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About MENU Scandinavian Design

For your satisfying and memorable home experience, every point needs to employ with the senses thoughtfully. At Menu Design Shop, you can create an interior home look as you want!

Menu Design Shop Review: About MENU Scandinavian Design

Menu Design Shop is a subsidiary of Menu Space, a Danish design brand with a simple goal: “to make the world more beautiful, less complicated, and a little more fun to wake up in.”

The brand provides a wide range of furniture inspired by modern Scandinavian furnishings, defining a soft, clean, and natural minimalist aesthetic.

At Menu Design Shop, you can get everything from kitchenware, bathroom, dining, and lighting, with high comfort and functionality that simplifies and enriches modern life.

Each product is manufactured with real life in mind, ready for use in a modern home or office space.

To ensure the products continue to anticipate needs and offer valuable and beautiful solutions, Menu partners with contemporary talents in Scandinavia. Also, you can find over 100 fabrics and leathers and choose your upholstery if desired.

Known as one of the world’s leading modern furniture brands, the brand currently has a number of followers of 400K+ on Instagram and 37K+ on Facebook. In addition, the brand has also been featured in several press blogs that discuss its history, products, or company profile.

In this Menu Design Shop review, we will dig deeper into this brand’s different facets. We will also review three best-selling products and so forth to make you comprehend the brand as a whole.

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Overview of MENU Scandinavian Design

Established in 1978, Menu Design Shop is a Copenhagen-based furniture design company that creates contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories designs.

Menu Design Shop, also known as Menu by Lassen, was founded in 2016 by Mads Sætter-Lassen and Emil Krøyer. The duo chose to “make a conscious choice to turn joints or assemblies into visible design assets rather than hiding them–staying true to the industrial way.”

MENU has utilized the expertise of top designers and artisans to create contemporary designs that are clean, smart, and natural.

Today, the MENU furniture, lighting, and accessories collection feature the work of contemporary talents, including Afteroom, Nick Ross, Norm Architects, Note Design Studio, and many more whose designs have stood the test of time.

MENU’s upholstery program offers unlimited options to create the perfect look and feel for your space, to develop strong and lasting relationships between designers, manufacturers, and customers

Connected with a network of top-tier retail partners, MENU has become a globally recognized leader in the design and lifestyle space.

Today, MENU designs can be found all over the world. In addition, MENU has partnered with contemporary talents in their native Scandinavia and worldwide.

Menu Design Shop will always be the perfect brand for your home interior decoration. This brand has everything for every modern, minimalist-style people or every corner that needs a touch of simple & modern furniture.

Menu Design Shop Reviews: Menu Design Shop Review

Designed to be both beautiful and functional, and with a collaboration of renowned designers from all over the world, whatever furniture you want can be realized at Menu Design!

Menu Design Shop Best-Seller Products

  • Marble Plinth
  • Interconnect Candle Holder
  • Bottle Grinder

If you’re wondering what makes this brand so amazing, jump to the next section to find out!

Marble is a great option to showcase beautiful sculptural work while accentuating whatever object is on it. Meet the Marble Plinth, ornaments that will bring an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance to every space of your home!

Menu Design Shop Review: Menu Design Shop Marble Plinth Reviews

Designed by Norma Architects as a tribute to the extraordinary beauty of marble, Marble Plinth comes in cubic, high, and low varieties, as well as a small number of colors, including the new brown grey.

Each piece of marble is carefully selected and assembled by hand to ensure the sides line up perfectly. The result is a podium that has a consistent shape and quality while being unique in its marbling pattern.

They all have a low refractive index, allowing light to penetrate a few millimeters into the surface before breaking, giving the Plinth an aura of vitality.

The weight of the marble Plinth contrasts sharply with the honed surface, allowing light to bounce off the corners and fall at the top to produce a spotlight effect in any space. Use the Marble Plinth to add aesthetics to your space with a minimalist and luxurious look at $1,495.

A fitting candle holder serves both a practical and decorative purpose in your home. So if you’re looking to give your interior design a secluded touch, this Interconnect Candle Holder is perfect!

Menu Design Shop Review: Menu Design Shop Interconnect Candle Holder Reviews

Designed by Colin King, the Interconnect Candle Holder comes with a bold and brightening centerpiece with exaggerated proportions.

Bringing a convenient source of candlelight to your home, this Interconnect Candle Holder is characterized by its deceptively simple geometric shapes: spheres, angles, and lines, which come together to create a unique design.

Available in polished brass or painted steel, this Interconnect Candle Holder goes beyond its intended use to serve as a sculpture. By adding candles thoughtfully, this Candle Holder adds ambiance to the room with a soft, soothing glow.

If you like the look of an assortment of casually styled yet artful candle holders, you can get this Interconnect Candle Holder at $529.95.

If you love spending time in the kitchen, choosing unique cooking utensils will add to the aesthetics. More than just a bottle grinder, the Menu Design Bottle Grinder can also serve as a beautiful centerpiece!

Menu Design Shop Review: Menu Design Shop Bottle Grinder Reviews

This Bottle Grinder comes in a more bottle-like shape, cleverly tricking the user into encouraging a more playful and experimental interaction with the product.

The grinder is easy to operate, with a solid ceramic mechanism. This Bottle Grinder is suitable for trying more than just salt and pepper, including spices and seeds, nuts, grains, or dried fruits.

Furthermore, the unique upside-down design ensures that whatever you fill will only splash out as you grind, leaving no marks on the countertop or in the kitchen.

Also, this Bottle Grinder Menu grinder has a rounded base that fits comfortably in hand and has a rubberized surface that is easy to grip and clean.

Keep the minimalist and monochromatic on your kitchen theme; you can grab this Menu Bottle Grinder for $199.95!

After knowing the entire brand and its best products, you may consider buying but still need to decide. Thus, to help you make a wise decision, here are the pros & cons of brands:


  • Stylish furniture for the living room, dining room, bedroom, and more
  • Customizable handmade
  • Design is out-of-the-box, minimalist, and modern 
  • Partnered with reliable designers
  • Warranty & free shipping are available
  • Global shipping available


  • The price is a bit pricey

Who Is Menu Design Shop For?

With each piece produced with real life in mind, Menu Design Shop is for those who want to foster collaboration and define a minimalist aesthetic with furniture that adds ambiance.

Menu Design Shop Review: Who Is Menu Design Shop For?

Each piece is produced with real life in mind, thus harmonizing with a modern look that is sensitive to its heritage. All in all, Menu Design is for those of you who love something beautiful and functional.

Is Menu Design Shop Worth It?

Menu Design Shop considers every detail by engaging the senses to create the perfect look and feel for your space. Likewise, the involvement of world-renowned designers means that your chosen design has been tested to meet your most demanding usage scenarios. 

Menu Design Shop Review: Is Menu Design Shop Worth It?

At first, you might think that this brand of furniture is expensive. However, when you know that the products are made with the level of precision you desire and the warranty, it makes sense that Menu Design comes at a price for a reason.

Hence, we agree that this brand is worth your investment by ensuring excellent customer service.

Is Menu Design Shop Legit?

Established in 1978 and collaborating with renowned contemporary designers worldwide, Menu Design Shop is pretty legit. The brand’s existence has been recognized by the public as a brand that produces an assortment of minimalist and modern furniture.

Menu Design Shop Review: Is Menu Design Shop Legit?

How to Contact Menu Design Shop

MENU Space would love to talk to you. You can contact the company’s customer care service if you have any questions.

Web chat is the best way to quickly get in touch with the company. MENU Design customer service can be contacted on Monday-Friday, 8 AM-4 PM PDT, at:

If you have any questions about orders from authorized retailers or distributors, please get in touch with the company directly via phone number: (855) 955-5010

Also, the company provides a Helpdesk Portal for further information and general inquiries that you can access through the official website.

Meet the MENU Space on their social media:

  • Facebook: MENU
  • Instagram: menuspace
  • YouTube: MENU SPACE
  • Linkedin: MENU

MenuDesignShop only ships to America. For shipping in other regions, you can visit MENU’s global website at

Orders to US addresses are shipped via FedEx or UPS. The company takes an additional 3 business days for processing and shipping. Therefore, your order will arrive within several business days, depending on the shipping method you choose at checkout.

Moreover, the company offers free ground shipping for orders with a subtotal value of $100 or more. However, free ground shipping only applies to shipping costs. Likewise, it only applies with FedEx Ground or FedEx Ground Home Delivery shipping methods to addresses in the contiguous United States.

Orders to Canada addresses are shipped via FedEx or DHL. Shipping for these orders also requires an estimated time of 3 business days.

The company may delay order processing due to office closures on weekends and all major US holidays. Thus, keep an eye on the timing of your order and contact customer service if your order does not arrive within the estimated time.

For refunds, some standard products can be returned within 30 days. To claim a refund, products must be returned in the original shape, new, and unused condition.

Note that some products in special offer editions or limited edition collections may be closed. Therefore, they are subject to the final sale, which means they are non-refundable.

Since the brand also produces products with huge dimensions, it requires non-standard shipping for delivery. Therefore, the company cannot accept returns for the following product ranges.

Some made-to-order products that are customized according to customer requests cannot be returned once the order is deemed final. Orders containing “made-to-order” items are not processed for a “waiting” period of at least 48 hours. Hence, you may cancel your order at any time.

If, after 48 hours, you do not cancel the order, then your order is considered final. After that, the company will charge the payment method you provided and process your order. After this point, you may not cancel the order, and any “to order” items in your order are non-refundable.

Most MENU products come with a 2-year warranty, starting on the day the product is received by the B2B customer of MENU.

The warranty will be voided if you modify the product or use the product in an unintended way (for example: by putting the product indoors or outdoors).

If the product is discontinued before the 2-year warranty expires, it may not be replaced. Damage can sometimes occur in transit.

If your order is received damaged, please email [email protected] with the order number and proof of damage. Customer service team will contact you shortly for further steps.

Where to buy Menu Design Shop?

The company provides you with a Store Locator where you can track down the nearest outlet to your area. Also, you can shop through the brand’s official website for a wider selection of products.

One of the best things about shopping for furniture is the discounts. While writing this Menu Design Shop review, we came across several offered by the brand. Their sales change frequently, so below, you’ll see a selection of deals available now:

  • Enjoy Free Shipping on all US orders over $100
  • Discover some special offers by clicking the ‘Special Offers’ menu on the official website
  • Subscribe to the brand’s newsletter to get some coupon codes or discount code

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Menu Design Shop

Menu Design Shop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Menu Design Shop reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How can I find an outlet near me?

To be able to find a store/outlet near your area, you can track it through the store locator available on the official website.

Do Menu Design Shop ship to the UK?

Yes, they do! Now, MENU designs can be found all over the world. Thus, this brand also ships its products to the UK and other countries.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Menu Design Shop Reviews & Ratings

Menu Design Shop is the best shop for you if you are a fan of interior design or want to bring a relaxed modern feel to your home with some furnishing decor. The company offers you a range of beautiful furniture, lighting, home accessories, and stunning, simple, and modern decorations.

Have your own design? Why not? Menu Design allows you to realize whatever your desire is. Also, with collaborations by several contemporary designers from different countries, you should not hesitate to invest in this brand.


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