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About Merchbar

Do you have a favorite celebrity or singer? One of the things to support their work is to buy their merchandise collection.

Merchbar Review: About Merchbar

Merchandise is one of the popular media used to support promotional activities. Nowadays, there are more and more types of merchandise, from t-shirts, hats, hoodies, vinyl, etc.

But sadly, the limited stock of merchandise makes it the most sought-after item by fans.

If you love collecting merchandise and looking for merchandise from your favorite artists or celebrities, then Merchbar is the right place for you.

Merchbar aims to create a one-stop destination for fans to find and buy merchandise and vinyl of their favorite artists. They sell authentic and fully licensed products that are trusted.

They have over 1 million items from 35,000 of the world’s greatest artists like The Beatles, One Direction, Adele, and everyone in between.

The brand is popular among the fan community. Many fans flock to its social media accounts for the latest updates on its merchandise stocks. As such, the brand has a huge following on Facebook, with 25k and 18.7k on Instagram.

Despite their popularity among fans, are they worth it? Our Merchbar review will break down various things about the brand, including brand profile, eligibility, legitimacy, customer feedback, and more.

Overview of Merchbar

Edward Aten and John Hecker founded Merchbar in 2013 to give fans one place to find and buy merchandise from all their favorite artists or bands.

They work with the music industry’s designers, engineers, hackers, and lawyers. Meanwhile, merchandisers work daily with merch companies, independent labels, artists, and distributors to create a company that helps fans and supports artists and the teams behind them.

The brand hopes to bring shopping pleasure to fans. They want to make the shopping, buying, and returning experience unbeatable.

Before moving on to what the brand sells, we will pinpoint Merchbar’s pros and cons.


  • Over 1 million items from 35,000 of the world’s greatest artists
  • Official, licensed, and authentic music merchandise
  • Secure packaging to maintain the authenticity of the merchandise
  • Price match guarantee
  • International shipping available
  • Easy returns within 30 days
  • Responsive service


  • Doesn’t have a fast shipping option

Merchbar Review

As we mentioned in the previous section, there are thousands of merchandise products that the brand sells. They sell merchandise from various famous artists, and maybe one of them is your favorite.

Merchbar Reviews: Merchbar Review

You can get merchandise easily through several categories.

Merchbar Merchandise Categories

Shirts & More

In this Merchbar review, we will discuss 3 top-selling merchandise that you might want. Don’t go anywhere, as we are still discussing many things, such as eligibility and legitimacy. So, please keep on reading!

Merchbar George Harrison - All Things Must Pass Reviews

If you’re a The Beatles fan, then you can’t miss the George Harrison music. George is the guitarist of The Beatles and is also a singer, songwriter, and even a British film producer.

Merchbar Review: Merchbar George Harrison - All Things Must Pass Reviews

As a love for the music industry, he created some of his own works and released several albums, one of which is All Things Must Pass.

All Things Must Pass was released during his 50th Anniversary celebrations, highlighted by a limited Uber Deluxe Edition. He presents a new mix of his amazing classic albums on multiple vinyls.

This vinyl comes in attractive packaging with 8LP and 5CD/BR formats housed in a wooden crate measuring approximately 12.4″ X 12.4″ X 17.5″. The set features 70 tracks, including demo recordings, studio recordings, and recording sessions.

In addition, this vinyl comes together with another collection of 2 books curated by Olivia Harrison. The books contain diary entries, handwritten lyrics, pictures of cassette boxes, studio notes, comprehensive tracks, and more.

The books have an elegant look that pays homage to Harrison’s love of gardening and nature. Not only are the books elegant, but they also contain 1/6 scale replica statues of Harrison and the gnome that appears on the iconic album cover.

You can also find a copy of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Light from the Great Ones, limited edition illustrations by musician and artist Klaus Voormann, and Rudraksha beads in this unique box. There is even a replica poster of the original album that you can display on your wall.

Meanwhile, the Blu-ray disc includes a high-resolution stereo with Dolby Atmos and 5.1 surround mixes. Vinyl reviews highly recommend this set for rock lovers.

The price may be quite high at $1,562.49. But now you can get it for $1,405.99 and with guaranteed quality. Remember, you pay for what you get!

Merchbar Sleep Token - Take Me Back To Eden Reviews

Welcome to all rock music lovers! Only at this store can you get Sleep Token’s Take Me Back To Eden album and a limited edition Collector’s Card.

Merchbar Review: Merchbar Sleep Token - Take Me Back To Eden Reviews

As an English rock band with a unique performance and musical presentation, the brand has achieved more intense fan adoration. Therefore, Sleep Token is ready to reach a bold new level with studio album Number Three, Take Me Back To Eden.

This tape offers over an hour of music across 12 different tracks, part 3 of a spectacular trilogy in a saga that began in earnest with the debut album, ‘Sunset’ (2019).

So, if you have been following Sleep Token and listening to his music since his debut album, you must listen to this part.

Get this tape album with its unlimited cards at $12.99 only. Enjoy each of the most emotional stories in the many tones, textures, and other touchlines in between.

Merchbar Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive T-Shirt Reviews

Who is not familiar with Bon Jovi? Bon Jovi is one of the most popular bands in rock history. They combine technical songwriting and musical skills, as well as sex appeal and hot vocals.

Merchbar Review: Merchbar Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive T-Shirt Reviews

The uniqueness of each lyric and music makes listeners fall in love and makes them popular among other rock bands. So, whether you’re a fan or just know them, we think wearing a T-shirt with a design picture of this historical idol makes you look cool.

This Wanted Dead or Alive T-Shirt will perfect your style. It has a front design featuring black and white Bon Jovi band art with the text Bon Jovi Wants Dead or Alive. While the back has the text I want dead or alive, I’m a cowboy on a steel horse I ride along with a distressed red star icon.

Besides its cool design, it is very comfortable thanks to its 100% cotton material. It comes in 4 sizes: XL, L, M, and S. However, the brand recommends you check the size chart in the description column to help you get the right size.

Get this awesome t-shirt right away for $23.95 from the original price of $34. Wear it and get ready to show everyone how good your music taste is.

Who is Merchbar For?

As an online marketplace operator selling music band merchandise, Merchbar gives fans an easy way to find merchandise from their favorite artists at a reasonable price range. Therefore, this is a great solution for fans who are out of stock of their favorite merchandise or on a low budget.

Merchbar Review: Who is Merchbar For?

The brand is also quite popular among fan communities as support for their favorite artists. Its contribution to helping fans get merchandise from their favorite celebrities gives the brand a lot of attention and support from fans.

Not only fans of specific artists or bands but music enthusiasts can add to their collection of Vinyls, tapes, CDs, and VCDs of various genres.

Merchbar Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nothing is perfect in this world, including Merchbar. Although the brand has gotten some negative customer comments, many customers are satisfied and leave positive reviews.

Merchbar Review: Merchbar Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

However, to give you a clearer consideration before you start ordering the merchandise, we’ll list the customer reviews that we got from review websites such as and Trustpilot.

Let’s start with the positive reviews first.

The support team is always very helpful and friendly. My queries and issues are always resolved within hours, even minutes. I am very excited about this website’s merchandise collection and the prices… I’ve also been highly satisfied with the delivery time and product packaging.

According to the reviewer above, the brand has a friendly support team and provides troubleshooting assistance well and quickly. He also really likes the collection, especially the price. The shipping and packaging of the products are excellent.

Next, we list a customer who left a negative review because he was disappointed with the backorder claim on the product. Here are his comments:

If there is an item that they claim as ‘backorder’, that means it is out of stock. They’re just hoping they can get it back in stock to ship to you. There’s no guarantee that you will receive the item at all…

Actually, the brand has included some information and details about the products claimed as backorders on its website. To avoid misunderstandings, check the explanation on the All About Backorders page.

Meanwhile, we found positive reviews from happy customers said:

The Merchbar Customer Service is Amazing. They are helping to resolve the issue of my lost package … Really good Customer Service, and my one-stop shop of choice for CDs, Vinyl, and artist-related merchandise.

Like the first review, this last review also says the customer service is outstanding. They help solve customer problems very well.

Even if there are negative reviews, they can still be discussed with the brand’s support team. Moreover, some customers who left positive reviews said the brand has a friendly and helpful customer service team.

Is Merchbar Legitimate?

Merchbar partners with many sources of official, licensed, and authentic merchandise, including direct partnerships with artists and representatives to supply fans with the merchandise they look forward to the most.

They also work with partnerships such as record labels, authorized distributors, and merchandise companies. Therefore, the authenticity of the merchandise is unquestionable. This also proves that Merchbar is legit!

Unfortunately, brands cannot give item-specific source information if you are still unsure of the source. But, for artists or representatives concerned about the authenticity of the products listed on their website, please contact their Artist Relations.

In addition, although brands have worked hard to ensure the authenticity of every merchandise, if you, as an artist or artist representative, want to remove a product, you can contact the brand.

Is Merchbar Worth It?

Now we come to the discussion of its worthiness. After searching for all the information about the brand, we are sure that Merchbar is worthy.

Merchbar Review: Is Merchbar Worth It?

Merchbar is a one-stop merchandise shop with thousands of collections. All their products are authentic, still in their original packaging, and unopened.

Even any notes from the merchandise section they send in the original shrink wrap from the factory, which human hands have never touched.

The brand also protects each record in its record pouch with a white leather dust-proof sleeve so that everything will arrive safely in your hands.

Merchbar Shipping Policy

While searching for information about the brand, we came across the questions, Why does Merchbar take so long? and Where does Merchbar ship from?

That’s why we’ll discuss Merchbar’s shipping policy and help answer some of these questions in this section.

The brand has now expanded and offers shipping for most of its products to the USA, Europe, Australia, the UK, Canada, and more. They want all their customers to be able to reach their products easily.

All orders are processed through its warehouse fulfillment team, which usually takes 2 to 3 business days, while shipping can take 8 to 15 business days for US orders and 8 to 30 business days for international orders.

If you want a fast shipping option, unfortunately, the brand doesn’t offer that option for its shipping process. Nevertheless, the brand tries to give the fastest possible service so that the order reaches you as soon as possible.

You can also view your order status or track it by clicking Check Your Order Status in the order confirmation email or check your order status from the Order History in your account.

Merchbar Return Policy

Does Merchbar refund? Customer happiness comes first for the brand. Therefore, they are happy to accept returns on most items if you aren’t happy with your order.

Here are Merchbar’s return guidelines:

  • Returns within 30 days of delivery
  • All returns must be in an unwashed, undamaged, and unworn state
  • CD and DVD returns must be unopened
  • Vinyl record returns only for incorrect, damaged, and defective products
  • Items on order are final sale
  • For hygienic reasons, the brand doesn’t accept returns of intimate items

But please contact the customer service team first for more detailed information and to confirm your return.

The brand will process the return or exchange within 1 week after your return arrives at the warehouse. Then, they will give you a refund in the original payment you used when ordering in about 5 to 10 business days.

How To Contact Merchbar

To make contacting the customer service team easier, the brand prepares a blank form to facilitate the process. You only need to submit a request and fill in the fields as directed. Although the brand doesn’t include a phone number, you can contact the team easily by filling out the form.

Enter and submit the details of your request, and a support staff member will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can visit the FAQ page to get your desired answers. 

Meanwhile, to know the latest updates about the brand, we recommend you to visit its social media on:

  • Facebook: Merchbar
  • Twitter: @merchbar
  • Instagram: merchbar

Where to buy Merchbar?

You can only access Merchbar online on its official website at Get authentic merchandise at this trusted merchandise provider store.

Merchbar Coupon Codes & Promos

When visiting the official website, check out the sales & deals page for discounted products. In addition, you can join by registering your email to get 15% off on Merchbar Gold items.

We also recommend you click the button below to find coupon codes you can claim during checkout.

Reveal all coupons

Merchbar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Merchbar reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is Merchbar owned by?

Edward Aten is the founder and CEO of the brand. 

Is Merchbar merch official?

Merchbar sells official, licensed, and authentic band merchandise.

Does Merchbar ships internationally?

Happily, the brand does offer international shipping. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Merchbar Reviews & Ratings

Now, you don’t need to bother anymore when looking for merchandise from your favorite bands. Get official, licensed, and original merchandise from Merchbar.

Besides that, you can also find a wide variety of merchandise, from t-shirts, vinyl, hats, bags, DVDs, and many more from famous musicians. Merchbar is the perfect answer for all music industry fans!


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