makes them satisfied the most is the quality of the products. All of them praise the wrinkle-resistant feature and consider it a game-changer.

Is MISOOK Worth It?

We can’t deny that MISOOK is worth every money you spend. While their price isn’t the cheapest, it’s still reasonable. However, what solidifies their worthiness is the quality they offer. All products are knit with detailed craftsmanship to ensure they have high durability.

MISOOK Review: Is MISOOK Worth It?

Moreover, their design is also at its best. All the designs are created with the lifestyle in mind. Thus, it isn’t surprising that they are timeless and will always be relevant to wear at any time.

MISOOK Shipping Policy

This brand ships to all 50 states in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, and Hong Kong. Moreover, the shipping carriers use UPS and FedEx for US shipping and DHL Express Worldwide for international shipping.

Speaking of the cost, you can get free shipping on standard US shipping. If you, by any chance, need to upgrade to expedited shipping. Expedited 2-day is $32.00 and Expedited 1-day is $52.00. Meanwhile, the international shipping fee is $15.00.

Moreover, if you need the details about the shipping information, we suggest you read it on their Shipping Policy. You can also contact their customer service if you need further assistance.

MISOOK Return Policy

If you, by any chance, wish to return your purchase, you must ensure that the product is in unworn condition with original tags attached. Accordingly, if you are eligible for return, you can email [email protected].

However, you can get a refund minus the shipping and handling fee for the US address. Meanwhile, the refund will be subject to an 18% restocking fee if you return from outside the US.

Moreover, please note that all returns must be returned with a return shipping label from the brand. If you fail to do so, the brand will not be responsible for the cost of shipping and any loss/damage during transit.

For your information, you can also check the return details on their page. Check the US Domestic Return Policy for all US orders and the International Return Policy for all information about international returns.

How To Contact MISOOK

Should you have any questions, you can contact their customer service with various ways of contact. To check where you can reach them, see the list below!

Where to buy MISOOK?

You can immediately visit their official website to shop for this brand’s collection. However, they are also available to shop through Amazon if you are more comfortable shopping using e-commerce.

MISOOK Coupon Codes & Promos

To appreciate you, we have already prepared all the available deals this brand has in the list below. Are you ready to claim all of them? If yes, then here is the list:

  • Spend $450+ and receive a free piece of jewelry on your order
  • Take 25% OFF selected trending kints. Use coupon code ONTREND (limited-time offer)
  • Subscribe to their newsletter and unlock 15% OFF your next purchase, discount codes, exclusive offers and more
  • Earn a 5% commission for every successful sale when you join their Affiliate program
  • Enjoy free shipping on standard US orders

Reveal all coupons

MISOOK Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for MISOOK reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is MISOOK?

MISOOK is a women’s designer knitwear brand that focuses on designing timeless design pieces from jackets, skirts, dresses, and more.

Are MISOOK and Ming Wang the same company?

No. MISOOK and Ming Wang are a partnered brand under the same company, which is Authentic Brands Group.

Who owns MISOOK?

The owner of MISOOK is Misook Doolittle.

Does MISOOK ship internationally?

MISOOK ships internationally to limited countries. It includes Canada, Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of MISOOK Reviews & Ratings

MISOOK appears as the solution for those too busy to handle their outfits. This brand provides products that are easy to clean with its machine-washable feature. It is also wrinkle-resistant, making it an ideal outfit to wear all day.

However, their timeless design is still one of the standout features that makes this brand an excellent pick. Thus, are you ready to claim your style and the simplicity this brand offers? Go to their website now and complete the purchase!


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