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About MIHOGO Ebike

It is widely known that in today’s world, many individuals opt to use e-bikes for their daily commute. Ebikes are not only practical and eco-friendly, but they also come in a plethora of distinctive designs. Meet MIHOGO Ebikes, the premier source for top-quality electric bikes.

MIHOGO Ebike Review: About MIHOGO Ebike
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MIHOGO is a leading manufacturer of fat tire folding electric bikes from California. With years of experience, they deliver reliable, high-quality e-bikes at an affordable price.

The e-bike collection has shiny exteriors, sleek magnesium frames, attractive one-piece rims, and leather styles galore. Thus making the e-bike an eye-catcher for electric bike lovers.

In addition, they will provide a great experience for users. Thanks to their features such as hydraulic brakes, long-lasting batteries, top-shelf powertrain, and remote app functions.

The brand is passionate about making its products part of the e-bike revolution. Its passion led to more than 1.7k social media users following the evolution of its bike collection on Facebook and Instagram.

But are they quality among all the electric bikes available? Will they give you the best experience? MIHOGO Ebike Review is ready to reveal them for you.

We’ll examine the points about brand profiles, most popular products, testimonials, discounts & promos, and more. So stay with us!

Overview of MIHOGO Ebike

MIHOGO Ebike came in 2016 in Los Angeles, California. They have a mission to invite more people to use electric bikes. Therefore, the brand presents a collection of e-bikes at affordable prices. So, everyone can own and enjoy electric bikes easily.

Further, they make e-mobility easy and accessible for everyone. So, the brands are helping to create a more livable and sustainable world. They strongly believe that electric bikes should be accessible to everyone!

Mihogo has a team with the same vision for a better future. Its team of e-bike designers, engineers, and enthusiasts have incredible dedication and passion for creating the best e-bikes.

Additionally, each team brings outstanding international experience and background. Hence, allowing them to approach transportation issues uniquely.

They were a small team. But their drive and passion created a revolutionary e-bike on the market. Now let’s see what the e-bike collection is all about. Then you’ll find out that they were top-notch.

MIHOGO Ebike Review

To achieve the brand’s outstanding vision and mission, MIHOGO applies the best in its e-bikes. They only use high-quality materials and components in their products. In addition, they ensure and manufacture their collections to be durable.

MIHOGO Ebike Reviews: MIHOGO Ebike Review

Moreover, the brand has designed its electric bikes to help people make the switch to eco-friendly modes of transportation. As a result, people can protect the environment while promoting a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Want to learn more about e-bikes? Check out what the products are. See how the brand categorizes them.

MIHOGO Ebike Collections

The 3 categories of collections are ready to give you the best adventure and experience. You can choose which features you want to include or exclude.

Further, the brand offers Value Packs. These allow you to purchase the bike package and save even more money.

We’ll pick some of the most searched products and discuss them more thoroughly. Without further ado, let’s move on to the popular products. 

MIHOGO Ebike LX 4.0 Reviews

As an e-bike lover, you must want a large battery capacity. Thus, you can spend much time exploring nature with your electric bike. To realize your wish, we recommend MIHOGO LX 4.0 as an option for your adventure.

MIHOGO Ebike Review: MIHOGO Ebike LX 4.0 Reviews

The LX 4.0 features strategically placed dual batteries. The 12.8Ah dual battery is located on the front tube. Conversely, the 16Ah battery capacity is tucked away behind the seat post. So allows you to maximize your ride with an energy-saving design.

In addition to its energy-efficient and sustainable design, it also equips you with an impressive 1.4kWh total energy capacity. That means you can go a long way on a single charge.

You can enjoy a wide range of up to 100 miles or 160 km. Even 750W motor power with its 1OOOW mount offers a maximum speed of up to 28MPH or 45KPH.


  • Frame: One-piece magnesium integrated
  • Saddle: PU foaming brown
  • Charging time: 6 hours for the front battery and 8 hours for the rear battery 
  • Weight: 37kg total weight (including battery)
  • Max load: 440lbs
  • Rider’s height: 170 – 210cm tall

Another exciting thing is that MIHOGO designed this lx4.0 folding electric bike with 10 Intelligent Systems. It’s also complete with bright central color LCD. So you can easily monitor the parameters while riding.

You can also add the app sync feature to control the adventure from your smartphone. This is available on both the App Store and Android. Own this beautiful silver-gray ebike for $1,599 with a 1-year warranty.

MIHOGO Ebike RX 4.0 Reviews

Do you like to go beyond the ordinary? Riding the Mihogo RX 4.0 is an extraordinary adventure. This e-bike is a symbol of ultimate performance, comfort, and style. You get an innovative off-road experience for excitement beyond your expectations.

MIHOGO Ebike Review: MIHOGO Ebike RX 4.0 Reviews

With the RX 4.0, climbing smooth hills with fast acceleration is a breeze. Thanks to its powerful 750W hub motor, you can hit 1000W peaks. Additionally, the 48V 12.8Ah Lithium Battery in the frame is removable. Thus, you can travel up to 40 miles or 64km on a single charge.

It doesn’t stop there. Since Ebike RX 4.0 has a spare battery, you can ride longer. It offers to swap and double the ride up to 80 miles or 129km.


  • Frame: One-piece magnesium integrated
  • Saddle: PU foaming brown
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Weight: 33kg total weight (including battery)
  • Max load: 440lbs
  • Rider’s height: 170 – 210cm tall

You can enjoy a long range even at top speeds of up to 28MPH or 45KPH. Also, monitor your journey with additional app synchronization functionality and Bluetooth navigation. So, you can utilize your smartphone for better control and connectivity.

To get maximum performance, the brand added 10 Intelligent systems. It also has impressive features such as Folding Stem, Riding Modes, Transmission, and more. This retro green active position bike came with a price of $1,899. But now you can get it for just $1,199.

MIHOGO Ebike NX Reviews

Next, we’ll go to the e-bike collection with the category of a fat tire and a city commuter. MIHOGO NX, as a city commuter and a fat tire e-bike, serves off-road enthusiasts with a sharp style. It has a visually appealing design.

MIHOGO Ebike Review: MIHOGO Ebike NX Reviews

But it’s not only attractive. It’s also powerful so that it can overcome challenges with ease. In addition, the brand adds a backup battery to enhance your journey.

It has a 48V 12.8Ah Lithium battery on its frame that you can easily remove. Thus, you can recharge it and get an impressive 80 miles or 129-km range.

This electric bike will take you peaking at an incredible 1000W by changing the limits with its powerful 750W brushless hub motor. At the same time, its maximum speed is 25MPH or 40KPH. Therefore, you can tackle steep climbs with ease!


  • Frame: One-piece magnesium integrated
  • Saddle: PU foaming brown
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Weight: 30kg total weight (including battery)
  • Max load: 550lbs
  • Rider’s height: 170 – 210cm tall

Its sturdy 20×4 tires can accommodate more weight than any other e-bike collection. It also works well to navigate sand, snow, and even the harshest roads. Thus, no challenging terrain anymore.

The NX also has an impressive rear shock and fork. It works together to form a dual suspension system. So, your ride will be smooth even on any surface. How much is the NX price? Beat the impossible with an e-bike for only $999.

MIHOGO Ebike RX 2.4 Reviews

Replacing your car with an electric bike is a way to help the environment. Ebike RX 2.4 is the right choice for the most comfortable ride in the city. So, if you want to replace your car by riding an e-bike, then RX 2.4 is the right solution.

MIHOGO Ebike Review: MIHOGO Ebike RX 2.4 Reviews

The brand designed it with a compact shape, the ability to instantly condense to a minimum size, and an ultra-light magnesium frame. Thus, this electric bike that emerges as a classic city commuter truly provides portability and convenience for you.

Additionally, this electric bike has a 48V 12.8Ah battery pack that you can easily remove. Hence it promises an incredible range of 50 miles or 80km. Moreover, its advanced dual suspension system can absorb shocks and vibrations even on the toughest city roads.


  • Frame: One-piece magnesium integrated
  • Saddle: PU foaming brown
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Weight: 27kg total weight (including battery)
  • Max load: 330lbs
  • Rider’s height: 160 – 195cm tall 

500W of motor power with peaks of up to 750W provides a maximum speed of up to 23MPH or 37KPH. Stable use makes the RX 2.4 an ideal companion for urban explorers seeking unlimited mobility.

Ride to the office in the most relaxed style with the $899 e-bike. Eliminate pollution and create cleaner air!

MIHOGO Ebike MINI Reviews

Whether you have a petite body or want to take your folding bike anywhere, MIHOGO Ebike MINI is the perfect choice. Its lightweight size, compact design, and versatility make it the perfect choice.

MIHOGO Ebike Review: MIHOGO Ebike MINI Reviews

The mini e-bike has a fast folding handlebar design in just 10 seconds, making it easy to fold. It will produce a compact size equivalent to 1 small suitcase.

This electric bike comes for multi-scenario applications. So, whether you’re driving it as a shopping companion or a family-friendly vehicle, it’s got you covered. Its design features, like the front basket and front seat board, support your daily needs.

Another reason this mini bike is perfect for daily use is its dual riding modes. It comes with 5 gears and 2 riding modes. So this mini electric bike ensures a riding experience that you can customize.

Mihogo Mini has the support of Panasonic’s half-solid lithium-ion battery. It offers a long battery life with a maximum assisted range of 100 km.


  • Frame: High-molybdenum steel 
  • Weight: 19kg
  • Max load: 440lbs
  • Suspension fork
  • IP65 front light 
  • Foc control system

The integrated double-balance curved frame ensures stability and reliability. Even the frame uses materials that surpass 3 times the hardness of ordinary aluminum alloy frames.

Also, the silent motor features high-performance 350w gearless and brushless. Not to mention the 2.4-inch wide high-grip tires ensure an excellent riding experience.

Special for MIHOGO Ebike MINI is available on Indiegogo for only $399. So, get the riding experience with peace of mind now!

MIHOGO Ebike Pros and Cons

After going through the explanation of the product in more detail, now it’s time for you to know some crucial points. Here we prepare the MIHOGO Ebike pros and cons that you need to know.


  • Premium quality
  • Design meets practically
  • Comfort paired with performance
  • Elegance meets convenience
  • Ease coupled with functionality
  • 10 intelligent system
  • Free shipping for all orders within the US
  • 1-year warranty
  • Secure payment
  • Top-rated service and support


  • Dual batteries not operating at the same time
  • International shipping is available for some countries only

Who is MIHOGO Ebike For?

According to the brand’s vision, they designed their electric e-bikes to be accessible to everyone. High quality at an affordable price will make it easy for everyone to own an electric bike. Besides, electric bikes are certainly very suitable for bikers.

Not just regular bikers but also those who care about the environment and want to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. Moreover, all its e-bike collections are present for all your speeding. Ranging from urban use to even harsh trails.

Mihogo’s team of experts put a lot of time and effort into developing an e-bike that is suitable and affordable for adventurers, young and old. The bike’s strong frame also offers a maximum load capacity of up to 550 lbs.

MIHOGO Ebike Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

More than 3,500 bikers are now using Mihogo Ebike. Even some of its electric bike products get reviews from influencers who love bicycles. How do people respond to Mihogo? Read some reviews below:

MIHOGO Ebike Review: MIHOGO Ebike Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This bike is amazing! Very comfy, speedy, and with the dual battery setup, it goes a long way!

The customer gives satisfaction expression with the bike’s comfort and speed. He also impresses with the dual battery setup, which allows him to continue his adventures.

The next review comes from a customer who owns a Mihogo X1. He was very happy with the bike’s performance, which beat his expectations. He said:

I was looking for a safe and reliable electric bike, and the Mihogo X1 surpassed my expectations. The suspension system absorbs bumps in the road, and the saddle is padded. The bike is also very user-friendly. The quick fold mechanism is a good feature.

Many other customers left positive reviews on their satisfaction after purchasing MIHOGO Ebike. Customers got what they dreamed of from an electric bike. So, what are you waiting for? Buy now and feel what 3,500+ customers experience!

Is MIHOGO Ebike Worth It?

Why should you choose Mihogo? Is its electric bike collection worth it? Of course! MIHOGO Ebike is worth it. Its bicycle products suit various applications, from strolling around the city, commuting to work, exploring the mountains, or sailing on the beach.

Further, the brand is committed and realizes its goal to bring the best quality electric bikes at affordable prices. So everyone can easily access their electric bikes.

Although the price is friendly, the quality is top-notch. Mihogo uses 10 intelligent systems on all its e-bikes to provide the best performance.

Moreover, its colorful and attractive design perfectly blends retro adventure and urban sports. Thus, the brand creates a comfortable and relaxed cycling lifestyle for all its customers.

Another great thing is that they designed the e-bike with a removable battery mechanism. The brand even provides an extra battery to extend the cruising range.

MIHOGO Ebike Shipping Policy

The brand currently ships its electric bike products to addresses in the 48 US states except Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. They also don’t ship to PO BOXES or APO addresses.

Another interesting thing is that the brand ships its products to Canada, Europe, Australia, Korea, and Japan. So, those who live in these countries can buy and then enjoy the sophisticated MIHOGO Ebike.

They’re even happy to offer free shipping to addresses in the 48 continental United States. Meanwhile, shipping outside the US costs $250 to $300, depending on location.

Each country’s delivery time is different. Therefore, here are some points regarding the delivery time in each region:

  • US: 3 – 10 business days
  • Europe & Australia: 40 – 45 days
  • Canada: 7 – 12 days
  • Japan & Korea: 7 – 15 days

Additionally, the brand uses UPS, USPS, and FedEx to ship all orders. They ship US and Canadian orders from local US warehouses in China and Canada. At the same time, orders from other countries are shipped from China.

MIHOGO Ebike Return Policy

The brand checks every detail of the e-bike before delivering it to you. Thus, you can work more efficiently after receiving the electric bike. However, some things can happen that make you unhappy with your purchase.

Therefore, the brand offers returns for all components, accessories, and e-bikes. Please check the following points to be eligible for returns:

  1. You have 14 days of return time after receiving the item for new products
  2. You can return products in used condition within 30 days of purchase
  3. Used electric bikes must have less than 20 miles on the odometer
  4. The item must have proof of purchase or receipt
  5. Contact the service team first to confirm your return

Once the team approves your return, they will automatically process your refund using the original payment. All refund processes will take place within 2 to 15 business days.

How to Contact MIHOGO Ebike

The brand commits to providing customers with the highest level of service. So, feel free to contact the brand with any suggestions or feedback. You can also send your questions if there is anything you don’t understand about the product.

Customer service will reply to your message as soon as possible on Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. PDT. Alternatively, visit the brand’s social media pages for the latest information.

  • Facebook: Mihogous
  • Instagram: mihogo_us

Where to buy MIHOGO Ebike?

You must be happy because finding an e-bike collection from Mihogo is easy. First of all, of course, you can get the product through the official website. Then you can get the e-bike on several retailers like Indiegogo and eBay.

MIHOGO Ebike Coupon Codes & Promos

Visit the website and enjoy the summer sale of up to $500 off. Also, get free shipping for all orders in the US. Additionally, we recommend you join their newsletter. So you can get an extra $50 Off, discount codes and other promotions.

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MIHOGO Ebike Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for MIHOGO Ebike reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns MIHOGO Ebike?

Sorry, we couldn’t find any information about brand ownership.

Does MIHOGO Ebike ship internationally?

Yes! Mihogo does ship internationally. But they only ship to a few regions, including 48 US states, Canada, Europe, Australia, Korea, and Japan.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of MIHOGO Ebike Reviews & Ratings

There are so many electric bike products on the market that it can be confusing. But after reading this MIHOGO Ebike review, we are sure you’ll find what you are looking for. You definitely can’t take your eyes off it when you see the attractive design of this electric bike.

Also, you won’t miss its features and reliable quality. The fantastic features of the MIHOGO Ebike collection support whatever you need from an electric bike. Not to mention the affordable price, you must order now!


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